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Tree of Parting

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Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet 
Monday July 17th, 2017 11:59:08 AM

Atlas jumps off the griffon and thanks him however it is appropriate to do so. "Mack, that was a blast!"

Turning to Miles, "Miles, I like the look of this place. However, I don't want to stay long. I would like to get this business with the magistrate over today. Every delay gives Gaston's cronies time to disrupt our plans. Can we head there as soon as we get rooms and put our stuff away? After that I'm willing to go anywhere you wish for lunch, but not until we give our statements."

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Monday July 17th, 2017 12:16:49 PM

I high five Atlas in COMPLETE agreement on the Griffon ride!! :) "WO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!"

As people discuss plans, I hand out 30 gp to some of the hard workers, 1 gp at a time, quietly so as not to cause any commotion or notice. And I thank them for all they do.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17(19vs evil)/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+4=17 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 3:14:38 PM

Armand looks around as they head to the Inn. Perception 17 (d20+4)

He quietly says to Mack, "I'm not sure that is a wise action. These people may seem down-trodden to you but I imagine that many of them are proud and not necessarily appreciative to your gifts. Better to offer to buy something and then just overpay." He looks around again. "Plus we know there is a thieves guild in town, no need to go slinging money around making yourself a target."

Armand then says to the group. "Let's get settled into the Inn as quickly as possible. Then we can have Miles use that whistle from the Inn and get over to the courthouse. We can worry about getting back after our statements. Hopefully this goes smoothly and we don't wind up spending the rest of the day grinding through bureaucracy."

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:17, Saves:(F:6/R:3/W:10 + RNL), HP:46/46 
Monday July 17th, 2017 6:19:32 PM

OOC: please sub

Robert subbing 'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:17, Saves:(F:6/R:3/W:10 + RNL), HP:46/46  
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:16:43 PM

Osul enters the Inn. He looks around and goes up to someone that looks like they know what they are doing. "Hello, my companions and I are seeking rooms. What do you have to offer?"

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:26:16 PM

Elyngael quickly agrees with Armand. She goes inside the Inn and asks the innkeeper for any messages addressed to her. She is occasionally contacted by her parents or previous customers, and she slips a gold piece to the innkeeper insuring that he will remember her.

DM RobC - "What do you have to offer?" 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 7:40:30 AM

The party try a number of things.

Despite being a beast of transport, the griffon still looks proud as Atlas thanks it for its service.

Mack can finally tick 'griffon ride' off his bucket list.

He starts going around to the people nearby and offering them a gold piece here and there. Most people look confused as he hands them a coin. Several insist that Mack takes something in return. He ends up with a linen shirt, a metal mug, a bar of soap, and a lamp.

Armand offers a word of caution. It's true - as the largest city in New Elnna, thieves guilds are well represented. Of course, there are just as many nobles that are considered soft targets.

Osul and Elyngael are the first to enter the tavern. At Elyngael's request one of the barmaids fetched the innkeeper: a balding man with a handlebar moustache. He wipes the sweat from his brow and smiles at the request of rooms. "5 silver pieces a room, and we have 5 available right now. All have clean sheets and fresh pitchers of water. And if you tell Bert down the way that you're staying here he'll stable your horses for 2 silver a day"

He apologises for not having any messages for Elyngael, however she has only just arrived in town. It will take time or word to spread that this is the Inn she is staying at. She hands the innkeeper a gold coin for his troubles. "Bless you, miss. I'll see to it that some fresh flowers are brought to your room. If there's anything else we can do to make your stay memorable, just say the word. Would you like me to send an errand boy to some of the other inns? They may have letters for you?"

Miles sits down at a table and orders some roast meat, bread, fruit, and ale.


With the party checked in, and Miles well fed, he escorts the party to the Law Clerk

The prosecuting attorney’s office - Bastion House - is located in the Merchant quarter, on the corner of Flail trail and Were way. The house is an old brownstone building that has a look of age and history about it. But it has been taken care of and while old, it is in no way shabby or decrepit. It is a split level design with a square block lower level of 2 stories and a 3 story back building that splays out to the sides

Two armed half-orc guards at the main entrance check visitors in and out.

Miles boldly steps forward "Witnesses for the clerk" he declares as he moves past the guards.

One of the guards smiles as he stands aside "Looks like these ones caused you less trouble than the last lot, Miles. You still have all your clothes intact"

With Miles walking ahead you can't tell his reaction.

Inside the interior is high vaulted tiled ceilings painted a pristine white. The tiles are gilded and frescoed to create a pleasing pattern of geometric designs. The floors are wood so dark it’s almost black. They are well polished and in good repair but you can see that the feet of countless visitors have worn a path in the wood. The whole place has that 'old' smell.

The walls contain signage to point the traveller where he needs to go but also works of art from local artists, scenes of the History of Plateau City, and portraits of notable figures. Disbursed evenly along the walls are tall doors of the same wood as the floors.

Miles guides the party to Door 2A. Depositions. On entering you find a bespectacled elven secretary in nice clothes behind an old wooden desk. The desk is exceptionally neat with a well stack of paper on one side. "Witness for the Gaston Case" Miles calls as he takes a seat by the door.

The woman smiles briefly as she stands "I'll tell him you're here. Wait here please" She shuffles off to go find the clerk.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30'  d20+27=36 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 8:43:01 AM

I thank Armand for his concern, but follow thru with my plan, helping where I can. When the parents are proud, I just sneak to the kids, who always like shiny things. ;) And once I rub the lamp to make sure there's no genie, I pass those gifts on to others nearby that seem like they could use them.


As the woman shuffles away, I start exploring and checking things out.

(d20+26+1(TTT) perception check of 36)

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+12=19 ; d20+12=18 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:51:49 AM

Backing up a bit...
"Only 5 rooms? There are 8 of us. Elyngeal will of course have to have her own room, being the only female. So which of us will double up."

Armand will take the horses down to 'Bert's' and see to their stabling. He will pay 3 silver for each today, to make sure they are well cared for after their hard journey. (6 horses, 2 dogs right)

..to the present..
Armand raises his eyebrows at the guards comment. He pauses as the others proceed in, and asks one of the guards, "Do you know what case he was working on when he came back last time so disheveled?"
Sense motive 19 (d20 +12)

Armand will hurriedly catch up to the others after getting his answer.

While waiting for the clerk to return Armand will quietly speak to Miles. "Is there anything you're not telling us about the Gaston case Miles? What's with the guards comment about 'the last time'?" He watches Miles closely.
Sense Motive 18 (d20+12)

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 11:25:42 AM

Atlas shrugs at the mention of 5 rooms, "I'll bunk with Mack. Someone needs to watch him and I wouldn't push that task on anyone else."

When he finds Mack, "Hey buddy, we're bunking together. Any plans for tonight that I should be aware of? I want in if it involves ladies or making some coin."

Later, when they enter the government building Atlas waits for Armand to catch up with the group, "Did you learn anything about the last time? That was an odd statement. I almost thought we were going to be arrested instead of providing a statement."

Atlas waits patiently in the room, anxious to get this all done with.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30'  d20+20=24 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 12:19:03 PM

Responding to Atlas "I'd definitely like to check out the closest tavern, and see if they have any good mead, and/or some good entertainment to sit back and listen to. I'd love the company, if you're interested." :)

I check out windows and other possible escape, err.... "get out and see the town" routes in case that is "discouraged" at all.

If we have to sneak out later:

(d20+19+1 (TTT) stealth check of 24)

I have Squeaver wait back in our room for us, and keep an eye out.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 4:42:35 PM

The carpet ride was much preferable to Beordir's assumption of the Griffon ride. Miles hustled them through lodgings and stabling. In the discussion of room locations, Beordir chimes in with, "How 'bout it Osul? We can take a room together right?"

He looks surprised at Atlas' haste and asks, [b]"We are planning to stick around for a few days, right?"

While the Bastion House is sumptuous, Beordir much prefers natural settings from long habit, so he looks around once, but turns his focus back to the people rather quickly. Miles getting harassed by the guards just seems companionable.

Once his companions are settled, he asks, [b]"I'm thinking of stepping out while you give depositions. I can meet you back at the tavern around dinnertime. Any trouble with that?"

Eric R posting for Pym - AC:23 (T:16, FF:12), CMB 6, CMD:16, HP: 35/35 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:35:34 PM

"I can double-up with Armand..... and count me in for the tavern run!"

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59  d20+12=29 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:53:07 PM

Elyngael leaves the Inn and goes to the court. She looks around and unobtrusively listens to conversations going on around her.
perception 29 (d20+12)

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:17, Saves:(F:6/R:3/W:10 + RNL), HP:46/46  d20+16=17 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 5:21:10 AM

"That works for me, Beordir. Thanks! Do the rooms have a hearth?"
— — —
'Osul (as always) tries to take it all in (the office) but one thing distracts him - perhaps the geometry of the tiles and representations in the frescos. {Perception: 17}

DM RobC - "Any trouble with that?" 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:16:27 AM

OOC: Sorry if I crammed too much into the last DM post. I know you guys are keen to get into a little action. Not that I'm saying there will be action soon or anything

Armand pauses to ask the guards what case Miles was working 'last time'. The guard seems pretty relaxed and chuckles "Short version? He was sent to bring back a guy who was, what's the polite way to say this, in a house of ill-repute. The ladies there weren't happy to see the guy leave so tried to get Miles to stay. Against his will I'm told" The guards laugh to themselves.

Once in the office Armand then asks Miles some questions about the current case as well as his last one. "I think I've told you everything I know. He's locked up, you've been asked to provide testimony, yada yada yada, he will likely be thrown into a dungeon or executed. Depends on the judges mood I guess." Miles explains as he settles into the chair "As for the last case, it was nothing. Sometimes you have to get rough" Armand doesn't sense any deception, though Elyngael notices Miles try and act tough as he shifts uncomfortably in his seat when mentioning the last case.

Atlas starts to feel uncomfortable. His fighter senses are tingling.

Beordir just doesn't feel comfortable in this office. Too many walls and unnatural surfaces. You can't even see the open sky with all the tiles in the way. He suggests waiting outside whilst the depositions take place.

Osul turns out to be the third person who doesn't feel at ease in the office.

Mack starts poking about the office. First by just walking around the room, but soon just sticky beaking around the desk. The notes on the desk don't look to be confidential. Things about booking a room in a tavern, the law clerk's lunch order, instructions on where to get his shirt cleaned. Any private files are obviously not kept in the open.

After a short while the secretary returns and looks curiously at Mack "The clerk will see you now. One at a time. Who'll be first?" She sits down but keeps her eyes on Mack

The party get to decide order apparently...

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:44:03 AM

I think she likes me! I smile back. :)

"I'll go first!!!" I try to act brave, to impress her. But I, also, am starting to feel uncomfortable in this setting. I begin to walk in to see the clerk, scratching Squeaver on the head, and attempting to bring him in with me.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 10:39:58 AM

"I don't like that we're getting split up. Please everyone, I know this isn't ideal, but lets stick together until we are done with this duty at a minimum. If I had my way I wouldn't have us split up at all on this trip. It is too convenient for Gaston's cronies to pick us off one by one. If you think that all this talk by Miles means that Gaston is truly finished then you don't know the man. Even if he is going to be executed, he'll seek our destruction until his dying breath and maybe even beyond."

Atlas hopes that his plea to the group works. "Mack, if anything fishy happens in there yell as loud as you can and we'll be there in a flash."

After Mack heads in Atlas says, "I'll go last unless there are any objections."

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 11:15:40 AM

As Atlas reminds us to be on our guard, I make sure my signal whistle is still attached to my belt. Check.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 11:27:32 AM

Armand grabs Mack before he can go to far.

He turns to the clerk and Miles."Wait a minute. Shouldn't we have legal counsel? We wouldn't want to say anything that could me misconstrued.

He turns to the group and tries to get them into a private huddle. "This is why we need a secret code language or something. I mean what Atlas said makes sense. Gaston is a manipulative octopus with tentacles of slimy power everywhere. It just occurred to me, how do we know we're giving deposition against Gaston and not deposition against ourselves in a case that Gaston has worked up to imprison us? Also what do we know about this prosecutor? Can he be bought for enough money, what's his reputation in town? I think we either need to get someone we trust as legal counsel or claim that different party members are legal counsel for the other, that way at least 2 of us are always present. Pym and Beodir have had no dealings with Gaston, they could act as counsel."

Armand sticks his head up from the huddle and looks around. "Say where's that Nat guy?"

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 6:07:48 PM

Atlas nods in agreement with Armand. "I was in such a rush to get this over that I never even considered this point. Even with two of us in there at a time this could easily turn against us. We need to stick together. Armand, can you work your magic on the clerk and Miles to get us all in there at once?"

ooc: Sorry for the second post, trying to save time to say that I agree with Armand now.

ooc (still): Rob, no worries on the long post! I liked that you moved things along for us.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 8:20:50 PM

Atlas' request rankles Beordir he stands up and emphasizes, "I survived on my own for three years in the Sea of Sharp Leaves and...." He trails off, pointing in the air, thinking about what he's saying. Then he just turns quickly and drops his pack near the wall and sits down next to it. He starts writing more in his journal.

When Armand expresses concern, Beordir rejoins the conversation, "I have not been involved with him. I could sit in on the depositions, perhaps even report what is being asked...if you trust me."

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 10:40:53 PM

Elyngael joins the discussion. "I agree we need to stick together. Are any of you familiar with this town or has been here before? Maybe we should seek some information first. We can tell them it's already into the afternoon, and if they are going to take us one at time this could take awhile. Then we can come back in the morning."

DM RobC - "I'll go first!!!" 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:27:18 AM

Mack volunteers to be interviewed first, before being grabbed my Armand and pulled back into a huddle

The secretary looks confused until Miles stands up "It's ok. They're just a little paranoid is all. You get used to it. Say, is there any place in here to get some food?"

The party privately discuss their fear of being separated. What to do? Do they have to be separated? Can they go in pairs? Do they need legal counsel? Things are always so much easier on the battlefield, but this, this is a whole different arena entirely.

The delay and whispers is enough to get clerks attention. The law clerk is an elderly looking man with very short grey hair circling a growing bald spot atop his head. He wears a collarless blue shirt, buttoned all the way to his wrinkly neck. His small eyes look somewhat larger than normal through the thin rimmed glasses he wears, and he purses his lips with some regularity. "Well? I don't have all day? Which of you will be first? Oh, I see... " The old man chuckles "Well, I'll be in here when you're ready"

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet  d20+9=18 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:40:38 AM

Atlas concedes, but not before taking a look inside the room before Mack enters.

After Mack heads in, Atlas takes a moment to sit down next to Beordir, pulls his knees up and rests his forearms on them. He doesn't look directly at Beordir, instead he just casually looks around the room as he begins to talk. "You know that I know you can take care of yourself, and we all trust you with our lives." He pauses, then says, "Is there something else bugging you? Maybe I'm being overly cautious with all this Gaston stuff, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Do you not agree with that approach?"

Perception check on the room Atlas looks into: 1d20+9=18

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 12:51:37 PM

Squeaver and I head in to the room, slowly, glancing at Armand to see if he will grab me again. ;)

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+12=22 ; d20+4=8 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 5:19:38 PM

Armand eyes the clerk. "What does he mean by that comment?" he wonders.
Sense Motive on the clerk 22 (d20+12)

Armand shakes his head in frustration. "I guess we just need to keep alert."

Armand walks about the office, noting all that he can about the layout, exits, possible other offices or workers, etc.
Perception 8 (d20+4)

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:17, Saves:(F:6/R:3/W:10 + RNL), HP:46/46 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:27:10 PM

"Having our own record of what was said would certainly be worthwhile, Beordir."

In response to Elyngael's question, 'Osul shakes his head. "Sorry, no. But I've long since wanted to visit."

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:09:36 PM

"Just checking." Beordir nods, smiles, and takes his journal following behind Mack, but leaving his pack behind.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59  d20=8 ; d20=10 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:57:37 PM

Elyngael goes to the place where the clerk was last seen. There was something odd about him. "Where did he go off to?" she thinks. He said he'd be "in here", but where is "here"?
Perception 22 (d20+12)

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Friday July 21st, 2017 12:05:07 PM

I scratch the back of Squeaver's neck as I patiently wait for the questions to begin.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 22/15/17, CMD 20, Saves: 5/7/6, HP: 48 / 48  
Friday July 21st, 2017 8:03:08 PM

(OOC Just Checking in)

DM RobC - "I'll go first!!!" 
Friday July 21st, 2017 9:34:38 PM

Atlas escorts Mack to the room and has a peek inside at the same time, as does Elyngael.

Armand is concerned by the clerk. What was he inferring? Best guess is that he finds it amusing that noone in a heavily armed party dare to enter his small office. A legal office in a highly guarded town occupied by one little old man.

The only exit that looks obvious to Armand is the way the party came. There may be another in the clerk's office, perhaps even a window.

Beordir has no intention of staying behind, and pushes his way into the room to stay with Mack.

The clerk backs into his room as Mack and Squeaver enter, Beordir pushes his way in, and Atlas and Elyngael stick their heads into the room of the elderly man.

The room looks to be an office – quite likely his. Bookshelves line the walls, with every book neatly and precisely in position. The desk by the frosted glass window is quite bare. In the centre of the room is a table with chairs on either side. On the table is a red quill and a tan leather bound notebook.

"I'm sorry, perhaps you would prefer to come back another time when you have had a chance to relax?"

Sense Motive DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {You try and imagine how this must look to an outsider. A heavily armed and battle trained party have entered an office, spied on the desk of the secretary, gather and whisper in private in front of the clerck and secretary, aren't following the directions of a lawful representative of the city, are forcing their way into his office, and outnumber the clerk and secretary: 9 vs 2? By all accounts, it must appear like the party are trying to hide something or are acting as thugs. It is difficult to see how the party have not actively intimidated the man. A lawyer, by all accounts, who would likely know a hundred different ways to lock the party up if it was thought they had broken a single law in Plateau City}

The secretary stands and hurriedly makes for the exit.

Armand (Robert D) AC 17/touch11/flat15 HP 55/55 CMD 17 Character Sheet  d20+12=22 ; d20+10=20 ;
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 1:26:29 AM

Armand sees the various members of the party crowd the doorway of the clerk. The secretary gets up and starts to head for the exit.
Sense Motive 22 (d20+12)

'oh boy, we may have done it now.' He thinks.

In a voice loud enough to be heard by the Secretary trying to leave and into the little office of the clerk, he speaks. "Please wait, I'm afraid we are beginning to make a scene. I ask your forgiveness good sirs. Please let me explain. You see we," and he pauses here to indicate the group, "are unfamiliar with what exactly is going on. Things have not been well explained to us and well, we're a little on the simple side, you know how adventurers are. It also doesn't help matters that various of us have had run-in's with Gaston Laroutte and thus are a little suspicious of things when he is involved."

Armand pauses to gather his thoughts. "Perhaps if someone could explain better what is expected of us, and where Gaston on..."
Diplomacy 20 (d20+10)

"There's no need to summon the guard or anything, just tell us more of what is going on and what to expect. I believe there are members of the Chancers Club that could speak to the character of Atlas and Mack if you need such. The rest of us have never been to your fair city and are frankly somewhat travel weary from having just arrived and overwhelmed by the size and grandeur of your city."

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:17, Saves:(F:6/R:3/W:10 + RNL), HP:46/46  d20+6=19 ;
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 6:45:47 AM

"Huh, wha, bye?" responds 'Osul as the secretary departs.
Sense Motive: 19

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20 (T:14, FF:16), CMD 20, HP 59/59  d20+2=13 ;
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 9:47:54 PM

Sense motive 13
Elyngael approaches the clerk and inquires, "Sir are you the only legal person handling cases here? Or is there someone else we can see about the up coming judgement against Gaston? I would be happy to assist you in guarding him, as you seem short-handed."

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 21 (T 13 FF 18) , CMD: 23/18, HP 73/73 Character Sheet 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 7:15:43 PM

Atlas steps back from the room, listens to what Armand says and just waits to see the results. Simple my backside, but I do want to get this done now.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 16 (T 17 FF 14), CMD: 16; HP 54/54, Speed: 30' 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 10:31:38 PM

I"m not sure how I can look any more relaxed, but I am, and try to make it as clear as possible that I am naively not concerned in the least. ;)

DM RobC - "I'll go first!!!" 
Monday July 24th, 2017 7:26:36 AM

The clerk stands his ground, although a little wobbly. Armand tries to ease the situation as Elyngael approaches him. The clerk takes a few steps backwards. Armand suspects he still feels threatened.

The rest of the party give the clerk some space, some oblivious as to what is going on.

The secretary smiles a forced smile to the party as she raps on the door.

It is opened almost immediately by the guards. "What's going on in here? Everything alright Eliza?" One of the guards asks. The other is beside him eyeing the party with caution. "This one is trying to get in as well, but wasn't with Miles. Should we let him in?" Nat can be seen standing behind both guards.

Miles waves/gestures to the guard "It's ok, Ulrich, he's with us"

The guard stands aside to let Nat in as the clerk comes out of his office to speak with the guards.

"Yes, yes. It's ok. I think. I think there has just been a misunderstanding. At least I hope that is what it is." The clerk still looks flustered.

"Let me try this again. My name is Eldred Montenegro. I'm a clerk assisting the prosecution against this Gaston fellow you seem to be wary of. He's currently locked up in the holding cells. You can visit him afterwards if you like" he turns to answer Elyngael's question "I have no intention to trap you in legal terms or have you incriminate yourselves or anything like that. All I want is your story about him. The more than can put him away for a long time the better. The reason it has to be done separately is so that you don't collude or change your story when all talking together. That's all. I swear on Miles' life"

Miles, who had been counting the ceiling tiles, is suddenly brought back to attention "What? What did I do???"

The guards and clerk share a chuckle. Armand believes the clerk to be joking and that Miles is often the target of good-natured ribbing.

Seeing the party relax, the clerk (and DM) ushers Mack into the office to commence his interview.

The questions asked are pretty straightforward, though perhaps the main ones are: In your own words, how did you meet the accused? What relationship do you have with the accused? Have you ever witnessed the accused committing a crime? How would you describe his character? Do you wish for your name to remain anonymous?

He jots everything into the journal at his desk. "Now, please sign here and initial here and we're done." When done he escorts Mack from the room. "Who's next?"

One by one the party are separately interviewed, with Miles and the guards waiting with the party by the door. Even Nat and Elyngael are given the opportunity to tell their stories.

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