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Lakeview Passage

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Stock (JonM) HP: 65/65; AC: 21/13/18; CMB: 10; CMD: 23  d20+9=17 ; d20+5=10 ;
Saturday January 13th, 2018 4:35:05 PM

Status Effect - Deafened

One moment, Stock is jogging two steps ahead of Sid, the next he is clutching his ears. Then it's just ringing and he can tell he's been yelling because of how hoarse his throat is. He opens his eyes wide, tilts his head and starts smacking his ear...nothing.

Then he's on his back looking up at the canopy overhead. He pops up as quickly as possible and spins to check out the rest of the crew.

He thinks he yells for Sid but the rogue makes no response.

At least he stayed on his feet.

He sees the others further down the trail in various states of shock. Nobody is hurt..He shakes his head one last time and again, begins jogging for Cutter.

I wonder if it's been like this all along out here or if this is some new devilry.
Fort Save 17

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+7=12 ; d20+2=21 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 1:21:02 AM

Bartomus found himself trying to stay up as the loud noise pained his ears. He bellowed in pain as the sound made him wince and the world shook, he stood, but he couldn't hear anything. Shouting he asks, "Now what caused that?

There was a ringing in his ears, and he had a slight headache as well. He carefully walked over to one of the new fissures and looks over the edge. He shook his head, shouted to the others, "This looks pretty deep to me."

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Sunday January 14th, 2018 2:43:53 AM

"Oh right," Sid yells, though he doesn't realize he is doing it, "I was going to make a hand language for the Shields so we could communicate in situations where silence was key." He looks around, "Who can hear me?" He says trying to be moderately loud.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/10/23 CMD:17  d20+7=23 ; d20+2=17 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 2:51:21 PM

Sensing something, Micah clamps his ears just as the loud explosion erupts. Despite the dampening his hands provided, his ears continue to ring following the sound, though he his still able to hear.

When the earth moves, he falls unceremoniously to the ground. Having lived his entire life on a floating city, he has no experience with such an event. Fighting back a sense of dread, he calls out, "Is it over?" as he pulls himself to his feet.

When he sees Bartomus approach the fissure, he yells, "Watch out! It may happen again!"

When Bartomus ignores him, he wonders if the loud blast affected his hearing.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 45/45hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +9 (11 w/flail on disarm/trip) CMD: 19 +2 vs grapple, disarm   d20+3=15 ; d20+9=11 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 9:57:40 AM


As all the animals suddenly stop making noise Stohp also freezes, sensing something monumental is about to happen. Unfortunately half a second's forewarning does nothing to help her prepare (Fort 15, reflex 1). The loud noise makes her clap her hands to her ears, wacking herself with her drawn weapon, and as she tumbles over said weapon goes flying, narrowly avoiding the new chasms created by the earthquake.

As she scrambles to retrieve it she calls out, "Is everyone ok?! Did anyone fall in or get injured?"

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:40/40 CMD:15]  d20+6=12 ; d20+6=7
Monday January 15th, 2018 2:27:28 PM

When the massive sound rocks the lands, Dorbin reaches up and puts his hands over his ears. As the ground shakes, he falls to the ground on his back, still pressing his hands against his head clearly in pain. He tries to watch around the area, but the deafness is confusing and he struggles to his knees in the sand.

Fort save: 12
Reflex: 7

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 67/67 AC: 23 T: 13 FF: 22 CMD: 19  d20+11=20 ; d20+7=22 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 3:13:03 PM

By some grace Zanderallen manages to react just in time to save but his ears and footing. Covering his ears and bracing he suffers no I'll effects. "I can hear you. I think the sky is falling." Zander calls out as he puts out the meteors shooting across his view. He accompies his yell with a hand gesture as he realizes several of his companions can't hear. Looking around to make sure they're alright he also starts jogging towards the village. Being careful to stay away from all the fissures. He keeps glancing up at the meteors, wondering how long before the rest of the sky followed it down. This is what he imagined it would look like if the Float ever fell apart.
Fort 20
Ref 22

DM Robert - Armegeddon  
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:38:05 PM

Zanderallen may have a concussion because his spelling is terrible.

There seems to be a mass of confusion, you can see the residents of Cutter (you are outside the forest proper on the trail/road) shaking their heads and shouting at each other.

Zanderallen points upward and you see...hundreds of meteors streak across the sky - all coming from the south. They look to be made of brilliant colors that sparkle in the sunlight and are trailed by fiery tails. Their sizes vary from the size of a cart to the size of a mighty galleon. Many fly through the upper atmosphere on long trajectories towards other distant locations. Suffice to say they will strike throughout the Wold.

Knowl Geography
DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: { There are a number of volcanoes in the Wold: Bonetown is based alongside one, and the Volcanoes in the Scab are famous for their ferocity. But this phenomenon comes from a completely different direction to those. To the best of your knowledge there are no volcanoes anywhere in the Wold that could erupt so tremendously}

Knowl Nature Wow really, the druid puts only 1 rank into knowledge nature? Last time the DM adjusts some required rolls...
DC5: Highlight to display spoiler: {The sky is falling! The sky is falling!}
DC15: Highlight to display spoiler: {These meteors are unlike any you have ever seen or heard of. They don't even look like ordinary rocks - they sparkle and twinkle as they pass overhead. There is no discernible heat from them that would indicate they originated from a recent volcanic eruption}

Knowl History
DC20: Highlight to display spoiler: {Never in recorded history has the Wold experienced such an event. This is something completely new.}

The meteors soar overhead and continue out of sight but you can hear some of them land in the distance with a soft *whoompf* sound. Some sound close, some faint. The Wold is being peppered with these things.

As you watch the sky you notice that one is particularly low. So low in fact that for a moment you fear it may even hit the Tree itself! It passes very low overhead. You can feel the gust of wind that follows it and the subsequent change in air pressue that you feel in your chest. It impacts not too far away. Much much closer than the others *WHOOMPF* The ground shakes again but far less violently than before. A red glow quickly and ominously fills the sky in the direction of what you assume was the impact, before fading away.

Knowl Geography/Local/Survival
DC10: Highlight to display spoiler: {Based on it's trajectory you put it landing somewhere northeast of Cutter, somewhere in the former Crying Wood. It was flying so low that best guess is that it would be less than a day's travel from Cutter.}

Bartomus gets a distinct sense of dread, and it's not just from what they have seen. You can't put your finger on it but something deep within you tells you that something terrible is about (or has?) to happen. The feeling is so strong. It's like... a feeling that you're about to die?

OOC: This explosion is so huge that it is being felt/played in every game in the Wold!

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/10/23 CMD:17  d20+1=18 ; d20+1=3 ; d20+6=17 ; d20+4=22 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 9:25:13 PM

Micah exclaims in wonder, "The paladin's right. The sky is falling." He should be frightened, but, given the magnitude of events there is nothing he knows to do that could preserve himself, so he chooses not to be.

After admiring the wondrous atmospheric display he keeps an eye on area where the meteorite struck.

Knowledge Nature 10 (untrained max)
Knowledge local/survival 3/6
Knowledge History 17
Perception 22 to view the horizon of the red glow.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+4=8 ; d20+4=18 ; d20+4=17 ; d10=8 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:21:07 PM

Highlight to display spoiler: { To DM - Bartomus came to the druid thing in a round about way - so nature here in the Float is not the same as where his people lived in the desert. He is also one of the Fey Domain.

Knowledge Geography - 8
Knowledge Nature - 18
No history -
Knowledge Geography/etc - 17

He backed away from the fissure when the heavens lit up with the streaking lights of meteors. He had seen shooting stars and stars that fell from heaven in hills and prairies of the Great Plains. When they found the hot molten fallen stars, the smiths made something from the metal for the Chiefs. But here, in the silence of the day, this was different so very, very different.

"IS THERE HIGHER GROUND? We need to find something solid, rock solid away water and the lake. " Bartomus was shouting even louder than he could bellow. He looked about the village and the villages. He could see them talking, but he couldn't hear anything. "That is going to strike not far from here. We need to find some place safe..."

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 45/45hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +9 (11 w/flail on disarm/trip) CMD: 19 +2 vs grapple, disarm   d20+13=14 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:12:06 PM


Stohp doesn't have a very good grasp of nature or geography, but she knows the local area (Knowledge Local nat 1... fail? Or success?). Looking at the ominous red glow, Stohp becomes very afraid. "I really don't like the looks of that..." she mutters, though she doesn't realize she said it out loud due to being deafened.

Stock (JonM) HP: 65/65; AC: 21/13/18; CMB: 10; CMD: 23  d20+6=14 ; d20+9=26 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:37:50 AM

Status: Deafened
Stock tilts his head again, smacking his ear.

Still Nothing.

He turns back toward the party. They were saying something. He looks up and sees streaks of light through the sky.

Rocks...in the sky? Falling?

Being a dwarf, Stock knows rocks. And he knows they aren't supposed to be in the sky. The low meteor streaks overhead and Stock tries to make a mental note for where it was headed. Stock shakes his head again and heads toward Micah, pointing to his right ear and mouthing that he can't hear anything.
Knowledge Nature 14
Survival 26

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:40/40 CMD:15] 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:08:26 PM

Dorbin stays on his knees, opening and closing his mouth, but still unable to hear anything. He looks around at the others and sees everyone looking up. He looks up as well at the objects in the sky. He shoves his fingers in his ears, hoping to unplug them.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 67/67 AC: 23 T: 13 FF: 22 CMD: 19 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:44:15 PM

Having no clue what any of this means, Zanderallen does the one thing he can think of. Hearing his companions yelling they need to find safety he starts working to gather the villagers together and stabilize the confusion. "People of the Cutter. Jella and the Silver Shields are here. We need to get to safety. Gather your families and follow us." Realizing many probably still can't hear he waves his arms and beckons for them to gather up and follow.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:58:21 PM

Sid looks up at the sky and doesn't realize how close the trajectory pattern is for the shimmering meteors. He things of the sign for 'danger' that is 'everywhere' and half tries some patterns as he watches the sky. "HEY!" He says as he is still deafened(1 of 3?), "IF ANYONE MAKES IT TELL ELLY I LOVED HER. THE FLOAT SHOULD BE SAFE. IN FACT MY BOWS AND THIS RING OF PROTECTION SHOULD GO TO HER."

"WARDD PROTECT HER AND FFLOYD GUIDE HER," he says as he awaits the impacts.


Knowledge(Geo): 14
Knowledge(Nature): 23
Knowledge(History): 27 (Hey, this is a Nat. 20, anything extra is appreciated)
Knowledge(Local): 22
Linguistics: 13
Knowledge(Engineering): 9 (HEY, this is a Nat 1.)

((Accidentally posted this as a Private post last night. Ooops.))

DM Robert - The paladin's right. The sky is falling. 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 8:29:13 PM

Micah scans the location where the meteor hit, the glow fades. Thankfully it does not look like fire. Also there does not seem to be any more meteors. It seems they passed in a wave, how bizarre, almost as if they were all from the same source.

Bartomus shouts about needing to find higher ground. What could be higher than some of the trees of the Crying Wood you just passed through. However, many of the townspeople of Cutter seem to be walking around in a daze. His shouts are enough to deafen those that are not already deafened.

Stohp thinks she knows where that low flying meteor hit. It's relatively nearby, well as the crow flies, between here and the lake, but somewhere in the woods and not near the path you just came up on. No you can't auto fail on a knowledge check

Stock also is pretty sure he knows where the meteor hit. He just can't hear anything still. Wait, now there is a ringing in his ears, however each ear is ringing at a different pitch. (Welcome to my world, I really do have tinnitus in both ears and they ring at a different pitch, for me there is no such things as silence. Stock hopes the effect ends soon.

Dorbin in a state of near shock tries to clear his ears, he is desperate to hear something...anything...wait was that Bartomous whispering something?

Zanderallen waves his arms and seems to attract the attention of several residents.

Jella turns to Zanderall. "Follow us? Where are we going to take them?" She looks up. "The meteors seem to have passed."

Sid cries out his will, hoping someone could hear him. He realizes that there has never been a meteor show like this before. It was not like any other, instead of heated rocks they appeared to be diamonds or glass, or maybe some form of quartz. And as they passed over there were sparkles of color, as if pieces were being chipped off by the savage passage through the atmosphere. Truly something to be recorded for posterity, if there is any posterity.

Those that can hear, now realize that several of the party seem to be shouting loudly. Of course there are many (well most) residents of Cutter shouting and gesturing at each other too.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/10/23 CMD:17 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 10:14:06 PM

"Clear of anything that might fall," replies Micah in response to Jella. "Beyond that anywhere is just as likely to be safe or unsafe."

Especially after their rodent experience on the Float, Micah is concerned about what creatures might stir as a result of all the upheavals. Having deduced that both Bartomus and Dorbin are deaf, he gets each of their attention and gathers them together. He then points to their ears, then draws the Rod of Silent Spells from his belt, extending it out in a welcoming gesture. If either reaches for it, he hands it to them with a smile. If not, he returns it to his belt and with a flourish indicates that they are encouraged to grab it should they see a need.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 1:01:56 AM

Bartomus saw Micah waiving at him. He looked about and yelled, "YA, WHATCHA NEED MICAH? I THINK WE SHOULD GET PEOPLE TO SOME PLACE SAFE."

His throat started to feel scratchy. He swallowed as he walked over towards Micah as Micah continued to waive towards him. "b]"WHAT DO YOU WANT MICAH? OH A WAND, YEA IT SURE LOOKS PRETTY, NICE WOOD TOO. NO I DON'T THINK THE WAND WILL WORK WELL I MY EARS. I THINK YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO POINT THEM AT THINGS."[/b]

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 45/45hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +9 (11 w/flail on disarm/trip) CMD: 19 +2 vs grapple, disarm  
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 1:15:46 AM

Stohp's hearing is finally starting to get slightly better. She's still basically deaf, but to her relief it doesn't seem likely to be permanent. Looking towards the meteor's crash site she motions towards it, trying to indicate that they should go investigate. She really, really doesn't want to go to the ominously glowing rock, but that's the kind of thing she signed up for in the adventuring business. She wasn't about to get cold hooves and flee.

Stock (JonM) HP: 65/65; AC: 21/13/18; CMB: 10; CMD: 23 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 9:48:40 AM

Status: Deafened
Seeing Bartomus trying to say something, he makes out some of what he is trying to say.



While he waits for Micah to do something with the wand, he turns and sees Stohp motioning towards where the meteor landed. "YEAH. WE SHOULD GO THERE AFTER WE CHECK ON CUTTER"

Yes I realize the rod won't fix his hearing.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:40/40 CMD:15]  d20+14=32 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:41:32 AM

Dorbin sees Micah and heads over to him. He spots the rod and tries to read Bart's lips, but he just shrugs. When the rod is offered, he recognizes it and takes it, gesturing to thank Micah. When Stock looks for someone to use the rod, he tries to mime that the rod isn't a rod that can heal or a rod that can fix hearing loss, but instead is a rod that can help someone cast spells without using verbal components. Mostly it ends up just being a lot of hand waving, pointing to the rod, and opening and closing his mouth.

OOC: Knowledge, Arcana: 32 to see if Dorbin knows the rod. I think he gets it.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 67/67 AC: 23 T: 13 FF: 22 CMD: 19 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 2:56:12 PM

Fear and adrenaline rushing through him, Zanderallen loses it watching the antics of the rest of the Shields. Laughing uproariously at the wild gesturing and confused yelling it takes several moments for him to calm down. Getting a hold of himself he looks abashedly a Jella as she addresses him. "Sorry about that Jella. I just couldn't help it. There probably isn't a good place to take them. Let's get the town gathered up so we can make sure no one is missing. Then we'll leave the supplies here and go check out the meteor that landed just over there unless someone has a better idea." He wanders off to check on the townspeople, muttering to himself, "I wonder what a piece of the sky looks like? Is it magic like the Float? At least I think the Float is magic. Or is that just the way things are? How tall is the sky? Maybe we can find out."

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+10=13 ; d20+8=16 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:32:47 PM

Sid watches the pieces glitter and fall off, and tries to note what he can of their paths. "Hopefully those are just bits of beautiful, non-destructive inert things," he says to himself ((to clarify he is talking low/whispering to himself, which means that he is just very loud)). "HEY CAN ANYONE HEAR YET? ARE WE GOING TO LOOKING FOR THOSE THINGS? HOW ARE THE VILLAGERS? DO WE NEED TO GET THEM TO THE FLOAT FOR THE MOMENT OR DO WE THINK IT IS SAFE ENOUGH HERE?"


Perception: 13 (To note any off shoots of the meteor)
Knowledge(Engineering): 16 (To try and figure out a trajectory for any off shoots of the meteor he sees)

DM Robert - Listen to what the man said - wings 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 8:33:28 PM

Suddenly everyone realizes that people are shouting. Some people's ears are ringing somewhat but your hearing is definitely back!

Bartomus and Zanderallen take the lead in rounding up the citizens of Cutter. While seemingly a daunting task it takes only a little time. Sid pitches in immediately, his mind breifly siezes as he tries to calculate the trajectories of so many meteors. He concludes that everyplace on the Wold must have taken a hit or near hit.

The citizens of Cutter are thankful for the supplies you have brought now. Before they may not have needed them, but there are many minor injuries, scraps, cuts, and the like. And of course many near the animals took some hurt trying to control them. They are stunned, in shock, and definitely afraid. Nothing like this has happened in their lifetimes. Many look to you expectantly.

Dorbin takes the wand knowing instantly what it is. Micah nods and girds himself for what may lay ahead.

Stock and Stohp stare into the woods. The red glow has faded. But what landed, what new devastation has befallen forest.

It is a little after noon.

Everyone receives 1 hero point for attempting to help the people of Cutter. Remember you got a hero point when you leveled up as well. You can only 'hold' as many hero points as you have levels.

Stock (JonM) HP: 65/65; AC: 21/13/18; CMB: 10; CMD: 23 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:37:35 AM

Stock nods at Dorbin.

"Wow. That rod really helped. I didn't think you'd be able to get it to work."

These people have had it rough...I hope they can hold out here.

"Well, we're burning daylight here. Off to the falling rock then?"

Stock again tilts his head and wallops his ear.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:40/40 CMD:15] 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:49:01 PM

Dorbin starts to correct Stock, but stops when he realizes it's probably not worth the effort. He looks overt to see if citizens seem to be generally okay. He goes and checks on Emily to make sure she is okay as well. Then says, "guess we're off!"

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:49:55 PM

"We'd better, if there was something that managed to survive that fall, then I don't want to meet it at night... or in the day for that matter." Sid stares at the sky for a moment, "What ever happened it's hit about everwhere in the Wold."

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/10/23 CMD:17  d20+14=20 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 1:06:50 PM

Realizing that everyone's ears are recovering, Micah retrieves the magic rod, explaining to Dorbin, "I had no idea how long that effect would last. Since I could hear, I wanted you to be able to cast should the need arise."

His inclination is aligned with the others who have spoken. He takes a moment to survey the townspeople and realizes they are frightened and in need of some direction. "Good people of Cutter," he begins gently but loudly, "None of us know what to expect, but we do know that working together makes us stronger. Continue to watch out for each other while we, the Silver Shields, make sure there is no threat from what fell to the earth. We hope to be back by nightfall, but it may be farther away than we think, so do not be concerned if we are not."

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 45/45hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +9 (11 w/flail on disarm/trip) CMD: 19 +2 vs grapple, disarm  
Thursday January 18th, 2018 1:09:56 PM

Stohp is more than a little relieved to be able to hear again, though her head still hurts and her hearing isn't 100%. "I don't think rocks usually glow bright red. That just stinks of magic. I'm less worried about a monster riding along with it and more worried about what a magical explosion might have changed in the woods. There's all kinds of nasties in there that it could make run wild or make even nastier."

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/10/23 CMD:17 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 2:21:59 PM

OOC: Sorry, the 20 was for a diplomacy check to calm down the populance

DM Robert - over the river and through the woods 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 8:55:05 PM

Micah seems to have a way with words and the residents calm down. Or at least put on a braver face. They wish you luck.

Jella separates herself from you and turns to speak. "I think I'll stay here in Cutter, in case anything comes from another direction....or if something gets past you. Besides, I might still be able to warn The Float...should you not return."

The woods look...like woods. There are mighty trees here and the leaves crinkle beneath your feet as you start walking into the forest. Not all the leaves have fallen from the tree's yet, so there are still instances of shade but you can also tell the direction and height of the sun.

Again the last time you were in the woods you felt like you were constantly being watched, there is no sense of that.
Knowledge Nature 15
Highlight to display spoiler: {It reminds you of walking in the park on The Float, if anyone of you ever did that when you were growing up there. Peaceful, quiet, it's as if you are all alone in the woods.}

Please outline your preferred marching order as well as including how you are traveling (weapon drawn, wearing armor, talking, silence, etc) and any spells/effects you currently have in place. These things may work in your favor or against you. If you don't list these things I will have to assume they are not in place.

Stock (JonM) HP: 65/65; AC: 21/13/18; CMB: 10; CMD: 23  d20+6=23 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 10:39:20 AM

Stock nods at Jella, looks over the party and then starts off at his usual brisk pace, expecting the others to follow. After a few steps he turns around again and walking backwards says,

"Do we want to be scouting or just charging forward? You know I prefer the direct route."

Knowledge Nature 23

As usual, Stock will try to keep out in front unless somebody else is scouting ahead. There's no real way to sheath his flail so he is carrying it.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:40/40 CMD:15] 
Friday January 19th, 2018 11:02:03 AM

Dorbin waits for the others to take the lead, he knows he is not the one to be out in front. He looks around nervously and feels like he should be more prepared than he is.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 67/67 AC: 23 T: 13 FF: 22 CMD: 19 
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:17:30 PM

"Direct route is good with me. Although is someone wants to scout ahead Micah and I are a little slower in this armor so you can outpace us.". Taking his spot right behind Stock, he plods along.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/10/25 CMD:17 
Friday January 19th, 2018 1:14:01 PM

Micah nods in agreement with the paladin and steps in position, ready to follow Stock's lead. While waiting for everyone to muster, he dons his shield and casts magic vestment on it. For now, he will keep his mace in his belt.

Noting the wizard's hesitancy he turns to Dorbin with a warm smile and says, "Stay behind us. Should something arise, Zander and I can shield you to give you the time you need to do what you do best."

magic vestment +2 AC (header adjusted) duration: 6 hours.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:55:55 PM

Bartomus joined in the group and re and moved the glave's sheath. "Hopefully, we can just see what is out there and come right back, right?" He looked at Micah and then at Zander, "I can follow you guys, if that works?"

He looked about the forest and the path ahead of them. "Might be some value in having a rear guard too."

Highlight to display spoiler: { Bart came armed and armored. Spells include: Light, Guidance, Elf Vision
Magic stones, CLW, Faerie Fire
Flaming Sphere, CMW, Call Down Lighting
ALSO - he has the Woodland Stride class skill.

DM Robert - It's the end of the world as we know it - R.E.M 
Friday January 19th, 2018 9:35:24 PM

The party marches forward. Where are Stohp and Sid in this marching, you're outdoors so you don't have to be single file.

Zanderallen Micah

The passage through the forest continues. You occasionally hear birds.
Perception 10
Highlight to display spoiler: { You see a deer, an honest to goodness deer go springing out of the forest, as if it just wandered in here from someplace outside the Crying Wood (that hates all living animals) and now has decided to go back to where it came from.}

As you continue in the air becomes dusty, perhaps ash or dirt, or something from that meteor impact. Further ahead you can detect a faint reddish glow filtering back against the many trees in your path.

You can taste the dust in your mouth. Though it irritates your eyes, it also makes it a little hard to see. (-2 to all perception checks at this point)

The party carefully arrive at a distance where they can see a crater some 100ft ahead and it being the source of the glowing light. Around the edge of the crater the grass has turned a dull red and is moving against the wind.
Knowledge Nature 15
Highlight to display spoiler: { You have never seen that kind of plant before, the leaves are like nothing you've ever seen. Are those vines connecting them together?}

That isn't the strangest or most disturbing sight however.

On the grass all around you can see a terrible sight. Animals lying on the ground, twisting and writhing in great pain. Elk, parrots, hawks, tiny white furred monkeys, and some of the Giant Beetles. All groaning, cawing, and chittering in a terrible unnatural way and frothing at the mouth as they do so.

As you watch you can see the animals suffer even further. Their fur and feathers fall from their bodies as it is washed away from the blood that covers them, like dirt washed from hands. The blood is seeping out of their skin and eyes. The beetle's shell seems to crack and the exoskeleton on the legs seems to slough off sightly, you realize their is blood seeming from the joints and crevasses on the beetle. There is something deeply wrong here.

It is obvious the putrid smell attracted some crows that have landed on the animals that are not moving, pecking and tearing away pieces of flesh. A scraggly wolf is tearing at the writhing deer not being content to wait for it to die.

I've noticed that sometimes people make their spoiler roll and get it, but then don't really communicate what was in the spoiler to other party members that failed the roll or don't have the skill for that roll....just saying

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+7=11 ; d20+4=9 ; d20+4=18 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 10:57:58 PM

"What in blazes happened here," Bartomus looked about the field of the dying animals and the moving the red grass. He watched that closely and yelled at Zander and Micah.
"We need to back away - it's red, moving closer, something isn't right with everything dying here. We need to back away."

While he said that, he doesn't move.
Highlight to display spoiler: { Perception made, Knowledge nature failed - ignore the third roll.}

Sid(Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+4=24 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 11:32:53 PM

Sid has been slightly off the the sides, trying to be less noticeable, and has his bow at the ready. They come across the weird fire and he feels a touch of bile in the back of his throat, "The gods preserve," he looks at everyone and says a little roughly, "I don't know what this is, but if it a fire that bleeds and feeds, or an animal or whatever, if we can't stop this one of us has to make it back to warn everyone. You'd better decide who before the fighting starts because, Wardd bless us, we do better at hitting things than anything else. I vote for Stoph, by the by."


((Please ignore the roll, sigh))

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/10/25 CMD:17  d20+4=14 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 8:39:40 AM

"Did you see that?" exclaims Micah pointing in the direction of the deer. "How did that get here? I thought the only thing living in those woods were those crazy beetles.

When they approach the dreadful tableau before them,feeling more breathless than their trek should account for, he softly calls out, "Hold up.'

After a thoughtful pause to recover from the sight of terrible plight of animals in the area, he suggests, "There is nothing we can do for those poor beasts now. I wonder if what affected them was a one time result of whatever caused that crater or if it could be an ongoing residual effect. Let us wait and watch a bit to see."

Perception 14
Not skilled in nature

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 45/45hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +9 (11 w/flail on disarm/trip) CMD: 19 +2 vs grapple, disarm  
Saturday January 20th, 2018 11:48:26 AM

Stohp starts towards the front of the formation and a little to the side. Just behind Zander and Micah. However the anticipation of what is to come starts to get to her.

Previously in the woods the sense that it hated them was unsettling, but it was a known danger they had prepared for. Now that feeling was gone, chased off by the recent events, and they were traveling towards something she knew in her gut was going to be really, really bad, but had no way of preparing for beforehand. As they walk through the woods the "What if's" consume her, making her more and more tense, causing her to lag further and further behind until she's way in the back, behind everyone else.

When the party finally reaches the crater it's actually a relief. Finally she can see the danger and have something for her mind to chew on and try to figure out. She hurries to catch up and see what the others are already staring at.

It's worse than anything she imagined on the way there. She'd imagined horrible monsters and animals twisted into mutant monstrosities, terrible things but things they could kill with sword and bow. How do you fight corrupted plants that infect everything they touch?

"Burn it. she says aloud as the answer comes to her. "All of it. The whole woods if we have to. This can't be allowed to spread and fiery death looks like it'd be a mercy to these poor creatures."

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