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The Giggling Ghost Inn and Tapestry Game Rules 4.0

Edited by Jerry on 2014 JUL 01

The Giggling Ghost

What is the Giggling Ghost Inn (GG)?

In character, The Giggling Ghost is the “Happy Hunting Grounds” for all adventurers in The Wold. Adventurers dead and alive can gather there in their dreams to congregate, party, and enjoy themselves. Out of Character (OOC), the GG is an in-character board where PCs from every game can post together building community for woldiangames.com. PCs role-play: relaxing, socializing, compete in games and contests, and participate in scenarios/modules within the inn.

The actual location, within The Wold, for the GG is in the Floating City on Fence Level.

Here’s the map showing where it is physically within that city.

A map of the GG floorplan is available.

Do adventures happen inside the GG or just in the magical Tapestries?

Every now and then, there will be an advertised GG scenario and an adventure will occur within the tavern and inn. Any Woldian may run a GG scenario. GG adventures follow the Tap rules below in all respects.

What Games and Contests are within the GG?

There are dagger throwing lanes in the SE corner of the main floor of the tavern. Both daggers and axes can be thrown in the lanes. There is also a small arena in the SW corner. Any contest from the famous “Turtle Races” to “Drunken Wrestling” can occur in the arena. Finally, there is a game designed around the insane drink of the house, The Green Gnomish. the GG DM has the rules for all the contests that have been played so far.

How do I get my PC to the GG?

That’s easy -- go to sleep. Dream of it and you are there, entering through one of the various Magical Fireplaces within the tavern. Stay as long as you want, because time does not exist here.

Do I remember what happens in the GG?

In character, the answer to this is complicated. At times, you remember clearly the instructions given to you in the GG for the nearby dungeon you have plans to explore. At other times, it is just like a dream, fading from memory shortly after awakening.

Out of character, memory of what happens in the GG is left to the players, unless your Tap DM or the DMs of the GG specifically say that this event cannot be remembered upon exiting the GG inn.

Dead people can come into the GG?

Yes, just as you can dream of your long-dead grandmother, your long-dead grandmother can take a long-summer’s nap in the Lands of Rest and enter the inn to visit you. So people of legend, from the present and the past visit the inn.

Can I wager and bet within the GG? [Warning! Dated, not in current use!]

The GG uses a chip system to keep coin within the GG separate from our permanent games. All House games have a minimum bet of 5 chips and maximum bet of 25 chips. All GG guests get 100 chips when they first arrive. All GG Guests must be altered to 5th level when doing anything that requires the use of information from a character sheet such as using a skill, attacking, or casting.. Starting XP is 10,000 the minimum for 5th and each PC has 9,000gp to spend. Link the 5th level version of your PC in the Name Field of each post, as we do in our permanent games.

How do I earn more chips? [Warning! Dated, not in current use!]

Joining a Tapestry: 25 chips Succeeding at Tapestry: 25 chips Picking Someone’s Pocket: Frowned on, but not against the rules.

Games: [Warning! Dated, not in current use!]

Dagger and Axe boards:
5 chips to play winner takes all.
3 Throws highest total Wins the game
Weapons supplied by the establishment. Non Magical, non masterwork quality.
Target has 4 rings
-- Outer AC 15 worth 1 point
-- Middle AC 20 worth 2 points
-- Inner AC 25 worth 4 points
-- Bullseye AC 30 worth 6 points
Range for axe and dagger is 10’ Boards can be set up to 40’
-- At 10’ there is no range penalty Novice
-- At 20’ there is a -2 range penalty Advanced
-- At 30’ there is a -4 range penalty Expert
-- At 40’ there is a -6 range penalty Master
-- At 50’ there is a -8 range penalty Dragon

Betting Wheel
3d12-3 provides results
0-33 Numbers odds 0 33:1
1-10 2:1
11-15 1:2
16-20 1:3
21-25 1:2
26-30 2:1
31-32 6:1
33 33:1
Odd 1-33 1:1
Even 2-32 1:1
Any specific number 4:1

There are 5 rounds
Each player places a bet 5-25 each round
Roll 1d12 high roll wins the round and the chips
If a tie each player adds 10 to his wager and rolls 1d12 again, with the high roll taking the pot. Additional ties, repeat the additional 10 bet and 1d12 roll. Eventual winner takes the pot and the game moves to the next round.

The Magic Tapestries 4.0

What is a Tapestry?

OOC, A Tapestry (Tap) game is a pickup-game so that players can participate in more modules than the one permanent game that they are allowed as a Woldian. Tapestries can be of any level or variant of D&D play. Tapestries of non-D&D role-playing games may also be offered.

How do I sign up to DM a Tap Game?

The GG DM is the authority over all Tap games. The GG DMs approves all Tap modules, oversees when Taps are offered, signs up DMs to run a Tap, recruits the players, and accepts them into your game. To run a Tap game, simply contact the GG DM and sign up for a month to start your Tap. You will be helped from that point.

Do I have to run a Woldian adventure in a DnD game?

We prefer that most of our Tap Games be Pathfinder. However, other game systems may be used, such as Paranoia or Shadowrum.

How do Tap games start?

Once the module is approved by the GG DM, the DM waits for the month when the game is set to begin. The GG DM will handle the advertising of your game by emailing the Wold as well as posting the “advertisement” for your module in appropriate places. He will assign the game to a specific Tap board. PCs sign up for the game by posting with the character they plan on using in the GG. The GG DM(s) will take the first 8 players to sign up and assign them to the forming Tap game.

Once a player is accepted into the Tap, they may post in the GG that they are entering the assigned tap board, such as the . On that board, the players and DMs may discuss things while preparations are made for the tap to begin. The DM will announce all the specifics for the tap, such as character wealth requirements, any magic limits, character level, etc. Hit points are rolled on the Loot ‘N Booty Board (LnB). Character sheets are completed and sent to the DM or linked to your PC name in the name field.

The DM and his players are encouraged to have all PCs approved and ready to go within 5 posting days. Any PCs not approved by the DM when the game starts are left behind in the GG until the sheets are approved. It is also possible that anyone not ready to go when the game starts may be replaced.

How do Tap games end?

When the Tap module is over, the Tap DM posts on the Tap board that the GG tapestry appears near them. The PCs then post that they are exiting the tapestry. The DM posts on the GG that the players have returned from their tapestry adventure and it is over. This final DM post in the GG serves as a bookmark to show in the archives when the Tap ended.

Can I earn treasure and experience in Taps?

Yes and no. Tap DMs may give out xp and treasure; however, it may not be taken back to your permanent Woldian game. If you are playing your permanent game PC in the tap, we will allow the DMs to give the character a memento or souvenir that meets the lottery requirements for a gift. All rules for “gifts” apply [See Gift Rules.

If the PC was created only to play in Tap games, we will allow the PC to keep xp and treasure, in case he plays in a future tapestry. However, all equipment must be both approved by the next TAP DM and meet his or her wealth requirements.

How do things happen “in character [IC]” from the PC’s point of view?

A number of Magic Tapestries (Taps) hang on the wall of the GG (Giggling Ghost) which at times allow PCs to enter and live through an adventure while inside. Do note that those in the GG can watch what is happening inside the tapestry. There are no secrets, well usually.

What happens if a PC dies in a Tap?

If a PC dies within a tapestry, an exit point, looking like the tapestry itself, will appear nearby. The body floats through the exit, out of the Tap, and back into the GG. There it will be raised by the GG Priest in Residence for free. Dead PCs will usually spend one day being resurrected and then may reenter the Tapestry and continue on their adventure. Note that if the party is in combat, the DM may decide that the formerly dead PC cannot enter until that combat is over. Note that PCs may not be resurrected from within any tapestry.

How many Taps can I play in at once?

Players can play in two different Taps at the same time. They must be using different PCs in each one. In addition, they may run a third PC in the GG in two Tap games at a time, while running a third in the GG.

How long can a Tap last?

The simple answer for this is that Taps last for one module. However, certain taps prove to be popular. So we do allow for a “sequel” to the original. Here are the rules, written from the Tap DM’s point of view.

-- A Tap DM cannot run two taps in a row with the same folks.

-- The Tap DM must run a tap for different people before doing his sequel. In this different Tap, the DM must prioritize for people who did not play in your previous tap before admitting any previous players. The DM may run the same tap as before if he wants, but again, this requires different players. The sequel is most likely for the original players of the Tap that spawned the sequel.

-- No campaigns. There is a limit of ONE sequel without special permission from CDM Jerry.

What is a Tournament Tapestry?

A tournament Tapestry is a tapestry organized as a tournament. Multiple instances of an adventure will be signed up for and played. The Tap DM and the Players will vote for the top PCs which then advance to the next round of the tournament. Tournament winners will receive stated treasures, xp bonuses, and titles to be posted on the Internet (Ex: Gladiator of the Year 2008)

What other awards can I earn?

-- Each year, one player will be selected by the MDM over the Taps to receive the Tapestry Player of the Year Award. This player will have a plaque added to the Wall of Heroes in the GG in the name of their favorite T character. This will also be listed on Woldipedia in an appropriate location.

-- Other awards may be designed in the future to honor different PCs for different reasons. Stay tuned!