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Lakeview Passage

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Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Monday July 17th, 2017 12:48:19 PM

Walking back to join the others, Stock tells them about the clearing ahead and its effect on the surrounding area. "Vinnie, Sid. Can either of you get close enough to check it out? I'm not too proud to say that you both can move a bit better than me....Micah, any other ideas?"

Sid (Andrew) HP: 20/31; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+10=17 ; d20+12=30 ; d20+8=14 ; d8-1=2 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 12:55:13 PM

"I think the Cutter is where the woodcutters live when they are out in the non-deadly forest. They haven't been able to get through here in a while. Really cutting into our supplies for the shop. Bart do we still think this Lord Crimson is involved? I mean we had a few leads saying he was part of the plant zombie thing on the Trash level." When the get closer Sid uses the group to become as nondescript as possible. With an arrow notched he looks for anyone or anything threatening them or the ones making the forest angry. If they come across someone he will fire a warning shot.


Perception: 17
Stealth: 30

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Monday July 17th, 2017 1:05:16 PM

When there is a pause before the clearing, Dorbin says, "This should be safe. Shredds guys were going to pick up something, right? There shouldn't be any fighting involved here, right?" He sets Emily down, just in case things get crazy soon.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 21 T: 9 FF: 20 CMD: 19 
Monday July 17th, 2017 4:59:04 PM

"Supposedly there's someone or something down this path where the shipment is that we're to pickup. Seems like that pickup is not forest friendly." Taking a deep breath Zander let's it out slowly remembering a saying of Domi, 'Courage is not he absence of fear, it's the will to push past fear.' Strapping his shield to his arm he let's any who wish scout ahead before leading the main group forward.
[OOC: Shamelessly paraphrasing an FDR quote as a saying of Domi.]

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 21/10/21 CMD:15 
Monday July 17th, 2017 5:41:04 PM

Micah pauses with Zanderallen awaiting the scouts' report.

"I see a couple of possibilities here," he says softly in summation of what the others have proposed, "What Shredds was up to could be even more offensive to the spirit of this forest and that is what is in up ahead or something else has intervened that is even worse. I propose we continue to play to the former while being prepared for the latter."

He thinks a moment, then readies his shield and weapon imagining this the expected reaction of a nervous mercenary responding to the omnipresent foreboding.

DM MikeK - The clearing 
Monday July 17th, 2017 8:24:27 PM

Expecting trouble, most of the Shields tighten their grips on sword and shield and bow and axe.
Stock offers to let someone else sneak forward, but no one takes him up on his offer.
Everyone moves forward, and looks, but does not step, into the clearing.

The clearing is large, 600’ in diameter, and most definitely people-made, using the old slash and burn technique. Blackened mounds of burnt wood and debris dot the clearing. A large wooden building, recently erected but sturdy looking, stands in the center of the clearing.

Green, chest high, broad leafed plants are growing in concentric circles around the central building. In one area, six orcs are walking along a bare row, planting seeds, under the eye of larger orc supervisor. All seven orcs glance up now and again at the edge of the clearing.
Sense Motive DC10 Highlight to display spoiler: { All are pretty nervous }

In both directions, for as far around the clearing as they can see, the Shields witness the Wood is literally writhing at the clearing’s edge. But, no plant or root or anything is entering the clearing itself.

The trail leads into the clearing, through the fields (within 30 or 40 feet of the working orcs) and ends at a large door in the center of the large building.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Monday July 17th, 2017 11:05:44 PM

Noticing that they haven't been noticed yet, Stohp takes the chance to consult with the others quietly with the others. "This is probably where the plant people came from. Do we pretend to be working with Shredds, or confront them and try to get some answers? Playing along will curtail what questions we can ask without blowing our cover, but a fight may end in disaster any number of ways."

One fear, that she doesn't bring up, is disrupting whatever is warding out the forest. They could easily be torn apart regardless of the lotion once it started reclaiming the clearing.

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20  d20+2=13 ; d20+9=29 ; d20+14=27 ; d20+18=37 ; d20+16=34 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 5:49:19 AM

Lavinia looks in revulsion at the scene in front of her. She could see why the forest was angry if this is what was happening within it. And what exactly was happening here? The orcs were growing something, and Lavinia wracked her brain to see if she could work out what they were.

After passing her eye over the working orcs (scared perhaps?) and the plants they were growing she decides to look closer at the edge of the clearing to see what might be holding the forest back.

She ignores the groups chatter, she has no idea what they're talking about. Nothing good probably if this is what they were led to. She looks back at the building, glaring as if she could destroy it with thought alone. Didn't they know these woods were sentient? Living? And they did not take kindly to invaders at the best of times. She looks back at the groups whispered conversation. Shredds? Lord Crimson? Who were these people?

Making up her mind she decides to see if she can sneak around for a different angle, silently motioning for Sasha to do the same.

Sense Motive = 13
Knowledge(Nature) = 29 (Nat20 yo)
Perception = 27
Stealth(Lavinia) = 37
Stealth (Sasha) = 34

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21  d20+1=5 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:59:08 AM

Stocks head whips around and Vinnie is...just gone. With her cat. Hmmph. Hope she comes back...
He turns his head back to the others and says, "If we're going to pretend to be some of Shredds' men, somebody else better do the talking. I'll hang back and keep my eyes open and mouth shut...well mostly shut. Hehe."

He then scratch his head and says, "Huh...I always thought those stories of "Purple Orcs" that are part plant in these woods was a bucket of slag. Now I know. Ain't no such things as purple orcs."

Sense Motive 5

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 11:36:10 AM

Dorbin pipes up, "I think we should keep the illusion of being with Shredds as long as we can. Maybe we can make some changes based on using his authority over these workers."

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 21 T: 9 FF: 20 CMD: 19  d20+11=22 ; d20+4=15 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 4:59:49 PM

"I think the longer we stand around the worse it gets for us. Stick to the plan for now. Better to gauge what's going, try to act like mercenaries payed for their muscle and discretion, and stick together." Right as he's getting ready to move in a thought crosses Zander's mind which he quickly voices to the group, hopefully before they're too obvious, "I just had a thought, what if we're the shipment? Wasn't it mercenaries returned from the woods that were the plant men? I think we need to be extra careful." Watching the orcs, Zander sits tight on the edge of the clearing waiting for the others to weigh in. If it looks like any of the orcs notice them he's prepared to move into the clearing to avoid suspicion.
Sense Motive: 22
Perception: 15

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 21/10/21 CMD:15 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 7:11:39 PM

Micah blinks as he sees, or rather doesn't see, Lavinia and her companion slip away as effectively as Sid had.

He starts forward, but misses a step at Zanderallen's observation. "Caution for certain," he says as he continues with his advance.

As he draws closer he calls out, "Who is in charge here? We are here to get the shipment, so that we can get out of here."

Scene 3: The Farm

DM MikeK - Into the breach 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:03:39 PM

A hurried conversation regarding next steps is held. Micah breaks the impasse by stepping boldly into the clearing. The orcs note his entrance, but continuing working the field.

The rest of the Shields follow, except for Lavinia and Sasha. The halfling’s knowledge check brings certitude that attempting to move through this part of the Wood would be suicide. The halfling must first step into the clearing and sneak around the circumference from the interior position.

Walking into the clearing feels like walking through an invisible barrier. The intense, unrelenting, antagonism pressing down on everyone for the past hour instantly evaporates. It has been replaced by something else, another presence. Again, it is felt in the mind, and the along the hairs on the back of the neck. But this is different. Its…protective. It is suppressing the other somehow, keeping the Wood at bay. And yet, there is grim determination here, an underlying, smoldering resolve that feels forced.

Lavinia – Highlight to display spoiler: { Minus the grimness, this feels familiar. Very much like what you felt walking with the druid to Cutter. }

As the group approaches the orcs, Micah calls out, "Who is in charge here? We are here to get the shipment, so that we can get out of here."
In response, the orc who appears to be in charge of this group jerks a thumb toward the large building, which is still 200’ ahead. The rest of the orcs continue to watch the group.
Sense Motive DC20 Highlight to display spoiler: { They appear ambivalent about the group’s presence, and while guarded, aren’t hostile. }

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+3=18 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 2:28:09 AM

Bartomus followed the others into the clearing and felt the tension in his neck and shoulders leave as they stepped further towards the others in the clearing. He watched as Micah called out to the others demanding the shipment. He leaned onto the long shaft of his glave waiting to see what the orcs did nex.
Sense motive 18

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm  d20+7=10 ; d20+12=32 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 10:13:11 AM

The large group of orcs all watching them makes Stohp a little nervous (sense motive 10). Trying to appear businesslike and not arose suspicion, she heads towards the indicated building, all the while trying to take in any and all important details (perception 32).

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 11:11:28 AM

Dorbin simply moves along with the others towards the building, not sure what to make of the strange presences and feelings all around them.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 20/31; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+4=21 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 12:37:01 PM

Sid visibly bristles at the site of the clearing and then forces himself to relax and keep his profile low. Attack from the building and working their way out will be more advantageous. Feeling the forced determination of the protective force Sid's stomach sinks a little as he fears a hostage situation.

It occurs to Sid that he should work on a hand sign language of some form for the Shields. Something subtle maybe.


Sense Motive: 21

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21  d20+1=11 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 2:46:38 PM

Stock walks up slightly behind the others and is happy to feel the pressure level drop as they pass into the clearing. As the others walk towards the building, Stock deviates slightly and casually walks over to the orc that answered them with the thumb gesture.

"It is nice to get out of the forest. Man, can you believe the feeling? It's almost like those...trees want to rip this place apart."

He waits a minute to see if the orc responds. If not he leans on his flail and follows up with, "But then you walk into this clearing and it all goes away...Crazy stuff. Has it always been that way here?"

Stock is doing his best to control his natural dwarven hatred of the orcs and in a very abstract way, is proud of the way he is staying composed.

Sense Motive 11

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 21 T: 9 FF: 20 CMD: 19  d20+11=17 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 2:52:11 PM

Zanderallen shudders as he steps into the clearing and feels the presence. Something very very wrong was going on here. But better to get to the center and find out the source before revealing their true purpose. Though as Zander looks at the edge of the clearing he's not sure he wants to stop whatever is holding back the forest, atleast not while they were in the clearing. 'Domi strengthen us', he prays silently as they head in.
Sense Motive 17

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 21/10/21 CMD:15  d20+14=31 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 3:30:12 PM

Attempting to appear unperturbed he continues his progress toward the hut. The new presence, though less oppressive, causes him greater concern in that it is unknown. Regardless, the Shields have come here for a purpose and he does not deviate from that.

Once the get near, he calls out, "Hello, the building! We are here for the shipment!"
As he awaits a response, he takes in details about the building including the location of any windows or other doors, materials of construction, and any clues as to internal layout.

Sense Motive 31

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20  d20+2=9 ; d20+9=11 ; d20+18=25 ; d20+16=27 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 5:59:48 PM

As Lavinia steps quietly into the clearing she feels the sensation wash over her. Her eyes narrow and her determination grows stronger. Moving quietly through the fields she attempts to sneak round to the back of the building and investigate without the orcs seeing, hoping the strange group she was with would be sufficient distraction. As she passes through the fields she looks closer at the plants to see if she knows what they might be.

What was going on here? Why was this happening? She had to find out.

Sense motive = 9
Knowledge Nature = 11
(Rolling stealth again if necessary)
Lavinia = 25
Sasha = 27

DM MikeK - Having a chat 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 8:45:52 PM

The orcs and the trees thrashing at the woodline keeps everyone on edge.
Sid wonders if a hostage situation is in the making. Lavinia is also unhappy with the feeling.

Micah is ready to move on, and most of the Shields move to follow.
Lavinia and Sasha are out of sight, sneaking about.

However, Stock stops in front of the orcs to make conversation. The orc simply stares at him wordlessly after his first question. After the second, he shrugs.
Perception DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: { The orc’s eyes narrow slightly, while two of his companions look at each other with confused expressions }
Perception/Sense Motive DC 20 Highlight to display spoiler: { The orcs are beginning to wonder if you are who they think you are }

Farm Map
Map Notes – I had to dial some actions back a bit to get in Stock’s interaction. Please note there is still a lot of distance between the party and Lavinia, and the building.

The building itself is two stories, 60’ x 100’, with some kind of corral on the side facing the party. The yellow blocks on the map indicate the trail leading toward it. Black boxes are orcs. There are six currently interacting with the party, and four more closer to the building.

Stock is the blue box talking with the orcs.
Lavinia and Sasha are the two blue boxes to the south.
Everyone else is on the road.

I will make things bigger as you get closer.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+7=14 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:45:19 PM

Bartomus watched the orcs and their interaction with Stock. He kept his hand firmly on the glave and kept moving with the party towards the two story building. He didn't like the fact that a handful of orcs, however, were going to be behind the Shields as they continued forward.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm  d20+7=12 ; d20+12=30 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:28:06 AM

Stohp notes the narrowed eyes (Perception 30). Though she isn't certain that they're suspicious(Sense motive 12) she does remember the reaction that Stock's questions got on the boat. She nudges him and glares. "Quit pestering them with questions newbie. We have a job to do."

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 11:27:07 AM

Dorbin stays in the middle of the group as the move, also nervous that there will soon be large groups of orcs on both sides of them.

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21  d20+8=10 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 1:44:49 PM

Not getting much from the orcs, Stock mutters in dwarvish "Dumb greenskins..." and continues on his way with the party.

When he judges that they have moved out of earshot from the orcs, he glances back to see if they are listening then quietly says, "Sorry about that detour. Just thought they might have something to say. Have I mentioned that I hate orcs? It sounds so...typical of a dwarf but I don't care. Oh about keeping my mouth shut...I'll definitely do that...starting now."

Perception 10

Sid (Andrew) HP: 20/31; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 2:21:17 PM

"Well," Sid says lowly keeping at eye out, "You make up for the stereotype by being awfully chatty for a dwarf." In dwarvish he says, "Actions hit harder than words(in common) as they say."

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 4:08:50 PM

When they were out of ear shot, Bartomus said in a low voice, "I am not happy that we will be surounded by orcs if something goes wrong in the house."

Bartomus continued walking along while trying to capture a glance back behind them to see what the orcs were doing.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 21 T: 9 FF: 20 CMD: 19  d20+4=18 ; d20+11=12 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 5:02:59 PM

Seeing the orcs looking at Stock Zander resists the urge to face palm. But he couldn't fault the dwarf, Zander knew he had blundered into situations against the better judgement of hindsight in his exuberance. Like how the Shields had found him originally, although only Micah and Stohp were still around from those days. "I'm not a fan of their position either Bart, maybe you and Stock can take rearguard and keep an eye on them. Hopefully we can keep our cover long enough to know what we're up against and if necessary attack when we have the advantage."
Perception 18
Sense Motive 12

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 21/10/21 CMD:15  d20+4=5 ; d20+15=34 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 7:42:07 PM

Micah stops and gestures to the others to do so while saying with false sternness, "Keep up! This forest is too hostile for us to dally any more than necessary."

Once the chatty dwarf rejoins them, he continues his progress to the building, knowing that his and Zanderallen's armor limited pace will give Lavinia and Sasha a chance to make up the distance to the building.

DM MikeK - OK, its a corral  d20=5 ; d20=18 ; d20=10 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:04:13 PM

Farm Map

Stock doesn’t get any answers, and moves off. The rest of the company privately express mixed feelings about the questioning, but several backward glances confirm the orcs are staying put. They do spare a glance or two in the party’s direction.

Zanderallen suggests Bartomus and Stock form a rearguard, so dwarf and taur dutifully fall to the back.

Micah remains in front, and the Shields march purposefully toward the large building, and the second group of orcs. As they close within hailing distance, the group sees on their left a hastily constructed, stone walled corral, with an iron bar acting as a gate on the south side. The walls are about 5’ high. Anyone that can see over that height notices the corral contains an enormous beetle. Six jointed legs hold a metallic green body about a yard off the ground. The body itself is about 10 ft diameter and about 5 ft thick. It's back is almost flat. Its back is toward the group. Its not moving, nor does it acknowledge the party’s arrival.

Bordering the west side of the corral is the building proper. The trail turns up ahead into a set of large sliding doors, which are open, although from this angle, no one can see inside.
The second floor of the building contains windows, which are nothing more than shutters over holes in the wall (no glass). The shutters of the two windows on the west side are open
Perception DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: { There are multiple humanoids moving about up there }

To the group’s front, four orcs stop playing a game – which involves throwing axes at the carcass of another beetle that has been nailed to the side of the building – and turn to watch the group’s approach.
Sense Motive DC 15 Highlight to display spoiler: { They seem unsurprised at your arrival, but wary nonetheless. }

Meanwhile, Lavinia and Sasha, still well south of everything pictured in the map, is working her away around to the east side (?) of the building.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+7=14 ; d20+3=19 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:25:52 PM

"Stock, why would they have a beetle penned, and another used for target practice?" Bartomus asked as he started to get a sense as to why the forest was so angry at what was going on in this clearing.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm  d20+12=18 ; d20+7=27 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 10:24:52 AM

"If I had to guess it has to do with the magic they're using to keep back the forest. The beetles are one of the safest creatures to follow and be protected against it."

Stohp examines the building ahead, noting movement in the windows (Perception 18) and the wary looks of the orcs (Sense motive 27). "We won't be alone with whoever's in charge in there. I see movement inside."

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21  d20+1=12 ; d20+8=13 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 11:08:45 AM

Stock rejoins the others and leans toward Sid and says in dwarvish, "Yeah but the gnomes say that words can be weapons."
Glancing back at the orcs he says, "Maybe I'll just stick to my flail though. Besides I'm only really ever quiet when I'm drinking. That's one of the reasons that I don't drink anymore..."

He follows Micah's direction and slows down with Bartomus as a rear guard. He cranes his neck a bit as they approach the house to try to get a feel for it. Hearing Bart's question he says, "When I was young, I knew this other lad named Gorok Ironhands who wasn't so smart. One day he decided to take a small toad that he found as a pet....Didn't tell his parents...tried to do it all himself. A week later that toad was dead. My guess is that these orcs don't even have what Gorok had upstairs and may not be so good at keeping animals alive. Would it be bad if I joined them in the competition?"

Surreptitiously Stock also takes a look around trying to find any sign of their new companion....still seeing no sign of her nor the cat.

Sense Motive 12
Perception 13

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14]  d20+6=8 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 11:27:40 AM

Dorbin eyeballs the gate and how the gate is closed. He doesn't notice the upstairs folks (perception: 8), but whispers, "If the beetle has a grudge against the orcs, and everything goes south, I'm going to open that gate and maybe we'll have an extra ally on our side."

Sid (Andrew) HP: 20/31; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+10=24 ; d20+4=24 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 12:07:24 PM

In dwarvish Sid responds, "Well, when your words are as long a gnome's that works." Sid turns to Dorbin and in common says, "It's a good idea, just don't expect it to be an ally, it could just as well attack us."


Perception: 24
Sense Motive: 24(Nat. 20! Is anyone there hiding feelings for the others? How do they feel about their mothers. Woo!)

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Friday July 21st, 2017 3:27:27 PM

Bartomus nodded and kept looking at the beetle in the pen. Hearing Dorbin's idea, Bartomus grinned. "You know Dorbin and Stock, might be worth having a couple of us hanging back and being able to release a bit of chaos amongst this place if things go bad, and I suspect they might just go bad."

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20  d20+14=21 ; d20+2=9 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 4:39:08 PM

Lavinia continues her movement towards the far side of the building, keeping low to the ground to remain stealthy. She keeps one eye on the party and another on the the building. Movement upstairs? Hopefully the wouldn't look too closely outside. She tried to keep pace with the group as they made their way to the building, hoping they wouldn't move too fast for her to move stealthily.

"Poor Beetle" she thought. "I'll get you out of here somehow"
She turns to the building
"Once I've dealt with whatever this is"

Perception = 21
Sense Motive = 9
(Let me know if Sasha and I need more Stealth Checks)

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 21 T: 9 FF: 20 CMD: 19  d20+4=7 ; d20+11=23 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 4:53:08 PM

Walking up Zander has to work to hide the look of disgust towards the orcs. They would be dealt with. But first whatever was in the building, judging from the orcs reactions they were expected to enter. Following with what they'd already been doing he let's Micah make the greeting. Looking back at his companions he hopes Vinnie is taking care of herself wherever she's hiding, other than that they looked ready for anything. Bring it on.
Perception 7
Sense Motive 23

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 21/10/21 CMD:15  d20+4=21 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 5:38:24 PM

Micah hides a smile at the mention of a possible diversion.

Continuing their masquerade, he does not hesitate in their progress toward the open sliding doors. Conversationally he says to the others, "Looks like there are several upstairs. Let us see who is downstairs to great us."

When he passes the orcs, he feigns disinterest, but does take a look at how they are equipped and armed.

DM MikeK - The Farm  d20+5=14 ;
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 11:13:37 AM

Farm Map

Brief, whispered, and dwarvish conversation ensue regarding what the orcs might be doing with the beetles, whether releasing the beetle would help or hinder the party should events go bad, and whether some of the group should hold back by the gate.
No one endeavors to stop, however. And Micah continues to lead the group toward the open barn-like doors.

The cleric does spare a glance to take in the orc’s weaponry.
Like the ones met earlier, each of the orcs wear studded leather armor, and carry a falchion, along with a set of javelins, which they were chucking at the beetle carcass.
OOC – Yes, your DM said axes before. But, its javelins. Scratch the earlier post, and go with they’re throwing javelins. Thanks!

Sid also takes a good look. One of the orcs is convinced his companion is cheating at the game, and is very frustrated about it. As far as the Shields, the orcs don’t particularly like the group, especially Stock, but it’s a general mistrustfulness rather than anything else. Sid gets the impression of a forced alliance of some kind.

Micah and Zanderallen step into the barn/warehouse, and stop to let their eyes adjust to the darker space.

The very first impression is there are a lot of orcs around here.

To the left, a group of six appear to be playing some kind of dice game at the base of a wide wooden stairway leading up to the second floor. The party’s entry has interrupted the game, as they all look over to watch the new folks.

To the right, five more stand, watching. The first three are your standard variety orcs. Behind them is a big fella (W) Battle scars crisscross his face, made easier to see by red markings highlighting them, plus the fact he’s a head taller than his comrade. His hide armor, falchion, javelins, and a short spear are all better quality than the rest.
Behind him, is a smaller orc (M), wearing a necklace of small bones and animal skulls that prominently features an intricately carved wooden medallion. This one carries a battleaxe.
Knowledge(Religion) DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: { The medallion is shaped in High Woldian symbol common to worshippers of Ga’al }

These orcs watch the Shields’ approach with a mixture of expectation and defiance. None have weapons in hand, but they’re posturing in a “You don’t want to mess with us” manner.

To the front of the party, a wagon, loaded with barrels, sits next to a back door (O7). The rest of the back area contains a plow, seeder, and bins of plant material in various stages of harvesting.

On the northeast side of the building is a small room. The door (S9) is closed.

Lavinia and Sasha (grey S) continue their sneaking.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 11:41:02 AM

Bartomus leaned against the door and watched the orcs tossing javelins as the dead beetle. He watched the javelin tosses and snickered when there were misses. He looked over his shoulder and watched as the leaders of the Shields walked inside and waited to hear if he should follow.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 20/31; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+8=12 ; d20+9=28 ;
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 12:21:48 PM

Sid looks at the orcs that think they are being cheated as he walks into the building and laughs, shaking his head his body language saying you poor saps are getting played and then act like they are obviously such suckers that they are beneath my further inspection.


((I wasn't sure what I needed to roll so I did a Bluff and a Linguistics))

Bluff: 12
Linguistics: 28 (For body language)

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 1:59:08 PM

Stock hears Bart's chuckle and smiles. He removes one of the javelins from the makeshift quiver and shows it to Bartomus. "Made these myself when I was a bit younger. Nothing special about them but there are a bit sentimental to me. See my mark carved there?"

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 9:55:46 PM

Stohp follows Micah in. Looking about, she notes the two orcs. She doesn't recognize the symbol, but it doesn't take a genius to guess Holy Symbol. Those two would be in charge then. Overall, between those outside and in here, they're heavily outnumbered. If a fight starts, they'd best secure a defensible position quickly so they're not overrun.

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