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Welcome to Agents of the Fist! This game was formed by players of the Blackbird Lake game after the heroes in that game retired. Some of the Agents PCs have a connection to those heroes. This game tells the story of a party of adventurers who start off as mercenaries and eventually gain acclaim and renown in their own right -- while grappling with the tensions and contradictions between being both soldiers-for-hire and noble heroes.

Game Background

The Mailed Fist mercenary company is trying a new organizational structure: teams of eight recruits led by two sergeants. The characters in this game form one such "Double Fist" -- and may be the test case that proves the worth of the concept, or not!

The Double Fist had proved its usefulness in situations, but experience found that a combined arms team lead by one sergent was a more optimal use of resources.


These are the characters, past and present, that have been featured in this game.

Current Roster

Current Party level is: 10.

Nikolai Komonov - Male Half-elf Monk. Played by Jonathan Tarry.

Prudence Grundle - Female Human Sorcerer. Played by Kathy Ice.

Trayvin Male Half Orc Cleric. Played by Brian Zappe.

Michael Wittman - Male Halfling Rogue. Played by Shane Powell

Anna Morphe - Female Human Druid / Shifter. Played by Hugh Crosmun

Sigvar Bonebreaker Minotaur Fighter. Played by David Feest

Past Characters

Bliss - Male Halfling Sharpshooter/Witch. Played by Michael (Cayzle) Alterio.

Cameron Honeytamer Steelshaper - Male Halfling Ranger/Bard. Played by David Feest.

Carver - Male Centaur Paladin. Played by John Calhoun.

Linden Brereburr - Male Centaur Cleric. Played by Jay Barber.

Bruagh Stormbringer - Male Dwarf Fighter. Played by Zach Ramage

William the Courageous - Male Human Wizard. Played by Ken Mestemacher.

Zieluviet Iezerth - Male Drow Sharpshooter. Played by Antonio Maximiano

Jasper Steelfist - Male Dwarf Cleric/Fighter. Played by David Feest

Hope Sinclair - Female Human Ranger. Played by Zach Ramage

Tinker Male Dwarf Rogue/Fighter. Played by Stephen Knotts.

NPC's and Factions

The 1st Agents have encountered many townships and tribes in their exploits across Fargunia and Zarthmoore, and met many more individuals who stood out in their travels. Find out more below.

Agents of the Fist NPCs and Factions


The Agents of the Fist game starts in the original Mailed Fist fortress, called The Citadel. Forces there specialize in mounted combat. It is located near Wedding City in Fargunia.


Here you'll find links to all the events and history relevant to this game.

DM Pages

Here are all the resources a DM will need to run this game.