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Crescent Moons Trading Company

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Var (Tom I.) (HP:35/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23) 
Sunday September 17th, 2017 2:40:26 AM

Var moves to the fallen assassin and searches her.

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:21)  d20+3=18 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 7:23:45 PM

Hmerrin stows his weaponry and makes his way back to the bladeseller's booth. He keeps clear of the Knives and his comrades having their little chat and tries to keep his eye out for anyone else taking advantage of the distracted guards.

[Perception 18]

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21  d20+14=28 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 10:59:52 PM

Toston gives footchase after the fleeing assassin. (OOC: Toston was 30 feet from the assassin when she moved so Toston should be able to keep up hypothetically also Toston has 2 rounds or 12 seconds of invisibility left at start of chase)


He yells back over this shoulder, "Stay near the market. I've got the runner."

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15  d20+10=21 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 11:24:10 PM

"I'm sorry gentlemen." Dušan offers after a quick prayer and casting of Guidance, "While it may appear that we acted rashly, I hope our actions will prove prudent within the hour. We'd be happy to stay within your perview until that becomes readily apparent." Dušan pulls out more gold than he hopes is necessary for a corpse removal, "Or we could settle any fees right now with you fine protectors of public." Dušan then pulls out a few more gold, "We might even be tempted to donate to the squares fire safety programs if you upstanding individuals would be so kind to make sure it gets to the "right" hands?"

Dušan then flourishes the coins with a smile that offers the next round on him if they were at a tavern.

(Diplomacy d20+9+1 Guidance=21)

To Market To Market (DM Cayzle) Combat Over -- Aftermath and a Meeting! 
Monday September 18th, 2017 7:15:55 AM

Hmerrin heads back to where he started the encounter and keeps alert. It is no surprise that the market very quickly returns to normal. A fight? So what? Business as usual here in Dirt City.

Var finds three people at the corpse as he approaches. Two are kids -- no wait! halflings -- who are pawing at the body. One is a human with leather armor and a wood shield -- just standing and staring at the corpse. [OOC: The human is our newest PC, run by Courtney.]

Toston chases the assassin. Toston is invisible but makes no effort at stealth. The assassin breaks into a run. Does Toston choose to keep pace? What about after his invisibility ends?

Dušan smooths things over with the Knives. He deems 10 gp will suffice but be deemed cheap. 50 would be more than enough. Pick an amount and deduct from your sheet, please.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+8=14 ; d20+11=26 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 2:40:51 PM

Lornak hears what the knives have to say when they approach them. He does his best to infer whether or not there will be a problem but is unable to ascertain their motives because he is too busy trying to watch the invisible assassin. He is grateful that Dusan approaches and speaks with them. (Sense Motive d20=14)

He lowers his crossbow at his side casually and keeps his eyes peeled for any sign of more combatants. (Perception d20=26) He moves back to the scribe booth.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+1=12 ; d20+10=16 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 4:25:49 PM

The shadow of the Goblin dog saunters back to where Will is standing and growls.
"Now, you need to stop. I'm sorry if they ran away. That was not my fault," he says.
Clearly in a conversation he adds.
"I don't know what your going to do now! You could help me find the gentleman we are trying to protect. He is clearly spooked now but maybe he is around."
Cicero then disappears into the shadows to search for Sell See.
(Scent: 12 - DC: 10 to pick up fresh scent)
Wil searches.
(Perception: 16)

----- Spell List ---
Summon (5 rounds)
Orisons: Guidance x2, Virtue x2
Lv1: Summon Monster I (Pony: Rd-1), Summon Monster 1 (Viper: Rd-3), Divine Favor x2 - D: Touch of Darkness - 1
Lv2: Summon Monster II, Summon Monster II, D: Blindness
Lv3: Summon Monster III, D: Fly
Channel energy 3d6
Shadow amulet: SM2 1/day 3 rnds - (Rd-3)

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 
Monday September 18th, 2017 5:49:37 PM

Gaffer examines the dead body and recognises it as an assassin. He immediately looks around to see if there are any signs of others nearby and spots Var moving over. "What happened here?" He asks "Is anyone else hurt?"

--- Spell List ---
Orisons: Create Water, Light, Detect Magic, Read Magic
Lv1: Cure Light Wounds x2, Entangle x2, Farie Fire - D: Obscuring Mist
Lv2: Soften Earth and Stone x2, Heat Metal, Barkskin - D: Fog Cloud
Lv3: Cure Moderate Wounds, Stone Shape, Greater Thunderstomp - D: Call Lightning
Lv4: Air Walk, Cure Serious Wounds - D: Sleet Storm

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Monday September 18th, 2017 6:05:53 PM

Somewhat confined in his role as guard to the bladeseller, the young human with flowing brown locks, decked out in full plate armor, and with two axes at his side, can only resume his circling patrol.

Var (Tom I.) (HP:35/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23) 
Monday September 18th, 2017 7:34:07 PM

Var comes up short as he realizes vultures have already moved in on his kill. "Err.." he says to the Human.

"No, no one else, luckily. They were intendin' on hurtin' someone else, but I think we may have scared them off." Var says, attempting to shoo off the two Halflings.

"Hrm. You're awfully calm for jus' witnessing a lethal fight." Var observes, "Y'wouldn't happen t' be in the same business as this one here, would ya?" Var says to the Human, indicating the dead assassin.

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:34:18 PM

Dušan pays the Knives 50 Gold for their very real concern of the fire spreading although he doubts the gold will put out any fires outside of their thirsts at the taverns tonight. Joining Var, he notices the small gathering around the corpse, "What's this, Var? Making friends?" Dušan gives Gaffer a smile as he realizes the man is offering aid and not thieving, "And what's with these poachers. Oi! State your claims or begone."

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:47:14 PM

Toston runs fill tilt after the assassin even after he turns visible. His plan is to hopefully close the distance and then hit the assassin with a scorpion strike further hampering her ability to further get away.

Mage Armor (Var) 3 hours - ??? : +4 AC
Mage Armor (Toston) 1 hour - 15 min [442 rounds] : +4 AC
1 hero point spent
2/4 stunning fist attempt used
2/6 first level spell slots used

To Market To Market (DM Cayzle) Combat Over -- Aftermath and a Meeting!  d20+17=35 ; d20+17=19 ; d20+14=17 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 10:35:25 AM


Wilford & Co cast around to look for the merchant you seek to protect, Sell-Sea Staffing. Scent might have been a good choice ... if you had any idea what he smelled like, and if he had passed by recently enough to track. As it is, alas.

Lornak returns to the group’s booth and keeps alert. He notices that random people are giving all of you hero-types the look over.

Hmerrin returns to the booth next door to Lornack, again standing at guard.

Gaffer looks for an explanation and seeks to help the wounded.

Var responds to Gaffer and the two strike up a conversation.

Dušan settles up with the Knives, and then chases away the halflings -- they make a rude gesture and skip off. Dušan strikes up a conversation with the interested good samaritan as well.

If you make a Perception check vs DC19: Highlight to display spoiler: {You see halfling number one try to steal something from the dead assassin, but fails.}

If you make a Perception check vs DC35: Highlight to display spoiler: {You see halfling numder two successfully nip a potion vial from the dead body.}


Toston chases the assassin. The leather-clad killer has basically a 30 ft lead on Toston, and thanks to the vagaries of the PF rules, if both characters have the same rate, that 30 ft gap never closes. But because we play in turns, first the assassin runs, then Toston runs after. They take turns going back and forth. In this kind of a race, I only know one way for the player character to win -- use a hero point for an extra action!

Alas, Toston did not consider this solution, and now it is too late.

The pair run until Toston turns visible. Then the assassin casts a spell, vanishes, and stealths away with a move action. Is that move action a full 30 ft mvoe (at -5 on Stealth) or just 15 ft (at no stealth penalty?) Or does the assassin have the ability to sneak at full speed? Hmmm ... . Toston, 30 ft away at that point, can make a Perception check (at -3 for distance), opposed by the assassin’s stealth check ... which at the moment is a 17, plus 20 for being invisible, so that’s a 37 to figure out a general direction. To pinpoint the stealthy invisible assassin, you need a Perception roll beating a DC57.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 3:15:12 PM

"Really have to work on your patience and temper," Will scolded Cicero as the shadow began to blink.
"So what do we do now and do we have a new adventurer in our midst?" he says to the group.

"I am Wilford Grimly, the least crazy of the bunch."
The shadow creature bumps him in jest. Will turns around. "Hey, you beast. You will get that goblin dander on me." The shadow creature then disappears and Will fixes the tight braid down the center of the back of his human head. He wears a cleric cloak with Gargul's symbols scattered over it.
"I'm trying to be friendlier outside of my appearance inherited by being an Eye of Gargul."

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:32:47 PM

Once at the booth Lornak stows his crossbow back to its hiding place behind the counter. He then mans the booth as he did before the altercation.

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:54:41 PM

Hmerrin notices Wil, Dusan, and Var, striking up a conversation with a newcomer.

The lad alters his standard route so that he can casually stroll over, and flashes a questioning eyebrow at Dusan as he approaches.

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 6:18:06 PM

"I'm Dušan," Dušan introduces himself, a man of slightly less than average height, in his early 20's, dressed in common traveling clothes with long auburn hair, "If you think you can help let's see what you can do for Var. I was just about do what I can, but healing is not my strong point. This man is a bit beyond our aid I fear..."

Dušan casts Stabilize on the body in case he is wrong and casts detect magic on his belongings handing mundane stuff off to Var or Hmerrin as he approaches, He shrugs his shoulders in response to Hmerrin's questioning gaze.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  2d8+5=15 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 7:59:36 PM

"I can heal Var but I can't do much for poison." Will helps Var feel a little better
(Cure moderate Wounds for 15)

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20  2d8+7=16 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:09:13 PM

Gaffer casts an appraising eye over the trio before him. "Should I be worried about the other three then?" He asks as he smiles at Wilford. Turning to Dusan, "Unfortunately I don't have anything for poisons, I would if I could. But I'd like to know what's going on? Who are they after? I might be able to help some other way."

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21  d20+14=34 ; d8=4 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 11:41:12 PM

(OOC: Last time I was in a foot chase, we had the same move speed and I was told to roll a series of fort saves to stave off non-lethal damage so I assumed it would be something similar but you know what they say about assumptions lol so that is on me)

Toston is perceptive but he isn't that perceptive so he doesn't have the ability to figure out even her general direction. However Toston does decide to watch for any puddles or sand in the area that may give the assassin away (Perception: 34; natural 20 lol) in case she got careless. If he doesn't get any clue then he randomly moves in a south easterly direction (directional d8, so 4 = SE) while he continues to look for any indicators that might give the assassin away.

(OOC: Oh kindly DM please help me fill in the question marks for Var's mage armor and Toston's as well from the recent cat and mouse with the assassin)

Mage Armor (Var) 3 hours - ??? : +4 AC
Mage Armor (Toston) 1 hour - 15 min [442 rounds] - ???: +4 AC
1 hero point spent
2/4 stunning fist attempt used
2/6 first level spell slots used

Var (Tom I.) (HP:35/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 1:35:56 PM

Var harrumphs. "Poison? They might'a been able to poison a baby, or a weak kitten, with what they were using. I'm fine, tho."

"As fer what's goin' on, well... Some unsavory-types is making money off sellin' stuff they shouldn't to folks they shouldn't be selling to. An' now they're tryin' t' stop a bloke who's tryin' t' stop th' whole thing."

To Market To Market (DM Cayzle) Combat Over -- Aftermath and a Meeting! 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 2:33:52 PM

[OOC: Please mark a half hour total off your durations such as mage armor.]


Toston -- [OOC: In a long race, endurance would have played a roll. But this did not last more than what? 4-5 rounds/] -- Toston loses the fleeing assassin and wanders Grubbertown looking for clues. It occurs to Toston that this is one of the worst of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the City Above ... and he is alone here ...

Wilford introduces himself to the newcomer, after his own individualistic fashion. Then he cures Var.

Lornak returns to staff the booth. He notes that although shoppers are returning to the market, they are giving the new scriptorium a wide berth.

Hmerrin wanders over to the group near the assassin’s body. Is he hinting to be introduced?

If so, Dušan is not getting the hint, instead handing Hmerrin things to carry. Dušan discovers the following: a potion, a tanglefoot bag, a wand, a vial of poison with 10 doses, a masterwork punching dagger, a magic light crossbow, bolts, thieves' tools, and a purse with coins.

Gaffer continues his gentlemanly offer of assistance. [OOC info for Gaffer only: Please Highlight to display spoiler: {You know that this particular order of assassins always work in married couples. And that they prefer to strike, kill, and run.}]

Var is quiet as he is cured.

It is now 10 minutes before the Palace Doors open; 40 minutes before the meeting. What’s your plan?

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:56:53 PM

"The other three, what do you see them too?" Will says looking around but he then realizes he may be making a fool of himself again and gets serious.
"We need to get over to the palace doors and possibly inside to find the person we are protecting. The assassins will we organize and go for him again. Did we get any clues off the bodies?" He asks.

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:58:08 PM

"And they also know we're here, and that we're trying to stop them," Hmerrin adds to Var's comment, while taking the items from Dusan.

The lad, a human in his late teens, flashes Gaffer a grin. "I'm Hmerrin. Know anything about finding people disguised as something else so that we can find him and save him before he, or we, get killed?"

"Otherwise," the fighter looks around, "all I got is stick to Plan A - Walk around and wait for something to happen."

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15  d20+9=24 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:12:02 PM

"Doors are open." Dušan notices, "Anything stopping us from joining the party?"

Dušan sustains the Detect Magic spell, watching people enter the palace, looking for any Illusion or Disguise spells. (Knowledge Arcana d20+9=24)

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:12:37 PM

"Oh, almost forgot to ask," he says to Dusan.
"May I take the tanglefoot bag, the magical light crossbow and the bolts. Oh and the thieves tools.. sorry if that's a lot.. and... any idea what magic is emanating off the crossbow?

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+11=13 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:21:30 PM

Lornak notices that the bazaar patrons are actively avoiding the scribe booth. "The scuffle did not exactly take place at our booth..." He says chagrined, to no one in particular. "And I guarantee it was not a reaction to my impeccable service..." He straightens the lapel on his scholars outfit.

As he stands near the booth he ruminates about the kind of poison those assassins were using on their bolts. He thinks something like that would be handy for him in the future. As the minutes pass he decides to search for the bolt he tore out of his leg and with hopes to reverse engineer the poison it carries later. (Perception d20=13...) Unfortunately, it seems to have been lost in the battle.

"I should have left the bolt it in my leg...wait...What Am I Saying?! That is a terrible idea!" Lornak sulks.

OOC - Judging the duration of Mage Armor from Toston[15 mins = 422 rounds] I'd say the Cats Grace cast on me will have expired in 30 mins. (56 Rounds Cat's Grace on Lornak: +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, adding the usual benefits to AC, Reflex saves, and other uses of the Dexterity modifier)

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21  d20+15=24 ; d20+15=17 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 8:27:17 PM

Toston finds himself wandering aimlessly in the bad part of town and thinks it is probably time to get back to the others as the assassin's trail has gone cold.

He casts the minotaur version of Toros Taur Try on himself, keeping an eye peeled for any potential dangers ( Perception: 24)

If he spots a crowd moving in the general direction back to the market he will attempt to use the crowd as cover to decrease his profile (Stealth: 17)

In this manner he attempts to make it back to his friends.

Active effects:
Mage Armor (Var) 3 hours - 30 minutes: +4 AC
Mage Armor (Toston) 1 hour - time elapsed [142 rounds] : +4 AC
Toros Taur Try (Toston) 10 minutes [100 rounds] +1 perception / intimidate
1 hero point spent
2/4 stunning fist attempt used
2/6 first level spell slots used

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+14=20 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:19:36 PM

"They assassin's should be working in pairs. If the targets headed for the palace doors, so will they. I'll get a birds eye view, it's the best I can do. If I spot anything, well, follow the noise". Gaffer steps away from the group before his form twists itself into that of a Hawk and with a few flaps of his wings begins rising into the air.
Gaffer uses his improved perception to scan the crowds for any more recognisable assassins, or anyone who seems to be moving towards the palace doors with a guard. (Perception: 20)

Var (Tom I.) (HP:50/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23)  d20+11=21 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 7:29:02 PM

"Huh, okay." Var says as their new Comrade shapeshifts into a hawk. "Let's spread out, see if we can't spot 'em." He says, moving towards the palace doors. (Perception: 21)

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:02:21 PM

Dušan looses himself in the details of the auras. Before he knows it, people are walking away. "Oh, wait up. I'll join you." I could use a closer view.

Dušan follows Var as he continues to Detect Magic.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:39:52 PM

I'm heading to the entrance of the palace," Will says.
"Anyone with me? Maybe we can get lucky to get in. I think if our target is anywhere is would be inside."

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:16:48 PM

Toston continues to make his way back to his friends saying a silent prayer to Domi and Alemi that nothing he can't handle happens to him before he reunites with the group.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+11=17 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:51:37 PM

While Lornak mans the scribe booth he notices a hawk as it flies over the bazaar patrons towards the from gates of the palace. (Perception d20=17)

To Market To Market (DM Cayzle) Combat Over -- Aftermath and a Meeting! 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 11:56:33 PM


Toston finds his way back to his friends.

Gaffer changes into a bird and circles the market from above.

Var sets up watch near the palace.

Wilford and Dušan follow Var -- and Var continues to detect magic.

Lornak sticks to the booth and keeps alert.

Hmerrin sticks to Plan A - and keeps alert as he walks around.

The palace guards watch you three closely.

OOC: If there are no objections, we’ll move on to SeaSell’s appearance tomorrow.

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 12:07:01 AM

Dušan roses the requested items to Wilford, "Sure probably do you more good than new anyways"

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:24 Touch 18; FF 20 - CMD 21 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 2:31:10 AM

Toston says to his friends, "The assassin disappeared once I reappeared and I lost track of her. I ended up wondering aimlessly around Grubbertown and decided it was time to head back once I remembered its reputation."

Mage Armor (Var) 3 hours - 30 minutes - ???: +4 AC
Mage Armor (Toston) 1 hour - time elapsed - ??? [142 rounds] : +4 AC
Toros Taur Try (Toston) 10 minutes [??? rounds] +1 perception / intimidate
1 hero point spent
2/4 stunning fist attempt used
2/6 first level spell slots used]]

(OOC: Oh kindly DM how many more minutes elapsed on our spells?)

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+12=21 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 3:36:20 PM

Will says to Dusan, "Any idea what this magically crossbow is? Because if it's not better then this Underwater one I am happy to give it away. It is a lite crossbow."

Will adds tanglefoot bag, the magical light crossbow and the bolts, thieves tools to his inventory.
Will takes the thieves tools and tries to find a way into the palace. He is hoping to find an unguarded door to pick and open.
(Stealth: 21)

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+14=15 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 4:16:08 PM

Gaffer flies towards the palace and begins to look for an open window into the main entrance. (Perception: 15) Failing that he will rejoin the others as they approach the palace.

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15  d20+9=27 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 5:29:07 PM

While catching up to Var with Wil, Dušan takes a moment to look closer at the crossbow. "Let me see."

(OOC: Spellcraft should've been d20+11=29)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+6=14 ; d20+11=17 ;
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 12:05:59 AM

Lornak does his best to not look any more conspicuous than he already does. (Perform d20=14) His apprehension about the Sell Sea's appearance hampers his performance but he keeps a weather eye out (Perception d20=17)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:48/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 12:06:20 AM

(ooc- yes I would love to Fast Forward)

To Market To Market (DM Cayzle) Market Fight Reingnites! 
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 9:39:28 AM

Twenty minutes pass (please mark your spell durations appropriately).

Toston tells his tale of recklessly chasing alone after an assassin into the most dangerous part of town, realizing his error, and thankfully returning unscathed. This time.

So amazed are Var and Hmerrin by this story that they fail to notice anything else.

Wilford, crazy as he is, considers trying to walk past the guards and sneak into the Palace, without invisibility, without cover or concealment, just wandering in ... fortunately, the steely gaze of the guards, as well as their steely swords, deter him.

Gaffer, almost as mad, ponders just flying into the palace through an upper story window. Well, perhaps forgetting that the Palace is a redoubt most formidable in this city of rogues, it is just as well that the only windows he sees are frosted glass, barred with iron, and watched by the roof guards who are not visible from the ground.

Dušan, who is not a madman, spends his time productively identifying the light crossbow as +1 and the potion as cure moderate wounds.

Lornak hears a “twang” of crossbows and sees a bit of a commotion.

We are now re-entering combat. PLEASE note your map coordinate location at this very moment. Note that I have not mentioned the location of the commotion because I want you to be unbiased in picking your location before the fight starts. We’ll use the OLD original map of the market for this purpose.

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