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Welcome to Tree of Parting! This game is set at a badlands trading post.

Game Background

Founded in ancient tragedy, the Tree of Parting is a safe haven in a dangerous land. The Tree of Parting is considered by many to be one of the Wonders of the Wold. It is known far and wide for its hospitality as well as the incredible beauty of its views in all directions. From the tree, one can see Culverwood, Izen, The Red Hills, the Emerald Kingdom, and on a clear day offer a far off view of the plateaus of the Kingdom of New Elenna.

The Tree of Parting staff numbers around 25 people. There are 10 other permanent residents, of which 6-10 are present at any time. Another 10-20 individuals make up the rental population. Staying for anywhere from a month to a year before moving on, renting stalls in the tiny market or staying in the Tree for other reasons. 5-10 wagons of traders stop here each night to rest and have a safe place to stay, recover from the road, and make important repairs to wagons and other equipment. The Tree’s Inn and Tavern are large enough to cram them in, but there are times that late arrivals must bunk in the common room. Once every month or two, the main caravan stops at the Tree. This 100+ caravan easily overflow the trees capacity and forces many to remain on the ground. It was with one of these caravans that Atlas, Mack and Crosseye first came to be at the Tree of Parting.


These are the characters, past and present, that have been featured in this game.

Current Roster

Table: Current Roster
Character Name Player Gender Race Class Description
Atlas Sunowl Trey W Male Human Fighter 7 thumb Atlas Sunowl
Ramack 'Mack' Eric R (ADM) Male Halfling Monk 3 / Rogue 2 / Druid 2 thumb Mack
Lasse'Denosul a.k.a. 'Osul Graham D Male Human Druid 7 ... appearance ...
Armand Robert D Male Human Cleric 7 thumb Armand
Beordir Galaeron Galen Male Elf Wizard 4 / Fighter 2 thumb Beordir
Elyngael Noldoryn Lynnette D Female Elf Ranger 7 thumb Elyngael
Yurr’Neshi Kent L Male Wemic Sorcerer (elementalist - fire) 7 thumb Yurr’Neshi
Talya Jacob J Female Human Wizard 7 thumb Talya

Past Characters

Taelith Fenlandel the Elf Sharpshooter.... current Location: Unknown

Kesabrey Jesk the Human Witch.... current Location: Unknown

Lilith Parrim the Liontaur Rogue.... current Location: Unknown

Jazzy the Gnome Sorcerer.... current Location: Unknown

Udhomer the Human Sorcerer on Walkabout.... current Location: Unknown

Bonivus the Minotaur Phalanx Fighter.... current Location: departed for Emerald City

Caius Greycloak the Human Cleric of Gargul on Walkabout.... current Location: Unknown

Irdalas the Elven Sharpshooter on Walkabout.... current Location: Unknown, likely the wilds of Izen

Orba Zetianos the Human Sorcerer.... current Location: Unknown

Walter Woodruff the Human Fighter.... current Location: Unknown

Cameron the Halfling Cleric of Jancassais ...Current Location, the wilds of Izen, rumored to be near Culverwood

Crosseye the Human Ranger.... current Location: Tree Of Parting?

Bendoc Brookburrow the Halfling Ranger.... current Location: Unknown

Carver the Centaur Paladin Bard.... current Location: with Aunt Matilda

Leskni Liontaur Blood Witch.... current Location: with the Drow (Eccy)

Owen Marcellus the Human Wizard.... current Location: returned home

Drogeos the Minotaur Barbarian.... current Location: Tree Of Parting

Kero the person that never really showed up.... current Location: Limbo

Pym Haventhorn the Halfling Bard.... current Location: Tree Of Parting?

Nathaniel Dwin'arnith the Half-Elf Arcane Archer.... current Location: Plateau City


  • Laughingwater - Male Human, runs the Free Trade Post. Here, traders and travelers alike make arrangements to store their wagons, livestock, and other travelling supplies in the tree for the night. He also is the one to see to set up a shop within the tree.
  • Moana - Female Human, a crystal ball reader, runs a tiny shop called Moana’s Fortunes.
  • Dungarth - Male Human, runs Dungarth's Leatherworking Shop
  • Saide Silvergraft - Female Half elf, runs The Big Nest a general store.
  • Lorifir Lorhalien - Male Elf, runs the Fletcher
  • Liliput Muffinbubble - Female Halfling, Caretaker of The Leafy Chapel [a shrine to Alemi as well as a memorial to Ilyndrethyl and Deeproot.]
  • Boolia - Female Half-Orc, runs Studs and Gems. Resident for 12 years and a frequent merchant traveler to the Tree for 12 years before that
  • Miles Raynor - Male Human, Head of Security - He and his assistant, coordinate all defense efforts for the Tree. Miles was a career officer with the Emerald Armed Forces. He explains the behavior expected of all guests of the inn, much to the consternation of Ciyradyl, who thinks it harms her hospitality. He also runs regular drills for all able-bodied residents of the Tree as everyone, “And I mean everyone,” will help defend the tree if attacked.
  • Folbre Ilyndrathyl - Male Elf Tree of Parting Manager, little else is known including his age and relationships with Ciyradyl and Hiflanyl
  • Ciyradyl Ilyndrathyl - Female Elf, Runs Treetop Tavern. Calm, pleasant and warm personality. She is highly organized and proper in her treatment of others
  • Hiflanyl Ilyndrathyl - Male Elf, Runs the warehouse and stables - He also runs the “lifts” to raise up the trade wagons into the tree and is the lead repairman for anything that needs fixed. He is a virtuoso at repairing anything. Hiflanyl has designed a stairway that circles the trunk of the tree, which can be lifted and compacted when the denizens of Izen or the Red Hills come calling. He also has several lifts that can lift anything from a pile of crates, to livestock, to an entire wagon up into the safety of the tree for the evening.
  • Ryan Mistbender, a travelling scholar and Hedge wizard who has been at the Tree for around 6 months has decided to petition to extend his stay for another year. In his mid forties perhaps, has been intrigued with what the party did in the Culverwood and would like to continue his research. Brown hair that he keeps closely cut clear blue eyes with smile lines around them from too much sun and too long over books without enough light. He is whipcord thin but moves with slow deliberace, like a man three times his weight. He is friendly with a slow drawl of the coastlands. He spends a lot of his time pouring over old manuscripts. He also does a bit of mage work for extra coin.
  • Arnos Faulk, just completed his latest collection of stories and poems, but as it took a bit longer than he thought, the elderly man has decided to ‘ride out the winter’ at Tree and then head home to Floating City. He has put that on hold as he is now writing an account of the Tree Wardens with the help of Ryan Inger. Thin almost to the point of emanciation, with a large Farungian nose, thinning hair and eyes gone light with age. He is a keen observer of humanity and prefers to sit and watch, rather than get actively involved. When he speaks his voice is a rich bass. He is the Famous author Arnos Faulk. Composer of such works as “the Orc Wiafe” “Of Dragons and Deceit” “Faulks Registry” and the classic “Cultivars” Arnos spends most of his time either in the Tavern, in his room or hanging out looking at the awesome view from the top of the Tree.
  • Ryan Inger, a travelling scholar who has been at the Tree for around 6 months has decided to petition to extend his stay for another year. In his mid forties perhaps, has been intrigued with what the party did in the Culverwood and would like to continue his research. A bespeckled man in his middle years, black hair going to grey at the temples. Blue eyes and the look of someone who would tend to fat if not for all the travelling. His ears are cauliflowered, and he has a wrestlers knot on his forehead, also called a myofascial tear. You would guess he has wrestled a lot with scars like that. for a scholar he is built more like a blacksmith than a bookworm. dressed in good quality, yet comfortably worn traveling clothes, He has a book in his hand and has writing implements in various pockets and behind his ears. He is friendly, as only years on the road and being a good researcher can make you. He is from Wedding city and has been working for the court doing research about various subjects far afield. He is well spoken and erudite.
  • Gaston Laroutte - Human Male, wealthy noble trying to get into The Chancers Club. Boistrous, loud, extravagant and self superior. Gaston talks a good game, has good fighting skills, but is a bit full of himself. Gaston failed the test and found his courage lacking against the strange denizens of the Eastern Wood. The party sided against Gaston and he has been denied entrance to the Chancers Club. He is a nephew to Quason Thesk, Duke in Plateau City. He is hostile towards the party.

  • Mikalus Dragonspell - Human Male, Silver Bishop of the Chancers Club. Self made nobleman of Plateau City. One of the key figures in blocking Gaston from gaining entrance into the Chancers Club. Worked behind the scenes to accomplish this by bringing the party into the testing. Module 2 He has a neutral if not slightly favorable towards the party
  • Lady Dragonspell - Human Female, married to Mikalus, holds the rank of Master Mage in Plateau City Star Mage Guild
  • Quason Thesk - Human Male, wealthy noble of the rank of Duke in Plateau City. His position towards the party is uncertain
  • Lord Bezel - Human Male, Silver Board of Selections Member. Worked with Mikalus Dragonspell behind the scenes and holds a Neutral position towards the party.
  • Faelyn - Elf Male. Rescued in the interdimensional hut in the Culverwood, from the clutches of an evil Surface Drow.
  • Eleanor - Elf Female. Blonde hair. Married and residing with Faelyn on a farm a few hours west of the Culverwood.
  • Counsellor Coni Diamonddew - Elf Male. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Head of the Council of the Emerald Kingdom.
  • Joane Diergel - Human Female. Silver hair. Light green eyes. Very prominent ears. Assistant to Counsellor Coni Diamonddew.
  • Eryn Raulnor - Half-Elf Female. Silver hair. Light amber eyes. Assistant to Counsellor Coni Diamonddew.

Party Treasure

Party Treasure

The suite of Rooms From the Main room in Tree Tops Inn, across the room and up a side flight of stairs and down a hall. The walls are open, granting more pristine views of the beauty of the Tree. The covered walk has several other paths that lead to other rooms situated about. Looking to only be accessible by the walkway or, of course, magic. At the end of the walkway, about 250' from the main room, is a short 8 steps to a beautiful cherry wood door highlighted with red and gold trim.

The suite consists of 3 rooms and a wash room. 2 sleeping rooms with 2 large beds each, separated by a communal room of about 300 square feet. The suite is pleasantly furnished, but not extravagantly so, a fire place is located in each room and a pair of filled water pitchers with glasses sits on a small table backed by chairs and a couch. A third large sized chair is just to the side by a window looking out to the west.

Gift from Mikalus Dragonspell- Crystal decanter with silver dragon head stopper and 8 crystal glasses. Value unknown

Standard Marching Order


(side-by-side in some cases, when possible)



Elyngael, Khan(?)





Beordir, Squeaver


Elyngael and Khan (off scouting ahead a little, within hearing distance)



Talya, Neshi


Mack, Squeaver

Osul (Wildshaped) circling the party - 50ft away and 50ft high

Standard Nightly Watch

20:00 - 22:00 : Atlas, Mack

22:00 - 01:00 : Mack, Squeaver

01:00 - 04:00 : Mack

04:00 - 07:00 : Armand, Beordir, Osul

Wardens House

This is the house of the Wardens, located in the Tree Of Parting.

Wardens Tree House exterior

Wardens Tree House interior


Sitting halfway between the Emerald Kingdom and the Kingdom of New Elenna.

The tree is all by itself for 30 miles in all directions, but there is a small creek about 100 meters beyond the great tree's canopy.

Tree of Parting

Red Hills North of the Tree of Parting

New Elenna to the East of The Tree of Parting

The Tree of Parting Broader view, not scaled


History Volumes 1 & 2

History Volume 6

History Volume 7

Trophy Case

Awarded at First level for attacking an Ankheg while moderately wounded Awarded at Second level for being truthful with the Chancers Club against the nobleman Gaston Awarded at Second level for being truthful with the Chancers Club against the nobleman Gaston Awarded at Second level for being truthful with the Chancers Club against the nobleman Gaston Awarded at Second level for being truthful with the Chancers Club against the nobleman Gaston Awarded at Second level for being truthful with the Chancers Club against the nobleman Gaston

DM Pages

Here are all the resources a DM will need to run this game.