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DM MikeK - About this plan..... 
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:06:01 PM

Micah recalls his teachings. No plan of Fidelia can possibly be a good thing.
He cries, “Queen Fidelia is ruler of the hallowed lands an undead queen of the undead. Her purposes cannot align with ours. You must be stopped.”

The cleric casts an enlarge spell on Stock, and charges.

Stohp echoes the call, pointing out that an invasion is likely.

The others aren’t quite so sure, but all advance as well, except for Dorbin, who removes the Grease spell in their way, and Sid who readies his bow.

”FOOLS! Enough of this!” Vanius cries. He casts his readied spell.

Suddenly, up is down, and down is up. All seven heroes “fall” straight up for 10’, and then stop. They remain in the air, oscillating slightly. Everyone can move, just not in any direction.

Vanius is so mad, he’s practically foaming.

“You petty striplings think this is an invasion? You should be so lucky! You think WE caused this? You have no concept of the powers aligning. THE END IS NIGH! The End of EVERYTHING! Of the Wold AND of the Shadow Lands. The very GODS tremble at the approach, and NO ONE, not even they, can discern what comes!

Look about you! Cities are rocked with earthquakes, hurricanes appear from thin air, the very sky is blotted out! No little ones. The Harrowed Moon prepares her defense, and I have no time to bandy with boys posing as holy men! I will seal this breach. If you again attempt to interfere, I will turn you to ash.”

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:20:54 PM

"Micah, I think we may want to stand down, or hang down, or well, um, let's just assume he's doing something that isn't going to be bad," Bartomus said while trying to get some control of his kilt with one hand and trying ensure that not everything was hanging out.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/12/25 CMD:17  d20+6=24 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 11:53:02 PM

It would have been cowardice to leave evil unchallenged, but it takes true courage to admit defeat. ”you’ve made your point, Vanius. We will no longer interfere with your shutting down of the gate,” he says resignedly. ”you may release us. What is it that we CAN do in light of the developing events?”

Spellcraft 24 identified up to 9th level spell being cast by Vanius

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14]  d20+12=16 ; d20+12=22 ; d20+12=19 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:08:48 PM

Dorbin tries to restrain a giggle as he is lifted into the air. He tries to float a little back and forth to see what he can do while floating. He ponders the spell that was cast and seems to be slightly oblivious of the danger they are all in while he looks around and thinks about the magic he has not seen before.

Spellcraft: 16 to identify spell as cast (ugh, level 1)
Knowledge, Arcana: 22 to identify spell effect (that's a level 2)
Knowledge, Arcana: 19 to, oh I give up with these dice!

Stock (JonM) HP: 47/51 AC: 21/15/18; CMB: 7; CMD: 20 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:30:23 PM

Stock feels the last bits of Micah's spell dissipate as it is interrupted. He is very quickly and completely unintentionally upside down, hanging in the air. He does his best to twist his body to keep an eye on Vanius.

Hearing Micah's question, Stock adds, "I'd settle for knowing just what is happening that might draw us together as allies...temporarily of course."

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 6:55:21 PM

Very much put out by being suddenly and unexpectedly floating in the air Zanderallen struggles for a couple seconds before admitting defeat in the face of a superior foe. Still not pleased with such evil being able to pass uncontested he recognizes his inability to stop it and the possibility of something worse. "You must realize your actions could just as easily be interpreted as acts to secure and strengthen the gate and connection between our lands as to seal it. And excuse me if the sky turning dark and wights attacking seems like an invasion of an Undead Queen of the Shadow Lands. But it seems we are forced to accept your words due to our inability to contest you." Seriously pondering the effectiveness of hurling his sword at Lord Vanius he decides against it as a futile action and fearing the consequences not to himself but to his companions. He is restrained to floating helplessly and glaring at Lord Vanius.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:16:29 PM

Stohp finds her charge suddenly interrupted by flying. Looking about in a panic, she notes that everyone else is also floating. She is now very, very afraid. This man is clearly far beyond them and worried about something that sounds even worse. She curls into a ball and is very thankful that they're just floating instead of being outright dead.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:20:38 PM

Sid spins slowly around without saying WHEEEEEEEEE! "So really, do you have a pamphlet, a quick blurb about the end times, some things we need to research? I respect you need to look out for you and yours, but if we can do anything on our side it might help us all. It takes a community to prevent the Apocalypse you know."

DM MikeK - Goodbye and Hello 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:36:12 PM

Micah recognizes the spell. Micah – Highlight to display spoiler: { Reverse Gravity. It should wear off shortly. }

He and his companions briefly ponder their situation, and come to the collective realization that there is not a whole lot they can do at the moment.

Many of the group ask more questions, but Vanius has apparently decided he’s had enough, and ignores them.

Instead, he finishes whatever it is he’s doing.

The scene of the blasted wasteland goes dark, taking Lord Vanius with it.
For a moment the archway is black.
And then, there is a flash of light, and the archway is merely an archway again. Just an opening to the next room, not another world.

Everything is pretty much back to normal.

Except for the blackened sky.
And the missing moon and stars
And the six dead wights at your feet.
And the unattended cauldron bubbling softly behind you.
Oh, and also the fact the group is still floating 10’ in the air.

And … what about these two new figures, looking very surprised, who appeared in the archway right after that flash of light?

One is a female dark elf. The other a male human with a slight build wearing an immaculate suit.
Both are equipped with a crateful of very expensive looking, and probably seriously magical, gear.

And, really, they both look kinda familiar….

Knowledge Local DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: { Wait a minute, there are portraits of these two hanging on the Dragon Wall in the Giggling Ghost! They’re friggin’ Iron Dragons! The most awesomest heroes in the entire Wold! }

Restlin the Mage-Priest  d20+21=38 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:09:43 PM

So like, the first thing you notice about this guy is that he really knows how to dress. I mean, the crimson suit with the golden trim, the matching top hat with the peacock feather tucked into the band, the naked blade that hangs from his belt that shimmers and swirls in a hypnotic rainbow of colors...dude is fancy. That holy symbol of Wardd around his neck is probably platinum.

The second thing one might notice is that while he's not physically imposing, he carries himself without a hint of apprehension. He seems completely unfazed about showing up...wherever this is.

"Ok, love, if this is like the last place, we have like...ten minutes. We have a cauldron, some dead wights, and those folks floating over there." He looks down at his feet. "We're not floating, so that's probably a reverse gravity spell." He looks around. "Did Tink beat us here? Not that we'd find her if she did."

He turns towards those folks floating over there and walks towards them. He draws Shiny & holds the blade in front of him, stopping when it starts floating up. He grips his holy symbol, then stops when he sees at least one symbol of Domi floating around. "So, looks like we have ourselves some adventurers. Let's get you out of there."

He gives absolutely zero warning before waving his hand and dispels the reverse gravity field (dispel check: 38 - that should do it). He walks over to Zander (who is no doubt fallen on his backside) & looks down. "Restlin the Wizard, or Restlin the Mage-Priest, or Restlin the Mendicant." He offers a hand up. "Want to tell us what we walked in on?"

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+4=22 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:45:16 PM

Bartomus shifted about to see what had occurred with the gate as Lord Vanius vanished into the flash of light that seemed to close the gate. When he could see through the aftermath of the flash that had filled the corridor, he saw two people walk through the gate. He recognized them from a painting. They were in a painting in the Giggling Ghost, they were important. He could pull up their names as he was having to pull up, or rather hold up his kilt, his clothing to ensure he wasn't showing more than he should.

Then he was falling, and he quickly tucked and tried to make sure he didn't break anything or anyone one. When he heard the man introduce himself, he could see in his mind the name written out at the bottom of the portrait in the Ghost.
Knowledge local - 22

Sesha, Blood Witch of Serenbeth 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:19:16 AM

Stumbling from the light behind Restlin, Sesha hisses at the sudden brightness. Squinting her eyes for a minute, she waves away the spots and gets her bearings. At least, tries to get them.

"Twilight Kin and bright lights! Gah!"

After a moment, she rubs her eyes again and really observes her surroundings. She seems confident, and not totally surprised to be somewhere she shouldn't.

"Explain please, consort."

She is young, especially for an elf. Her grey-blue skin is smooth, where it shows, and underneath her black leather skirts and top, a bright glint of silver reveals her fine mithril armor. Her eyes are brown, and her arms and legs are slender and toned. A beaten and worn cauldron hangs from a chain on her belt.

"I'll help you fire the first synapse. The first time we went through the orbs we were sent to an alternate reality pocket where Marteus rules the day. This time we got sent to..", Sesha gestures around her. ".. and we are here with...", she gestures again, this time to the various heroes scattered along the ground.

"Really Mage-Priest, I'm not sure if you wizards are worth the trouble. Though it's probably not fair to lump you in with the Star Mages. They don't have a Witch or Matron among them to help them see up from down."

With a sigh, she comes forward and offers a hand up to Sid. He gets the feeling she's picked him for a reason, her face sort of like a child that has bravely decided to eat her most hated greens.

"Up you go, Surface Elf. Lets get you all to your feet." As she speaks, her eyes dart from person to person, looking for wounded, as if it were the first thing she was always expected to do."Is anyone hurt? Please tell me the wights didn't get ahold of anyone."

(OOC: ACDM Hugh - Not true about them not having a witch, Agatha is a Conjurer / Bloodwitch / Theurge / Seer)

OOC: Ken E - If it ain't a pure Witch, it's not a blood witch! Darn dabblers.

Stock (JonM) HP: 47/51 AC: 21/15/18; CMB: 7; CMD: 20 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:07:06 AM

Active Effects:1 level drain

Stock pops up to his feet. Given that he was hanging upside moments before, he is fortunate that he was able to get his hands in position over his head to tuck into a roll on his way down. Not sure what to make of the newcomers, Stock does not yet mention the level drain.

"Thank you for getting us down and Welcome to the Float. Now. Who are you?"

At the best of times, Stock is not filled with sunshine and rainbows. Between being left out of the crone's prophecy, the wights, his injury, Vanius, being turned upside down, and now two new visitors, Stock is not quite having the best of times.

No Knowledge Local

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/12/25 CMD:17  d20+3=4 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:48:49 AM

Given the current state of things, Micah decides to just react to the new developments rather than try to make sense of it all beforehand. That can be done at a later, calmer time he thinks. He shudders at a sudden thought: that given the current portents, there might not be a calmer time--or a later.

Pulling himself to his feet, he addresses Restlin's questions. "Thank you, sir. You are correct in that we were victim's of a reverse gravity spell cast by one who called himself Lord Vanius and claimed to be a servant of Queen Fidelias.

His stated purpose was of being here was to close as many new openings to his realm so that when "The Event" comes, they will be in a position to focus solely on it without distraction. He also said that this was the only opening between his realm in the Shadow Lands and the Float.'

He pauses a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing, "This city is the Float and you came through what is known as Lerntig's Gate. It suddenly opened and these wight's came through. We dispatched them, but not before two of our number were drained by them. He indicates who those two are with a nod to Bartomus and Stock.

"Vanius came through immediately thereafter. When we tried to interfere, he caught us all with his spell. He then finished closing the gate, disappearing as he did so just before you arrived."

Micah has never seen a dark elf before and is cautious to not stare as he acknowledges her with a polite nod.

Schultzed the knowledge roll

Restlin the Mage-Priest - Carl 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:54:09 AM

Restlin spins to face Sesha, dropping the half-way up paladin back to the ground.

"Look lady, you're not the matron of anything yet...and don't go pulling the 'consort' card on me just because there are strangers you're trying to look cool around. We both know you dig me." He turns back and finishes helping Zander to his feet. "She does, you know. She totally digs me," he says to Zander with a wink.

Like lightning, Restlin's taken a knee in front of Stock. "Restlin the Mendicant, proud member of the Iron Dragons at your service." He takes Stock's hand & gives it a quick shake before turning back to Sesha. "Evidently we're in The Float. That's all the way on the Northern Continent...long way from Hook City. Question is are we in the same reality we left, or some alternate version?" He looks up, trying to see if the night sky gives any indication. "Huh, you folks don't have stars here? What happened to your sky?"

He walks back to Sesha, eyes still on the sky, and drapes an arm across her shoulders. "...and for the record, lumping me in with the Star Mages is not healthy for our relationship."

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14]  d20+10=13 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:33:34 PM

Dorbin elbows Stock and whispers rather loudly, "These are two of THE Iron Dragons! You know, big-time heroes!" (knowledge, local: 13).

Dorbin is a small fellow, small even for a half-elf. He stands 5’6”, but at 100 pounds, there’s not a lot to him. He is usually seen wearing grey robes that just don’t fit him right. If he gets robes that fit his upper body, they don’t cover his legs. If he gets robes long enough for his legs, there is just too much material in the body part. He usually looks like he is wearing robes that are just too big for him. He looks like a small human, but the silver eyes betray his heritage, if you can get him to look at you long enough to see them. There is a small, light crossbow that he normally carries to keep away some of the bandits, or at least hope they will look for an easier target. Almost always underfoot is his grey cat familiar named Emily Jasmine.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+12=28 ; d20+14=19 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 7:45:04 PM

Sid twists and turns as soon as he is released and falls lightly on his feet. While he is falling though, his mind races and places the strangers as Iron Dragons. He stumbles and falls on his butt. For a moment dogs on several levels start barking as he squees so hard that it goes supersonic. "Wardd's pockets why are Iron Dragons here?" He takes her hand and stands up and does a quick recap of the battle in a tumbling rush of words. In his fanboy haste he switches to Elven, and then slips into Gnomish while he shakes her hand.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19  d20+1=13 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 7:51:02 PM

Recognizing the two figures as Dragons Zander jaw drops. A good five count passes as he stares at the man helping him to his feet. Finally composing himself as Micah finishes speaking he is just able to answer Restlin's next question. "We usually have stars they went dark about 5, 10 minutes ago. And by dark I mean a wave passed through the sky, obscuring all it crossed, including our twin moons. All that remains is that orange lightning." Shuffling awkwardly Zander really really wants to ask for an autograph but knows it's a really really bad time. Duty wins out though with current events. Instead he offers their services, "I don't know how much help we can be to Dragons, but I think I speak for the Silver Shields when I say we are yours to command. We know our way around the Float and offer our knowledge and blades, such as they are, to aid in whatever way we can."
Know local 13

(OOC: Carl!)

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:14:12 PM

Stohp is caught by surprise by the sudden drop and sprawls on the ground. Slowly she gets up, eyeing the strangers. She's still a bit shaken up by the sudden flight and realization that they could all die in an instant. Rather than answer any questions or engaging with the new strangers she just sort of stands there in a daze, watching the newcomers warily, trying to regain control of her emotions.

DM MikeK - Iron Dragons! Sweet. 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:01:03 PM

The Iron Dragons, Restlin and Sesha, quickly and confidently evaluate the situation, remove the reverse gravity spell, and check on the Silver Shields for wounds.

Sesha’s evaluation is confirmed by Micah, cleric of Domi, who lets the witch know that two of the adventurers - Stock, the dwarf, and Bartomus, the kilt wearing minotaur – were struck by the wights.

The Silver Shields, in turn, react to their current brush with greatness with varying degrees of propriety, from complete fanboy Sid, to completely clueless Grumpy, er, Stock.
(To be fair, Stock has had a pretty lousy evening).

The do tell the two that they are in Floating City, and the stars and moons were covered only a little while ago, and they just completed a fairly interesting encounter with a fellow named Vanius.

Sesha, Blood Witch of Serenbeth 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:08:42 PM

Sesha dips under Restlins arm, spinning to face him for just long enough to tap him on the nose.

"Tag.", she says. "You're it, and that's all there is to it until your human lifespan goes poof."

Apparently done with THAT subject, she winks at her Mage-Priest before answering Zanderrallen while on the move to Bartomus, a white nimbus of healing energy already glowing in her hands.

"You've already helped a lot, Silver Shields. We have a better idea of what these orbs in Hook City do, because we know you are the you's of our universe and timeline, as opposed to the you's of another such thing. We also know that the weird stuff happening in our city is happening in varying degrees across the entire world. And apparently, there's a bad thing happening soon, and it's so terrible that even a reclusive moon goddess and her vampire consort are willing to risk involvement with the world to slow it down."

She fishes a couple of glass vials, stuffed with diamond dust from her packs. She carried around fifty thousand gold worth of the stuff with her at a given time. Miracle spells could get expensive. In this case though, she was only too happy to help.

"Gather around Shields, if you took the bad touch from the wights. Everyones favorite blood witch will fix you right as rain." She stares hard at Stock. "You too, gruff one. No point in being stubborn. I've got a Grim Avenger of Gargul that I have to convince not to smite me every time I play with Woldsblood, and even he falls in line when it's time for me to dole out the healing. You'll just be delaying the inevitable."

Sesha has the spells remaining, and the diamond dust, to cast back to back restorations on the afflicted heroes.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/12/25 CMD:17 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:48:55 PM

Micah finally realizes who these two are and smiles, both at the chance to meet these two luminaries as well as the varied reactions of his colleagues. His own reaction is tempered by the recall of one of his father's sayings A masterfully made blade is an impressive weapon, but it still started out as a humble piece of ore.

He nods agreement with Zanderallen's offer of assistance. While waiting for a reply he renews his detect magic and keeps an eye open for any new magical developments.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:46:31 PM

Bartomus watched in amazement as the blood witch swirled about in a way that defied his expectations as he was use to seeing a portrait of her in the Ghost. As she approached with the offer of help, he stood tongue tied and simply nodded as he did as she instructed him to do. He did manage to get out a "Thank you kind Lady, thank you."

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:26:56 AM

Dorbin's mouth opens and closes as he tries to speak to the heroes that he has read so much about. When Sesha talks about the massive healing power and Dorbin witnesses that kind of power, all he can do is stare. Emily Jasmine walks over and rubs up against Restlin's legs, clearly not nearly as impressed.

Restlin the Mage-Priest - Carl 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:50:03 AM

"One human lifetime with you is plenty, lady!" he calls after her.

He moves to stand next to Micah, offering a quick handshake. "A priest, eh? I'm a priest myself." He holds up his holy symbol of Wardd. It is indeed platinum and masterfully crafted by his own hand. "I'm not a very good priest, but a priest nonetheless." He puts the holy symbol away. "Anyway, whatever's going on is going on in Hook City too, and it's a safe bet to assume it's more wide-spread than that as well. We've got alternate realities, portals to the shadow realms, not to mention all the weird stuff going on with Gargul that I'm not supposed to tell you about."

Restlin stretches a bit and removes his pack, putting it down on the ground & rummaging through it. "Yup, bet those Star Mages are gonna have a blast figuring out what's going on. I'm just excited to see what comes next. Ah, here we are." He pulls out a small brass music box. The symbol of Domi is carved on the lid. He opens it up, revealing a small automaton blacksmith hammering on its anvil. The tune "If I Had a Hammer" begins playing. "Something to fancy up your room back at Silver Shields HQ. If you folks are anything like the Iron Adventurers were when we were starting out, you probably live in some crap hole. Am I right?" He tilts his head, waiting for an answer.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:58:23 PM

Mouth not quite gaping at the diamond dust Sesha reveals, Zander thanks her profusely for the healing she bestows upon Stock and Bart. His mind had been troubled as to where to find a cure for the wights life draining touch.

Still not quite sure where they stand and whay course of action to pursue he awaits directions. The talk of Gargul, alternate realities, and shadow realms going way beyond his experience on the streets of the Fence. Restlin's quip about their home digs a little as Zander had become quite proud of their headquarters since the renovations. But he can't but admit that not too many days ago crap hole would have been an accurate statement. "You're only half right there. It started out as pretty much a crap hole. But the merchants of the Fence have really spruced the place up as thanks for our services. But wait a minute, shouldn't we be doing something about the whole end of the world business? Is this portal really and truly closed? What about the other gates on the Float?" Almost before he finishes talking his mouth snaps shut as he realizes he kind of just told off a Dragon.

Stock (JonM) HP: 47/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 1:26:52 PM

As Sesha approaches with her offer of healing, Stock bows his head slightly and closes his eyes. He quickly feels the hole inside of him fill in and involuntarily takes a deep breath. It is quite literally a religious experience for him.

When he looks up, his eyes are red and he whispers out a "Thank you".

He then pulls himself up straight, clears his throat, and tries again to get his bearings.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:14:06 PM

"Well, Lord Vainus said something about the End of the Wold, but we couldn't get any details out of him... Wait, alternate realities? How what now?"

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:46:32 PM

Bartomus watched as the Priest produced the most exquisitely crafted music box with a small blacksmith hammering on an anvil. He shrugged off the assumption about their headquarters and raised an eyebrow at the reference to things happening in other places. "So the other gates could be used to bring more creatures? Who is Gargul?"

Sesha, Blood Witch of Serenbeth  d8+5=11 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:08:54 PM

Sesha, finished administering to the level drained, picks up and answers what she can.

"This is the first we've heard of gates. I don't think Hook City has one. Instead, we are dealing with some orbs that showed up, growing all green and magicky, that are sending us to alternate realities. Apparently, our friends just met another version of the Iron Dragons."

She fusses with Stock just a little more, wiping away his cuts and bruises with a cure light wounds spell. (Stock, Heal 11)

"I think whatever is happening, it's world wide. I also think areas in all corners of the Wold have having different issues. We had a seer from the Star Mages come and deliver a prophecy to us. It went something like this."

"Long has the Sleeper laid dormant.
Long has the seed awaited spring.
The Sleeper will Awake with fire.
The Sleeper will Awake with fear.
The bones of the Wold will it break.
The flesh of the Wold will it feast.
'Til all is made as the Sleeper.
'Til its children inherit all."

She sighs, and finishes packing away her diamond dust.

"We are trying to figure out what it means, but apparently it isn't a localized event. Several diviners have reported all divination magic being unsafe, so I haven't tried any myself, though I think it might be about time to try and talk with Serenbeth."

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/12/25 CMD:17 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:52:30 PM

Micah's father used to say "It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

He chooses to heed this advice, but he does reach out to the little blacksmith the Mage-Priest is holding, eyes wide with admiration, and ask, "May I?

DM MikeK - Iron Dragons continued 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:54:26 PM

The Iron Dragons continue with their easy going way of rendering the Silver Shield awed and amazed.

Sesha pull out the combined wealth of the company in a couple vials, and proceeds to completely heal up Bart and Stock,

Restlin offers a gift to Micah, a pretty cool looking music box.

The Shields reciprocate with a quick synopsis of the goings on in the Float, and offer to help however they can.

Oh, and the Dragons offer up what information they have, which appears to be a) not much and b) all bad.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:19:40 PM

Stohp approaches the rest of the group, still shaken. The poem/riddle does bring her out of her reverie a bit. "That makes me think of that fae god... I can't remember the name. He's already away though right? Is there some other ancient god that's been sleeping?"

Restlin the Mage-Priest - Carl  d20+33=41 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 10:15:35 AM

Sense motive: 41 - Restlin likely notices Zander's reaction to his own words, but just grins a bit then moves on.


"Well yea you can see it, it's yours," answers Restlin as he hands the box over to Micah. He stoops down & picks up Emily. He pets her behind the ears & under her muzzle. "You can tell a lot about a wizard by their familiar. This one's obviously well taken care of & happy." He looks and addresses Emily directly. "A lot of wizards treat their familiars like servants. Don't take a nice one for granted." He puts the cat back down, petting her one last time.

"So anyway, we're not sure what's going on. I don't put much stock in divination magics. I swear the stuff only exists to make you think 'oh, that makes sense now' right as whatever the diviner hinted at finishes swallowing you. We'll keep investigating. Maybe we'll even figure out what's going on before the Wold is split in two."

Restlin looks around, seeing if there's anything they can do to help. Sesha's magic was very useful pre and post combat. Restlin's magic was much more useful during combat. He shrugs and goes back to chatting with the locals.

He digs out a simple looking straight razor & shows it to Zander. "Ever hear about the time I fought a blue dragon with this razor?" He stops to look at the razor in question. "Didn't work. Nailed it right in the eye, but even a dragon's eyes are armored. Dragon killed me pretty quickly after that." He puts the razor away. "I mean, he brought me back to life and all. He's where I got Shiny after I helped him find his grandma. Not the worst dragon I've ever met, not like that Umbral one out in Jericho space. She was a piece of work..."


Edit: Almost forgot. Restlin gives everyone around him +2 to saves, skill checks, and attack rolls due to his luck aura. I can also let you roll and D20 check twice & take the higher result. If you've been meaning to make knowledge checks, now's the time.

Stock (JonM) HP: 47/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:19:45 PM

Stock coughs and looks down. Then looks back at the Mage-Priest. "Restlin...judging by the hero worship being exuded by the other Shields...I mean, all due respect and all...and I guess I have heard something of you and your group...but well ease back, friend. You already have our gratitude and respect but no need to brag about your razors and your dragons....

Now, I think we should head back to the HQ. If there is more trouble, the city will look for us there."

Sesha, Blood Witch of Serenbeth  d8+10=16 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:46:00 PM

Sesha snort-giggles, and pats Stock on the back.

"Excellent! Well, lets head back to wherever it is you Silver Shields stay. I'll whip up a dinner that will make everyone feel much better, and will keep you tip top all through the day."

Assuming this is agreeable, Sesha will cast an extended Heroes' Feast.

Temp HP - 16

Restlin the Mage-Priest - Carl 
Friday November 17th, 2017 2:35:46 PM

In all his years of storytelling, no one had ever accused Restlin of bragging. He's taken aback for a moment, then chuckles a bit before addressing the dwarf.

"Buddy, there are five stories I tell just about everyone I meet. The story of the time I almost got myself killed by trying to take a ladle from a zombie, the time I almost got myself killed trying to scout ahead by myself against a lich's army, the time the Iron Adventurers destroyed half a shanty town with a calm emotions spell, the time I got myself killed attacking a dragon with a straight razor." He pauses for a moment before kneeling down to look the dwarf in the eyes. "...and the time my friend Kyan cost us literally millions of gold pieces and got us thrown in jail by not realizing manners were important." He stands back up. "I'm not sure what you count as bragging, but surely you realize that if those were my most shining moments, I wouldn't be a Dragon."

All is forgotten when Sesha mentions dinner. He knew full well what it meant when it was her turn to cook, and the bagel he had for breakfast wasn't cutting it anymore...

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Friday November 17th, 2017 3:37:43 PM

Dorbin stares at Emily as Restlin lets her go. He smiles and steps forward when Sesha mentions going to the HQ and getting food. As the group starts to walk away he says, "How long will you be staying here?" After a moment's pause he adds, "And did the amazing halfling Garret Goodbarrel really fly on a dragon?"

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Friday November 17th, 2017 4:02:16 PM

"A feast sounds perfect, peppered with stories or rather legends," Bartomus said with an obvious hint of excitement mixed with fandom for being in the presence of the Iron Dragons. "Lady Shesha, again, thank you for the healing potion. I am eternally grateful."

He was working to keep the details of this encounter clear in his mind to share it at the Ghost someday when all of this prophecy thing worked its way out. "So, wait, a prophecy talked about the breaking of the Wold's bones, that has to mean the Wold itself. What could break the Wold?"

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Friday November 17th, 2017 4:12:43 PM

"A very large rock?" Sid says to Bart, "I want to hear about how you destroyed a shantytown with a calm emotions spell if that is possible," Sid says to Restlin as they walk back.

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Friday November 17th, 2017 6:26:38 PM

Not yet sold on the idea of feasting at a time like this, Zander stomach is a little empty after all the investigating they had done that afternoon. And Stock's suggestion of being at headquarters in case some one came looking for them made more sense than running around Willy nilly. So making no argument he falls in with the others. Feeling like he had little to add Zander keeps quiet, hoping deep in his heart they would be able to prove themselves real adventurers to a pair of living, breathing, touchable Dragons.

DM MikeK - Back to HQ 
Saturday November 18th, 2017 10:25:56 AM

Some more discussion ensues, and a general agreement the a late dinner back at HQ would be good idea.

Given that the Shields missed dinner, several likely have rumblies in their tumblies.

The group departs - OOC - leaving behind six unsearched wight bodies?.

The Dragons note this is obviously the poorer section of town. They are told this is the Trash Level. The group climbs a set of public stairs to the Fence Level, and then find themselves at Shield HQ.
The Dragons will also note the 'sky' inside the city is artificial, a projection of some sort that the Shields, and other denizens of the Float take for granted. Or used to.

This artificial sky is completely dark, with an occasional lightning like flash of orange. The true sky, which can be seen from Shields HQ, is completely dark. On the Fence Level, multiple torches, everburning and just plain fire, line the shops and businesses on the street.

Shield HQ, while not a castle, is still pretty nice. A converted three story warehouse, it contains all the amenities, and has stairways and corridors sized to accommodate the two minotaurs in the group.

The kitchen and dining room are located on the third floor, but Sesha would decide the first floor, with its large, open area, is more suitable. She brings forth a great feast, including a magnificent table, chairs, service, and food and drink.

The aroma again gently reminds the Shields that they're pretty hungry.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 25/12/25 CMD:17 
Saturday November 18th, 2017 10:27:25 PM

OOC: I assume nothing was magical. Since Micah cast detect magic he would have noticed any auras on the wights.

Micah realizes this is no normal feast and recognizes that, though pleasurable in itself, the magical advantages may be unfortunately necessary.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 12:14:51 PM

Stohp starts to leave, but emerges from her shell-shock enough to go back and check the corpses for clues. Who knows, maybe one of the weights is wearing some sigil or whatever (perception 12 to search).

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+12=24 ;
Monday November 20th, 2017 1:41:36 AM

Sid stops up as Stohp stops, and follows her. "What cha do-- oh, yeah, good call," he says as he realizes what she is doing and helps.


Perception: 24

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Monday November 20th, 2017 9:52:16 AM

Bartomus followed the Dragons in complete shock and as they wandered back to the Shield's Headquarters. The darkness of the Float and of the outside was unnatural. It was something that made him worried about what was about to happen. Yet, he also kept focused on the distraction of the Dragons. We are hanging with the Dragons, the Dragons. He couldn't believe it.

Restlin the Mage-Priest - Carl 
Monday November 20th, 2017 10:12:59 AM

Restlin takes in the warehouse. He elbows Zander as he walks by. "You're right. This is pretty nice. Hook City locals always rewarded us with food instead of decor. Luckily Bosk has a secret passion for interior design." He puts his finger to his lips & wink, indicating it's inside, secret information.

He sits down next to Sid as they eat & tells the story the elf requested. "Yea, we used to adventure with this older wemic named Zeoll. Great guy. He made everyone around him better. He had this way of correcting your mistakes before you even realized you made them. I once watched Bosk barely miss an attack against this skeleton thing we were fighting in a magic ring, when Zeoll snapped his fingers and I swear to Wardd Bosk's axe backed up just a hair and connected with the thing. Zeoll was awesome.

"...but this one time we were in Mudtown. That's the shanty town that surrounds Hook City. Our weather control devices in the city make it rain a lot on the outskirts. Hence, Mudtown. Anyway, we were in mudtown, and there's this protection gang operating there that's not behaving properly. There's a long tradition of offering private protection to businesses in Hook City, in fact that's how the Iron Adventurers got their start. They were doing it wrong, though. They were shaking down people who didn't want to pay up, damaging their businesses, you name it. So we confronted them and things got heated quickly. That's when Zeoll cast calm emotions on the lot of them.

"Well, there was this big guy who was obviously not all there in the head. Turns out he wasn't muscle, he was a sorcerer who was a bit of a pyromaniac. He didn't appreciate Zeoll trying to mess with their heads like that, so he started throwing fireballs, and burning hands, and scorching rays everywhere. By the time we settled them down, there was a lot of property damage to Mudtown."

Restlin stops to take a drink of some pink fizzy stuff Sesha conjured up. "Don't know what she calls this stuff, and it's almost too sweet, but it's not bad. Anyway, Hook City refused to rebuild; they barely tolerated Mud Town anyway. Not one of our finer moments, really. Some friends of ours took the opportunity to create a settlement a few miles outside of town where Hook City laws had no sway.

"So anyway, takeaway here is that if you're going to prepare a calm emotions spell, be sure you silence it metamagically and cast it behind their backs."

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Monday November 20th, 2017 10:24:51 AM

Zander seems a little down as they head back. With the initial adrenaline of the darkness spreading and the fight over the eerie darkness seems to weigh on his shoulders. That it should affect the Float "sky" scares him. While it could get dark in alleys and such there was always light somewhere in the "sky". This was worse than the openness of the forest sky. And the cold certainly wasn't helping either. Glad to be back at the now familiar headquarters his spirits are greatly lifted after eating, both by the taste of the food and the other effects. Leaning back in his chair after they finish eating he voices the question he is sure is on everyone's mind, "What do we do now? I think there are other gates in the Float, is anywhere else in danger?"

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Monday November 20th, 2017 11:07:36 AM

Dorbin follows along and watches Sesha carefully as she creates the huge feast. He pulls out his notebook and jots down a few notes as he watches the food and table appear. Then he quickly tucks it away in his robes and takes a seat. Turns out, it has been awhile since he has eaten.

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 + 16; AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Monday November 20th, 2017 11:50:29 AM

Stock walks with the rest back to the HQ and is amazed at the quality of the feast. Poking through the items on the table, he finds carafe of ice cold milk and helps himself. As stories are shared at the table, Stock pulls out some unfinished stones from a pouch at his waste and begins polishing them with some of the smaller lapidary tools he always keeps at the ready.

Forgot to get a stone from the publisher and the trash level. Oh well. I got plenty of work here as it is.

He listens to Restlin's stories and is continually surprised that he is the only one of the group who honestly has never heard any of these stories.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Monday November 20th, 2017 2:00:32 PM

Stohp joins the rest for food, but doesn't really enjoy it. The conversation just sort of goes on around her until someone asks what they should do next. "I'm not sure there's much we can do. Whatever is going on it has powerful forces worried. That man had us all helpless with a wave of his hand. If someone that powerful is worried, how on earth can we help?"

The memory of the gravity lapse makes her shudder. They'd faced long odds before, heck a literal zombie apocalypse almost happened, and she's fallen in fights before, but she'd never felt completely helpless. At least when you get knocked out cold you usually go down swinging and are can't watch your encroaching death. Just being left hanging there, powerless, waiting for your fate to be decided...

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