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Crescent Moons Trading Company

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Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:24 T:14 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Monday July 17th, 2017 6:40:29 PM

Hmerrin listens to the conversation and takes several mental notes, mostly concerning the kinds of questions he shoulda asked Boggs before he agreed to join this crazy expedition.

Wilford Grimly (HP:11/34; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+11=12 ; d20+10=26 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 7:19:18 PM

Will meets Lornak's gaze, listens but explains, "We are at an impasse of opinions about that," he begins. "It's about reputation in this city. It's about who know what happen to when at what time. You cannot slip under the radar in Dirt City... but... disregarding the spirits that guide me sometimes. I will keep the advice in mind. There is a proper place for everything and I certainly have a knack for finding the wrong place." As he finishes he knocks over a pile of trash and curses.
(Stealth: 12 - Perception (Trap Checking): 26)
Wil's stealth is poor but he is able to search the area for traps as he watches Lornak inspect the alleyway.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:33/33; AC:20 Touch 18; FF 16 - CMD 18 
Monday July 17th, 2017 8:46:23 PM

Toston says, "Well met Mesick. I'm not going to lie to you if we tussle with the people we tussled with when we got the intel about the job, the orders they had were to kill everyone in the area, not just us adventurers. It is quite likely us or they could end up getting hurt or killed but all of our group and all the bystanders survived. The assailants well they ordered no quarter and we just defended ourselves. It is possible one or some of the houses may take it personally depending on how good the intel we have is, it isn't that we have a reason to doubt our source but they do have a dog in the fight so their prospective could be biased. I'd prefer not to say who our source is and who we are moving against at this juncture for operational security. Lastly as for how clean this is? Well we are trying to break up some contraband trafficking that effects the safety of all of Dirt City. I would be happy to tell you more about the specifics of the job after we have an agreement,if what I did share is unsatisfactory as it didn't answer all your questions I would understand if you wanted nothing further to do with it, I'd just appreciate if you forget we had this chat. Alternatively I'd also understand if you wanted more than just 100 gold and half a share to move on what little you do know. The next move is yours. I don't suppose your friend would be interested too," Toston nods at the human, "or if you could recommend someone else if you decide not to move on it? Assuming you were interested I'd have to take your offer or counteroffer back to my group but we have a little time so we could always plan to meet here same time tomorrow to finalize our arrangement if satisfactory?"

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:27:37 PM

Dušan tries to refocus his attention to matters at hand and picks up his pace to catch up with Var.

(OOC. I'm back)

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:49/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+11=15 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:54:32 PM

(OOC - Resetting Lornak cache. Good to have you back! (Persp roll for previous post I forgot to roll d20=15)

Ethani (Nellie) 
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:39:29 PM

While waiting for the others to return, Ethani prays to Alemi to help her better prepare for the upcoming combat.

Deeper Information 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 12:51:37 AM

Lornak heads into the alley while Wil keeps a watchful eye. There are no traps by the entrance, but further in? Who knows. Lornak slips quietly and quickly along, not springing anything on his way to the courtyard. He passes a human lying fairly hidden on the edge of the alley. Some debris pulled over him to help camouflage the man. It is obvious he is alive and sleeping. One of the many homeless of Dirt City. At the courtyard, Lornak sees the exiting alleyway goes about 60' and then bends to the left. Also he sees at the bend a small canal leading off at a second right angle on the bend. The courtyard itself is about 20' square with an old fountain and mosaic tiles. Trying to hide here ahead of time and not be seen would be extremely difficult

Dusan hits the catacombs to purchase the potions

Mesick sits back in his chair and takes another drink as his idle hand strums a rhythm on his axe handle. "I admit, your answers as they are, are not much of answers. Were you not of Guardian rank, I think I would tell you to go pound sand, but you are and so I'm in. In for my asking price Toston." Looking to the man talking to the Journeymen and lower, Mesick shakes his head. "Don't know him really at all. Studious type, but I don't think he's actually been in town long. You'd have to talk to him to see if he's interested."
Mesick finishes by asking for wher and when to meet and looking for the 100. Assuming he gets the cash he is amicable to the arrangement

Wilford Grimly (HP:11/34; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18)  d20+10=14 ; d20+11=14 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 2:09:14 PM

Wil waits patiently at the entrance till realizing that trapfinding is really ineffective standing in one place.
He searches for any potential problem areas, traps or hiding spots while watching for Lornak. He attempts to be stealthy. Manages a little bit.
He carefully searches around the alley residents, careful not to rouse them.
(Perception: 14 - Trapfinding; Stealth: 14)

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 4:52:54 PM

Dušan brushes the cobwebs out if his hair as he makes his way back to the others.

(OOC: Sorry still catching up. Do I need to take a ticket in the Catacombs forum for cure moderate potions? Is Lornak paying for all 8 or are we splitting this up? Assuming everything is on the up and up Dušan returns with 8 Potions of Cure Moderate rooms and distributes to whoever is available.)

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:24 T:14 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 6:32:21 PM

Hmerrin leans over to Toston.

"We might wanna quit while we're ahead," he offers quietly.

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:49/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+11=27 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 6:54:07 PM

Lornak does not linger in the alley. He realizes there is no where to use surprise as an advantage near the courtyard itself. Perhaps looking for the best escape route is more prudent. He moves forward enough to get a good look at the flow of the canal and the layout of the surrounding buildings on the other entrance of the alley. (Perception d20=27) When he's finished, he returns back to Wil. "Any trouble?" He asks him only to confirm that there is not trouble. "Lets get back."

Lornak tightens his hood and gets back to crowded streets.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:33/33; AC:20 Touch 18; FF 16 - CMD 18 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:47:38 PM

Toston leans into Hmerrin, "You mean just take Mesick and not ask the studious type guy over there? Good point."

Toston says to Mesick, "I like your style, tell you what I'll cover your asking price up front of 100 gold," the gnome then pulls 100 gold from his haversack and slides it over to Mesick, "We will plan to meet back here tomorrow at the same time on our good words as Guardians in the WLA, I still have to run your participation by the rest of my group as it isn't just the kid and me." Toston gestures to Hmerrin

"I'll be back here either to say thank you but everyone else disagrees and you can keep the gold as a gesture of good will or to pick you up for the actual mission." Is that agreeable?

Var (Tom I.) (HP:30/55 AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:22) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:05:38 PM

(OoC: Sorry for the missed posts, was out of town & traveling.)

Var, lost in his thoughts, follows Dusan through the city and into the Catacombs. The two spend the trip in companionable silence.

Ethani (Nellie) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:40:59 PM

Back in the comfort and solitude of her own room, Ethani changes into her priestly gown. It's been so long since she's stayed any length of time in her own room, she forgot how the silence can be comforting and refocuses her back to Alemi.

She contemplates the battle to come with the Sahuagin. The last battle she had lost her self control. She was not proud of her actions, and she bows her head to join in prayer with Alemi. Alemi, please guide me today. You know my heart. There is nothing I can hide from you. You know that I want the Sahuagin, the enemy of my people to bleed, to hurt, to die. I know this is not your way. You are the Supreme Healer. Please help me to protect my friends but still be an example to the people of Dirt City who need you more than any. Help me understand why you brought me here. Help me understand what you want me to do. I am lost. You know my heart. You know that it would give me no greater pleasure than to leave this place, return to the sea and never come back. But you also gave me Lornak. You know I cannot leave without him or Asteria. Now more than ever, I need to hear your voice. I need your reassurance and your peace.

Ethani loses track of time as she communes with her god, carefully selecting the spells she feels with be most helpful.

Asteria (sub Nellie) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 11:17:16 PM

Not at all understand why they went to the dock just to return almost immediately. I mean, sure the cardio was great, but I mean geeez, couldn't they just go somewhere and fight someone? The barbarian shakes her head. Sometimes she thinks she will NEVER understand her sister. Clunking up the stairs, Asteria kicks of her boots and flops on her bed. Life in Dirt City has taught her to take the down time when it's available.

Deeper Information 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 12:46:36 AM

Wil sees no traps

Dusan, yes goes to the catacombs like a normal transaction and get the potions, and then returns

Lornak finds the other buildings much like the first set and the flow of the channel, looks to lead away from the courtyard. A drain to pull water away from the area, but to the fish men, a faster exit

Mesick agrees and says he will be be there the following day ready to go. If the others say no, he assures you there would be no hard feelings

The group, everyone, is now in the common room, just before dinner to discuss what they have been up to and what the plans are for tomorrow night

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:49/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19  d20+6=18 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 2:25:44 PM

Lornak enters the building and pulls his hood back letting loose his long hair. He makes note of how many customers Tombo has and how miss Culpepper has filled her shop with fabrics. It gives him hope to see normal people exploring the opportunity to live normal lives. He focuses on that feeling as he climbs the stairs because his doesn't want to think about the consequences if the group fails.

Lornak becomes surprised and elated as the vision that is Ethani emerges from her room. Once again in her flowing robes, she is a dream to behold. Nothing stops him as he makes his way to her. He moves close and say with a hushed voice; "I see you here and it takes all I have to still my heart." He leans down and gently kisses her lips."I feared you may not have been here upon my return."

Lornak leaves his conversation with Ethani for later and tells the group about the layout of the meeting place. He sits down and produces his ink bottle, quill pen and parchment from his belt pouch and proceeds to draw out a map of what he and Wil saw. (Profession[Scribe] d20=18) He has an idea about leaving boats in the canal for them to use to escape but is unsure if it is sound; "The Sahuagin could easily use that route as means to come to the meeting and escape."

"I still believe that surprise is our best option. If we come to the party from this street..." He points to the street at the far end of the alley that he explored. "...we can effectively cut them off from the canal if we hold it." He sits back in his chair. "And we would have the option to backtrack the way we came or take the canal."

He looks around the room. "We can all swim right?"

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:24 T:14 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 7:16:25 PM

"Swim? Yes," Hmerrin answers. "Swim while encased in armor? Ummmmm, could be interesting. I'd rather not find out, truth be known."

The lad grins. "So, I'm in favoring of backtracking. Actually, I'm in favor of winning and not having to worry about it. Toston got us some help, 'nother head-cracker like me an' Asteria."

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 7:21:35 PM

"I can keep my head above water, but I doubt the canal would be a good idea. I imagine something that shares that much in common with a shark would be more adept than any of us in the water with the exception of Ethani."

Dušan throws Lorna back the sack of gold lighter by subtraction used to purchase the potions.

(I believe it will be 400gp. I'll let you know when the ticket goes through."

Wilford Grimly (HP:11/34; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:20:47 PM

Wil follows Lornak back thinking about something.
He then suddenly gasps. "It's my birthday!"
"I completely forgot it was my birthday.. Now what were doing?"

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:33/33; AC:20 Touch 18; FF 16 - CMD 18 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:22:24 PM

Toston says, "I have secured us a non-house related backup from the WLA. A Guardian level Dwarf wearing full plate and wielding a dwarven war axe. I have put a 100 gold down payment for his services. He has agreed to meet me tomorrow at the same time in the day a the WLA. All he wants besides what I have paid him is a half share of the treasure. I just became a guardian recently myself so he is at least as experienced as we are and it seemed like he knew how to handle that war axe. He seemed to be on the up and up and Hmerrin was there too. If you veto his participation, I still have to let him know tomorrow. All I told him is the mission is dangerous and we could die, it involves some of the houses and a contraband shipment that effects the safety of Dirt City. Up to you guys whether we use him or not but I think it is a good idea."

Of Mice and Men 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:05:58 AM

Everyone is back at the house and making the final plans. The group has secured a sword arm, a Guardian ranked member of the WLA named Mesick Stoneminder. The dwarf will meet up with the party, or at the very least, Toston, tomorrow for lunch at the WLA building for final plans and where he will need to meet you.
Toston or Hmerrin, don't forget to lighten your gold by 100

Lornak draws out a good sketch of the meeting place.
DM will drop a map soon
The basics are a pair of allies meet at a small center courtyard. Both allies are cluttered and about 8-10' wide. Buildings flanking each alley for the first 75' or so are two stories high with an eave style roof allowing the rain to fall to the center and few to no first floor windows.
A small canal, perhaps 5' wide leads away from the courtyard at a right angle to the alley entrances. The depth is unknown and is cuts under the buildings
the meeting location is in no man's land between House Wolf and House Teeth. Between Smuggler City and South Pack, west of The Burn

Wilford Grimly (HP:11/34; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 12:53:08 PM

"So, what's the plan?" Will says to the others. "I can be spokesperson for the group, or backup."
"We could dress up as grubbers and place ourselves within the area. Keep good cover and we may not get seen. We made this deal with Three-Bits? Remind me, who actually made the deal that we would show up. The reason for asking is that person will have to be a point person."

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:49/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 3:39:18 PM

"I think disguising as street urchins is a great idea. We can lay low along the road that enters the courtyard on the canal side(Smuggler City?). We let them pass and then come in after them there. We have to be careful though, the alley is only 8 to 10 feet wide so whoever goes in can only stand two to three side by side."

"I think Var and I start on the rooftops and play the range game."

To Wil he says; "There was no deal. Var and I were just provided the information about where the deal was going to take place and the bottom line is: we are the only ones that can act to stop it."

"I don't like it. I hate that we've been watched. I cannot stand feeling manipulated, but these weapons cannot be out on the streets."

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 4:54:01 PM

"I have the perfect costume for a street urchin." Dušan turns around with a flourish and gestures at himself and his outfit, "Voila! Traveling Clothes, the latest in modern fashion for the urchin in the know. At least it's what I wore when then. In all seriousness, I could cast Disguise on myself, but I'd rather save the spells for when things get punchy."

Hmerrin(HP:61/61 AC:24 T:14 FF:21 CMD:21) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 7:03:54 PM

"Well I suppose me an' Stoneminder...I wonder if he's related?... I mean me an' him can probably throw a cloak or something over ourselves and sit at the end of the street there.

Then, somebody'll need to give a signal, and he and I can move up and start hacking at people."

Wilford Grimly (HP:11/34; AC: 18; Touch: 12; Flat: 16; CMD: 18) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 7:27:21 PM

"Oh ok... I was thinking we were involved in this but now we can just hide till the deal is done. We need to wait till we have a good idea who's involved."
"Are we just going to pop out or wait till it's done?"

Var (Tom I.) (HP:30/55 AC:17 T:13 FF:14 CMD:22) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:04:56 PM

Var nods at Lorna's suggestion, "Aye, the roofs 'll be a good spot for me."

"I'll stick t' the shadows, but you all give a shout if fight I'm starts and I'm not on-the-spot wif my shots."

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:33/33; AC:20 Touch 18; FF 16 - CMD 18 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:35:13 PM

Toston says, "I'm human child size anyway so I probably can pull of urchin. I'll wear my cloak and gloves and things. Mesick seems like a decent guy. I'm happy to have him aboard. There was another guy there who was a more studious type and Mesick didn't know. Hmerrin suggested only getting Mesick so we didn't bother asking about the other guardian."

Ethani (Nellie) 
Friday July 21st, 2017 8:39:43 AM

Listening to the layout of the area, Ethani nods in agreement. "I can swim just fine, but at least for the beginning, I should do my normal routine of sticking near to Asteria."

The sea elf rubs her chin. "Not sure how well I can disguise myself. With this blue skin of mine, I tend to stick out, but I will do my best. I have been working with Alemi to come up with some clever tactics that I hope will help out. I can fight, but it's not where my strength lies."

Ethani cozies up to Lornak as the planning session continues, so glad to be back near him after last nights frustration.

Asteria (sub Nellie) 
Friday July 21st, 2017 8:42:46 AM

Ateria's ears perk up at the mention of swimming. "Well, in my armor I tend to sink...like a rock...blub...blub...blub..." The barbarian performs a rather comical hand motion of a rock being dropped and then sinking quickly...complete with sound effects.

"I don't mind disguising myself as long as we can get this over with and protect the citizens. Can't wait to bust some heads and teach them that they can't mess with Dirt City or Ethani's people." Asteria gives a lop sided grin.

Toston Lotor(Hugh Crosmun) [HP:33/33; AC:20 Touch 18; FF 16 - CMD 18 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 10:12:38 PM

Toston says, "I don't really wear armor but I'm not that great of a swimmer. I know how to but that is about it."

Lornak (Frank S.) HP:49/49 AC: 18(T:13/FF:10) CMD:19 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 10:46:45 PM

Lornak is aware of Ethani's presence as he speaks what was not spoken before; "I'm glad to have any help that we can get. Your WLA members will be welcomed with open arms." Lornak says to Toston.

Of Mice and Men 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 10:52:04 PM

The group starts planning out the best course of action as they see it and turning some into street urchins along the Main Street seems to be the most popular. Taking to the rooftops to provide range will be hard, if the deal goes down in the courtyard. There will not likely be any good shots unless the archer is right up on top of the courtyard itself. Swimming the canal is a long shot, but one that is good to keep in mind if the fight goes that direction

All that is left is to get a good nights rest a few good meals, touch base with Mesick and someone will need to start putting together the disguises

[i]disguise check rolls[i]

Dušan (Erik) [HP:40/40; AC:13; Touch: 13; FF:10; CMD:15 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 11:09:34 PM

"I can lend Guidance to aid in any disguises" Dušan offers, "if someone can help me with mine."

Dušan casts casting assisting those who need it for +1 to a skill check.

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