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These groups are generally classified as Organizations and can enhance a PCs backstory, current role-playing opportunities, and even be the focus for entire adventures. . PCs are allowed to be a part of ONE Woldian Organization with the following guidelines:

1. Players will integrate their organization into their roleplay/personality.

2. All Organizations have a cost. PCs will annotate an Organization cost as part of his/her total wealth as if an organization were a magic item and will not exceed the Total Wealth per Level.

3. All Organizations have benefits and restrictions. PCs will annotate benefits and restrictions on their PC Sheet in the appropriate areas (ex: Special Abilities, Feats, Spells, etc)

The Mailed Fist

The Mailed Fist is the largest mercenary outfit on the Elennian Peninsula. Disciplined, highly trained and tactically astute, the warriors of the Fist are a remorseless foe or a powerful ally... for a price.

The Woldian League of Adventurers

The Woldian League of Adventurers has long been the largest, most influential and most popular of all adventuring guilds due to the exceptional support and training it offers as well as its reputation for compassion and heroism.

The Star Mages' Guild

The Star Mages Guild is the principal organization sponsoring wizardly magic in New Elenna. It licenses members who are qualified to provide instruction in the arcane arts, and its members support one another through research and study.

The Chancers' Club

This exclusive adventurers' club is widely known throughout the Plateaus as being an elitist members-only club made up of active and retired thrill-seekers. Daredevil young nobles challenge one another to duels and brag of their feats of bravado. Mature, moneyed nobles mount big game hunting expeditions into the heart of the Badlands. Retired and wealthy old veterans sip port in the clubhouse, and reminisce about battles gone by. Some say the Chancers are blessed with more money than sense, but the organization has flourished for almost 40 years, and its place in high society suggests that members gain access to some of the most powerful people in the Wold.

Sage's Guild

These scholars are known around the Wold for their love of learning and their devotion to 'Seek, Store, and Share.'

Dragon Consortium

Dragon Consortium Organization

Dragon Hero groups are a Force for Good in the Wold. Dragons help those who can't help themselves: they give to those in need, but not just with gold. They help them learn to support themselves, rescue those unfairly held, and see that the old and handicapped are treated well. They also help advise, train and assist younger adventuring groups, guiding them to greater wisdom. Dragons are officially considered "knights-at-large" in every kingdom that respects decency.