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Shattered - DM Dan K 
Monday November 13th, 2017 2:20:43 PM

Several of the heroes make it to the balcony, as the rumbling and shifting of the building rocks some of the others, preventing them from doing much aside from falling. The view outside is not comforting. Smoke and dust rises in great plumes all about the city. Whatever is happening, is happening to the entire city and beyond. Lornak can spy some of the taller ship masts in the harbor and notes that they too, are swaying and pitching back and forth. The sound is deafening on the balcony. The earth grates and groans and the group can see at least 3 buildings nearby have been reduced to piles of rubble. calls of panic and screams pierce the lower bass of the sound spectrum and in the street, people are being tossed about as they fight for balance and try to get to anywhere they might consider safe. But where is that when the whole city looks like it might simply collapse on itself.

Dusan is able to grab a broom and as he stumbles past he catches the reflection of the group in the various shattered shards of the mirror upon the floor.

Wilford, on the street has a more limited view of the city proper, being in the dust that is being kicked up. He does have a good view of what is happening street level. At least a dozen people are prone or curled into a ball in either the open screaming or just inside a doorway. About 50 yards to his right the hind end of a horse can be see sticking out from a pile of rubble that was a building earlier this day. Dirt City has not experienced an earthquake, let alone one of this power and scope before to Wilford's knowledge

To move, any PC must make Acrobatics DC 15.
All spell casting requires concentration check DC 25+spell lvl

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+9=18 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 6:19:39 PM

Lornak takes the dire circumstances of the city in for only a moment as a cacophony of sound seems to slap him in the face. The churning of the earth, while disconcerting enough, is also quite deafening. Lornak shuffles his way back inside as quickly as he can in reaction. Along the way he watches Vin's perch fall over. His pet owl takes to the air. (Acrobatics d20=18) The action give Lornak a novel idea.

"Can we all fit on the floating disk!?" Lornak yells out to Toston once he's back inside the Receiving Room.

Hmerrin(HP:67/67 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:23) 
Monday November 13th, 2017 6:32:22 PM

Hmerrin isn't moving in this.

The lad clings to the table leg, and yells, "so when does the shaking stop?"

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  2d8+4=11 ; d20+11=30 ; d20+9=14 ; d20+10=12 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:00:13 PM

"What do I do?" Will shouted and stood silent for a moment. He then began to triage the situation.
Finding all the people he could rescue and the ones he could not.
(Heal: 30)(Acrobatics: 14)
... before he could start he tumbled.
"This is insane. We need to figure out what's going on."
While on the ground Will looks to the sky.
(Perception: 12)

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+11=28 ; d20+5=23 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:33:49 PM

Toston says, "That was a one use scroll not a wand. I can't just straight up cast it either as my arcane knowledge is rather limited. I can summon a shield or armor made of force, be a short range flame thrower or channel necromantic energy into a touch attack that scares undead and saps the strength of the living. I can also create a light, detect magic, give someone Taur related skill boosts, or use range attacks that shoot acid or disrupt undead."

(Acrobatics: 28)

The nimble monk used to life on board a ship with rolling seas is only slightly disadvantaged by the rolling of the land and once again tries to use Toros Taur Try to grant one of his less acrobatically inclined cohorts a bonus and once again fails as the spell unravels as he goes to cast it. (Concentration 23)

"Maybe I should exit the building as I seem to be better at actually moving around in this than I am at casting spells in it?" He asks his friends

Var (Tom I.) (HP:60/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23)  d20+3=17 ; d20+11=29 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:45:34 PM

Var manages to get his feet under him (Acrobatics: 17), and heads out to the balcony, scanning the horizon (Perception: 29)

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:10:50 PM

Dušan stumbles, disoriented for second, trying to remember where he last saw a broom.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20+12=20 ; d20+3=16 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 10:12:12 PM

(OOC: ignore my last post. The browser didn't refresh)

Dušan grips his broom firmly, but is unable to concentrate on the spell. Instead he makes a dash to the balcony where he hopes to alight from.

(Concentration check d20+12=20
Acrobatics d20+3=16)

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 61/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+3=20 ; d20+3=4 ; d20+11=19 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 12:48:39 PM

(OOC: Accidentally rolled twices as the first didn't load until after the second. Sorry if I have taken the wrong one)
Gaffer struggles once more to his feet (Acrobatics 20) and moves towards the balcony as well. Hearing the screaming from below he jumps down and starts to do what he can to move people to safety and help them (Heal: 19)

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 3:13:42 PM

Will stands, if he can get his footing and helps to heal who he can.

Shattered - DM Dan K  d6=1 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:05:44 PM

Lornak calls out if anyone can call forth a floating disk of some kind, so allow The Tide to move more easily.
Hmerrin holds on, he teeth, bones and armor rattling violently
Wil heads out onto the street. The first few people he finds are not physically hurt, but are terrified into non action. If he is going to help them, he will need to physically get them somewhere safe. As the side slides away from a house three units down, Wil knows the street is not a safe place to ride out this quake
Var scans the horizon. Dust clouds roll up from the ground, evidence of other structures in Dirt City collapsing, possibly even dropping into The City Below. What must it be like underground? Var also spies a large set of sails rolling out as one of the tall ships in the harbor has managed to get underway, plying towards the open sea and hopefully safety
Dusan attempts another spell, but is rocked into a wall. The impact breaks his concentration. He manages to stumble out to the balcony, broom in hand
Gaffer goes over the rial, on purpose. Acrobatics DC 15 or take 1 Dmg He gets to his feet and locates a man shielding a small girl with his body and the wold shakes about him. Gaffer can tell then man cannot find his feet and needs help.
Toston nimbly heads outside, going with the uneven and moving landscape with little to no trouble. Once outside he spies several nearby citizens in need of help

The quake continues, it has been going for nearly 3 minutes now, an eternity in the chaos. Somewhere in the distance you hear an explosion and those on the balcony see a fireball rise into the sky in the direction of Wolf Tower. A 2' wide crevice then splits open in the center of the street and begins rapidly spreading in length in each direction.

Gaffer and Wil will need to act quickly, else several citizens could be swallowed

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+9=22 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:26:20 PM

Lornak hears Toston say; "one use" before the sound muffles his voice. Lornak shakes his head to indicate he cannot hear him further. As he decides to traverse the stairs to get onto the street he hears one last word from his comrade; "shield." When Lornak deftly traverses the stairs he adds his voice to the noise; "We're going to need one if this keeps up!" (Acrobatics d20=22)

Var (Tom I.) (HP:60/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23)  d20+3=8 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:37:58 PM

"Oi!" Var shouts, "we gotta get out there, an' help folks!" He begins to head for the stairs (Acrobatics: 8) and promptly tumbles to the ground.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:02:28 PM

Dušan jumps off the balcony broom in hand. Now that he wasn't being rattled around, it was easy to cast Flying Broom. He flies forward to run interference on anyone stumbling towards the chasm and calling out warnings to any one who might still fleeing buildings into the street.

"Clear the way! The street is collapsing."

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:02:28 PM

Dušan jumps off the balcony broom in hand. Now that he wasn't being rattled around, it was easy to cast Flying Broom. He flies forward to run interference on anyone stumbling towards the chasm and calling out warnings to any one who might still fleeing buildings into the street.

"Clear the way! The street is collapsing."

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+11=12 ; d20+14=26 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:59:30 AM

Toston moves as quickly as he can towards the folks in need of assistance and proceeds to attempt to provide it.

(OOC: I don't know if we are still supposed to be making acrobatics checks but if so 12 = failure)

However at that time Toston is held in check by particularly violent tremors that he is unable to compensate for.

(Perception: 26)

He takes the opportunity in order to try to figure out how best to help the people through observation.

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 60/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+3=10 ; d20+10=20 ; d20+3=23 ; d20+3=23 ; d20+11=18 ; d20+11=21 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:59:41 AM

Gaffer lands roughly on his ankle after dropping from the rail (Acrobatics: 3). After getting back up he sees civilians in danger and the chaos as the street begins to fall away.Knowing he can't do anything if he can't move he starts to cast Air Walk on himself, but almost as soon as he begins to cast the ground shakes once more and he must abandon the spell to keep his balance. (Concentration: 20; Assuming we still need to make them)

He resolves himself to move towards the man (Acrobatics: nat20! = 23) and child and try and guide them away from the collapsing street. (Aid Another: 23 again), searching for somewhere that could be safe for them. (Perception: 18)

--- Spell List ---
Orisons: Create Water, Light, Detect Magic, Read Magic
Lv1: Cure Light Wounds x2, Entangle x2, (Farie Fire) - D: Obscuring Mist
Lv2: Soften Earth and Stone, Heat Metal, Barkskin - D: Fog Cloud
Lv3: Cure Moderate Wounds, Stone Shape, Greater Thunderstomp - D: Call Lightning
Lv4: (Air Walk), Cure Serious Wounds - D: Sleet Storm

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+9=26 ; d20+10=15 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 3:55:29 PM

"If only we could stop the earthquake. Maybe a spell of Glue the Wold back together?"
Wil smiled, for a second but frown when he realized he had no idea what to do.
"You all need to move!" He shouted.
"I would recommend moving toward the water but that will ultimately be bad. What other choice do we have? The buildings are going to fall on us. Go to the water!"
He then tries his best to help who he can.

(Acrobatics: 26) (Perception: 15)

Hmerrin(HP:67/67 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:23)  d20+1=4 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:44:18 PM

"Help the people," Hmerrin repeats to himself, after hearing the shouts of his friends.

"Help the people..."

The lad tries moving out from under the table, and is thrown on his face.


Acrobatics 4

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16} 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:48:42 PM

Flying was a new sensation for Dušan. He wished he had more time to relish in it. But there was work to do and he returned his focus on helping people.

Shattered - DM Dan K  d6=2 ; d4=3 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:34:30 PM

Lornak heads out onto the street, able to keep his feet on the pitching earth and cracking ground. Several large stones fall from the face of the building directly across from him.

Var's attempt to follow Lornak is cut short by a loss of balance on the turbulent ground

Dusan leaps off the balcony to cast his spell. However, gravity works far quicker than his casting and he strikes the ground Acrobatics DC 15 Else Take 2 Dmg[i]
[i]A character cannot cast a spell while falling, unless the fall is greater than 500 feet or the spell is an immediate action, such as feather fall

Toston heads left to help a man who looks to have taken a bad fall, but trips up on a sudden just of earth beneath his feet. Looking about he observes Shale House to be appearing as the best structure in the immediate area. Everything else has already taken considerable damage.

Gaffer gets to the man and child and is able to get them to their feet. He then brings them to safety to one of the most solid structures in the area, Shale House. "Bless you" he says over and over as the three of you get off the street

Wilford calls out for people to move to the docks, though he is not sure that area is entirely safe either. The hard part will be making it that far under these conditions. Wilford takes in a bit of the surroundings and notices that Shale House seems to be whethering the quake better than most places.

Hmerrin begins to stand, but takes a twist to the knee and his face plants square into the table. Non lethal Dmg 3

The quake rages on, well past 5 minutes of tremendous violence. On the street are, Var, Lornak, Dusan, Toston, Wilford and Gaffer. A 4' wide now 120' long crevice has been ripped into the center of the street and it is still growing. AS if two great hands hand plunged into the earth and are pushing this section of the city apart. To the right of Shale House 2 buildings have completely collapsed about 120' away. Rubble fills the street in that direction, making it impassable. The row house directly across the street from Shale House splits and cracks and you can hear the second floor rushing to me the first amidst muffled screams. To the left,about 300' where the street ends and turns, the entire front facing wall collapses, exposing the complete interior and its inhabitants Above the din, the peeling of an iron bell can be heard. Be it on purpose to draw the faithful or the result of the quake, you cannot be certain.

On the street are at least a dozen people near you and Shale House in need of help. Most are bloodied and hurt. Either from falling debris or having taken a hard spill

To move Acrobatics DC 15
Spell casting Concentration DC 25+ spell level

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+11=15 ; d20+9=12 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:08:41 AM

(Acrobatics: 15)

Toston remembers he is a gnome and as such has access to a reserve of spell energy that is both contradictory more powerful yet more limited than the spell power granted by his draconic heritage.

Toston takes the opportunity to attempt cast the SLA ghost sound (OOC: gnome magic so CL = character level 7 and relevant ability score is charisma so bonus is +2 for a total of +9 and I roll low at 12 = fizzle) and unfortunately he gets distracted by the quaking so that even his gnome magic is no match for the deteriorating conditions.

With the remainder of his turn he walks over to the old man he tried to get to last round and yells while he offers a hand up, "WE NEED TO GET YOU TO SHALE HOUSE!"

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+9=15 ; d20+9=17 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 1:04:50 AM

Lornak steps out onto the street and prepares to bellow as loud as he can. (Acrobatics d20=15) Just then, Lornak is shocked when the stones in front of his vision crash to the ground. It rocks his attempt to corral any survivors on the streets to get into the protective bosom of Shale House. He yells out to anyone that can hear him anyway and waves his hands toward the front double doors. (Perrform d20=17) "This building has new construction! Everyone get INSIDE!"

Lornak will help anyone that may fall or struggle to get to him.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+12=30 ; d20+9=10 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 2:53:24 PM

"Ok you twelve or so persons," Will shouts. "We need you to move into this very capable building over here. Disregard my instructions to head for the water. That was a terrible idea."
(Diplomacy: 30) (Acrobatics: 10)
A jolt takes out Wil's knees and he stumbles and falls. Will curses as Cicero laughs.
"You couldn't do any better," Will shouts.
"A child could stay on his feet better then you," Cicero replied sharply.

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20+3=21 ; d20+12=26 ; d20+6=16 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 5:24:28 PM

They say pride goeth before the fall. At least head did not go before the tail. Dušan envisioned a dramatic feet right be the earth rocked the balcony and he went down to the street instead of up into the air. Only panick and luck kept him from breaking a leg.

This time adrenaline surged through him and he was able to the concentrate on the spell gravity denied him previously. He flies forward to run interference on anyone stumbling towards the chasm and calling out warnings to anyone who might still fleeing buildings into the street, keeping an eye out for those he is most likely to be able to help.

"Clear the way! The street is collapsing."

(OOC: Sorry I thought we were done with rolls and I may have payed a little loose with timing. I figured a move and a standard action would get Dušan in the air. I'll be more explicit in my timing in the future.
Acrobatics d20+3=21
Concentration d20+12=26
Perception d20+6=16)

Hmerrin(HP:67/67 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:23)  d20+1=16 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 6:04:33 PM

Non Lethal - 3

Shaking his head to clear the ringing, Hmerrin utters a primal roar, points himself at the doorway, and launches himself out onto the street.

The sight of all the collapsed buildings nearly makes him turn around, but he powers through it.

Almost frantically, he tries to locate the nearest person in need of help.
[Acrobatics 16]

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 60/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+11=31 ; d20+11=29 ; d20+11=26 ; d8+5=13 ; d8+5=13 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 7:07:28 PM

Gaffer decides he will help less falling over in the street and instead starts to tend to any injured who make it to Shale House. He uses rudimentary healing where possible (Heal: 20 + 11) and attempts to use a level one cure light wounds or two if magical aid is neccesary. (Concentration: Roll 1 = 29, healing 13; Roll 2 = 26, healing 13). He wonders amongst the injured speaking softly, "Who's hurt? Please help the worst injured come forward first!"

--- Spell List ---
Orisons: Create Water, Light, Detect Magic, Read Magic
Lv1: (Cure Light Wounds x2), Entangle x2, (Farie Fire) - D: Obscuring Mist
Lv2: Soften Earth and Stone, Heat Metal, Barkskin - D: Fog Cloud
Lv3: Cure Moderate Wounds, Stone Shape, Greater Thunderstomp - D: Call Lightning
Lv4: Cure Serious Wounds - D: Sleet Storm

Var (Tom I.) (HP:60/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23)  d20+3=23 ; d20+10=24 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:09:52 PM

(Acrobatics 23) finding his feet, Var bounds down the street looking for the first person he can find in distress (Perception: 24), attempting to pull quake victims out of the rubble.

Shattered - DM Dan K  d20+1=18 ; d4=2 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:27:34 PM

Toston and Lornak get a few more people on their feet and stumbling into Shale House where Gaffer is able to get then secured against a solid door frame or the hearth. No one is hurt too badly, twisted knee or ankle some bruises and plenty of scrapes and cuts, but thankfully nothing life threatening.

Hmerrin exists and gets to another in need and helps her up. A few feet away a 5' diameter sinkhole swallows a section of the street.

Dusan casts a spell and gets airborne. He is now free of all of the problems associated with being on the ground. Dusan spies a pair of children he is in a unique position to help. They are on the third floor of a crumbling stucco and timber house a few doors away. a section of the room they are in has collapsed to the street and part of the ceiling has fallen on them.

Wilford takes a hard fall, 2 Dmg Non lethal but gets back to his feet, his nose bloodied from the impact with the street.

The split in the street continues to lengthen, but for the heroes on the street, at least it is currently getting no wider. One of the tails arrives at the rubble pile to the right of Shale house. The entire area opens up and plunges into the darkness below with a thunderous roar.

Gaffer, Lornak and Toston are at the house with 5 rescued people.
Wilford is on the street verbally encouraging folks to stay inside or get to Shale House if already out.
Var is trying to get back to Shale House with a woman.
Dusan is currently in flight about 120 feet left of Shale House.
Hmerrin is at the door just to the left and across the street getting to a woman in need.

The rescued people are in shock, but still very vocal in their thanks, but they also have questions?
"Did the halflings know somehow?
What is going on?
Have Domi and Alemi abandoned us?
Make it stop....ok not all of them have question

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+9=10 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:52:49 PM

Lornak attempts to calm the rescued people down and keep them from hysteria. (Perform d20=10 crit miss) He fails miserably.

"The End is Nigh!" He screams.

Something must have fallen on his head as he rescued the civilians.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+2=17 ; d20+11=15 ; d20+14=18 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:20:25 PM

(Diplomacy: 17)

"As long as I have breathe in my body Alemi and Domi did not abandon us. They are the reason why I wanted to be an adventurer. Now excuse me while I try to find more people to rescue."

(Acrobatics 15)

Toston exits Shale House once again and looks for more people to help (Perception:18)

Dušan Danann (Erik) {HP:33/33; AC:17; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:16}  d20+6=24 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 2:21:41 PM

Dušan flies to the children. He has one hang on to his shoulders like a backpack and puts the other in front of him on the broom. "Hold on tight," Dušan warns as he heads back to Shale House keeping an eye out for any others that need help or are injured. He puts on a braver face than he feels and cries, "To infinity and beyond!"

(Perception 24)

Gaffer (Courtney) HP: 60/61 AC:21)T:16/FF:15) CMD:20 WS 1/2  d20+3=4 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 3:26:03 PM

"Everyone stay here for now, but be ready to move if we tell you." Gaffer tries to organise the rescued a little before going back out onto the street (Acrobatics: 1+3 = 4) but trips to the floor with a thud as his head slams against a fallen rock. Dazed and uncertain, he puts all his attention to climbing to his feet and staying on them.

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Friday November 17th, 2017 11:16:07 PM

"Ow," Wil holds his nose but continues to help.
(So sorry.. I'm really behind today)

Hmerrin(HP:67/67 AC:25 T:15 FF:21 CMD:23)  d20+1=11 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 10:04:13 AM

Hmerrin attempts to scuttle over to the woman, but is again thrown to the ground.

"We need to get to cover at Shale House," he yells to her, while pointing to the only solid structure in the area.

[Acrobatics 11]

Wilford Grimly (HP:44/44; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Saturday November 18th, 2017 1:20:46 PM

"That's a good question," Wil says about the halflings.
"Its awfully curious that they all left. Anyone know anything further about the exodus?" He asks.

Shattered - DM Dan K  d4=1 ; d4=4 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 1:42:13 PM

the rumbling quake continues to batter the structures all about and the party can see more evidence of buildings losing their integrity as pieces fall to the street about them and in the distance.

Var locates a man and young woman only partially buried and quickly frees them. With thanks and
gratitude, the man thanks Var for saving his daughter. Both are quite bloody, cuts and bruises across their faces and the man's right arm is surely broken. Var is able to help both get to the safety of Shale House
Lornak has a moment of panic himself and cries out that the end in near. This has a crushing effect on those people inside of Shale House. They too start crying and wailing in despair.
Toston is able to salvage some hope and reassure the people before he charges back into danger to assist
Dusan gets up to the children, who are crying in terror. When he arrives, he sees a woman, her back braced against the debris and keeping it from falling upon the two toddlers. She screams at Sarah and John to reach out to the man and incredibly is able to reach out and give a slight push to the boy. Even as they step out and secure themselves with Dusan, the floor gives way and the woman plunges into out of sight. Dusan is at Shale House with the pair moments later
Gaffer, too, tries to calm the people, and Lornak perhaps and starts back outside. He missteps and slams into the door frame non Lethal Dmg 1
Wilford continues to shout direction to get to Shale House. Currently he is outside with no one to ask his question directly to.
Hmerrin calls to the woman cowering to get up and get to Shale House, pointing the way even as he is thrown to the ground.Non lethal Dmg 4

The people of Dirt City have now been enduring the quake for over 15 minutes, an eternity it would seem while in the middle of such thing. The ground shifts and breaks some more further down the street and with another mighty thunderous roar, an entire town row collapses at the far end. Dust and debris scatter and rise into the air obscuring all sight Above, the clouds, still lie flat and motionless in their deep gray and black appearance.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+9=23 ; d20+11=18 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 3:34:45 PM

Huddling in the fetal position Lornak wakes from his frightened state on the floor of Tombo's. His eyes tell him the world is still shaking, his ears the sounds of calamity. He stands proudly and makes an effort to get the lucky few that have made in into the safety of their building to get safer still by ushering them under the tables. "Get under the tables and put your hands about your heads!" He yells. He waves his hands.

Lornak looks through the windows to get a sense of whats happening outside. The dust and debris is continuing to kick up. This tells him that even more buildings are falling. While tragic, he is worried about the sky that does not move. What power is at work that bring the winds in the sky to a halt?

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:60/60 AC: 19(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 3:35:27 PM

(OOC oops, those were Acrobatics and Perception rolls respectively (d20=23, d20=18)

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:45/45; AC:22 Touch 20; FF 18 - CMD 23  d20+11=21 ; d20+14=30 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 11:56:49 PM

Toston keeps helping anyone he can find into the shelter of Shale House.


Var (Tom I.) (HP:60/60 AC:24 T:14 FF:18 CMD:23)  d20+3=4 ;
Monday November 20th, 2017 9:32:34 AM

(Acrobatics: 4) Var takes another first-class trip to the floor. "I'm gettin' real tired o' this." Var says, picking himself up off the ground.

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