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Hmerrin(HP:52/67 AC:24 T:15 FF:20 CMD:24)  d20+3=17 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 10:42:09 AM

Back at the Temple of Wardd, Hmerrin rather distractedly accepts the schoolmarm's reward.

Mostly he is worrying about the animal's reactions. You add that to the crazy priest's warnings, and it adds up to bad.

"Heads up all, I don't like it."

[Perception 17 to find anything else out of the ordinary.]

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21 (!T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 2/2  d20+10=19 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 5:21:19 PM

Gaffer wants the group to discuss the best place to be to react to any more disasters. "Is there anywhere we know will be vulnerable if something turns up again?"

He tries to check the skies and watch the animals reactions to see if he can get a sense for anything. (Nature: 19)

Ethani (Nellie, AC 19, HP 42/42,)  d20+4=24 ; d20+18=20 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 6:02:22 PM

Thinking.... thinking... thinking (Knowledge=24, Nat 20)

Ethani mentally wrestles with the clues she's gathered. She hopes to come to some sort of clue which will help the Tide save the most people. In the meantime, she looks over the rat bites of Tide and dwarves alike with a critical Healer's eye to see if there is any early indicators for infection. (Heal=20)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+10=27 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 7:05:42 PM

Lornak is beside himself as the rats swarm past the members of the group without attacking. There are a few cuts and bruises as the mass moves around them but the rats are clearly fleeing from something. Lornak waits to see what nasty will emerge from the depths of the tunnel to no avail... Nothing comes out... He lets the tension out of his crossbow and stows it. Taking a sigh of relief he says; "That is a boon for us now, but I fear for the future. Let us get these fine dwarves out of here."

Once on the surface he graciously accepts the gift from the dwarves even though in the back of his mind that there might not be occasion to use this shining wealth in his hands. "Anything we can do for our fellow citizens in this time of need." He bows.

With the dwarves safe he confers with the group; "We avoided a scrape for now but when animals flee like that it usually prefaces and attack from nature. An eruption of a volcano, or flooding rains..." He looks toward the sea. "...or a typhoon." (knowledge, Nature d20=27)

"Can any of you speak to animals?" Lornak asks as he looks toward the sky eagerly. "Perhaps I can get something out of Vin." He raises his fingers to his lips and blows a high-pitched whistle call for his owl to come to him. "If she comes to me quickly she has returned at least to Shale House on her own since the quake. If she takes her time or does not come to me..." Lornaks eyes glaze and stare a bit. "...she has reason to stick to the skies..."

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d4=4 ; d6=2 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 7:54:17 PM

Dušan tries to lighten the mood by finding a silver lining, "At least it seems like The Tide is getting a good reputation around here."

He slaps Hmerrin encouragingly on the shoulder and casts cure light wounds healing him for 11 hit points.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:43/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23 
Sunday January 14th, 2018 9:04:47 PM

Toston says, "As a gnome I happen to have the ability to speak with animals once a day."

Toston then goes to do just that using his gnome magic speaks with animals spell like ability. (OOC: CL 7 so 7 minutes of animal speaking)

Toston asks the nearest animals just what is going on and what they think is coming.

Asteria Amarante [HP: 71/71; AC: 22; Touch: 12; Flat: 20; CMD: 20]  d12=12 ; d12=8 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 10:17:05 PM

Asteria is understandably upset over the lack of fighting, but glad everyone made it out safe. She stands by Ethani, not having much to add to the conversation. Nothing intelligent, that is. "So, do you think that was like the secret house but it was completely made up of rats. What if it was all a diversion. By the rats. I'm pretty sure we've got a secret society of rats. The tribe elders always told me not to trust a rat. I finally know what they meant."

OOC: The d12s are for her health!

The Meteorite.

Sewer Rescue (DM Cayzle) 
Monday January 15th, 2018 9:00:58 PM

Hmerrin accepts the reward ... and still has a bad feeling about this.

Gaffer senses something wrong ... unprecedentedly wrong ... and the details elude him for now ...

Ethani binds wounds and makes sure that no disease takes root in those bites.

Lornak seeks his bird -- who does come to him, visibly trembling and afraid.

Dušan offers healing to Hmerrin (please mark the spell and the curing).

Toston speaks with animals and can only learn that they are just about out of their minds with fear.

Asteria is distrustful. Of something!

The Tide escorts the dwarf kids back to the Temple of Wardd. And they find it to be very very quiet there.

In the wake of all the animal activity suddenly things get eerily quiet, so quiet in fact that you could hear a pin drop if you were so inclined. It doesn’t last long. All of a sudden there comes a horrendous crash and things sound as if the Wold is tearing itself apart. The sound is so loud that you can’t quite pinpoint where it is coming from and if you were hard pressed to guess you would have to say everywhere but you aren’t quite sure how that is possible but suffice it to say it is that LOUD.

Eventually the racket subsides and you hope for a second that maybe whatever that was signified the end of all the troubles happening of late. If only things were so fortunate because not even a full moment after the thundering noise ceases does the ground start trembling again...could it be ANOTHER earthquake?
But no -- this activity feels different -- as if it is in reaction to something major and not the main event itself. Is the Wold really being split apart? Have the Woldians done something to anger the Gods? Who knows?

The Temple of Wardd rocks back and forth like a ship tossed about in a tempestuous sea. Bits of rock, dust and other debris start to fall from the ceiling. Through the main doors, you see cracks in the ground along the roads and thoroughfares. An unattended cart tumbles down one of the chasms that have opened up and after a short amount of time you hear the impact of wood on rock and you think luckily there wasn’t a horse attached to it.

But unlike the last earthquake, this is short-lived. As quickly as the concussive sound and the tremors started, the Wold-shaking terminates. You see folk stumbling about. Some look stunned, others panicked. This was easily the loudest sound ever heard in the Wold.

You hear cries of frustration and despair -- the repair work so recently begun ... so much of it is wrecked again!

Please make a Fort save vs DC20. If you fail, you are deafened.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+10=24 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 9:44:21 PM

"There there, Vin." Lornak says trying to calm her after she lands on his outstretched forearm. "I am glad to see you unharmed." He gently strokes the back of her head. "Clearly you are spooked still. What is coming?" Lornak looks to the horizon. He gives her a morsel and says; "Back home with you. I promise we will go out and hunt soon." He launches her back into the sky and watches as she heads toward Shale House.

Once inside temple Waard he comments about what he has learn; "Vin is clearly shaken. Something is coming." Not so soon after has says this he feels the rumble in the ground that precedes the loudest sound he has ever heard. He fights to keep his equilibrium as the crack whips through the air. (Fort Save d20=24) His jaw clenches and his eyebrows furrow as the force of the sound pressures to burst his eardrums. The structure around him bears the brunt of it he supposes as he does his best to cover any unattended children from falling stonework with his body. He is at a lose. "How do we face what is cracking the World?" His says, words drowned in the roar.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20+6=14 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:41:40 PM

Dušan reflexively puts his hands to ears as he shaken to his core by the thunderous calamity. When he takes his hands down, he sees Lornak's mouth moving, but he can't hear what he is saying (Fort Save d20=14). "What!?"

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:17:06 PM

(OOC: Spells Per Day L1 6/0, L2 4/1 L3 3/1 L4 2/1
Cure Wounds on Hmerrin (from weekend post) D6=2+7 Caster Level=9 + 50% Healer's Blessing = 13
I think I mathed wrong in the last point Hmerrin should get 13 HP back
Ritual of Blood - Failure: Take an extra point of damage whenever taking damage.
Ritual of Heal - Failure: Rolls d6’s instead of d8’s when casting cure spells
Sorry. Forgot my footer.)

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:43/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+5=14 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:36:44 PM

(Fort Save 14)

The tremendous sound was just too much for Toston's sensitive gnome ears and he reflexively puts his hands up to his ears and just looks at the other members of the Tide hoping one of them gets the message.

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21 (!T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 2/2  d20+7=14 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 8:52:06 AM

(Fort Save: 14) Gaffer claps his hands to his ears with a shout, unable to even hear himself over the deafening noise. He scrunches his eyes in pain and opens them just in time to see everything around him shake. He considers moving towards others but nearly falls as soon as he does and instead just lets it pass.

Once thinks calm down he moves towards the rescued children and tries to ensure they are ok, calming them as much as he can but struggling to understand anything they say with mere lipreading. He is completely unaware of any conversation happening between the tide.

Hmerrin(HP:52/67 AC:24 T:15 FF:20 CMD:24)  d20+8=12 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:51:42 PM

The animals go silent. Everything goes silent.

Hmerrin self consciously shivers at the unnaturalness of the effect. And then,
A physical wall of sound drives the young man to his knees, his cry joining a cacophony that he no longer can hear.

The accompanying quake drives him to the floor, where he curls up, hands over his ears and eyes squeezed shut.

"No more. No more. No more. No more"

Ethani (Nellie, AC 19, HP 42/42,)  d20+6=12 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 8:12:39 PM

Cowering from the sound, Ethani attempts in vain to cover her ears. "WHAT?!" she calls out, but she can't hear a thing.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+7=24 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:15:09 PM

"Oh my goodness.. what's going on!" Wil said as April.
"The Wold is ending.. can't you tell," argued Cicero
Wil was completely engaged in an argument with himself and the characters in his head. He thought to himself, it would be so nice to be deaf from these voices but he was not effected by the blast of noise.
"Stop," Wil said. "I can't do a thing about this. What do we do? Ever heard of post traumatic stress disorder, I believe eighty percent of these poor resident will never recover."

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:17:57 PM

Dušan spends a little more time digging the wax out of ears to see if that helps.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:39:30 PM

As the sound finally dies down Lornak has a nasty ringing left in his ears. Thankfully the structure held. He hopes Shale House fared just as well.

Disaster Falls (DM Cayzle) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 11:16:33 PM

Lornak calms Vin and takes her outside to send her to Shale House. He is actually standing outside when the SOUND occurs! The Wold shakes, but Lornak is not deafened.

The SOUND resonates through the Temple, and Dušan, Toston, Gaffer, Hmerrin, and Ethani are al deafened!

Asteria resists the consentrated sound through sheer cussedness, and Wilford ... well, let's just say that strange noises in his head are something he is used to tolerating!

Fortunately, as in any fine casino, there are no windows in the Temple of Wardd. Lornak, outside, sees that every window in sight is shattered.

In the minutes that follow, Lornak, Asteria, and Wilford hear high pithed whines and booms in the distance. Lornak (and the one-in-twenty people of Dirt City who were not deafened) hears these sounds overhead, and he sees that there are THINGS falling through the sky! Wow! Brilliant sparkling colors trailed by fiery tails!

Lornak and those outside only, if you make a Perception DC15 check, please Highlight to display spoiler: {They are falling stars, or maybe falling stones!}

If you ALSO make a Know Nature check vs DC12, then please Highlight to display spoiler: {You have heard of meteors and meteorites. Maybe these are those?}

If you are outside and make a further DC20 perception check, please Highlight to display spoiler: {You see a near and huge stone, shaped like a gem, that flies low and seems headed for the area just north of Dirt City!}

A minute later you all hear another sound, not as loud but still loud, to the north!

Father Chjarom, the seer, cries out! He feels that same sense of dread.

Asteria Amarante [HP: 71/71; AC: 22; Touch: 12; Flat: 20; CMD: 20] Undeafened  d20+5=21 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 7:30:07 AM

Asteria notices the sound. "Huh...that was weird." Then everybody starts acting like they can't here. Which is weird too. After all, Asteria can't help but hear everyone who is practically shouting now. "Haha...funny guys. Yup, that was a funny joke. Now can we get out there and find some people to help or something? I'm getting bored."

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20=11 ; d20=9 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:28:54 PM

Dušan had followed Lornak outside earlier, but his deafness leaves him distracted as he observes the glittering mess fall silently to the ground. He looks at his hands wishing his restorative touch would allow him to cure this deadness, but resigns himself that this is hopefully something that will pass on its own.

(OOC: Spells Per Day L1 6/0, L2 4/1 L3 3/1 L4 2/1
Ritual of Blood - Failure: Take an extra point of damage whenever taking damage.
Ritual of Heal - Failure: Rolls d6’s instead of d8’s when casting cure spells)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+11=20 ; d20+10=26 ; d20+11=17 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 4:45:41 PM

Lornak cannot believe that he weathers the ear piercing sounds with ease as he witnesses all of the windows in eyesight shatter into a thousand pieces. The glass shards reflected light fills the air around him and they shimmer and sparkle. It is dazzling really. The shards fall to the ground but as they do he notices that some in the higher sky continue to sparkle. "Stones falling from the sky...?" He opines. (Persp d20=20)

The fiery falling rocks are accompanied by high pitched whines and booms as pieces of them split and explode from the main masses. "I've heard tales of satellites falling from the sky but never dreamed I would witness such a display..." She says, awed. "...it is brilliant..."(Knowledge, Nature d20=26)

"If my memory serves they are called, meteor...," He pauses to think, but quickly so as to not avert his eyes from the heavens. "...meteorites...?" The meteorites pass over his head and out of sight. There is a moment of silence. It is broken by another massive boom to the north similar to the one that just rocked Dirt City only further off. "Did something like that just fall on top of us? I fear for anyone near the impact zones. Absolutely awesome..."

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21 (!T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 2/2 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 6:57:05 PM

Gaffer follows the others outside as the second loud noise quakes outwards. His thoughts turn to culverwood to their north. Wondering if recent events have affected those of his circle and hoping it hasn't spread that far.

For a moment he feels torn, wishing he could rush off to check on his old companions, but looking around himself to see the destruction and the injured. He moves to the others to find out what they are doing next.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:43/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 7:56:03 PM

Toston remained inside but given the fact that the deafness only lasted for 3 rounds and a minute later there is another crash not as loud as the previous one Toston actually hears that.

He asks the father, "What is it now?"

Ethani (Nellie, AC 19, HP 42/42,) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 8:59:42 PM

Turning her head from side to side, Ethani sighs when she can't hear anything. Feeling quite off her game, she waits for Lornak's return.

OOC: I thought we were still deafend

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+11=26 ; d20+11=15 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 9:09:35 PM

"Ok earthquakes... check. Meteorites... check. ummm.. Where are the monsters!
What is an apocalypse without monsters.. come on." Wil said, with his hands outstretched dramatically.
After a moment of silence he started to help people near him. He figured wrapping bandages or make-shift bandage around the head would help.

Hmerrin(HP:52/67 AC:24 T:15 FF:20 CMD:24) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 10:06:37 PM

As his hearing returns, Hmerrin slowly climbs back to his feet. Dabbing at the blood trickling from his right ear, the young man shuffles over to join Toston, when yet another crashing can be heard.

The fighter exits the temple, joining up with Lornak and Dusan.
"What now?" he asks tiredly.

Disaster Falls (DM Cayzle) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:45:57 PM

[OOC: Those who are deafened remain so, The effect has already lasted a few minutes. Those who have experienced a shorter duration in other games ... well, maybe Dirt City heard a louder SOUND.]

Asteria urges her deaf friends to stop kidding around!

Dušan hopes he deafness will pass, and in the meantime, the brilliat lights above are astounding!

Lornak explains what he knows to Wilford and Asteria. The others do not hear. [OOC: Could those with intact eardrums please put anything they say in spoilers? The deaf should not be hearing it!]

Gaffer wonders if these effects are reaching as far as the Culverwood. Some intuition in his heart suggests that the danger is to the entire Wold. He joins his friends outside to see them looking up.

Toston sees that Father Chjarom is distressed again, and asks him about it, but the dear fellow cannot hear any response.

Ethani waits in the temple with Toston and Chjarom.

Wilford looks for monsters but detects none aside from the usual suspects who plague his waking moments -- from within.

Hmerrin notes that his hearing does not return. He joins Toston, and the two gesture at one another. Then he goes out, sees his friends looking up, and asks, "What now?" -- he hears no reply.

Father Charom grabs Wilford and shakes him, saying, "The shard! it has landed to the north! It is dangerous! You will go to it! Please!"

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21 (!T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 2/2 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 5:04:05 PM

Seeing the lips of the others move Gaffer can only shake his head with a solemn face and point to his ear to explain. He watches the skies and waits for his hearing to recover, doing his best to read the lips of anyone speaking.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20+6=22 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:04:37 PM

Feeling uncharacteristically helpless, Dušan retreats closer to the building and tries to at least not be in the way of others. He's shocked at how the loss of one sense has made him so much less capable. He tries to compensate by opening his third eye and Detecting Magic and looks for anything that could make him feel useful again.

(OOC: Perception d20+6=22
Spells Per Day L1 6/0, L2 4/1 L3 3/1 L4 2/1
Ritual of Blood - Failure: Take an extra point of damage whenever taking damage.
Ritual of Heal - Failure: Rolls d6’s instead of d8’s when casting cure spells)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+10=25 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:23:19 PM

Lornak looks around to see if he can spot any smokestacks rising from skydrawn impacts in an effort to point his deaf companions in a direction. (Persp d20=25) He can add details later as their ears recover. Did he just hear Father Charom say something? Everything is happening so fast.

Lornak decides to let loose the charge on his forearm. He throws Vin toward the sky with a command to return to Shale house. As he does he wonders if the refugees will fair well without them. He looks back to the horizon and knows they must travel North...

Hmerrin(HP:52/67 AC:24 T:15 FF:20 CMD:24) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:40:27 PM

Silence. Well, not silence. Hmerrin has been in silence before. There is a constant, high pitched tone sounding from inside his head, and that's all he can hear.

People are talking, but the young man is lost.

Should Lornak point out one of the smoke stacks, Hmerrin considers it.
He makes a circular motion to indicate the Tide, and then points to the smokestack, and then arches an eyebrow inquiringly at Lornak.

Ethani (Nellie, AC 19, HP 42/42,) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 9:12:33 PM

Sensing the Father's distress, and being in quite a bit of distress herself, Ethani lays a gentle hand on the priest's shoulder. She mimes to him that she cannot hear. Completely lost, she walks around healing those she can.

Asteria Amarante [HP: 71/71; AC: 22; Touch: 12; Flat: 20; CMD: 20] Undeafened 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 9:15:42 PM

Asteria is confused and very scared. As a simple barbarian, even magic was awe-inspiring to her. She starts to wonder if the Wold really is falling apart. Her mind cluttered, she doesn't find anything helpful to say.

Disaster Falls (DM Cayzle) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 11:45:53 PM

Gaffer watches the skies and tries to read lips. But the clouds don't have lips! [OOC: Make Perception checks to try to read lips please.]

Dušan tries detecting magic. And he does sense something unusual ... like an aura that continues to fall from the sky. Can it be RAINING MAGIC?

Lornak looks to see any clouds of dust that might indicate impact sites. Indeed, he sees a glow and a dust cloud in the north.

Hmerrin gestures a question to the group ... should the Tide head north toward the whatever-it-is?

Ethani does her best to calm the agitated seer. He settles at her gentle healing touch. He asks her to -- if you can hear -- Highlight to display spoiler: {help save the city.}

Asteria's dismay deepens. What to do? What to do?

Toston mimes his deafness to tell the good seer that he cannot hear. If you are not deaf or if you make a Perception check vs DC13 to read lips, then you can get the gist of his response: Highlight to display spoiler: {"WHAT!? SPEAK UP!}

Wilford has questions, but no one has answers.

Gradually, gradually, though, the ringing in your ears diminishes. The pain in your heads eases.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:43/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23 
Friday January 19th, 2018 2:08:31 AM

Toston says to father Chjarom, "I can't hear you."

He is unsure what he said himself because he is still deafened so he looks at the father and covers his ears with his hands.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:30:14 AM

"Hold, sir.. Hold the shaking."
Wil says.
"What is this shard and where is it exactly? If it will help, we will go."

Hmerrin(HP:52/67 AC:24 T:15 FF:20 CMD:24) 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:30:08 PM

With the ringing in his ears gradually subsiding, Hmerrin realizes the deafness should pass relatively soon.

The fighter pantomimes for everyone to stay put.

Once he can hear properly, he tries to get the gist of what the old priest/seer/crazy guy was saying.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:31/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Friday January 19th, 2018 9:02:31 PM

Dušan joins the rest of the group. “It’s raining magic outside,” he says perhaps a bit loud. Then he realized he could start to hear that muffled in his own head and the ringing was subsiding. He hopes this means the rest of his hearing would return soon, “Hey! I heard that! And I’m hearing this, too.”

Nodding at Hmerrin’s pantomime he takes a seat on the floor.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:43/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23 
Friday January 19th, 2018 11:16:04 PM

Toston overjoyed to be able to finally hear something and that being Dusan's observation sings, "It's raining magic, hallelujah."

Then goes back to the priest and says, "Now what were you saying?"

Ethani (Nellie, AC 19, HP 42/42,) 
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:48:23 AM

Gently rubbing her ears, Ethani smiles. Secretly she had been worried that her hearing might not return. This was a good sign. Finding Lornak, she says (perhaps a little too loudly) "What happened outside? I was too afraid to come to you when I lost my hearing." The sea elf leans her head on Lornak's shoulder and whispers "What is going on my love? I'm afraid. "

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