The Giggling Ghost

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The Giggling Ghost is an actual location in the Wold: It is a well-known watering hole located on the Fence Level of The Floating City. Adventurers active and retired, dead and alive, gather here in dreams and in reality to congregate and enjoy themselves. The annual Yule parties are a must-attend event, and when adventuring groups achieve Dragon status or retire, it is usually the Giggling Ghost that hosts the celebration.

The Giggling Ghost is also an in-character board where player characters from different games can meet, socialize, and compete in games and contests. Adventurers can also enter the magical tapestries that line the walls in order to participate in short-term modules called Tapestry Games.

Main NPCs in The Giggling Ghost

  • Daphne is the actual ghost of the inn's name. Some say she is the owner, others, that she merely haunts the place. She is seldom seen.
  • General Manager: Happy is a balding human male in his 60's. Height 5'9" Weight 240 pounds.
  • Head Cook: Brussels is a maralith, that is, a demon with a snake's body from the waist down and six-armed woman's body from the waist up. She has pointed ears and shiny eyes.
  • Permanent Entertainers: Sparkle and Firecracker, a pair of sprites, female and male, respectively.
  • Servers:
    • Shimmer is difficult to focus on. The eye seems to slide off of her. Bits of her seem to be transparent, but you can never quite confirm that. Drinks that she touches lose their alcoholic properties, even the Gnomishes.
    • Fern is a cheerful young halfling woman wearing a large white apron over her tidy red dress. She has brown eyes and brown hair, braided and coiled on her head.
    • Starlight, a centaur woman, is a little shy. Her hair is blonde, and her horse body and tail are palomino.

History and Maps

Originally, the venue was known as the Happy Harpy Inn. Under new management, the tavern was known briefly as the Glittering Ghost Tavern, and then as the Giggling Ghost.

Here are old maps of the Giggling Ghost.


As a drinking establishment, the Ghost features all the usuals and most of the unusual drinks of the Wold. Most famous of those is the Flaming Green Gnomish. At the annual Yule parties, the Ghost also serves its Tipsy Tinsel.