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House Rules

House rules particular to our online game.

Character Creation

Everything you need to know to create your Woldian character.

Posting Guidelines

How to post online to maximise your (and our) enjoyment.

Combat Rules

The online game has, by its nature, a few differences to the face to face game.

Technical Issues

Passwords, profiles, text formatting

Tapestry Game Rules

Tap games: how to play 'em, how to run 'em.

Gift Rules

Rules for "gifts," which include the Lotto on that board as well as x-mas celebrations in the GG, as well as anything else that comes up.

Shopping in the Catacombs

Want to buy stuff for your character? This page will get you started.

Black Genie Centre

Want to create new Woldian stuff? Read this first.

Recruiting Policy

Anything you ever wanted to know about bringing new blood to the Wold.

Assistant DM Guidelines

Ever wanted to be an Assistant DM? Responsibilities behind the privileges.

Other Core Rules

Had trouble finding a certain rule? Here are some that have been asked about on the Rules Board.