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Tree of Parting

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Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 57/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+2=17 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 4:30:07 PM

Armand yells to Atlas. "Atlas stay together, remember the fight in the prison." He see's Atlas running off. "Or at least just attack the ones that are endangering human life. Work to get those people up and back to the Tree."

Armand touchs Mack, granting Touch of Glory (touched creature gains cleric level (+8) bonus on charisma based skill check).

Armand studies the giant tree things....Intelligence check 17 (d20+2).

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53  d20+4=21 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:05:31 PM

Beordir connects with his companions and temporarily displaces gravity as they fall from the platform. The stone under his shirt warms as it empowers the effect. His cloak billows out behind him as he gently descends. Landing on his feet, his hand twitches reflexively as he suppresses his usual training in Hawk Diving. This may still have a chance to be resolved with diplomacy.

He looks out to these new arrivals trying to understand their purpose.

(OOC Knowledge Nature d20+4=21 ; )

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+10=25 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:04:28 PM

Elyngael does not attack the moving trees. She calls out to anyone on the ground or around the trees, "Stay back out of their way. I think the tree giants are confused. I'm not sure that they mean us harm."[b] She hurries around encouraging everyone to stay back. She attempts to call out to the tree giants in Elven and then Sylvan, [b]"Greetings! We mean you no harm. Please remain still or you will harm us!" She attempts climbing one of the giant trees (1d20+10=25)

shane P 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 12:46:11 AM

Mack: easily recognizes the walking trees as Trents, the guardians of the trees. you know that they speak common, Sylvan and plant. they have a special place with those of the woods.

Atlas: yep Trents. but these aren't acting right. something is off about them. you swing and miss cleanly, but instead of attacking you the Trent keeps plodding along on the same path it was following when you engaged. it. almost as if it were not aware of your existence.

Armand: the glory of your god suffuses Mack and he suddenly seems more mature, composed and with it than he usually does.

‘Osul: ?

Boerdir Trents. but they are acting weird, weirder than the obvious weirdness of wandering around an inhabited area....

Elyngael As you climb on the Trent, you hear it mumbling to itself in Sylvan, Highlight to display spoiler: {The Harbinger, The Harbinger of Doom approaches..all will end....it is the coming...the coming...the coming. } it repeats itself almost like a prayer wheel. the same thing over and over again. It takes no notice of you, it just keeps looking up and repeating.

Yurr'Neshi Trents...guardians of the forest from your tribal histories. great protectors. but these guys aren't acting like what the stories say they should act....they look...hasty.


the Trents are wandering aimlessly, and when one of them looks to be about to hit a tree dweller in it's way, the Tree of Parting swats it out of the way. it's might be...no...it is the most incredible thing you have ever witnessed in your life. A tree the size of a mountain actually moving, reaching down and shoving a 30' tall Trent over so that it misses a person. The limb that shoves the Trent dwarfs the creature by orders of magnitude that are hard to comprehend.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:52:12 AM

Since the Trents seem to be docile, if unaware of those underfoot, Talya will spend her efforts coordinating the rescue and safety of those in the path of the treants. While she cannot lift anyone out of the way, her flight spell gives her the speed and vantage to zip back and forth between the higher branches and the lower areas.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 42/57, Speed: 30' 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:42:08 AM

I do what I can to assist Talya and the others on securing anyone still left down there, before they get trampled.

"Nothing here so far has been an intentional threat to us. Everything seems to be fleeing from a larger threat which we have not yet seen." I say, with a charisma and maturity that I've never experienced before. Then I throw up a little.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:39/51  d20+21=25 ; d20+21=23 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 3:29:15 PM

Did 'Osul hear anything of the Treant speach? (Perception: 25)
"I am not sure if they are fleeing, or moving to face the ... whatever it is. I am going to take to the air and see what is behind them in the first instance, and eventually what is ahead of them. Then we also shouldn't lose them. I'll drop a lightning bolt if see something worth further investigation."

'Osul takes on the shape of a medium air elemental, and takes to the sky. (Perception: 23)

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 4:05:58 PM

Atlas comes up from his failed attempt to attack and begins to realize that something isn't right. He holds back from attacking again, realizing that the Tree is protecting the people, but not intentionally hurting the trents. With that in mind Atlas rushes to help anyone he can to avoid the trents.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 6:24:02 PM

Beordir asks Mack and Osul, "Are they being compelled or controlled some how?" Seeing one heading for him, he gives it a wide berth working to not compel the Tree to take action.

Not really waiting for the answer, he mutters some arcane words close to his chest, with his eyes momentarily closed. When he opens them, the world is overlaid with new colors representing the enchanted auras around him. Beordir turns to look toward the nearest Treant.

(OOC Standard Action - Cast Detect Magic
Move Action - Avoid getting to close to a treant, but keeping one within 60 feet.)

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 57/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+4=9 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:10:47 PM

Armand looks about to see which citizen is most in need of rescue before being treant treaded.
Perception 9 (d20+4)

It's a confusing mess to be sure, so he runs out and helps the nearest fallen citizen up. "Quickly now, back to the Tree. Stay near the base for now."

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+9=18 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:22:37 PM

Elyngael calls down from the Trent she climbed. "Don't hurt them! They are helping everyone and giving us a warning. They speak of The Harbinger. The are letting us know [i]"the Harbinger of Doom approaches..all will end....it is the coming...the coming...the coming.[i] (1d20+9=18 knowledge nature) Elyngael speaks to the Trent directly in Sylvan, [b]"When is the Harbinger coming?" She also calls out in Common, "Does anyone know what or who they are warning us about?"

shane P 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:52:27 PM

Mack: ignores the Treants and instead pitches in to help get the tree dwellers to safety.

Atlas: throws in to help as well.

Armand: strangely for having fallen over 30' in some cases, and more than that in others, except for some of them being freaked out, there are no injuries to speak of. All are very motivated to get back into the tree though.

‘Osul: You become the wind more completely than you ever have. you are one with the air. and the air is chaotic. As you rise above and send your senses outward you see that not far off, just over the nap of the earth, the weather is going from generally gloomy and overcast to really, really bad. You see funnel clouds lightening, and the rain that is falling is pushing the wind in such a way as you are going to have some gale force winds in less than 5 min.

Boerdir when you cast the spell the world explodes in a wash of color, the Treants look like hollow husks, the sky is blinding with the amount of magic suffused within it and the Tree of Parting is flashing in magic. three long flashes, three short flashes, three long flashes....over and over again.

Elyngael calls out to her companions what she heard from the Treants

Yurr'Neshi stands stunned at the sight of the Tree of Parting moving! he is speechless and stationary.

Talya Between you zipping and good coordination with the people in the tree harnesses are lowered down and the fallen are quickly pulled up.

from up above the word comes down, there is a storm coming and everyone needs to take cover somewhere.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:48/60 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:22:41 AM

Seeing that the tree is not trying to harm the treants and that the treants are basically fleeing and not trying to harm people "Neshi focuses his efforts on keeping citizens from getting trampled and squashed.

"Yo all, Storm coming! Time to take cover!"

Neshi starts looking for the nearest safe cover and begins herding citizens toward it.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 42/57, Speed: 30' 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 3:22:08 PM

Knowing that we aren't powerful enough to stop a huge storm, I continue to help get the people to safety in The Tree, and then we can join them.

OOC: I like the S.O.S. ;)

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:39/51  d20+23=26 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 3:30:04 PM

While at one with the air, 'Osul takes a moment to see what he can determine about this weather. Survival Check: 26 - a three day forecast
With the call to take cover out, the elemental and druid heed their own call - the one wanting to investigate this phenomenon more closely, and the other wanting to race on the rare currents.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 5:10:05 PM

Atlas continues to help the people get back up in the Tree. He waits until all is clear and is the last one to take a ride back up.

Once back up in the Tree he heads to the Triple T hoping to find his companions and some answers from the local leadership.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 57/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+18=20 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 6:33:36 PM

"Harbinger of Doom...well that can't be good. But we don't have time to comtemplate that right now."

Hmm, we don't appear to be in rounds...

Armand touchs himself, granting Touch of Glory (touched creature gains cleric level (+8) bonus on charisma based skill check).

He then calls out to the Treants in his loudest voice and calling upon all his diplomatic skills...
Diplomacy 20 (d20+18....really a 2?)

"Treants a thunderously huge storm approaches! You can wander aimless, alone and be swept away as a branch in a tornado... or you can pool your strength and gather around the Tree of Parting adding your ageless fortitude to it's and thus survive the coming deluge."

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53  d20+9=12 ; d20+9=26 ; d20+9=29 ; d20+9=23 ; d20+9=10 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 7:29:54 PM

Beordir moves back toward the Tree, but continues to keep his eyes on the nearest Treant. He does however share his finding so far, "There's a huge amount of magic in that storm and being focused here generally. The Tree is sending some sort of magical signal. I wonder if Mack can talk to it."

(OOC I assume we are playing in a world that has not yet had Samuel Morse born, so I don't know what the Tree is saying.
If we're not in rounds, I should be able to get school of magic. One check per aura. Eeek
Treant aura Knowledge (Arcana) d20+9=12
Tree Aura Knowledge (Arcana) d20+9=26 ;
Storm Aura Knowledge (Arcana) d20+9=29 ;
Non-storm sky Knowledge (Arcana) aura d20+9=23 ;
Earth Aura Knowledge (Arcana) d20+9=10 ; )

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+15=21 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:21:26 PM

Elyngael remains in the Treant and tries once again to speak with it. "What is the Harbinger? What can we use to fight it?" She looks around from the height of the enormous tree to see if anything approaches (perception 1d20+15=21). She also readies her bow for the approach of any thing threatening.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50  d20+14=30 ; d20+9=26 ; d20+14=26 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:13:01 PM

Talya scours her brain for any information regarding a 'Harbinger of Doom'. Perhaps it was in one of the countless tomes she read years ago?

Knowledge Rolls!
Arcana (d20+14=30), History (d20+9=26), Planes (d20+14=26).

shane P 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 1:04:56 AM

OOC: Rounds only really work when in combat or when time is of the essence. In a case like this when time is not pressing, and you really dont'' have an opponent that's trying to show you what your insides look like, the play flows better when it's not employed. and yeah Galen, sometimes the DM has to use a bit of Metagaming to nudge the party a bit.

Mack: continues to help with the folks. Looks like they are all on their way up now

Atlas: makes sure he is the last one up. from the elevated position you can see the storm coming, and it looks...not good..not good at all.

Armand: you speak to the treants, but it's like talking to a stump, something is seriously wrong with these Treants.

‘Osul: your inner voice gives you a three day forecast. You'll be lucky if there is anything standing after this storm, it's awful.

Boerdir The Treants spirts are gone, they are nothing but tree zombies for lack of a better word. The Tree of Parting is trying to communicate with you, The storm contains a really strange aura. it has elements of all the schools of magic in it, even necromancy. same holds true for the local environment, it's fainter, but the aura extends through and is exuded by everything. the earth itself seems almost wounded, but not a wound but some condition that's similar but different.

Elyngael (you are on the ground that's where the Trents are). The trents are unresponsive, they simply seem to be running at a base level.

Yurr'Neshi your quadruped form is quite handy in getting folk to the lift points and in no time the people are up the tree.

Talya ancient histories from the past ages talked or a Harbinger, of Doom, of famine, flood earthquakes, and storms, but surely this is merely a coincidence.

by the time you have all the folk who have fallen from the tree back up Hiflanyl Ilyndrathyl has the Drawbridge back in service and has it lowered down for you to come back up.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:48/60 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor  d20+7=17 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:02:27 AM

while waiting for the drawbridge to come back down for us. "Neshi takes a good look at the incoming storm from an elemental viewpoint.

Knowledge planes (elemental) DC 17

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:45:03 AM

Atlas searches out Folbre and Liliput. "Can someone search out Moana to see if she has any useful information for us?"

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:39/51  d20+21=24 ; d20+16=31 ; d20+1=14 ; d20+2=19 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:00:27 PM

'Osul/Air Elemental reconnoitres with the outer edge of the storm, and deeper if he then deems it safe.
He observes, and spends the trip back to the tavern considering what he saw.
(Perception: 24, Kn.Nature: 31, Kn.Planes:14 (Aid 'Neshi), Kn.Religion: 19)

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 42/57, Speed: 30' 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 6:18:17 PM

Believing my new, very limited powers to be very insufficient for the task, nevertheless, I try to communicate with The Tree using my Speak With Plants ability. If able to, I try to get any information I can on what's going on and/or what we can do to help.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 57/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 6:40:55 PM

Armand starts up the drawbridge. "Have everyone get under cover, and if there's time we should try to secure lines along the walkways." He calls up the the gate tenders.

He thinks to himself...wait did Beodir say something about the treants?

"Wait a minute...the treant's spirit is gone? Are these UNDEAD TREANTS!"

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 6/7/6, HP: 53 / 53 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:45:53 PM

Beordir looks toward getting back up in the Tree. He yells over the rising wind. [b]"The treants are spiritless, like zombies. I know the Tree is trying to talk, but I don't understand it. I needs some druids to listen to it."

He runs for the nearest stairway heading back up.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:56:54 PM

Elyngael is definitely confused! She thought she had climbed a Treant, did a Climb check, and now she finds that she is on the ground with the Treants. Are they laying on the ground? The only thing keeping her from leaving this chaotic scene is that she has come to care for her fellow adventurers and wants to help. "I will help, but I know nothing about zombie trees or a Harbinger of Doom. This is my first time at your Tree. Tell me where my bow can best serve."

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Friday November 17th, 2017 12:17:08 AM

"It's not quite helpful, but I remember reading a tome that described a Harbinger of Doom in ages past. Perhaps this event, this chaos has happened before? If I could do some research I'm sure I could find out more."

shane P 
Friday November 17th, 2017 12:58:53 AM

Mack: casts his spell, the force of it is stronger, almost as if it were air that was suddenly released into a vacuum. the spell strips reality as you know it from you and suddenly you are touching the spirit of being that is ancient, powerful, benevolent and much much greater than your mortal mind. its senses are yours but the fit is off, it is both more limited and much greater than your senses at the same time. your awareness is consumed with the Tree nothing else exists. The sense of this being begins to coalesce into a form. it's humanoid, maybe elvish? but made of wood. It smiles at you and you feel warm inside.

Hello Remack...Mack...I am pleased that it was you who contacted me, I have watched since you came to live on me and of all the creatures that have passed beneath my branches you have been by far the most surprising. it is good that I get to talk to you .

A great Change is coming to the Wold, I know not what it is, but it will change this world profoundly, I fear for my charges in this time of peril, I fear for my Children.

I am old Mack, I have seen the world turn many times, and I think that this will be the last. I will not bloom again come spring, but I have produced my progeny, I was born of magic and sorrow, but the gods have seen fit to let me continue my line, When this change is over, if any survive, care for my seeds, plant them and nurture them in my shadow, for I would have a grove of my kind grow up here, and I need my Wardens and my dwellers to keep them safe, at least until they can keep you safe.

Atlas: is told that Mona is in her shop, trying to make sense of the omens she's getting.

Armand: shivers at the thought of undead treants, but are they? or has the chaos of this dark time merely destroyed their minds?

‘Osul: The closer you get to the storm the more it draws you in. the power, the ferocity the wild magic...its..intoxicating. Save VS Will or lose control before you can make your way back to the ToP. If you fail you are trapped in the storm until your spell ends.

Boerdir gets back up into the tree to find Mack touching the tree his eyes closed, vines from the tree have grown about him to shelter him from the coming storm.

Elyngael (Whoops sorry bout that, thought you were talking about the Tree of Parting not the Treants. Yes you are on a Treant, you can see the outskirts of the storm coming, it does not look good. Do you go back up into the Tree of parting or do you continue to ride the mindless Trent? ).

Yurr'Neshi This storm is not natural, but it's not a spell either. it's a symptom of something big happening.

Talya shares her insights with the rest of the group

Once everyone is back up in the tree the storm hits. Even the Tree of parting rocks in this wind. wagons are flipped over the edge of the tree, roofed houses have their roofs torn off and everyone has to lay on the floor, because the shaking is so bad you cannot keep your feet, conversation is almost impossible due to the roar of the wind and visibiltiy is almost zero due to the torrents of rain pouring down. it's almost like the world is ending.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 42/57, Speed: 30' 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:08:07 PM

Anxious to tell the others what I have learned, I can not move or talk at the moment. I let the vines protect me, and ride out the storm. I hope that Squeaver is protected as well with me, or at least got to safety with the others. I feel a great sadness come over me.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 65/65 
Friday November 17th, 2017 6:01:53 PM

"This is getting us nowhere."
Elyngeal slides off the Treant and runs for the Tree of Parting. She finds Khan and they hunker down during the storm.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 57/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Friday November 17th, 2017 6:08:48 PM

Armand gives up on the undead treants. He heads up to the Triple T before the storm hits and orders a large beer.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Saturday November 18th, 2017 1:59:25 PM

Atlas settles in for the storm wondering what it will bring.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:39/51  d20+12=25 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 8:34:20 AM

Will Save: 25 vs 15, (or 29 vs 15 with Resist Nature's Lure if appropriate)
'Osul-Elemental seeks more information in/on/from/about the tempest. Of course, there's only one place to do that. He continues to climb.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:48/60 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 8:24:09 PM

Yurneshi makes his way with the others back to the safety of the tree.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Monday November 20th, 2017 1:34:16 AM

With little else to do, Talya takes cover and begins reading a book - she usually likes reading while listening to the rain, but this takes the cake!

DM RobC - "This takes the cake!" 
Monday November 20th, 2017 6:04:30 AM

The rest of the party head indoors.

Talya finds a quite spot to do a little reading.

Armand, Atlas and Neshi head to the tavern. If you're going to be indoors during a storm, might as well be a place with some booze. Others have the same idead. There are sounds of nervous laughter from within the tavern. People trying to act brave and talk of this storm as if it were something normal.

Elyngael and Khan now make for the safety of the Tree. There is nothing to be gained by standing in the rain. Nothing to be gained but a cold that is.

Mack feels quite protected from the storm. He can feel the trickle of rain run down his face and feels the cold air on his cheek, but it isn't for long. The vines recede to allow him to move once more. Both he and Beordir notice there is crackly sound to the way the vines wrap back against the trunk of the Tree. It's like the sound of ice snap-freezing. The vines have an almost rock-like consistency and feel to them.

Inside and out the Tree is undergoing a change. Creaking and groaning noises and the wood expands and contract in different places. The changes are fairly consistant. Everything is hardening and going cold. The natural feel, look and smell of the Tree is completely different now. It feels ... cold.

The temperate inside the Tree is certainly getting colder. You can see your breath turn into mist as you exhale.

Meanwhile Osul is outside, moving with the clouds and wind. It's tough but he is still able - barely - to control his direction. Things are getting more violent. The wind undergoes swift changes in direction. The density of the clouds thickens. Above, Osul can see several clouds take the form of humanoids. Large, faceless, shadowy humanoids riding the storm and heading directly towards the Tree.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Monday November 20th, 2017 12:26:28 PM

Atlas pokes his head out to see what 'Osul, Mack, and Beordir are up to.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (RESISTANCE TO B/P/S - T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Monday November 20th, 2017 12:26:28 PM

Atlas pokes his head out to see what 'Osul, Mack, and Beordir are up to.

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