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Keepers of the Vale

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Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs) 
Monday November 13th, 2017 7:22:03 PM

"Alrighty then. I have Edson wanting the amulet of natural armor, and Baslim wanting the pearl of power 6(based on previous post). If nobody else has anything, and you can hold down the fort here, I will run over to the catacombs and sell this stuff, and be back in a flash. If another attack is to come, it will likely be after dark, so we should be out and about, possibly in several teams to cover more ground."

Lanliss Drakeguard (Michael A) HP69/98 AC:26 touch:19 flat:18 cmd:28 
Monday November 13th, 2017 7:33:57 PM

I think we should be careful, Lanliss says to the group.
We don't know what is the motive of the killer, if it was a murder just with the intent of killing or maybe a more sinister reason....a plan for that killing to happen.

Brom the Barbarian - Rich P; AC: 26 (T 14, FF 26, Raged 24), CMD: 35 (38 Raged); HP: 165 (207 raged); DR 3/- (6/- raged)  d20+23=25 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 10:58:24 PM

Brom watches Emrys's tirade. It was somewhat amusing. Once done, and after a meal, he heads out. Brom wants to head back over to the scene of the murder. Now daytime, he wants to take a good look around the area in the hopes that he can find a clue hidden by the darkness.

Perception DC 25

Shepherd Baslim (Tanner) HP 143 -- AC 14/10/14 -- F+17 R+9 W+23 -- CMD 16 
Monday November 13th, 2017 11:59:29 PM

ooc: Does the temple have the necessary material components?

DM Mark - All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:25:18 AM

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. The leaden sky reflects the dour mood in the town. Even the heroes feel an oppressive weight. Death has never caused this feeling in them before.

Barratore focuses on folk that seem to want to leave Magpie Crossing. The minotaur is concerned about this, and frustrated at not knowing what cause the events of the previous night, nor how to address them. He offers to accompany the family leaving, but they politely decline. They seem to not want anyone to know where they are going, thinking this gives them some level of safety. Odd.

Velarin goes over the treasure, ready to visit the Catacombs located within Maya’s Treasures. He will get there, and he finds the door locked. The normally gregarious Maya is very guarded, and cautiously lets him in and relocks the door. “Good day master Velarin. I s’pose you’re safe enough to let in. Shame about poor Hezec. I sell his spices here. I hope they’re not coming for me next.”

Amused by Emrys’ tirade, Brom later goes back to the scene of the merchant’s death and looks around. He sees some odd purple and brown mushrooms growing near the foundation, and here and there on the street - quite odd. These would have been easily missed in the dark of last night. He see the merchant’s servants peer out of the window. Should he interview them, they offer nothing more, and have never seem mushrooms like this before.

At the Manor, Lanliss urges caution, since it’s still not clear what killed that man.

Baslim is indeed able to purchase the material components he needs. There is an unusual sense of caution among the priests at the temple there.

Emrys preserves the body, and takes a few personal items from it as well.

There is no mortician, per se. Typically, either the church of Alemi or Domi is asked to inter the body. Occasionally, Lord Hmitri will direct the guard to address such things - which he proposed in this case, but the party stopped him and took charge of it. You now need to decide what you will do with it. Even preserved, no one wants to keep this weird dead body around for more than a few days.

You still have a creepy dead body in your house.

Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs) 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 4:43:40 PM

"Thank you Maya. Things are definitely not right here, but we are working to solve this problem, and plan to be out in the streets tonight looking to intercept trouble. If you hear anything of use, please let us know." V then steps into the catacombs to attend to party business.

Upon returning, V rejoins the group to see if anything has been learned from divinational spells. V leaves the body to those who wished to bring it here, trying to avoid it for the most part.

Barratore Steelwind (Dan K) AC: 34 (T 14 FF 26), CMD:35; HP: 178/178 Character Sheet 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:21:46 PM

Barratore is not overbearing enough to force himself on the people as their guardian and so, while confused, he lets them go. There was something very different about the fear that had crept into the area. These people had known horrors before, creatures stalking through the night and striking without warning. No, there was a more insidious force at work, but to what end and what. Barratore had no answers and more than that, he had no means of getting them.

Barratore therefore decides to do what he does know how to do. Barratore heads to a local tavern and orders a massive amount of food, pretty much one or two of everything that the establishment has to offer. He pushes a couple tables up by the fire and drops in plenty of fuel. The fighter intends to try and turn at least this place

Lanliss Drakeguard (Michael A) HP69/98 AC:26 touch:19 flat:18 cmd:28  d20+17=23 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:38:28 PM

Anyone volunteers to patrol tonight, Lanliss asks, his face shows some fear and a little bit of fear.
I am going to patrol tonight from around midnight.
If something is out there, it might strike again.
Lanliss will volunteer to go out to patrol the city at a random place.

Before that he goes to a short sleep so he can be less sleepy.

Perception 23

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic  d20+27=30 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:36:08 PM

Emrys' coven enters the manor house, seven of his most stout-hearted. Angus directs them as Emrys' watches with a stern expression. "I chosen you seven to participate in this divination. You all have strength of will and been a witness to the horrors of life and death. I ask you now to steel your hearts, for this act we are about to begin will test even my own."

Several of the coven members carefully place the body on a stretcher and slowly carry the corpse to an exterior building behind the manor house. A building that Emrys has converted into a laboratory for potion making and ritual spellcraft. They place the body on a long table. At the head of the table is an open hearth, where a large cauldron is placed. There is no fire, but as soon as Emrys touches the cauldron, it heats up and begins to slowly start the water to boil. He then takes a pipe from the shelf and fills it with a strange tobacco. He touches his finger to it immediately begins to burn. A strange smoky scent fills the room ... Daemon's tongue furiously licks at the air, "Yesss, thatss the sstuff!" Emrys then takes a few puffs of the pipe and then passes it around for each coven member who also take a puff or two. Blatherskite the gnome takes more than a few puffs ... more like six. He exclaims it takes more to effect him.

More incense is burned and the smoke is waved around the body. As Angus pulls the cover away from the corpse, there are a few short gasps among the coven, but the pipe smoke seemingly has taken some of the edge off. They then gather around the large cauldron of bubbling water. Emrys takes the items he had gathered from the body and drops them in the cauldron. Then Emrys and every coven member begins to chant the same words of power. A ghostly weapon or claw appears in the hand of each of the casters. They then either plunge, slash or rake the weapons into their bodies. Spirit-like entities hover above them and then enter into Emrys. His eyes burst in a eerie green glow.

(Emrys, Angus and seven coven members cast Surrender Blood. Emrys loses 15 hitpoints, gains +3 caster level. Everyone else loses 5 hitpoints, each gain +1 caster level, then they transfer those bonus caster levels to Emrys. Emrys receives a +11 caster level boost on the next spell he casts.)

Emrys then casts his most powerful scrying spell and they all gaze into the bubbling cauldron. "Who or what killed poor Hezec Thameris ... OPEN OUR EYES ... SHOW US NOW!"

(Casting Greater Scrying. Cast time: standard action. Duration: 25 hours. Will Save: 26. Spell Penetration: 30, if necessary. Caster level is 25. I know this will be a difficult one ... hopefully the victim and his belongings help.)

Edson Kazil - Shawn R; AC: 28 (T 21, FF 20), CMD: 24 HP: 78/78 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:42:29 PM

'I'll go with you Lanliss. This just all seems odd and I cannot shake this sense of dread. I don't even want to drink, and that is odd in itself.

Before they head out, Edson will try to take a nap. He locks the door to his room, and even sets up some tripwires incase. Everything is getting real weird.

When the time comes, he heads out with Lanliss... He is fully equipped.

Brom the Barbarian - Rich P; AC: 26 (T 14, FF 26, Raged 24), CMD: 35 (38 Raged); HP: 165 (207 raged); DR 3/- (6/- raged)  d20+6=7 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:22:14 PM

Brom takes a good look at the mushrooms to see if he is familiar with what type they are (Knowledge Nature DC 7). Not be familiar with the fungus, Brom collects some of the mushrooms to take back. Once back he shows the mushrooms to V, Emyrs and Shephard. "Don't what kind of mushrooms these are. Any of you got an idea?" He says.

He sees Emrys doing his thing and moves off the talk with the others.

He plans to head out on patrol as well.

Shepherd Baslim (Tanner) HP 143 -- AC 14/10/14 -- F+17 R+9 W+23 -- CMD 16 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:25:27 PM

OOC: Sorry, I wanted to the amulet of natural armor. I don't know where the pearl of power came from.

Baslim is happy to hear that they have the necessary material components. He prepares a commune spell.

"Fellow adventurers! We have thirteen yes/no questions we can ask of Alemi. Any requests?"

DM Mark - "Yesss, thatss the sstuff!"  
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:58:53 AM

Velarin heads to the Catacombs, and tries to calm Maya on the way.

Barratore is concerned about the odd behavior of the family leaving town. So he heads to the tavern. As the minotaur enters, he sees eyes shoot apprehensively in his direction, to be replaced by a bit of relief when they recognize him. There are few there, and the mostly keep to themselves. Then he eats himself silly.

Lanliss gets a bit of rest, preparing to patrol the streets later.

Emrys gathers his coven. After preparations, they boost his level as he casts Greater Scrying, asking “Who or what killed poor Hezec Thameris?” As they all peer into the cauldron, the steam rising from the surface begins to clear. All you see is the surface of the water - nothing more. But, all there are filled with a sense of foreboding - like something bad is coming or happening or going to happen. (Emrys may recall that Greater Scrying only works on creatures.)

Edson tries to get some rest. Paranoia begins to seep in, and he sets some traps before allowing himself to sleep.

Brom brings the mushrooms back for others to look at, and decides to sleep.
Knowledge Nature 20 Highlight to display spoiler: {These are not natural mushrooms - at least not in the Wold.}
Knowledge Planes 30 Highlight to display spoiler: {These are fey mushrooms native to the Lands of Rest.}

The good Shepheard Baslim gathers his resources and casts a Commune. He is immediately beset by a dark sense of fear and foreboding. All he can divine is that his doom is at hand! No other answer comes to the cleric.

People continue to behave in odd, fearful ways in town. There are even reports of dogs and cats living together!

Over the next several days, reports come in from across the Cinnamon Valley concerning a number of strange things.

- People report hearing the same groaning, stretching sound at around midnight on the same night.
- There is a report of an entire farm and it’s inhabitants disappearing outside of Jarlwolf - where there once was a house and barn, there is not just blank dirt indicating where the buildings were.
- In Witchspawn, a very confused satyr names Abraxus was found wandering the streets. He speaks sylvan and claims to be a servant of Maab and has never heard of Witchspawn or the Cinnamon Valley.
- Undead just appeared in Merrydale. The guards there put them down, but it was very disturbing.
- Spellcasters report that divinations do not seem to reveal anything other than a dark sense of foreboding, or that a change is coming, and it’s bad.
- Some folks leave the towns and cities, hoping to find a place where they can protect themselves from the panic. Others move to the town or city for answers and security. Many people feel an irresistible urge be near their extended family, but cannot say why.
- A villager from Frog Hollow comes to town wearing a tin hat. You recognize him as the same person that sold such a hat Lanliss where you were all there. He calls himself the Key Master, and he is preaching about the end of the Wold. He begins to gather adherents.

Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs)  d20+20=25 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:25:58 AM

(ooc: ok, I will sell the pearl of power 6, but shepherd and edson will need to determine which of them is taking the amulet, and they may end up owing the group some gold)

V looks at the mushroom, and is unsure of it's origins, but casts detect magic on it.

After being informed of the spell results from his fellow casters, and the reports coming in from around the valley, he becomes more concerned than ever. "Whatever this is, it does not appear to be a creature or person. Something that could alter the mood of this many people in this big an area is unheard of, possibly on a deity level."

"How does an entire building just disappear with no trace? teleported? plane shifted?"

"A Satyr speaking Sylvan and thinking he is from elsewhere? almost as if possessed, or having switched bodies?"

"Apparently we will need to talk to this key master as well. Perhaps he knows something without knowing he knows something."

"I speak Sylvan, and can teleport to Witchspawn and back with a couple people. Anyone want to go with me? The rest of us should see if anything can be learned from the key master, and it might be a good idea to prevent him from assembling a gloom and doom cult."

If most of the group agrees with his thoughts, V will take a couple of people and teleport to Witchspawn to try and speak with the Satyr. The group has been there before, and a teleport shouldn't be a problem.

Memorized Spells:
1st: Protection from evil, Identify, Mage armor(extended)-C, Shield, Magic Missile, Magic missile, Magic missile
2nd: Invisibility, Bulls strength, Scorching ray, Mirror image, Scorch ray, See Invisibility, resist energy,
3rd: Fireball, lightning bolt, Haste, Haste, Dispel Magic, Dispel Magic, Fly
4th: Dim Door, Stoneskin, empwr scrch ray, empwr scrch ray, Dim Door, silent Dispel Magic
5th: teleport, teleport, empower Lightning bolt, Empower fireball, Wall of force
6th: Chain lightning, Greater dispel magic, Chain lightning, Disintegrate, True Seeing
7th: prismatic spray, Banishment, Quickened fireball, Limited wish

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:47:29 AM

Emrys and his coven look into the cauldron and see only blackness. Emrys knows it simply didn't work. "This empowered greater divination didn't work," he tells his coven, "which tells us one thing ... anyone know what," he quizzes his coven? Each member looks at each other blankly not knowing the answer. "This divination only works on creatures, both alive or dead ... that means whatever killed this man is neither the work of beast or fiend! We just eliminated the population of the Living Wold and then some!"

"Blatherskite, give me back my pipe!"

(more to come)

Lanliss Drakeguard (Michael A) HP69/98 AC:26 touch:19 flat:18 cmd:28 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:01:00 PM

In the recent days and night of some nights, Lanliss had enough patrol with nothing coming to kill them or anyone else.
After hearing over the days about the strange things that are happening one after the other Lanliss is very confused.

When the group meets he says, I feel like even Gragul himself is going crazy ! Lanliss says loudly.

I think I will speak with the Tin Hat Key Master person, we need to know whatever he might know, he says and points to his hat, I do have his handmade tin hat, and maybe I can reason with him more besides it's even strange that now that I am thinking about it he might knew something before all of us did,back then....

Lanliss will go to speak with the Key Master.

Barratore Steelwind (Dan K) AC: 34 (T 14 FF 26), CMD:35; HP: 178/178 Character Sheet 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:45:30 PM

Barratore greets the stares with a wave and a grin. He plans on heading out on patrol about the town and woods come nightfall. He buys and sends food to the others in the place as well as good ale and beer. it may be the end of the Wold as he knows it, but he feels fine.
As the sun sets he departs his tavern and checks in at the manor. Getting the update he agrees with V. "Have to keep our eyes open for a Gatekeeper I suppose."

Barratore feels on edge, feels like he needs to be doing something and yet there is little to nothing to do. It's a disquiet that he does not like. It's almost as if some man who is not really a man has shut off some sort of power grid and released, gods knows what into the area. He has a thought and asks V, Emrys and or Shepard about reaching out to much further beyond the Vale.

"Does this, whatever it is extend all over?"

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic  d20+26=44 ; d20+22=24 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:13:47 PM

When Emrys returns from his failed divination, his eyes go wide when he examines Brom's mushrooms.

(Knowledge [Nature]: 44. Knowledge [Planes]: 24)

"Brom where did you find these mushrooms? This variety is not natural to this world ... they're otherwoldly! I feel like I should know from where they are from ... but it eludes me!" He then takes the smoking pipe from his mouth, realizing its prolonged use is probably clouding, instead of expanding, his mind.

Upon hearing Velarin's plans to go to Witchspawn, Emrys answers, "Yes, Id like a sylvan word with this satyr as well." He places a couple of the mushrooms in a specimen jar. Come Daemon, maybe you can talk with the other spirits of Witchspawn." The viper slithers up and around Emrys' body until he has a comfortable hold." The Witch turns to Velarin and eagerly says, "I'm ready when you are ... this might prove fruitful."

Edson Kazil - Shawn R; AC: 28 (T 21, FF 20), CMD: 24 HP: 78/78 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:17:10 PM

" Ok.. its time to start praying and confessing sins. The way I see it.. the whole worlds headed to the looney bin and we'll be going right with them.

" Lanliss.. ill go with you again. No need for this key master to go more insane and try to hurt you."

Brom the Barbarian - Rich P; AC: 26 (T 14, FF 26, Raged 24), CMD: 35 (38 Raged); HP: 165 (207 raged); DR 3/- (6/- raged) 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:51:18 PM

Brom tells Emrys he found them at the site of the merchant attack. "If they're not of this land, does that mean some otherworldly place is spilling out in to this one? Do you think it's from the Shadow Realm?"

"Diving magic is on the fritz, does that mean something or somebeing sealin' it off from the Gods?" Brom scratches his head. This stuff was way over his head and he was not liking it. He was starting to get the urge to fight. Fighting always calmed him down.

"Come on, we gotta bunch of brainiacs here,...brainiac stuff and find stuff out."

"I need a drink. Lots of 'em." He says before heading to the kitchen and coming back with a large mug of ale.

Shepherd Baslim (Tanner) HP 143 -- AC 14/10/14 -- F+17 R+9 W+23 -- CMD 16 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:19:22 AM

ooc: Wednesday post! I let time get away.

Baslim is willing to part with the amulet of natural armor. Sell everything!

He is rather concerned to discover that divinatory spells are routinely failing. He has little to do during the strange goings-on, other than give words of encouragement to the people and provide succor when he can.

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:32:18 AM

Answering Brom, "Otherwoldly, certainly ... but not from the Shadow Lands ... nothing living grows there. I would guess It came from one of the other realms that are fertile, moist and lush with all kinds of flora."

Seeing how disturbed the good barbarian is becoming, Emrys offers his pipe ... "This will help take the edge off."

DM Mark - "I feel like even Gargul himself is going crazy !!"   d100=20 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 1:55:55 AM

None of what’s happening makes sense. Various theories are suggested among the party to explain what’s going on. It’s determined that these strange mushrooms are not natural, but where are they from? Velarin’s Detect Magic only detect a creeping sense that something is not right.

Anxieties run high in town, and this leads to anger and suspicion. Someone accidently sets their house on fire trying to light enough candles to “keep the darkness at bay.” It is thankfully put out before spreading to others houses in town. Baslim tries to provide comfort, and this provies some sense of stability, keeping things to a mild panic.

Brom and Barratore eat and drink. This may not help the polulace, but it does help the tavern owner. At least he’s a little happier, and he tells you he feels safer with the two of you here in his place.
Velarin and Emrys decide to Teleport to Witchspawn to speak to this Satyr that was mentioned. Emrys teleports successfully to this casually seen location.

They find that Witchspawn is in a similar state of fear. There is great concern in this town with so many Bloodwitches that divination spells seem to not work. You are quickly recognized. In the face of many pleas that you tell the populace what is going on, you are led to Dulcet. The frail crone seems happy to see you. You ask about this Satyr, and find that she has had to protect the poor creature from the townsfolk that want to tear it apart. She will lead you to him, introducing him as Abraxus. She offers to translate if you wish.

He is a strong and powerfully built creature. He speak in Sylvan, “Greetings. I hight Abraxus. Who is't art thee? Can thee returneth me to mine own home?”
Lanliss and Edson decide to approach this person in the Tin Hat. You remember the man from your visit to Frog Hollow. He’s not hard to find. He seems to have a gathered a following. As you approach him and his mob, he says,

“Ah, here are my friends. Surely you see the doom that is upon us. That's great, it starts with an earthquake. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn. World serves its own needs, don't mis-serve your own needs. So, what do you forsee coming? Will you join our band as we rally people to prepare, prepare for what’s coming? We need to be ready, to embrace the coming darkness. Only by embracing the darkness will we be saved. Come with us as we spread word of this that all may prepare!”

Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs)  d20+20=22 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:41:02 AM

"We're working on it Brom. Nothing explains what is going on, therefore rendering deduction and reasoning irrelevant. However, Emrys' knowledge of those mushrooms may provide a clue. Perhaps he is right, and somehow our plane and another plane have somehow interacted, conjoined, or some sort of gate has opened.(V uses his knowledge of the planes to try and deduce if this is possible and what ramifications may occur, 22, stupid die roller)

V and Emrys arrive in Witchspawn, and meet with Dulcet and Abraxus. "Thank you Dulcet for protecting him. He may be a clue to what is happening."

Speaking to Abraxus in Sylvan, "Greeting Abraxus. I am Velarin, and this is Emrys. We are the Keepers of the peace in these lands, and right now that peace has been upended. We may be able to return you to your home if we know more about where you come from. First, where is your home? what plane do you come from if not this one? You have told others that you do not know this place, how about yourself? Does your body look the same as it always has? are the types of people here the same type of people from whence you came? Are you familiar with an event that causes dread and fear in all the people in a very large area, or a power that can turn a person inside out in seconds? Anything you can tell us about any of it would be helpful to us, and we will try and help you as well."

Lanliss Drakeguard (Michael A) HP69/98 AC:26 touch:19 flat:18 cmd:28  d20+12=21 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:03:27 PM

Lanliss wears his hat and says
We are here to help you save everyone, Lanliss says in a serious loud tone.
We need to know more fully what we are to prepare for, you have the knowledge, he says to him and touching his tin hat in an appreciative gesture.

Lanliss whispers to Edson, So what do you think ? Should we follow we him and see what is going to happen ?

Diplomacy 21

Barratore Steelwind (Dan K) AC: 34 (T 14 FF 26), CMD:35; HP: 178/178 Character Sheet 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:03:06 PM

Barratore does his best to enjoy the tavern and makes sure that anyone that enters has plenty of food and drink. Emrys, V and the others will get him if he is needed

Edson Kazil - Shawn R; AC: 28 (T 21, FF 20), CMD: 24 HP: 78/78 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:00:45 AM

Edson looks to Lanliss and then puts on the hat.

" Sure" the elf replies as he moves with the group.

" So what darkness are we preparing for?"

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic 
Friday November 17th, 2017 9:13:25 AM

(sorry for not posting, passed out early last night)

DM Mark - "So what darkness are we preparing for?"  d20=16 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 11:43:12 AM

Velarin and Emrys speak with Abraxus the Satyr. Though he speaks Sylvan, it seems to be a strange dialect of it and is a bit hard to understand.

“Wh're am I from? I liveth beneath the Oak of Blessing, though in sooth I am oft at the court of the Queen, seeing to whatev'r the Lady needeth. Certes thee can pointeth me in the direction home. This lodging is strange and not to mine own liking. I doth not wanteth to offendeth thee, but th're is eke an ill humour h're.

“Thee speaketh of a ‘plane’. What is yond?”

“Mine own body? What is wrong with mine own body? T’is the people h're yond art strange.”

“Dread and fear? Nay, not until i cameth h're, wh'rev'r h're is - thy owneth people hath tried to killeth me!”

“A pow'r yond can turneth a p'rson inside-out in seconds? Thee speaketh foolishness!”

“Prithee, canst thee return me to mine home, for I would be quit of this place.”

Also, says that apart from this Satyr, she says she has asked any willing bloodwitches in Witchspawn to fan out across the Cinnamon Valley to try to bless and calm the populace. They are reporting that a madness as gripped some people. In some cases crops and animals are not being tended as families flee or huddle in fear.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor Lanliss and Edson are outside try to talk to the man in the tin hat. Lanliss tells everyone you are there to save them. He gestures to his own tin hat, saying, “We need to know more fully what we are to prepare for, you have the knowledge.” Edson also asks, “" So what darkness are we preparing for?"

“Oh ho! I see you have kept the hat! I’m hoping that’s stopped the thoughts bein’ put into yer head - it did for me! But now I see more clearly. I hold the key!” He holds up a tarnished key on a chain. “Because of this key, I kin see now that this darkness is a blessing. It sharpens our wits and beckons us to what is to come. Embrace the darkness as we have. Follow our band that we may be saved when the Day of Closeness! The release is imminent!”

Barratore, and perhaps Brom as well, continue to focus on their food and drink, confident that if there is trouble the others will fetch them.

Shepheard Baslim must be resting somewhere in quiet contemplation.

(You DM is interested in reuniting the party when current conversations are finished.)

Edson Kazil - Shawn R; AC: 28 (T 21, FF 20), CMD: 24 HP: 78/78  d20+16=33 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 12:18:45 AM

" May I see the key?" Edson asks. " maybe itll help me see the wold better."

Bluff 33

Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs)  d20+20=26 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 12:17:59 PM

V once again tries to use his frequently failing knowledge of the planes to try and surmise where the Satyr may have come from(26) "This plane is the Wold Abraxus. perhaps you could give us the name of your queen. That might help us to figure out where you come from"

After getting all the information he feels he can get from Abraxus, He will teleport himself and Emrys back to the manor. Before leaving, he asks Dulcet to continue to see to the Satyr's safety, and the group will attempt to fix what has gone wrong in the Wold, and try to return Abraxus home.

Brom the Barbarian - Rich P; AC: 26 (T 14, FF 26, Raged 24), CMD: 35 (38 Raged); HP: 165 (207 raged); DR 3/- (6/- raged)  d20+23=35 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 11:06:24 PM

Brom spends his day resting and walking about the village to make his presence seen. At night, he patrols the town in an effort to find the killer.

Perception DC 35

Barratore Steelwind (Dan K) AC: 34 (T 14 FF 26), CMD:35; HP: 178/178 Character Sheet 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 1:44:17 PM

Barratore spends his day in his tavern, with a bright fire to chase away the feeling of gloom and a large assortment of roasted foods to eat. At night, he heads into the dark with Brom where the two can patrol in routes that have them meeting up every 30 minutes or so.

Shepherd Baslim (Tanner) HP 143 -- AC 14/10/14 -- F+17 R+9 W+23 -- CMD 16  d20+21=35 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 8:32:54 PM


Baslim plants himself in front of Tin Hat. His hands and eyes glow white. He raises his hands to the sky and addresses the gathered people "Hearken unto me, children of Light! This man speaks foulness! This man speaks falsehood! This man speaks lies to prey upon fear! But fear not! The Light is here. Even in these times when darkness looms, the Light resides within each of us. Join me! Join me in rebuking this man and his lies! Join me in rebuking the darkness!"

Diplomacy 35

Emrys Myrridanmyl, stephen f. ac16 hp 57/57. rituals: ward, sharing. rose temp control, detect magic  d20+21=35 ; d20+22=36 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 11:41:48 PM

(Linguistics: 35)

Emrys listens to every word the satyr says. He knows a great many languages, in fact he considers sylvan one of his native tongues. He recognizes the satyr's speech, he simply doesn't want to misinterpret what he says (Linguistics: 35).

In Sylvan, Emrys says, "I am very sorry, dear Abraxus that you had to experience this. We are all experiencing the same kind of strangeness. People are scared ... they act out of fear." When the satyr speaks of the Oak of Blessing and mentions the Queen and Lady ... suddenly a rush insight returns to him ... the thing he should have known, he now does! (Knowledge [Planes]: 36)

"Do you speak of the Queen ... Lady Maab? Queen of the Vales of Twilight ... the Lands of Rest? You and I are kin of sorts ... for I am a child of the Culverwood." Emrys takes the specimen jar from his pouch and presents it to Abraxus and asks, "Do you recognize these mushrooms ... are they the like the ones from your home?"

DM Mark - "So what darkness are we preparing for?"  d100=49 ;
Monday November 20th, 2017 1:45:06 AM

Edson asks to see the key that the strange man in the tin hat has. The man is about to comply when the Baslim steps forward and proclaims that the man is a liar, and that his followers should instead follow Baslim. The man puts his key back in his pocket. A few of his followers seem unsure, and about 10 of them looks ready to attack the cleric.

The guy in the Tin Hat stops thism and says, “Ah, this one speaks of light - his eyes remain closed. He cannot know the darkness as we do. We seen his like before. When the darkness falls, he’ll be swept aside with the rest, and we alone will be saved. Let’s go, and seek those that can understand and will embrace the darkness with us. There are many to be saved, many that need to know...”

As he leaves, most go with him, warily eyeing the cleric as they go. However, about a half dozen remain looking pleadingly at the cleric. One begins to cry.

Velarin and Emrys speak with Abraxus the Satyr in Witchspawn.

Dulcet, whispers out of the corner of her mouth to they pair, “Ot-na oo-tay ight-bray, if you know what I mean.” Her attempt to disguise what she said is probably unnecessary, as this creature does not seem to understand common.

Velarin asks who this queen is that Abraxus mentions. Suddenly, Emrys realizes what the muscular satyr was referring to and asks if it is Queen Maab. He replies, “how doth all here knoweth of Queen Maab? C'rtainly, yond is the Queen!”

Emrys shows the satyr the mushroom he brought. “Of course i knoweth about yond mushrump - t’is a Brown Slipp'r. I doth not knoweth of the Culv'rwood, and I doubteth yond we art kin. Yet, if 't be true t is near mine own home, showeth me this Culv'rwood. Prithee, just bid me how to returneth to mine own home.”

Velarin asks Dulcet to keep this satyr save until they can figure out how to return him to his home. Then he and Emrys Teleport back to Magpie Crossing without mishap.
Brom and Barratore patrol the streets. This does provide some comfort to and seem to bolster the locals. The town guard is very glad to have the two heroes walking the streets, and seem almost cheered by this. Almost.

Still, an oppressive feeling hangs in the air like a thick fog you cannot see. The skies are cloudy, but there is no rain.

(With some patrolling at night, and some being pestered during the day for help and advice, I’m a little confused. When do you all sleep/rest/patrol over the next day or so? Also, let me know if you're NOT done with the Satyr or the man in the tin hat.)

Velarin Xilontheel(Chris J), AC 17(FF 14), hp 88/88, extended mage armor(24 hrs)  d20+20=28 ; d20+24=37 ; d20+18=35 ;
Monday November 20th, 2017 7:22:45 AM

Before leaving the Satyr, V will once again try and use his knowledge of the planes, as well as arcane and religion following Emrys' revelation regarding Queen Maab. V Will try and ascertain for himself who this person is, and what plane she resides on. (planes 28, arcane 37, religion 35)

V will plan on patrolling the streets from sunset until several hours past midnight. He will then sleep, arising late in the morning to begin daily activities and information seeking regarding the investigation.

Brom the Barbarian - Rich P; AC: 26 (T 14, FF 26, Raged 24), CMD: 35 (38 Raged); HP: 165 (207 raged); DR 3/- (6/- raged) 
Monday November 20th, 2017 10:54:28 AM

ooc: Brom has a ring of sustenance which only requires him to sleep two hours a day for the benefit of eight hours of sleep. That's why he is "resting" a lot. He doesn't need the sleep, but he lounges enjoying the days. At night, when stuff is not hitting the fan, he closes the taverns then gets his sleep plus usually a little more. Generally, 10 or 11 hours of sleep in the span of 3 or 4 hours.

I suspect that most of the group has the ring as well.

Lanliss Drakeguard (Michael A) HP69/98 AC:26 touch:19 flat:18 cmd:28 
Monday November 20th, 2017 12:15:07 PM

Lanliss bites his lips as Baslim comes and thinks to himself, why ? What ?

As they go Lanliss asks Edson.
Are we going to go with them and try to take the key one night or we stay here ?

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