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DM RobC - "Hold my squirrel. I've got this" 
Monday September 18th, 2017 1:35:12 AM

Mack has no plans to stay. There is trouble in the next room, and by the sound of things, people need help. He reassures Atlas and continues out the door.

Atlas shrugs and somewhat emotionlessly discusses what the party can do once Mack is dead.

Beordir keeps inside the door, ready to protect the party from whatever may come.

Osul keeps looking for his bag of holding before realising that Atlas has it. It's always in the last place you look, right?

Armand advises that the Speak with Dead spell could take a while to cast, and the party may not have time. He has one last crack at the lock. There is a groan of metal as Armand pulls on the crowbar while Khan pushes against the metal door. Finally there's a *snap* and the lock is broken.

Elyngael continues to cover the door.

Whereas the rest of the party are prepared to barricade themselves inside the room, Mack heads out into the corridor. By the entrance to the next cellbock he can see a guard's bloody body slumped on the floor. He peers into the cellblock to see for himself what is going on.

It's probably not exactly what he expected.

It's a cellbock similar to the other one, except this one has a troll standing in it. A human (not in guards uniform) is standing just inside the doorway whilst a linotaur on the opposite side of the room casts a magic missile at the troll. Two guards are fighting the troll with shortswords, as another 3 guards lay dead on the floor next to 2 dead trolls.

There are three prisoners (in separate cells) in the room, each is as far away from the battle as their cells will allow. 4 other prisoners were not so lucky. You guess the trolls were able to reach into the cells and pull the helpless men against the bars.

In the middle of the room is a hole leading to a tunnel - likely how the trolls entered.

The human inside the doorway casts some sort of acid spell (Highlight to display spoiler: {Acid Arrow}) causing the troll to howl. It slumps to the floor.

Mack is awarded a hero point for truly living the values of being good: "Good means a respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others."
Mack's WLA badge starts to have a gold glean to it. For the remainder of the module Mack receives an unnamed +4 bonus to his AC for staying true to his WLA vows: "To protect the innocent and combat evil wherever I may find it"

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor  d20+5=20 ; d6+3=4 ; 4d6=12 ; 4d6=17 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:24:31 AM

More than just a little perturbed at the trolls interference with their mission, Neshi sends another spell streaking toward the troll as two fiery rays strike the troll scorching Ray.

Ranged touch AC 20 for 29 points fire damage

Spells in use.

Mage armor - 7 hours

DM Robert, just not here, fixed it. just change the text between the (link href) and (/link) to what you want to be the link item. Not using actual brackets because that would trigger the texty stuff.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+16=29 ; d4-1=2 ; d6=1 ; d6=2 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 9:42:56 AM

I immediately (if close enough) move into a flanking position to attack the closest troll that is already engaged with a guard or wemic.

Assuming the closest one is more then 5'-step away, I can't flurry, but I can still boot.

(boot to the head: d20+13+2(flank)+1(flaming tear), and d4-1 damage+1d6(sneak)+1d6(flaming tear),
Hit AC 29(+2) for 2(+1)(+2)+1 damage)

I yell out to Squeaver, hoping the others get the message as well that we're needed immediately....
"Squeaver! Engage!!!"

crap... forgot to add these to my rolls... adjusting now:

Magic Fang: +1 to hit and damage for 1 attack per round; rounds remaining: 8
Toros's Taur Try: +1 Perception; rounds remaining: 93
Bless: +1 to hit; +1 vs fear; rounds remaining: 68

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Monday September 18th, 2017 12:34:19 PM

Atlas hear's Mack and sighs loudly. "Armand, I have to go deal with our supposedly 'stealthy' halfling. I suggest we begin the process of questioning Gaston. If we get interrupted then so be it, we'll just take the body with us if that is the case and deal with it in the morning. At least that's where I stand at the moment. If something busts through that door...just yell louder than Mack."

Atlas proceeds to the next room. He's clearly not happy with how this is going.

ooc: Atlas's comments about casting the spell and such were in regards to Gaston, not Mack. Atlas thought Mack was going to check on things and report back. He didn't expect Mack to die.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48   d20+4=9 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 5:34:57 PM

With Mack's bellowing and Atlas chasing after him, all the action is clearly in the other room. Beordir steps through the door, and looks around at the fight brewing down the hall. Then he looks around for other potential threats since Mack and Atlas seem to have tied that one up.

(OOC Standard Action - Use Perception d20+4=9 ; Man, I can't see my own boots.

Can I get more description of the layout outside the door? Are we in the center or a corridor? Can I see each end of the this corridor?)

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:03:17 PM

'Mack in trouble how unusual.' Armand thinks to himself.

"Go, I'll collect Gaston and be right behind you." Armand calls out to everyone and anyone in general.

Move action approaches Gaston and whips out his bag of holding.
Standard action - uses the bag of holding like a pillow case and uses Gaston's body as the pillow.

spells up
Bless 68 rounds: All +1 to hit, +1 vs fear.
Shield of Faith on Atlas, +3 AC - last count was 59.
Shield of Faith on Elyngael, +3 AC - last count was 60.

Spells left
1st: Protection from Evil, Comprehend Languages, Detect Poison
2nd: Zone of Truth, Hold Person, Silence (wis bonus), Bless Weapon (domain)
3rd: Dispel magic, Speak With Dead
4th: 0
channels left: 0

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 23 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59  d20+14=19 ; d8+4=8 ; d6=4 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:46:13 PM

Elyngael steps into the corridor, sights and sends a fire arrow into the nearest troll, (d20+14=19) to insure that it does not regenerate, damage (1d8+4+1d6 fire=12). She calls Khan to her side to be ready to attack.

DM RobC - "Hold my squirrel. I've got this" 
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:56:26 PM

OOC: "causing the troll to howl. It slumps to the floor."

I'm not sure what you guys are attacking but you're doing a good job! :)

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Monday September 18th, 2017 11:46:32 PM

Practically pirouetting in surprise at the sudden rush of new figures, Talya flails wildly at the nearest person with her staff before realising that she isn't under attack anymore.

"Oh! Ah, um, er, so terribly sorry - thought you were another troll for a second...

Flushed red and trying to wipe the troll viscera off her robes, she calls to the Liontaur as she peers into one of the holding cells.

"Neshi, is the guy we're looking for? Yellow mustache and a beard fits the description, but one of the trolls got to him... Ugh."

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:40:35 AM

'Osul assists Armand pillow-slipping Gaston -four hands are better than two.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+27=31 ; d20+10=17 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 6:35:21 AM

OOC: Being a troll, I figured it wasn't dead yet. And I thought there was more than one. ;)

IC: I scan the room for more enemies. If I don't see any, I switch to bandaging the wounded quickly.

(d20+26+1(TTT) perception check of 31)
(d20+10 heal check of 17)

Magic Fang: +1 to hit and damage for 1 attack per round; rounds remaining: 7
Toros's Taur Try: +1 Perception; rounds remaining: 92
Bless: +1 to hit; +1 vs fear; rounds remaining: 67

DM RobC - "Ah, um, er, so terribly sorry" 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:22:03 AM

With the trolls finally dealt with, Neshi makes sure they stay down. His two fiery rays should stop some regeneration.

Mack bursts into the room and proceeds to stomp on the head of the fallen troll.

Atlas can feel the blood rushing to his face, clearly unhappy with how the day is going.

Armand decides to stay with Gaston's body while the others take care of any potential combat. Osul plays assistant helping to push Gaston's body into an interdimensional space.

Beordir pokes his head into the corridor but can't see anything, nor hear any commotion any more.

Elyngael steps into the corridor but doesn't see anything to attack (Per previous post, the fight is in the next cellblock, not the corridor)

Talya turns on her heels and narrowly avoids cracking Mack over the skull with her staff.

With the battle now done, Talya sets to looking about the cells. She thinks one of the prisoners may have been the man she was looking for.

The two remaining guards see Neshi and Mack continue the attack, so likewise keep hacking at the dead troll. They seem braver now the danger has subsided.

Xorn, "red giants", and Trolls are all dead.

Please welcome Jacob (Talya) and Kent (Neshi)!

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30' 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:28:20 AM

OOC: Welcome to the game, Jacob and Kent!!!!!!! Glad to you have you aboard. :)

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:50:59 AM

Once he has made sure that troll regeneration doesn't take place, Yurr'Neshi looks around at all the strangers entering.

"Well met, I hope." At least I hope by the fact that you are covered in green blood and wanting to hack and stomp these trolls that you are not with them."

"Tayla, is one of the four him? Hey is any of you Olander Mcgruigar?" If so speak now, truly and perhaps we will remove you from this cess pit of a death trap."

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:03:16 PM

Atlas enters the cell block as things are calming down. At Neshi's comments he responds, "No, no Olander in our group. We're dealing with someone else, but I think this attack may be bigger than just your Orlander. You mind joining us as we leave the jail? The more the better considering that when we leave someone might want to blame us. At least this way we can all vouch for each other."

Atlas looks back to their original cell block, then back at the new folks. "If you don't mind, I need to check on someone. I'll be back in a moment. Mack here will fill you in on any details, then we'll go."

Atlas heads back to see how Armand and 'Osul are doing with Gaston. "Seriously?!?" Atlas breaks out in laughter at the sight before him.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+11=25 ; d20+11=13 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 6:12:50 PM

Armand stands and lifts the bag. "Oh say can you help tie this back onto the backpack?" Once secured he turns to Atlas. "What are you doing back here? I thought there was a fight."

Hearing the fight is over Armand indicates they should all join together again. He stops to examine any fallen guards to see if they are dead, or just at death's door and can be healed.
Heal check 25 (d20+11)

"Hello there," he eyes the group in the next cell block noting that they do not appear to be wearing the uniforms of the guard. "What brings you down this way." Armand is uneasy, could these people be the ones that did the summoning, or in league with this Consortium?

Armand will 'casually' make his way around the room checking the non-trolls that are down (like prisoners and guards) for signs of life...or near life again.
Heal check 13 (d20+11)
Apparently he is more agitated in this room and is having trouble concentrating.

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 7:06:49 PM

Talyah narrows her eyes and pointedly retorts to the new arrival.

"I could ask you the same thing. What brings such a large and well-armed group into a prison? I doubt that it's any coincidence that you lot are here just as we get attacked, and by trolls no less!

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:29:42 PM

Beordir waits in place while Osul and Armand finish their grisly work. Then he walks down the hall with them. There's a bit of detant between the Wardens and the wizard and wemic. He pauses to listen a moment, but things seem to escalate.

He butts in, "Easy now. We've all been attacked, but not necessarily by each other. There's no need to spread this hostility."

"We were visiting a prisoner when summoned monsters attacked. We have yet to divine their origins."

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 23 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:33:52 PM

Elyngael calls Khan to her side after listening to all the remarks swirling around between those she knows and those she does not. She turns to Talya, "I am Elyngael Noldoryn, a Ranger that has recently joined with this group. I heard you say something about Olander Mcgruiga. I've not heard the name before, but we have not searched all of these cells. Perhaps we can assist each other and leave quicker if you could tell us what this person looks like. Shared work , makes short work, and I want to get some fresh air."

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30' 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:56:47 AM

"Uhhh.... Hi! I'm Mack!" I walk over to shake hands with anyone that will accept.... starting with Armand.

"And this is Squeaver." I quickly add, before Squeaver gets impaled by someone anxious.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:27:18 AM

'Osul looks at the closed bag for a moment, before that moment takes him... "Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself."
"Or don't. Seriously, just don't!"
With that he follows Armand and Atlas, and joins in the exchange of greetings in the neighboring block.

DM RobC - "What brings you down this way." 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:54:58 AM

Neshi looks over the prisoners - alive and dead - hoping to find someone called Olander.

Atlas believes her to be talking to the party, and politely informs her that noone in the party goes by that name. He excuses himself to go check in on Armand and Osul stuffing Gaston into a bag of holding.

With Gaston in the bag, Armand heads to the next cell-block and meets the two strangers. He is a little uneasy - could this pair have done the summoning? He recalls that the corpses of the dead still lie in the room. This would be atypical of a summoning spell.

Talya picks up on Armand's tone and goes on the defensive (offensive?). She was just attacked by trolls and here are a few people wandering about not wearing uniforms.

Beordir takes on the role of peacemaker, soothing any misunderstandings. He explains what the party were doing: visiting a prisoner when the attack ocurred.

Elyngael introduces herself and suggests there may be a way for the groups to work together.

Mack introduces himself and his squirrel.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 8:22:00 AM

Tawny in color Yurr'Neshi's body looks a lot like a mountain lion, and standing over 7 ft tall and 10 ft in length he is an impressive and good looking young wemic. His eyes are golden and the beginnings of should prove to be a fairly impressive gold and black mane is starting to show itself along the back of his neck and shoulders surrounding his very feline facial features. If and when his upper torso is visible there are black flame-like tattoos crossing his chest. The overall feeling of a predator is definitely there. A headband circles his brow and bracers on his wrists He is wears a dark brown robe topped with a light brown cloak there are javelins and a morning star poking up from his pack. His common while very understandable if fairly heavily accented. Some of the consonants come across very growley while others seem to purr.

"Talya, relax a bit. I am pretty sure they are not the enemy." Turning to Armand, he continues. "You might try relaxing a bit too. I am pretty sure had we not been over here killing trolls and the such these other ones would have come after you too."

"Hello Mack, My name is Yurr'Neshi. My companion over there is Talya." Neshi Looks down at Squeaver. (what is it?) As for why we are here, right now we are looking for a prisoner that might have some information that we were looking for." With that said he once again addresses the four remain living prisoners.

"Are any of you four Olander or do you know id any of these others was he?"

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30' 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 11:32:05 AM

"Hey, Yurr'Neshi! Glad to meet you!" I extend my hand. "We've had a couple of wemics journey with us for a short time, but they've always seemed quick to leave us. I'm not sure why. Hmmmm...." I attempt to smell myself, and see how bad I am. I then glance over at Squeaver, accusingly.

I smile at Squeaver and rub him on the back of the neck.

"Squeaver is a friend of mine that saved me from drowning a while. Now he journies with us in our travels; although like me, he doesn't like being too far from the Tree. He's a giant albino squirrel, and feels more at home around a giant tree." ;)

"Never heard of Olander. Is he a friend or foe?"

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 3:01:13 PM

"Alright, alright. Phew, I don't know how you do it Neshi, just come out of a fight and be as calm as you like.

Talya shakes her head, settling down to the unpleasant task of trying to identify the prisoner they were seeking.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 3:01:44 PM

Atlas comes back to the room and watches the introduction. When a moment opens up he speaks up, "I'm glad we're all enjoying that we're not enemies. Why don't we take this conversation back to our inn so that we can avoid the next wave of creatures that wants to kill us. It is probably best to head back the way we came in, I'll lead the way." Atlas does his best to get the group moving so that they can avoid more trouble. He's also very interested in talking to Gaston ASAP!

"By the way, I'm Atlas and I'm not usually this grumpy. It's just been a bad day."

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 5:00:58 PM

(Yes, yes I know illegal second post and all that)

Turning back to Atlas, Well, not to slow things down but we really need to find out if one of these prisoners is Olander, we were led to believe he might have some information about this mysterious organization Tayla and I are looking into.has some

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+10=26 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 5:46:23 PM

Armand looks over to Atlas. "Don't worry Atlas. Gaston is not going anywhere." He pats the bag tied to his backpack.

"Forgive us Talya and Yurr'Neshi, it has been a trying day. An old enemy of ours was trying to force us to get him freed in exchange for information that could save thousands. Then we were attacked by Xorn and some sort of fiery giants. We have since discovered that some group calling itself The Consortium, sent these monsters to shut Gaston up."

He looks around and address the guards. "Good sirs, could you aid these citizens as to the cell containing Olander Mcgruigar? Then perhaps we should report to your superiors your heroic efforts in assisting in the defeat of this Troll. And if you could tell me the names of your fallen comrades I will make sure to pray to Lord Gargul for their souls."
Diplomacy 26 (d20+10)

He looks over the newcomers again. "Do either of you need healing?"

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 23 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:01:05 PM

Elyngael follows up with Armand's suggestion to the guards, "Guards, I will be glad to help you find the cell. No need for you to do the work alone. Khan and I will guard you against any unwelcome disturbances such as trolls. Don't let Khan alarm you. He is my well trained companion and no threat unless you harm either of us." She turns to Yurr'Neshi, "Do you have a name for this mysterious organization? Are they friend or foe to you?"

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:09:23 PM

Beordir listens carefully to everyone. Things are getting complicated indeed. Beordir knows nothing of the Consortium or what they feared Gaston would reveal. As the two groups get acquainted, Beordir keeps an eye out for more threats.

As the conversation turns toward their next destination, Beordir warns the group off, "If we care to keep our good name with the local authorities, we should not just disappear Gaston. They would think it's a jail break."

"May I suggest we try to find this Olander, but all as a group. After that, we can ask our questions of the deceased."

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+19=27 ; d20+7=12 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 6:44:41 AM

"I would guess that the reason the trolls ended up here was they lost their "guidance" when Gaston died."

"Aside from delivering a quick apology to the spiritual advisor who may still be on duty, I think we are done here... unless we're happy to wait for the fourth shoe to drop somewhere nearby?"
, recommends 'Osul who (by virtue of being the last to arrive) is nearest the door, and happy to be using it again promptly.

Perception: 27, Sense Motive: 12

'Osul is a human of average build and height for someone yet to reach his 20s, but something in his deep green eyes hints at more. A keen ear of a well traveled individual might pick his accent as originating from one of the small farming hamlets in or about the eastern edge of the Culverwood. The style of his long auburn hair back-braided into loops would help narrow that down further. About a set of clean if not recently purchased traveling attire sits a large robe in varigreen, and embroidered with myriad animals, creatures, plants and such. On these vestments is a clean (almost shiny) WLA badge - but not a shiny as Mack's! In his hand is a gnarled, darkwood (quarter)staff that looks more effective a weapon than experience has shown, and gets more use as a walking stick, such as you can see now.

DM RobC - "unless we're happy to wait for the fourth shoe to drop" 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 7:50:30 AM

OOC: More than happy for multiple posts during the welcoming period

Neshi tries to calm Talya, convinced that this group are not the enemy, although curious about the giant albino squirrel.

Mack introduces himself and his albino companion.

Noone in the group has heard of this Olander person. Talya finds one of the prisoners bears a stron resemblance to the man they were seeking. A man with blonde hair and beard lies against the bars of one of the cells. His arms are bent at unnatural angles, and he looks to have sustained significant trauma to his neck.

Atlas is still cranky and urges the party to continue this discussion back at the inn.

Armand is the first to address the guards. One points to the cell Talya stands by, confirming the body of Olander. They both grin to each other at the mention of a positive report to their superiors but quickly puff their chests out "It was nothing. That's what we're here for. To keep the peace".

Sense Motive DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {Though he is trying to act humble he no doubt wants that recommendation}

The mention of their fallen friends causes the grins to fade. They look at the bodies as one whispers to the other "That could have been us"

Elyngael continues with the diplomacy, happy to aid the guards in their task.

Beordir tries to put some reason to the next steps. Letting the superiors in the prison know of Gaston's fate and the desire of the party to take his body away. Better to let them know than for them to think it a jail break. Worse if they think the party are responsible for it.

Osul has a think about why the trolls were here. Is it possible they were being guided by Gaston?

Where to from here? Is there any action remaining with Olander? Will the party be seeking the supervisor or spiritual advisor in the prison?

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+27=28 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:02:40 AM

I pick up a nearby weapon or such from a fallen guard, and go poke at a dead troll. I examine it closely.

(d20+26+1(TTT) perception check of 28)

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:52:23 AM

Atlas grumbles to himself, still eager to get moving. He has a tremendous fear that someone is going to blame them for all this and lock them up. This group known as the Consortium seems to have tremendous power and influence and that would be a simple thing for them to control.

Speaking up to get things moving, "Is that blonde guy over there Olander or not? If not, everyone is accounted for, so he's either not here or he isn't who you think he is. Armand, pull out Gaston's head and see if they recognize his features as Olander. I'm positive that Gaston has gone about his business with other identities and disguises, so it could be him. Then can we get moving? We'll drop a good word about the guards on the way out and I'm fine telling them that we're taking Gaston's body, but if they argue then they're either letting us do the spell right there or they're going to get the flat of my sword to their head. I am not letting the Consortium pin us in here with their deceit and lies. We need to get out."

Atlas is feeling a bit claustrophobic right this second. He tries to slow his breathing. What the heck is going on with me.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+27=35 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 12:30:52 PM

"I don't know.... there's a tunnel right here. Can't we check it out?" Squeaver and I peer down into it, half tempted to start on in.

(d20+26+1(TTT) perception check of 35)

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 2:30:16 PM

"Wait, The "Consortium" is who we are looking for information about. They are supposedly responsible for some atrocities that we would like to see them held accountable for. Olander there, pointing at the dead blonde guy, was supposed to have some information about them and so we came here to get that information. Now I I guess we are back to the beginning all over again."

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50  d20+5=9 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 4:21:22 PM

Talya sighs dejectedly, blowing an errant strand of hair hanging in front of her face.

"Well, it looks like we're back to square one...

(d20+5 Intelligence roll of 9, looks like Talya is out of ideas)

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Thursday September 21st, 2017 7:46:33 PM

Beordir shrugs and smiles at the two investigators, "If not one Speak with Dead spell, why not two?"

He turns to Atlas, "The guards will not want us to take him with us. They may try to arrest us for murder. I know you're tense, but we may have to do the spellcasting here."

(OOC description:
Beordir is tall and slim like most elves. His hair is short and brown. His eyes are also brown. He is wears light blue linen doublet and green wool pants. He wears a deeper blue cloak when needed. He is open and friendly for an elf and when talking to someone, Beordir is attentive and engaged. For most physical tasks, he is quick to act and efficient in motion. In planning, he prefers thorough discussion and clear strategies. Recently his confidence has been bolstered from the Culverwood's validation of his skillset.)

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 9:26:07 PM

Armand shakes his head. "Atlas, exnay speakay aboutay the bodyay."

Armand nods his head to Beordir's comment. "Well unfortunately I only have 1 prepared. I think I know enough about Gaston to be able to possibly intimidate him in answering, even if dead."

He turns to the guards. "Do you know if the alarm is still going? Are we needed elsewhere to put things right?"

To the guards and to Talya and Yurr'Neshi, "What can you tell me about this Orlander fellow? I'll need some background information. Then we can decide who may possibly give us the best answers to follow up on the Consortium."

"Hmm," Armand is momentarily lost in thought. OOC since Armand leveled up he has a open 3rd and 4th level slot. Would a kind and generous DM consider allowing Armand to pray for 45 minutes to get a second Speak with Dead spell?

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 23 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 9:35:10 PM

Elyngael is an elven female dressed in brown's and greens. She carries a longbow. At her side tramps a cougar.

"Who was this Orlander fellow? Did he steal from you? What were his crimes?" She asks while poking around to see if anything is happening up any other hallways.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 6:41:35 AM

With others already asking the questions, 'Osul pays attention to the responses.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+22=35 ; d20+5=23 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 7:06:56 AM

With everyone distracted by talk and dead bodies, if no one spots me, I head down the tunnel. Squeaver glows extra bright white, and distracts anyone paying attention by going the opposite direction. :) "Squeakity, squeak squeak!"

(d20+20+1 (TTT) stealth check of 35)
(d20+5 climb check of 23)

DM RobC - "Atlas, exnay speakay aboutay the bodyay" 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 7:38:56 AM

Mack picks up one of the shortswords and pokes at the troll in the middle of the room. Poke. Poke poke. Poke poke poke poke poke. It doesn't move, and the acupuncture sure isn't helping it.

Atlas just isn't happy. He's cranky, aggitated, confused. Mid life crisis? He tells the group how he plans to lay down the law with the guards should they not let the party do what they want. He may want to consider that in a place of law, what the guards say will go. If Plateau City can hold the likes of the criminals that the Iron Dragons face, they can likely deal with the Tree Wardens. The run in with the guards at the law clerks office likely hasn't helped the "good" reputation that the group are trying to build.

Mack - ever curious - wants to check out the tunnel a little more. It's quite large, some 10ft in diameter, and Mack can see that it goes down at least 40ft.

Neshi and Talya see that their lead is now a dead end (pun intended).

Beordir tries to play peacekeeper, advising that it is unlikely the party will be able to take Gaston's body from the prison. Any spell to be cast will likely need to be done under their supervision. It wouldn't do to have the party remove the body and then resurrect him, or heaven forbid, raise him as an undead.

Armand tries to get the party to realise that they are talking about Gaston's corpse in front of some guards. Any plans to smuggle him out unnoticed are blown.

Elyngael and Armand are curious about this Orlander fellow that the newcomers were interested in.

Osul stands paying careful attention to the discussions.

Mack uses Squeaver as a diversion and prepares to head down the tunnel. As mentioned it is at least 40ft deep. You are free to jump down and use acrobatics to soften the fall if you choose.

With the alarms ringing, another contingent of guards can be heard approaching "I want four in this block, and four in the next. I want guards at every doorway and exit. Kill any escapees on sight"

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+25=44 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 8:29:08 AM

OOC: Do I need to make multiple Climb checks, besides the one I made already?

(d20+5 climb check of 23) One every 10 feet, or anything like that?

If I DO fall, I attempt an acrobats landing, since I don't yet have the Slow Fall ability of a "real" monk:

(d20+25 acrobatics check of 44)

If I get to the bottom, I realize this is the perfect, dark spot for Atlas's surprise. I pull out my chunk of cheese and one of my candles, put the candle in the cheese, and get ready to light it. Knowing his attraction to sweaters, I also get out my Magical Woolen Sweater (from Loot & Booty) as his birthday gift. Squeaver, after giving me a moment, nudges Atlas towards the tunnel. When/If he comes down the tunnel, I light the candle and start singing Happy Birthday. :)

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:21/17/18; HP:53/53 CMD: 17 character sheet Mage Armor 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:16:01 AM

Yurr'Neshi looks around as the others are asking questions about Olander and who he is....

Well, I am afraid you are likely to be a bit disappointed about what we know about him.

Following a blight that mysteriously came across a village we were staying in, we have been trying to track the cause. We determined that it wasn't/isn't natural and that it was deliberately done. It took some effort but we were finally able to repair things.

Since then we have been travelling for several weeks to find those responsible. We heard whispers about a mysterious organisation that may be involved called the "Consortium". But we have not had any luck finding them or information on them.

Travelling through Dirt City we traded for some information from the House of Cloaks. But all they gave us was a crumpled up piece of paper with these three words: "Plateau. Olander McGruigar".

We believed he could be the key to finding the Consortium.

So there you have it.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+10=20 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 10:48:06 AM

Armand considers the next move. He hands the bag of holding to Atlas. "Take this and put IT back where we found it. Guard the cell door. We'll be along directly."

He turns to the rest of the group. "I think we need to stick with questioning Gaston. I know him and may be able to at least get him to think about answering honestly, or I should say his spirit."

When the approaching guards arrive he will offer them greetings. Diplomacy 20 (d20+10)
He will check the guard's rank to be sure to address him/her correctly.
"Hello, Sir. Let me be the first to praise the efforts of your stalwart guards," he pauses and indicates the two guards in the room. "They fought valiently in conjuction with these two," he pauses and indicates Talya and Yurr'Neshi, "Against yonder Troll(s). They killing the trolls, unfortunately the Trolls seemed to have killed several prisoners."

He pauses again indicates himself. "As a duly appointed representative to Lord Gargul allow me to offer my services in seeing to the final rights of your trusted guards and of course the prisoners. My group and I, He sweeps his arm to encompass the rest of the group, "were here attempting to interigate one Gaston Laroue, in the next cell block. Unfortunately we were attacked by Xorn and fire giants. And while we managed to thwart any escape attempt I'm afraid Gaston was killed by one of the fire giants. One of our party is currently guarding the cell of Gaston to make sure his corpse does not get away. I would like your permission to continue the interrogation of Gaston as he indicated he had information that could save thousands of lives and the well being of Plateau City."

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 4:58:15 PM

Atlas nods to Armand and gets a little smirk on his face. "I didn't mean for my bad attitude to rub off on you." He heads to the cell and unceremoniously dumps Gaston's body back in the cell, just inside the open door. He then leans back against the frame of the cell door, half in and half out of the cell. He puts one foot up on the other side of the cell opening, and to pass the time uses his sword to flick and poke at Gaston while he thinks of all the ways that Gaston will probably try to avoid their questions, even in death under a truth spell.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 25 (T 16 FF 22) , CMD: 23/18, HP 69/73 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 4:58:16 PM

Atlas nods to Armand and gets a little smirk on his face. "I didn't mean for my bad attitude to rub off on you." He heads to the cell and unceremoniously dumps Gaston's body back in the cell, just inside the open door. He then leans back against the frame of the cell door, half in and half out of the cell. He puts one foot up on the other side of the cell opening, and to pass the time uses his sword to flick and poke at Gaston while he thinks of all the ways that Gaston will probably try to avoid their questions, even in death under a truth spell.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 23 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:30:19 PM

Elyngael nods to Yurr'Neshi and quietly thanks him for the information about Olander McGruigar. "We were searching for Gaston, and after various difficulties, found him here. If Armand can get these guards to leave him alone with Gaston's corpse, we may all find out some helpful information." In a much louder voice Elyngael addresses the newly arrived guards, "My animal companion, Khan, and I will accompany you down the corridor, so my wise friend here (pointing at Armand) has a few moments of quiet. We will return to the cells together upon Armand's signal."

Talya (Jacob J) AC: 19 (T:13, FF:16), CMD 16, HP 50/50 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 10:05:27 PM

Talya approaches the cleric and speaks with him in a hushed voice.

"Now wait just a moment. If we can't get any information from our source, perhaps we could make a deal of some kind. If you're interrogating your own fellow then we want to hear his answers. At the very least it could point us towards another source... But on the other hand, if you're also on the tail of the Consortium then we might have a common enemy - it would make sense if we joined forces with you.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Friday September 22nd, 2017 11:38:30 PM

Amused, Beordir watches Armand put on the charm with a slight of hand that should make Mack proud. Atlas has his delivery to make. Beordir does not really have a part to play, so he looks toward the guards and tries to look like he's aware of the situation and it's been handled.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:12 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+19=34 ; d20+19=33 ;
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 5:36:13 AM

'Osul hopefully (Perception: 34) peripherally notices Atlas head out with the Pillowcase of Discomfort (Bag of Holding - contents: Gaston (deceased)), but keeps his focus on the conversations, like Yurr'Neshi, with whom he nods in agreement, before adding, "You've done well for starting with three words on a piece of paper."

He puts two and two together when Armand addresses the guards and his smile broadens briefly.

He agrees with Elyngael, and once she has finished speaking, he adds to the guards, "...unless you can escort or direct me to the prisoner's spiritual advisor, if one is currently on the premises? If they aren't, I can hopefully catch up with them later, at dinner."

If he catches Talya's quiet exchange with Armand (Perception: 33), he nods in agreement hopefully as he is about to be led to a quiet office. 'Osul's body language makes it clear he is happy for company.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 18(+4) (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 18; HP 48/54, Speed: 30'  d20+27=29 ; d20+21=31 ; d20+5=9 ;
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 11:38:42 AM

[i]So dark..... so quiet down here......[/b] I look around to see what I can see of interest, and to make sure I'm "alone" down here. ;)

(d20+26+1(TTT) perception check of 29)

and then I cloak, in case someone unwanted stumbles upon me.

(d20+20+1 (TTT) stealth check of 31)

Having failed to get Atlas to fall for the "surprise", Squeaver joins me.

(d20+5 climb check of 9)

I slap my hand on my forehead, as I witness the only Squirrel in the Wold that can't climb.

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