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Eric R posting for Atlas - AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Thursday March 15th, 2018 12:07:47 PM

Atlas waits for the recon team to return.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30' 
Thursday March 15th, 2018 1:49:17 PM

I inch closer and closer to the edge of the alleyway opening.....

Owen Marcellus (Weston W.) AC: 15/12/13; HP: 40/40; CMD: 17 
Thursday March 15th, 2018 6:57:40 PM

Owen strolls out of the alley as if he wasn't just invisibly flying through the air.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: +18 character sheet Mage Armor, Bless  
Thursday March 15th, 2018 7:53:44 PM

walks up along side Armand to support.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 22, Saves: 6/7/6, HP:53 / 53 
Thursday March 15th, 2018 8:29:38 PM

Finally someone who can help. Thankfully, Armand engages him in conversation which is more than Beordir can manage just now. a bit further near the mouth of the alley, Beordir just leans against the wall to breathe and settle his stomach.

'Osul-MAE (Graham) AC:17 (T:13, FF:14), CMD:20, Saves:(F:7/R:5/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51, Darkvision 60', Flight 60'(Perfect), MAE: NatArm: +3, Dex:+4, no longer a Tiger,  
Friday March 16th, 2018 4:03:48 AM

'Osul waits to see what he has understood.

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: +18 character sheet Mage Armor, Bless  
Friday March 16th, 2018 12:00:24 PM

Trying not to cross my arms and look down menacingly at the poor guy.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30' 
Friday March 16th, 2018 12:40:41 PM

Since the guard is dumbfounded by our group, I walk past him, out towards the bazaar.

Eric R posting for Atlas - AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Friday March 16th, 2018 12:43:59 PM

Atlas slaps his hand to his head, as he quickly sees how impatient Mack is.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 22, Saves: 6/7/6, HP:53 / 53 
Friday March 16th, 2018 8:53:49 PM

"Just breathe. No matter how bad it smells.", mutters Beordir.

RobC - "Perhaps you could help us" 
Friday March 16th, 2018 9:16:00 PM

The guard give Mack a strange look. What he said sounded common in language. Was he mocking or attempting communication or perhaps someone whose mother had held his head in a booze barrel?

The guard takes on a serious expression and puts a hand to the hilt of a weapon at his belt. He looks to Mack and then to Elyngael "Doth hands on de female. Pilferer"

Neshi is more direct, stating (proudly?) that the party speak and understand common.

Atlas is feeling a little edgy. Where are Osul and Owen?

Fortunately the two weren't far off and return to the party like nothing has happened.

Beordir is just happy the party have found someone who could provide a modicum of help (DM awards himself a point for using a cool word)

Armand deduces that the common language spoken by the guardsman is some kind of regional dialect. Easy enough to understand-ish. He gives a wink and a smile (and a Comprehend Languages spell) as he tries his hand at a little diplomacy. The guardsman visibly relaxes. "Doth are not from de grasslands? Curiosities." To which Armand hears "You guys aren't from around here, are you? Huh" He still keeps an eye on Mack.

The guardsman looks at the gold and then back to Armand "What does it do?" he asks excitedly. After a few looks and puzzled questions you get to the real point: Bartering is the core of trade here. The more useful thing you have, the more you can probably trade it for.

Mack is keen to see what happens but decides to wait it out.

"Lodging can be found down there" The guardsman points towards the other end of the bazaar "As for travel or a guide, best bet would be to try around the river edge"

Armand (Robert D) AC 20(23)/touch11/flat 19(22) HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet 
Saturday March 17th, 2018 5:29:08 PM

Armand address the guardsman. "Oh interesting. This sir is a bit of metal used where we come from sometimes it is traded for goods, sometimes it is used to make jewelry, like rings or necklaces and such." He gives the guard 2 gold coins. "I'm able to heal various injuries with magic, would that be something you think could be bartered for room and board? Thank you for your help."

He turns to the group. "Come on. I think we can see about getting lodging. It doesn't look like they use money here though so we may have to barter skills or services, or entertainment. Mack keep your hands in your pocket."

Armand then makes his way through the bazaar to where the guard told him they could find lodging.

Owen Marcellus (Weston W.) AC: 15/12/13; HP: 40/40; CMD: 17  d20+13=15 ;
Saturday March 17th, 2018 11:23:24 PM

Owen follows Armand's lead, moving with the group towards this potential lodging. He looks about as the group walks, looking at signs and trying to get a familiarity with the local language. Linguistics: 15.

'Osul (Graham) AC:15 (T:11, FF:14), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+3=10 ;
Sunday March 18th, 2018 7:53:04 AM

*So,...* Osul thinks to himself, *... this is not the way I expected the Twilight Realm of Queen Maab to smell. But otherwise, she hasn't steered us wrong.* He considers the few times they have met with The Queen or her emisaries, and finds himself in agreement - with himself.
*The Nut from the oldest grove of Druids trees (an acorn I guess), in a land dominated by grass.*
He returns to his human shape for the third time today, with no concern for who might witness it.
As he walks along he attempts to contribute to the understanding of the speech and script. {Linguistics: 10 - Aid Another (Owen) +2}
"Actually, if you think the language is unusual, try the food.", he adds as they walk on.

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20(23) (T:14, FF:16(19)), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+3=16 ; d20+15=24 ; d20+10=15 ;
Sunday March 18th, 2018 3:26:55 PM

Elyngael tries to keep track of what's being said. (Linguistics d20+3=16).

She follows Armand out of the alleyway and keeps her eyes open. (Perception d20+15=24).

She whispers to Khan, "Stay close and act nice." (Handle animal d20+10=15)

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: +18 character sheet Mage Armor, Bless  
Sunday March 18th, 2018 9:53:54 PM

So, in what fair city have we arrived? Do you know where we might find one of the local monk temples?

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30' 
Monday March 19th, 2018 12:39:46 PM

Squeaver and I stay close to the group, but also look for something nummy to eat.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86 
Monday March 19th, 2018 1:55:19 PM

Atlas clears his throat, "I've been getting lax on my storytelling, but I am guessing that the folks in this land would like to hear a bit about our adventures in an exotic world. That's about all I have to give."

He walks besides Armand as they try to find the building they were pointed to.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 22, Saves: 6/7/6, HP:53 / 53 
Monday March 19th, 2018 8:47:36 PM

Beordir falls in beside Elyngael and Khan in an attempt to distance himself from the mess of the city. Considering what he's carrying and the remainder of the spells he recalls, he mutters, "About the only thing I can do without sleep is an illusionary image."

Owen Marcellus (Weston W.) AC: 15/12/13; HP: 40/40; CMD: 17 
Monday March 19th, 2018 9:49:17 PM

Owen turns to Atlas on hearing his comment, saying "If you're going to, keep it general. We probably shouldn't spread around the fact that we're from another place and time."

DM Shane P 
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 1:57:17 AM

From what you are able to determine and from Armands feedback through the Comprehend languages spell, These folks are speaking a really really old dialect of Common, Consonant pronunciation is different, hard where it should be soft, soft where it should be hard. and noun forms that are strange, using words that mean close to the same thing, but in ways that would not be used commonly in your wold. the language is close enough to common that you can sort of understand it, but not easily. Roll against a DC 15 Knowledge(linguistics) to understand the speech for a day, (Three rolls allowed per day to succeed ). Each success reduces the DC by 3 for the next roll. . Three success means that you have adapted to the speech pattern. and no longer need to roll. alternatively, you can roll DC 15 vs INT if you do not have the req skill. Failed rolls grant a +1 bonus to the next roll.

Owen the brogue of the tongue is odd but rhythmic, and you think you are starting to get a handle on it. (you have 1 success! and a failure add +1 to your next days roll and reduce the difficulty to 12) The dock town is comforting in a way, it's people, doing the things people do, but some of the goods they are trading are wild. the carcasses of beasts the likes of which you have never seen! and bales of grass...from purple grass to bloodstained containers of another grass, to another grass that has a sunflower like head that they seem to be used for food. The Manfri seem to be making a good profit off of a particular grass product they make, indeed, the manfri's guards armor and weapons seem to be made of this grass, it looks hard. though Owen is gawking like a tourist, he cautions everyone to keep it on the down low.

Mack: The smells of the Bazaar, make your Tummy rumble, exotic spices, buttery fresh baked bread and roast meats waft through the air!

Atlas: thinks storytelling of far-off places may be of benefit in raising capital, but he'd better learn the local lingo to make that happen.

Armand: The guard looks at the gold coins curiously, "they certainly glitter in the light nice." distracted by the gold, he mutters. "ay, healings are always in need when the skiffs come back from the sargrass.

‘Osul: puzzles on the enigma of the nut. and then thinks about food.

Boerdir as you take inventory of your spells, you find that you are filled with mana, all your spell slots are full, as though you had rested an entire night.

Elyngael follows the flow. (A success! you understand the dialect for the day, tomorrows roll will be made at DC 12)

Yurr'Neshi Yis beom Skyhook, the guard says in his odd speech. he looks at you oddly for a moment and mouths "monk" then his face clears with understanding "Ai! Hwou intend to de Druids! He points towards the Dockmasters office, Hwou beom verdict yon.

you all notice that your spell slots and abilities are refilled as though you have rested an entire night. you have no idea why this has happened, perhaps its a blessing from Maab.

the city continues the buisness of buisness, the guard wanders off studing his new prize. the sun looks to be at High noon,

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+4=13 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 4:44:14 AM

The guardsman's "Druid" catches his attention, but he's walking away, and there's enough going on.
{Knowledge(Linguistics - Check #3 for the day after 2 failures): 13 - no joy, +1 vs DC15 again tomorrow}
"So, he did say "Druid", didn't he? Terrific!"
'Osul is pleased with this good fortune, being sent straight to the Druids who tend the first grove!

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 8:19:11 AM

OOC...but it is offered as a +2 Aid Another on the Linguistics test for the 10+ result!

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+7=24 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 8:41:09 AM

Always having been somewhat fascinated by languages, I try to make sense of what the townspeople are saying:

(d20+7 linguistics check of 24 vs. DC 15) Success!

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86  d20+1=3 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 1:09:31 PM

Atlas cannot understand a word people are saying, but he gets the idea from the group that it is a form of common with a thick accent. "Maybe I cannot understand them, but I bet the girls will like our accents. We could put that to use as we try to navigate our way through this world." Atlas gets a big smile as he considers that thought a bit too long.

"You know, I can also give lessons in self defense or the sword if we need to barter. Let's go with the flow and see what presents itself."

Atlas is then distracted by the smell of food. "I'm still hungry."

Yurr'Neshi (Kent) AC:(26)21/(21)17/(22)18; HP:60/60 CMD: +18 character sheet Mage Armor, Bless   d20+1=6 ; d20+2=10 ; d20+3=10 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 2:36:34 PM

Neshi is glad that the man understood what he was asking because he can not understand word one of the man's response.

"I hope someone got that because I couldn't understand one iota of it."

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+4=14 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 6:20:58 PM

Armand suddenly stops. "Hey, I just realized, I have all my spells back...and my channels." He looks at the other spellcasters. "What about you guys?"

OOC you should, Shane emailed me that all the spellcasters have their spells back.

"Well now this changes things. We were all suddenly rested up from the dinner back in the hut. And now are spells are back. We really don't need to get to any rest right now. Should we head toward the docks and check things out down there? We're going to need some form of transportation, and it looks like they have some sort of land boats that go across the fields.

Armand alters course toward the docks. "Keep your eye out for some sort of sage, or storyteller, or some sort as we cross this bazar, we might need to get some more information."

Armand looks about as they walk, books, storytellers, sages, and the like are his target.
Perception 14 (d20+4).

Owen Marcellus (Weston W.) AC: 15/12/13; HP: 40/40; CMD: 17  d20+14=33 ; d20+1=17 ; d20+1=5 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 9:07:03 PM

Owen's eyebrows rise as he recognizes the type of armor the Manfri guards wear (Knowledge - Local: 33). He tries his best to appear calm (Bluff: 17) as he turns to Atlas, but the way his words tumble out indicate that he is impossibly excited about something (Bluff: 5. An accidental double-click, but let's roll with it.) "Atlas! Those guards are wearing Steelgrass armor! We should try to barter for some while we're here! It's not quite as strong as regular armor, but it's lighter and more mobile. I think it offers a little elemental resistance, too!"

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20(23) (T:14, FF:16(19)), CMD 20, HP 65/65  d20+15=22 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 9:36:39 PM

Elyngael and Khan accompany Armand to the docks and keep alert for any scout-type or suspicious type of persons. She is also observing the local animals for new species and the foods being sold for new sources of nourishment. (perception d20 +15=22) She's excited that they are readying for a journey into new lands.

DM Shane P 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 12:25:37 AM

I am assuming you are headed towards the Dockmasters office.

Owen is a man of quality and taste He recognizes Genuine Steelgrass® armor and weapons. Steelgrass® making 'a blade of grass" something serious for generations.

Mack: you pick up the vernacular pretty easily. it's almost like you have to switch gears inside your head.

Atlas: has a clarity of vision that is to be admired, but he is right, nothing attracts like the exotic, that could be useful....

Armand: it is perhaps 300 yards to the Dockmaster's office. you see merchants hawking wares, Doxies plying their trade, longshoremen carrying loads, beggars, citizens shopping, guards patrolling, folk dressed oddly carrying Odd long stilts. Painters and shipwrights working on ships. Fishmongers. it's weird, the city is well established, old even. but the feel here at the docks is almost Bordertown, or outpost. As you get closer to the Dockmasters, there is a Bard playing before a small crowd while his assistant gathers loot. It looks like the primary trade item there may be some sort of crystal or gem. you see a few folk toss them into the apprentice's hat.

‘Osul: since it was rolled as an aid other I'm ruling it a success for modifier purposes which makes your 13 a success as well. your roll tomorrow will be a DC 9. you hear the guard say this Highlight to display spoiler: {This be Skyhook. Ah! you meant Druids! You will find them there. }.

Boerdir ?

Elyngael you notice strange chunks of meat, from some really oddly shaped creatures...but until you see the beasts themselves it's just so much offal. the Sunflower grass is neat, you see folk grinding the seeds to make bread, boiling the leaves to make greens, roasting the stalks and boiling the roots. You see this because one of the vendors you just walked by performing all of these operations on one of the plants. the plant must have been 13ft long. at another place it looks like they are fermenting one of the grasses...the ones in the bloodstained baskets to be exact.

Yurr'Neshilike a lactose intolerant cheesemaker, you cannot partake of the bounty your question aroused. Good thing 'Osul can.

At the DockMasters office, its barely controlled Chaos, loads are recorded and tallied, weighed and distributed, workers work or hang around looking for work. Captains pay docking fees and meet with merchants. the local constabulary is on hand to take care of any unpleasantness. A Triage is set up where wounded off the ships can be taken care of. Men in Monks robes seem to be tending the wounded.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 8:11:21 AM

"Skyhook! Thank you, kind sir!"
'Osul pauses in his walk. He is unsure what kind of trade the
doxies {clean, I promise} are engaged in, or where their "handlers" might be.
Fortunately the cooked wares offer their own distractions - though, like Elyngael, there is only enough here to make him want to see more of them in their natural environment, and able to make noises other than sizzle, sizzle.
At the office, he is polite and observant, and ensures his WLA tower badge is in good order and view. His mind is present in the conversations, but one eye is firmly fixed on the wall of grasses beyond the river. This is nothing like the grasslands near The Wood or The Tree, and he, for one, is glad Queen Maab has saved it.

Atlas Sunowl (Trey) AC: 24 (T 14 FF 20) , CMD: 26/21, HP 86/86  d20+1=11 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 10:27:52 AM

Atlas looks about, a bit disappointed they won't be making their way to the inn so they can get to know the locals. He's still struggling to understand them though.

Without thinking much, he casually follows Armand's lead, just taking it all in.

Linguistics: 1d20+1=11

ooc: Question: Is this city on the sea then? With fishmongers I assume so, but I cannot imagine that the field ships would be at the same docks as the ocean ships. I'm a bit confused.

Mack (Eric R) AC: 21 (T 20 FF 16), CMD: 19; HP 57/57, Speed: 30'  d20+7=15 ; d20+11=15 ; d20+28=29 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 1:14:49 PM

(d20+7 linguistics check of 15 vs. DC 13) Success!

Seeing monks healing people attracts my attention. Being a healing monk myself. Squeaver and I wander that direction to see if we can be of any assistance. And also see what the injuries are from. A battle? Or just some casual work injuries?

(d20+11 heal check of 15/b])

(d20+28 [b]perception check of 29

I smile, as I imagine Squeaver and I blending right in, like nothing is out-of-the-ordinary. :)

"Hey! How are you all doing today?"

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+10=15 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 4:16:19 PM

"See what you can find out at the docks, I'm going to check into the infirmary." Armand says to the group.

He see's Mack get ahead of him.
Armand surveys the injured and those administering healing (are they using magic or natural remedies?)
Heal check 15 (d20+10).

He address one of he monks?. "Can I be of assistance. My god Gargul has granted me powers of healing.

'Osul (Graham) AC:12 (T:11, FF:11), CMD:18, Saves:(F:7/R:3/W:13 + RNL), HP:51/51  d20+22=36 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 5:08:26 PM

"Injured? Oh...", 'Osul pitches in - having not initially seen the wounded for the grass.
{Heal: 36, but trying to not get in the way of the Monks.}

OOC: "There is a port on both sides of the river where riverboats and what looks to be grass boats not boats made of grass, but wooden boats sailing on the top of the grass, come up to drop cargo. "
I'm taking that to men river boats ferry goods to and from the grass boats which dock on the far side of the river, where the grass is.

Armand (Robert D) AC 20/touch11/flat 19 HP 63/63 CMD 18 Character Sheet  d20+7=14 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 8:06:18 PM

OOC how tall are these people? Are we talking our size or mgawale's size? Also not clear on the linguistics roll, is that game day or day in real life?

Armand turns back to the party. "Hey maybe someone should go talk to that bardy story teller over there, he might know some stories about where this druid grove is."

Linguistics in talking to the healers. 14 (d20+7)

Owen Marcellus (Weston W.) AC: 15/12/13; HP: 40/40; CMD: 17 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 8:15:47 PM

Owen sees that the party's healers want to help out the wounded. Taking Armand's direction, Owen rounds up some of the other members. "Atlas, 'Osul, Beordir! Let's wander towards this DockMaster guy and see if we can pick up any rumors on the way. Keep your ears open."

He pauses before he heads off, sensing Atlas' frustration. He uses his bonded ring to cast Comprehend Languages on Atlas. "See if that helps, bud!"

Elyngael (Lynnette D) AC: 20(23) (T:14, FF:16(19)), CMD 20, HP 65/65 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 8:51:01 PM

Elyngael has always appreciated a good story as it often contains information about new people and places, so she wanders over to the bard. The appearance of her majestic cat creates an unintended interruption."Kind sir, do not worry, Khan, is my companion. Do you have a tale of any druid groves to tell?" using the pause to ask a question.

Beordir (Galen) AC: 23/15/18, CMD 22, Saves: 6/7/6, HP:53 / 53 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 9:11:49 PM

Wandering along, Beordir is having trouble making sense of the noise and bustle around him.

Beordir shakes his head at Owen's suggestion since he really can't tell any details from the cacophony around him. Instead, he wanders over to the bard playing and waits for a break in his tune, hoping to ask him about places druid frequent.

DM Shane P 
Thursday March 22nd, 2018 1:53:20 AM

Owen helps Atlas out, then tries to get folk organized to get as much ground covered as possible.

Mack: gets some strange looks, but the 4 healers are really too busy pay you much mind. they are mostly using advanced first aid some minor healing magic and goodberry. The injuries range from broken bones and lacerations to one case of a man bleeding from his eyes and thrashing around, they have him tied down.

Atlas: it's a city on a river, across from a grassland. good sized river, maybe 1/2 mile across. there are ships sailing downriver, while there is a mule team pulling a ship upriver. there is a bridge crossing the river and a dock system on both sides of the river, the one on the opposite side can also handle grass boats. the bridge arcs so the boats can pass under it.

Armand: One of the Monks looks at you, Gargul!? I've not heard his name spoken since my studies, from where do you come Stranger?! Ah, never mind that, can you heal the Raving one over there? His mates on the grass skiff ran into some Redgrass and a Mad Rapkey, Rober there got bit and they were 4 days getting back to the city. He's past what we can do for him now. The Constable will come this evening and put him down if we cannot heal him. As was told to Mack, the healing is mainly advanced first aid, with minor healing spells and good berry. looks like druidic magic.

‘Osul: indeed, the grassland is awe inspiring, even from across the river, some of the grasses must be 30 feet tall! you pitch in and help with the wounded,

Boerdir The bard is full on into his performance, you don't know when he will finish.

Elyngael The bard notices you and your cat, he switches to an old elven song, "the wind the shakes the barley" He's got a good voice and his elvish is flawless. He puts just the right mix of sadness, longing, and vengeance that this song had originally in elvish. He winks at you and smiles as he sings, you think he might be flirting with you.

Yurr'Neshi still not understanding, he just kind of hangs out.

The Triage team really seems to appreciate your help. meanwhile nothing out of the ordinary except for the raving lunatic tied to a bed with blood streaming from his eyes,

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