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Jericho Space

Here's a map of Jericho Space, which is the solar system where the Wold resides. Little is known about the other astral bodies.

The Planes

The Wold exists in planes other than the physical. Learn about the lands of the dead and shadow realms.

The Wold

Ever wondered what the Wold looks like from above? Here's a map. Believe it if you will.

The Continent of Yrth

This is the northern continent of the Wold. Only the tiny peninsula at its southern tip is known to be populated; vast tracts of land remain barren and uninhabited.

Elennian Peninsula

If the rest of the Continent of Yrth is sparesly populated, the Elennian Peninsula more than makes up for it. Here kingdows compete for space, and wars are not uncommon.

The Scab

The Scab is the mountain range that separates the Elennian Peninsula from the rest of the continent.

Crescent Valley

Crescent Valley is located in the northern end of the Red Hills. Filled to overflowing with halflings it is both a cheerful place as well as an important place. The inhabitants have great heart and are some of the most kindly in The Wold.

New Elenna

The kingdom of the Plateaus, situated to the east of the Peninsula.

Windhorn Hamlet

A village in northern New Elenna, once home to the Grey Knights

Plateau City

Atop the highest of New Elena's plateaus sits the mighty Plateau City, largest city on the peninsula.

Dradah Delmah

Dradah Delmah is home to the House of Bralfah, the tribe of Surface Drow. It is located in the Blackheart Woods, part of the Monster Preserve on the Second Plateau in New Elenna.


This large mystical forest is in fact an Immortal Power, a sentient power covering a large area of the Elennian Peninsula.

Emerald Kingdom

The kingdom formerly ruled by the evil Green Dragon Parnoth faces an uncertain future. Will the Emerald Dragons take over now Parnoth is dead?

Red Hills

When one speaks of the Red Hills, one usually means the part of the region north of the plateaus and south of Culverwood. Notable among the people of the Red Hills are the various tribes of halflings having varying levels of sophistication.


Named for the orcish word meaning “Sandwich”, this land is “sandwiched” between Blackbird Lake and the New Elennian plateaus. Not claimed by any principality, it has filled with demikind and monsters of every description.

Dirt City

Dirt City is something less than respectable, and something more than a "den of thieves."

Windbourne Hills

The Windbourne Hills is a land full of adventure and opportunity for whatever one desires. Full of chaos and diversity, excitement is just around the corner

Cinnamon Valley

Cinnamon Valley is a richly soiled area with a diverse population. First, there are the Hill People, who farm the land. Second, the the towns of the area are populated mostly by Hmanas, with a sprinkling of other invading races. Third are a growing group of native Witches, and the fourth group a community of druids. Together, they try to get along despite constant pressures from the outside Wold.

Shadow Mountain

This is by far the tallest mountain on the continent of Yrth. No one knows for sure exactly how tall it is.


Aisildur is a vast Theocratical Empire that worships a powerful Cult Deity.

Blackbird Lake

This freshwater lake in Eastern Aisildur is the largest on the peninsula. Aisildurians fish it and sail it; the noble Lord Agor rules its western shore.

Fargunia and Zarthmoor

If Aisildur is the most oppressive of the invader/refugees during the time of the 4th Cataclysm. Fargunia is the most eclectic and isolationistic.

Taur Isles

To the west of Elenna there are three islands. One of the islands is inhabited by an enlightened group of Centaurs. The next by an equally enlightened group of Minotaurs. And the third by an exiled group of Liontaurs.

The Eastern Wilderlands

East beyond the Elennian Peninsula and the Scab, there are wild lands that have only recently been explored by bold adventurers.

The Floating City

The Float is a vertical city with six levels, floating at the center of a lake.

The Crying Woods

One of the seven sentient magical forests of the Wold, the Crying Woods is hostile to all non-plant creatures.

The Great Prairie

Rolling hills and open spaces have been reclaimed from the Blight of the Great Catastrophe, from which this land has still not recovered. Northward, the land remains poisoned and diseased.

Bryn Baraz

This settlement on the northern edge of The Great Prairie was founded to mine a rich vein of mithril.


This sheltered and mostly unexplored land has gained in importance with the death of the dragons of Dragon Bay and the establishment of a trading route to The Floating City.

The Middle Seas

To the northwest of the Elennian Peninsula are wild and unexplored seas. Recently, two settlements have been established in these waters, one carefully planned, the other, well ...


Rum is planned as a port town on an island to the west of the New Elennian countries. Most of the countries of New Elenna have cooperated in opening the Western Lands and have planned a trading port town that will be a springboard for adventurers, merchants, and colonization. This is a planned town; every street and building is already on a paper plan even though a single brick has yet to have mortar.


This twisted anarchy of a pirate's den is truly the misbegotten evil twin of the Town of Rum. Illicit goods, indenture contracts, privateer spoils, ransoms, intoxicants, and forbidden pleasures are the stock in trade of the black marketeers, scoundrels, and ruffians of Bonetown. Enter at your own peril!

The Southern Continent

The first thing one should know about the Southern Continent is that it is impossible to completely map or explore. Many magical barriers prevent access to certain isolated kingdoms while other events would change the map before you could finish it.

Gateway Downs

The people of Gateway Downs have proved thier fidelity to the Crones, and have been blessed in the recent Great Migration. No longer is thier land drowned by rains, overrun by undead, and cut off from outside contact. Now, the lightly populated lands are the center of the growing trade routes between the continents and enjoy the protection of the Powers and the Children of Chaos. So is all this new-found wealth going to go to thier heads?


A coastal town on the Southern continent. It was once called home by the Children of Chaos, a powerful group of Protectors to the town and the lands surrounding, now retired. The town is ruled by council and has a well supplied and trained standing militia. Things of Note in and near town: The General Store, overseen by store owner Holly, has a gateway to "The Catacombs." The Standing Stones is home to a small enclave of clerics of the Crones, the Power of Gateway Downs, and is said to be the very spot where the Crones became immortal Powers. Just outside of town is an old ruined Abbey, where a heroic group, the Southern Lights, first found the Fate Item called the Chaos Bell. With one peal of this magical Bell, the heroes were imbued with chaotic energy and renamed themselves the Children of Chaos.

Hook City

Welcome to the City of Magic! We wish your visit to our fair city to be a fun, pleasurable and profitable experience. May the gods bless you and yours for all time!

Hook City has the distinction of being the location most concentrated Teucri artifacts in all the Southern Continent. There are three highly publicized Teucri Artifacts that make Hook City unique: the Hooks, the Chits, and the Memory Stones.

Ice Vein

A village lost in the icy wastes of the Southern Continent.

The Sargrass Plains

South of Skyhook is one of the most deadly and beautiful places in the Southern Continent: The Sargrass Plains. Many come from great distances just to see it. Some call it the Cursed Plains, the Grass Waste, or the Living Sea.


A major trading town in the Sargrass Plains.

Travel Between The Continents

It is not easy to get from the north of the Wold to the south, but for those who brave the dangers, the rewards can be worth it!