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RobC - "It isn't safe any longer." 
Monday January 15th, 2018 3:04:31 AM

Neshi drops to the ground, ears ringing . He's convinced that some big volcanic eruption has take place somewhere relatively close and to the south.

Atlas' head is clear and looks about to see if anyone is hurt. The children have their hands over their ears whilst their mothers have pulled them close. There don't look to have been any injuries. All those nearby simply look stunned and tense as if trying to figure out what has just happened AND what might happen next.

Beordir assumes a monk like stance before quickly descending the Tree and moving to a safe distance. Spellbooks can be replaced but blood is a little harder. I guess?

Mack can hear but alas Squeaver cannot. The rodent doesn't look as agitated as it was and nestles into him.

Elyngael and Khan are in the same position: she isn't, he is. She looks about but cannot see any obvious source for all this chaos.

Osul can't feel any heat from the falling rocks. Best guess is that they were some sort of debris from the Tree, inn and who knows what (sorry for my poor description in the previous post. THESE rocks weren't from the sky.) Osul tries to calm the horses but it only works for so long.

Armand can't hear properly but looks to the sky. What he sees is quickly noticed by everyone...

Hundreds of meteors streak across the sky - all coming from the south. They look to be made of brilliant colors that sparkle in the sunlight and are trailed by fiery tails. Their sizes vary from the size of a cart to the size of a mighty galleon. Many fly through the upper atmosphere on long trajectories towards other distant locations. Suffice to say they will strike throughout the Wold.

Knowl Geography
DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {There are a number of volcanoes in the Wold: Bonetown is based alongside one, and the Volcanoes in the Scab are famous for their ferocity. But this phenomenon comes from a completely different direction to those. To the best of your knowledge there are no volcanoes anywhere in the Wold that could erupt so tremendously}

Knowl Nature
DC5: Highlight to display spoiler: {The sky is falling! The sky is falling!}
DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {These meteors are unlike any you have ever seen or heard of. They don't even look like ordinary rocks - they sparkle and twinkle as they pass overhead. There is no discernible heat from them that would indicate they originated from a recent volcanic eruption}

Knowl History
DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {Never in recorded history has the Wold experienced such an event. This is something completely new}

The meteors soar overhead and continue out of sight but you can hear some of them land in the distance with a soft *whoompf* sound. Some sound close, some faint. The Wold is being peppered with these things.

As you watch the sky you notice that one is particularly low. So low in fact that for a moment you fear it may even hit the Tree itself! It passes very low overhead. You can feel the gust of wind that follows it and the subsequent change in air pressue that you feel in your chest. It impacts not too far away. Much much closer than the others *WHOOMPF* The ground shakes again but far less violently than before. A red glow quickly and ominously fills the sky in the direction of what you assume was the impact, before fading away.

Knowl Geography/Local/Survival
DC10: Highlight to display spoiler: {Based on it's trajectory you put it landing somewhere northwest of the Tree on the path to the Culverwood. It was flying so low that best guess is that it would be less than a day's travel from the Tree.}

Mack and Osul get a distinct sense of dread, and it's not just from what they have seen. You can't put your finger on it but something deep within you tells you that something terrible is about (or has?) to happen. The feeling is so strong. It's like... a feeling that you're about to die?

There's a sense of panic by the Tree now. Everything has been dropped as people race for their homes.

OOC: This explosion is so huge that it is being felt/played in every game in the Wold!

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+5=19 ; d20+16=33 ; d20+28=38 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 6:54:03 AM

{ Knowl Geography:19 (MBTM!) , Knowl Nature:33 , Survival:38 }

"Hiflanyl, let them go! Keep those horses away from the children and let them run!"
'Osul looks for Mack - wondering if he is hearing The Tree .., too.
"I don't think that was an attack against on The Wood. I don't FEEL it. In my gut I feel like that was a near miss on The Tree, and everything tells me that anyone left in The Tree when the next boulder hits will DIE. Empty The TREE! Ring the bells! Follow the horses!"

"I'll get the sapling and the seed!"
Against his own advice, 'Osul wildshapes into a Medium Air Elemental, and makes for the Wardenhouse. (Where he will also alert James).

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+10=14 ; d20+10=17 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 7:45:55 AM

(d20+10 knowledge (nature) check of 14 vs. DC 5)
(d20+10 knowledge (nature) check of 17 vs. DC 20)

I follow Osul's lead on helping evacuate The Tree. He seems to be getting a better sense on what's going on then I am.

I try to have Squeaver stay here or move to safety, and then I rush off to try to help evacuate.

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+8=25 ; d20+3=14 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:53:11 AM

Armand continues to stare into the sky while laying on the ground.

(He has no knowledge geography or nature)
Knowledge History: 25 (d20+8)
He looks at the show in the sky, oblivious to the shouting and running around going on around him as he cannot hear it. He thinks to himself and then calls out, "HEy doES AnYone ELSE see that?" He points to the sky. "There'S NEver BeEN AnyTHing like that EVER."
OOC Armand can't hear his voice so he can't regulate the volume.

He stands up and looks at all the frantic to and froeing going on.
Survival: 14 (d20+3)

"Hey WHat'S Going ON? WhY ARe YoU TRing TO LeAvE the TREE, IT Should be saFER than out IN tHEre." He points to the everywhere away from the tree.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Monday January 15th, 2018 12:22:28 PM

Atlas works his way over to Armand and puts a hand on his shoulder to guide him back to a seated position. He then lifts up one finger in a gesture to say 'hold on' and takes off to help 'Osul. "Everyone, don't panic, just get your valuables and some food and get to the ground as quickly as possible. We need to get away from the Tree."

As Atlas helps folks get their stuff and get away from the Tree he talks to any of the party he comes across. "We should go and check out where that meteor landed. Any idea on how long of a ride it would be? Also, where do we send the people of the Tree? Should they come with us?"

ooc: Atlas doesn't have any knowledge skills listed, so no ability to roll.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+8=11 ; d20+9=21 ; d20+13=17 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 5:04:39 PM

Elyngael Knowledge Geography 1d20+8=11, Knowledge Nature 1d20+9=21, Survival 1d20+13=17
After watching the trajectory of the plummeting rocks, Elyngael says "I estimate that they landed about a days travel northwest of here towards the Culver woods. We should go there immediately."

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: 17 character sheet   d20+3=10 ; d20+3=11 ; d20+3=21 ; d20+3=13 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 5:48:48 PM


Shaking his head and staring up at the sky Yurr'Neshi can't help but think.

These meteors are unlike anything he has ever seen or heard of. They don't even look like ordinary rocks - they sparkle and twinkle as he watches them pass overhead. There isn't even any discernible heat from them that would indicate they originated from a recent volcano

Looking southward toward where these things seem to be originating, 'Neshi can't help but wonder about the stories he has heard about Mount Bone.

Looking around for the others he starts making his way toward Atlas and Armand.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53   d20+6=10 ; d20+6=25 ; d20+6=16 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:19:27 PM

Beordir had already started for the ground. Most of his stuff was up in the Wardenhouse and Osul was headed there. He pulls a small feather from the wing of one of the local doves from his spell component pouch. Stepping aside to keep from being jostled by the denizens of the Tree, he chants briefly and curls his hand into a warped form. Slowly his feet rise off the ground.

Once his spell is complete, he surges into the air at and flies to the Warden house to help out.

d20+6=10 ; Knowledge (Geography)
d20+6=25 ; Knowledge (Nature)
d20+6=16 ; Knowledge (Local) )

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50  d20+6=20 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:12:54 PM

Fort save for hearing: d20+6=20

Shaking her head to get the ringing out of her ears, Talya watches in wonder as the meteors fly overhead, then narrows her eyes once she notices the location of the closest one...

"We should investigate the site where the star fell. Things aren't likely to get safer, but there's not much we can do if we just sit on our hands and wait here."

RobC - "There'S NEver BeEN AnyTHing like that EVER." 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 7:19:02 AM

Osul calls for Hiflanyl to cut the horses free. No point keeping the thrashing animals so close to the people where they may cause harm. Hiflanyl is more than happy to follow, and you get the feeling no matter what was said he was going to take off anyway! He simply lets go of the horses reins and takes off.

Neshi is concerned about the stories he has heard about Mount Bone. Perhaps that has exploded or caused some other explosive phenomenon?

There are some mixed signals: Osul and Atlas call for the Tree to be evacuated. Armand thinks it may be safer in the Tree than out in the open. It could be possible that all are right (or wrong?).

It seems the majority of the residents are in favor of evacuating the Tree, and with the help of Mack and Osul that's precisely what they are doing. Most have only had time to grab sacks and load them with whatever they quickly can. But where do they go? Despite Atlas' words, the people are on the verge of a completely panic. You hear mention of "Plateau City", "Culverwood", and "Red Hills". There's no telling where would be safe though. Should the residents split up and cover all bases? Should they stay together? They are moving all jostling about, and in some cases nudging past Beordir as they do completely oblivious to the hero.

Elyngael and Talya determine that the nearest impact is no more than a days travel from the Tree. Both suggest investigating as soon as possible regardless of any risks. Something bad has happened in the Wold and as Talya says, there's not much that can be done standing around.

Overhead the meteors continue to streak across the sky to other distant locations in the Wold. Is anywhere safe?

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30' 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 11:09:05 AM

I'm anxious to investigate where the closest meteor landed. As soon as we get the people safely out of The Tree and calmed down a little, I'm ready to go.

I'm trying to think of how to shelter these people. Tents won't hold up. The Tree doesn't seem safe. I'm not sure caves are a good place to go, either, with the ground shaking. Although the weather may not be pleasant, being out in the open might be the safest place at the moment? If a meteor strikes close, a shelter really isn't going to stop it.

"Huddle together! Try to keep each other as warm and comfortable as you can. If anyone has any spells to help with that, now would be a good time to cast them, I think."

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 4:25:43 PM

Sitting where Atlas left him, Armand takes out his journal and begins to write.

'There was a Wold shattering KABOOM. Which rendered many people deaf and caused the animals to flee. Apparently there is much panic and people running around unsure of what to do...or it could be that everyone is deaf and none can understand each other. The ground shook and torn itself apart causing several chases to open. Overhead meteors of strange composition flew through the sky. The meteors sparkled like diamonds or glass. These meteors will probably fall to the Wold shortly, as nothing ever falls up. There is a strange red glow to the northwest, hopefully a fire has not started, but it is a possibility with the meteor's hitting the Wold.'

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53  
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:45:22 PM

Beordir flies toward the upper levels without hesitancy. "Grab hold!", he says to anyone who will listen. He starts ferrying people to the ground as fast as his flight enchantment will allow him. Knowing he only has a few minutes, he tries to get those furthest away down to the ground first. Hopefully, when his spell runs out, he will be close to home and can retrieve his gear.

(OOC Duration 6 minutes)

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:55:01 PM

Elyngael tells Talya, "I want to leave and check this out as much as you do, but we better gather everyone first before there is total chaos" Elyngael keeps Khan close as she runs into the Tree to find Armand. She locates him and quickly realizes he has been deafened since he does not respond to her shouts. She grabs a piece of his paper and scribbles a note for him to come outside and help calm people. She adds the direction of the nearest impact on a rough map, then she motions for him to follow her.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 1:43:50 AM

Talya nods, relenting as she notices the stream of people fleeing for safety.

With a few moments of planning and a map or two she directs some of the residents towards Plateau City, sharing what she knows of the safest routes and quickest paths. Perhaps they'll be safer there?

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:54:26 AM

'Osul returns to human form and gathers up everything he can, all the while stating out loud to no one in particular, "The residents should stay nearby The Tree. It still offers protection against roaming monsters, and we've seen no shortage of issues on the surrounding roads. But not in The Tree, where their ability to get out of the way of subsequent boulders is ... hampered."

He fills the handy haversack, regulation sacks and anything else he and James can carry, and heads down stairs.

"I seem to remember Tormy or his friends saying something earlier that bears investigating...", he adds to James and others descending.

RobC - "There was a Wold shattering KABOOM" 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 6:48:11 AM

Before any investigation can be performed the party turn their attention to caring for the residents of the Tree. Everyone gains 1 hero point for putting the needs of NPCs first

It's a combined effort.

Mack has them huddle together but agrees that being in the Tree is not a good option. Osul agrees. There may not be any safe place nearby, but at least out in the open they won't be as confined (read: trapped).

Talya prepares a map to direct the people to Plateau City should they need a "safe" location. There's no telling how bad the city may be but one thing is for certain: the Tree is not safe.

Elyngael and Khan work with Mack to gather everyone together as Beordir helps evacute the upper levels of the Tree.

Armand isn't quite sure about the danger until he receives a note from Elyngael.

Through the combined efforts of the party all residents of the Tree are now gathered around the base. The children are obviously scared but their parents are putting on brave faces to try and keep them calm. You can tell all are afraid though.

The crowd are now paying attention to the party. The heroes have never led them wrong before. They take Talya's map and follow Osul's advice by moving towards the field to the south. It is in the open and away from anything that may fall upon them (meteors aside). If things get absolutely dire they let the party know they will head straight to Plateau City. Miles advises that in the absence of the party he will act ass the leader to guide everyone through this difficult time.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:40:06 AM

"Miles, we trust you'll take good care of them, you always have. If we return and you are gone then we will send word to Plateau City so that you can stay informed. Don't worry my friend, we will not abandon you or the people of the Tree. We'll make sure you are all setup for success, whether that is in a new city or a new Tree of Parting springs to life when we plant these."

Atlas makes his rounds, saying goodbye to each of the people at the Tree that have been so kind to them. Laughingwater, Moana, Saide, Liliput, Folbre, Ciyradyl, Ryan, etc. He then goes to get his chest and brings it to Miles. "Use this as needed to store valuables. If Mack cannot get into it then it is fairly safe as long as you bolt it down. I'll pick it up again once you've found a place to settle down, whether that is here or at a new location." Atlas looks about to ensure Mack is busy, then proceeds to show Miles how the treasure chest works.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+4=9 ; d20+4=15 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 12:24:48 PM

I keep a close eye on Atlas. I can tell he's up to something.

(d20+4 sense motive check of 9)

or maybe I can't. ;)

OOC: Ignore 2nd roll.... there was a delay.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: 17 character sheet  
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:52:37 PM

Seeing that they seem to be getting ready to head out, 'Neshi makes his way back to his room and gears up and then comes back out to join the others.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53  
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 7:47:22 PM

Once his spell wears out, Beordir moves to the ground, still trying to help get everyone to safety. As the Tree does not come crashing down quickly, Beordir does manage to get his gear out as he tries to move with everyone to the field to the south.

Once it seems evident the Wardens have done all they can in the evacuation, he gathers up with everyone else, preparing to investigate the impact site.

(OOC Does the orbital bombardment stop at some point?)

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 8:20:17 PM

Armand shakes his head. "Hey I can hear again."

He watches Atlas's actions then goes over to him. "What are you doing Atlas? You act as if you are going off to your death." Which is actually a rather funny line coming from a cleric of Gargul.

He turns to the crowd. "Remember your homes good people. The Tree has protected you for a long time. I think it still will. It is a sturdy magical tree and it's canopy spreads for a goodly distant. Underneath it you are afforded protection from many things."

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 9:30:09 PM

Elyngael has been helping people gather together to depart to the south fields. She wants to head as quickly as possible to the site where the meteors appear to have landed. "Armand is right. You can return to the Tree after we have investigated and assured your safety. The sooner you depart, the sooner we depart pursue this danger from the sky." Elyngael picks up her pack and heads to the northwest with Khan by her side.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 3:42:37 AM

So, with the residents safely out of the tree, but near enough to take refuge from marauders if the needs arise, now comes the setting off. We have a bearing from the passage of the boulder earlier, and some good estimations of a distance...
"Keep safe - keep watch! Are we good to go?"

RobC - "Keep safe - keep watch! Are we good to go?" 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:18:34 AM

With all their efforts the residents of the Tree are as ready as they can be. They move to the eastern most area still covered by the canopy of the Tree. If things go badly they agree to head to Plateau City.

Bags and provisions are packed with some being eager to get to the source of these disturbances. The meteor may not be the source of the trouble but it is perhaps the best place to start an investigation.

There are fewer meteors in the sky now. They gradually become fewer until no more can be seen.

The party are ready to move out and you start to move away from the Tree with the hopes of the people driving you on.

OOC: Anyone who was deafened can hear properly.

Please outline your preferred marching order as well as including how you are travelling (weapon drawn, wearing armor, talking, silence, etc) and any spells/effects you currently have in place. These things may work in your favor or against you. If you don't list these things I will have to assume they are not in place

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+29=46 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 7:43:18 AM

I'm chattering, but walking with my hands drawn... and sharpened. ;)

I keep an eye out for trouble, and any signs that we're getting closer to a crashed meteor.

(d20+28+1(TTT) perception check of 46)

OOC: It looks like we need to make some updates to our standard "outdoor" marching order. ;) Let me know where you'd like to fit yourself in, and I can update the WIKI.

Osul (Wildshaped) circling the party - 50ft away and 50ft high

I cast Toro's Taur Try (Minotaur) on myself from time to time, lasting 10 minutes each time. Easy enough to do.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor  
Thursday January 18th, 2018 9:21:30 AM

('Neshi would like mid pack right side)

Casting Mage armor onm himself before they depart, "Neshi, moves into his assigned place and after a moment of silence aks a couple of questions to whomever is listening.

"So did those things originate from Jericho Space or from somewhere on the Wold? I mean there was no heat emanating from them at all and they were all sparkly, almost like they were of magical or Fae origin."


Mage Armor - 8 hours

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 10:46:46 AM

Atlas takes the lead considering that they are not trying to track anything, just going in a generally straight direction. He's somber, but he tries to keep a general conversation going through the day so that they don't let the weight of what is happening overwhelm them. However, he doesn't let it get out of hand either. They don't need to let the undead know they are coming.

It's a bit annoying, but he keeps his shield at the ready. His sword stays within its scabbard, but a few times during the day he pulls it out to look it over. He's clearly excited to put his newly upgraded weapon to good use.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:02:43 PM

Talya keeps to herself, referring to her maps and absentmindedly writing on parchment as the group advance into the woods. Surely the others will spot any danger first?

OOC: Mid pack, left side. Mage Armor lasting 8 hours.

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 8:46:53 PM

OOC I'm assuming we're on foot, or has there been time for the horses to be returned to us?

Armand is content where he is. He will have detect magic up and his cross bow ready.

Armand will occasionally talk to Atlas and the others, mostly to check how they are doing mentally, it's been an unsettling day. He's not sure if he can accurately determine how Mack is doing mentally, that may take a professional.

"Let's be prudent when we get close. No one go charging off half-cocked. If we have time to observe and determine what's what, we take that time. If something comes at us we deal with it, if there's something there just looking back at us...well looking doesn't necessarily hurt."

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+13=30 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 9:53:54 PM

Elyngael sets an easy loping pace to pull ahead of the others. Khan easily keeps up with her. She's not sure if Atlas saw her pull ahead or not since she moves with a Ranger's grace over the terrain, and smiles as she sees Atlas readying his sword. She is used to leading and tracking, so even though it's meteors (or whatever), she maintains hearing distance from the rest of the party. Elyngael pauses occasionally to watch for any unusual tracks or signs (Survival 12d0+13=30).

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53   d20=1 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 11:49:18 PM

As the group starts moving toward the impact zone, Beordir keeps his eyes peeled at the back of the line. He's especially worried about forest fires. He travels with his bow in hand and an arrow nocked.

"Charging off half-cocked. Hah. That seems to be the only thing we do."

(OOC Knowledge ( ??? ) to detect forest fire on the wind. d20=1 ; Hah. That was a straight up roll in the hopes I could get something. Too bad.)

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+5=25 ; d20+30=50 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 6:08:00 AM

{Spellcraft: 25}
Quietly, "Yurr'Neshi, you know Mage Armor? I've not long since spent about fifteen hundred platinum to get these +1 bracers to be useful when I'm wildshaped... I'm not sure I got good advice."
To all and sundry he asks, "Is there a way I can stay in contact with someone while I am airborne and not likely capable of recognisable speech? Some kind of mental communication? I don't think using lightning bolts as a communication device is practical on an ongoing basis."

'Osul begins the trip in the usual manner - With TTT(Centaur) and a weather forecast! {Survival: 50 - today and another week!}
He stays human while the conversations ensue, and while altitude isn't required to keep on course.
[i]OOC: That was nice my only two natural 20s for this adventure!

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor  
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:13:22 AM

"Osul I would be happy to cast mage armor on you if you would like . I can also allow us to communicate for about an hour at a time through whispers up to a distance of 180 feet or so but its not full proof anyone nearby has a chance of hearing it and certain things can block it but...."

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+29=43 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:38:55 PM

I take a good look at Armand, to see if he's speaking directly to me when he mentions charging off. ;)

"Osul, Squeaver told me he can speak with birds.... I believe he will understand everything you call back."

I then start a game to see how long it takes me to spot Elyngael as she moves about, scouting.

(d20+28+1(TTT) perception check of 43)

RobC - "Keep safe - keep watch! Are we good to go?" 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:05:59 PM

Post incoming

RobC - "He's not sure if he can accurately determine how Mack is doing mentally, that may take a professional" 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:22:18 PM

Highlight to display spoiler: {Sorry for the later post. It was 108'F here yesterday}

The party prepare for the journey

Mack looks about. Things are very quiet now. Highlight to display spoiler: {Can you please let me know how/if Squeaver can speak with birds?}

Neshi ventures a guess about the origins of the meteors? Jericho Space perhaps?

Atlas is a little quiet. Things have been weird enough in the Wold without this new occurence. At least he has his new sword by his side. He takes comfort in that.

Talya keeps her nose burried in her maps and perhaps making new ones? She's confident the others are more observant and will spot trouble before she does.

Armand laments not having the horses back yet. It makes it slow going. He puts forward a battle plan: only attack if you have to sums it up pretty well.

Elyngael enjoys her walk over the terrain. It's good to stretch her legs again. Highlight to display spoiler: {With the party talking normally you could be up to 200ft ahead of them and still hear them. More depending on a perception check. I'm guessing this is not how far apart from them you wish to be so have gone with 50ft.} Khan seems happy to be out again as well.

Osul is a little concerned about how he can speak with the party when in a different form. He tries to predict the weather for the next week, but he's confused. The indicators he looks for are just plain wrong and conflicting. He's done this a hundred times before and has been right every single time. Why can't he predict the weather now?

Beordir is a little worried. He's quite worried about forest fires. That impact could have done anything to the surrounds and a fire sounds quite likely. He's not entirely sure he's equipped for such an event. He keeps an arrow nocked for the entire journey and can feel his fingers start to cramp a little. He tries to detect any fire nearby (with a perception check rather than knowl check). He's not entirely sure...

The air is dusty, the sky hazy with the sun glowing behind. You can taste the dust in your mouth. Though it irritates your eyes, it also makes it a little hard to see.

The closer the party get to their intended destination the clearer it becomes that there is a red glow on the horizon ahead and it isn't the sun.

The party carefully arrive at a distance where they can see a crater some 100ft ahead and it being the source of the glowing light. Around the edge of the crater the grass has turned a dull red and is moving against the wind.

That isn't the strangest or most disturbing sight however.

On the grass all around you can see a terrible sight. Animals lying on the ground, twisting and writhing in great pain. Deer, cattle, birds, and smaller wildlife. All groaning and braying in a terrible unnatural way and frothing at the mouth as they do so.

As you watch you can see the animals suffer even further. Their fur and feathers fall from their bodies as it is washed away from the blood that covers them, like dirt washed from hands. Mack's eyesight is the best and he can't see a single wound on the animals. The blood is seeping out of their skin and eyes. There is something deeply wrong here.

It is obvious the putrid smell attracted some vultures that have landed on the animals that are not moving, pecking and tearing away pieces of flesh. Some swoop at the writhing deer not being content to wait for them to die.

Elyngael is around 100ft (give or take) from the animals.

Squeaver and Khan start acting strange again. Squeaver standing on his hindquarters smelling the air, Khan uttering a soft rumbling growl.

The party order:

Elyngael - Khan
Armand - Osul
Talya - Mack - Neshi

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53   d20+9=19 ; d20+6=22 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 10:12:42 PM

Beordir stands horrified at the sight before him. While not a nature priest, he does have a strong respect for the preservation of natural beauty and the Culverwood in particular. Resisting his urge to run far from here, he watches the altered grass and the animals and the vultures to see if he recalls anything similar to this before.

(OOC 1d20+9=19 ; Knowledge (Arcana)
1d20+6=22 ; Knowledge (Nature) Better roll, but this seems pretty unlikely to be a natural phenomenon )

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Saturday January 20th, 2018 12:01:16 AM

"Maker's mercy, those poor animals... They can't possibly have been here when the comet landed, could they? Were they drawn to the crater?"

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+18=22 ; d20+2=11 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 6:30:38 AM

"Thank you Yurr'Neshi. It can wait for now, but I think we could all benefit from we spellcasters sitting down at some point and discussing what we can bring in support."

'Osul looks a little perturbed. He considers the matter before sharing. "As best as I can tell, there will be no weather today, or on any day soon. I don't mean that there won't be any storms or wind. No, I mean no weather. None at all. I'm ... concerned."

Despite the obvious horror of the scene about the crater, what first catches his attention is the red grass waving against the breeze. There's a breeze!

He moves up on foot towards Elyngael's position, trying to get a better idea of what the red grass is, or is actually doing. {Knowledge(Nature): 22 (plus an additional +2 if within The Culverwood), Knowledge(Arcana): 11, both Aid Another for Beordir (who is already on the case) at +2 each}

"As for mercy, that might have to come through steel.", he adds, not immediately seeing a preferable alternative, nor having a better answer for Talya.

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+4=24 ; d20+8=20 ; d20+8=23 ; d20+6=18 ; d20+9=28 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:14:48 PM

"That's not right. Armand says through gritted teeth.

He still has Detect Magic up and scans around the immediate area, as it is only 60 radius and far out of range of the crater. Perception 24 (d20+4)

"Anyone have any ideas how to proceed? I think we should study it from here for a bit."
Knowledge Arcane 20 (d20+8)
Knowledge History 23 (d20+8)
Knowledge Planes 18 (d20+6)
Knowledge Religion 28 (d20+9)

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30' 
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:40:40 PM

OOC: RobC, no worries.... Squeaver can't REALLY speak with birds. I (Mack) just think he can. ;)

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