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Origins of the Wold

Here are stories about how the Wold came to be.



Jericho and Eberyon create the Wold and its creatures. Time begins to flow.

The First Age

  • After their creation by Jericho and Eberyon the Noble races live in individual valleys, with some interaction between those valleys.
  • Ignoble races live on the periphery, not forming civilizations at this stage.
  • Early in the First Age, the Gods of Yore are created by Jericho, who elevate members of the noble races to become Guardians.
  • Queen Maab tricks King Eberyon and sends him and the Wold's Cradle into a long sleep.
  • The Jericho withdraws from the Wold.
  • The elven city-state of Fae Skymeir is founded. In tribal conflicts, Twilight elves retreat underground for the first time.
  • Using the Feystone, Gargul infuses monsters and animals with Feyblood to enhance them and make them more fertile. Dragons are born out of this experimentation (dragons are special).
  • Alemi fights against Gargul and his creatures.
  • Alemi seeks help from the Gods of Yore as the monsters are getting too powerful to oppose. Alemi is not heard.
  • Alemi tries to use the Soulforge to contact the Jericho, but fails. Domi succeeds with the Soulforge and gets Jericho’s help
  • Alemi leads the metallic dragons, and, with the Jericho's blessing, fights the Gods of Yore, killing them with the magic of dragon kind and the feystone. This was the First Cataclysm.

There is a significant time period between the end of the First Age and the beginning of the Second. The valley homes of the noble races are removed to form the Lands of Rest. This is the interval when the Rogue Gods begin to attract worshippers. No one knows how long this period lasts. Most go to sleep at the end of the First Age and wake at some point into the Second. Scholars still postulate as to what happens in this intervening, immeasurable period. Consequently this time is not counted into the traditional dating of Woldian History. During this time, the Teucri, an alien race, arrive in the Wold, and settle in the south of the Northern Continent.

The Second Age

  • Fae Skymeir grows to be a great elf nation, the elf races reconcile, and grow arrogant.
  • Dwarven city of Durendal founded under the Scab.
  • Woldian League of Adventurers is founded.
  • Gargul creates Kevintar and Marteaus to punish mortals.
  • Elves create 10th level spells and challenge the gods.
  • The second age ends in the Second Cataclysm, carried out by Kevintar and Marteaus. Fae Skymeir is purged and taken by Queen Maab out of the Wold. The Twilight elves retreat again underground and become the Drow. Durendal falls.

The Third Age

  • Marteaus demands to be made a god. The gods instead make him mortal, for a time.
  • The Teucri create the Floating City.
  • Dwarven diaspora: dwarves found the city of Turok Nor in the Southern Continent.
  • Domi creates the Taur Races.
  • This age ends in the Third Cataclysm, which destroys most of the center of the Northern Continent.

The Fourth Age

  • Refugees (including the Isildurians) from the Third Cataclysm flee to the Elennian Peninsula.
  • The mountains of the Scab rise higher, and volcanoes and "demons" make it even more dangerous.
  • The last Teucri create wards against dragons (near Dragon Bay) and giants (along the Crescent Valley), and other works, such as the Floating City.
  • Modern nations of New Elenna, Aisildur, and Farungia are founded.
  • Marteaus establishes his seat at Mount Bone in Izen, unites the humanoids, and encourages the cult gods.
  • Gargul himself grows weary of his evil reputation and wanders the Wold.
  • This age ends with the death of the gods and the Year of Ascension, the Fourth Cataclysm.

The Fifth Age

  • The Wold is recreated, with two pantheons of gods.
  • The Float is moved to New Turtle Lake, in the Crying Woods.
  • Eberyon, the Fey King, awakens and vows to atone for his misdeeds new and old.

High Woldian, ancient language of the Wold

The Sages' Guild have done a great deal of research into this ancient, mystical language. It has been around for thousands of years, it forms the basis of much of the Wold's symbology (including the symbols of the Woldian Gods), and is used for many magical purposes, including Brahmah's Tattoos.