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Lakeview Passage

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Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/12/23 CMD:17  d20+4=17 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 7:03:31 PM

Micah enjoys the trip to the upper levels as an opportunity to get to know the two newer members of the Silver Shields outside of combat.

He knows that Lavinia is older than himself and that she certainly handles herself in critical situations as well as any of them, but given her size and her enthusiasm he must occasionally remind himself that she is no child.

He responds to her questions with humble enthusiasm, "The Shields started in response to a group of business leaders concerned about some happenings in the Fence. Stohp and I are the only remaining members of the original group, but Zanderallen joined us not too long after we formed. The Silver Shield name came a little later when we learned we needed to register as a formal adventuring group to avoid being branded vigilantes.

Our first real threat involved dealing with wererats that were more vulnerable to silvered weapons. We chose the name "shield" to signify our protective purpose and "silver" in recognition of our first successful mission. At the time none of us had even heard of the Crimson Shields; the similarity is entirely coincidental.

We continue to be true to the original purpose: provide protection to the residents of the Fence level. In many regards we fulfill a gap left by the understaffed,"
he leans in to speak the next few words in a whisper, " and not entirely committed city guard.

So far we have defended the Fence and its citizens from a mad alchemist dealing with wererats, a cult operating withing the church of Caerolda called the Hands of Love, a zombie plague induced on the Trash level threatening to spread here and enabled by the unwise endeavors of Briadoc which you helped end, and a firebreathing minotaur crime boss named Shredds. The building we use as our headquarters and residence was originally owned by Shredds and confiscated by the city. We were able to acquire legal title of it with the aid of our founding benefactors.

Demons and rescuing cats in trees?"
he responds with a chuckle. "Who knows? Given the way the world seems to be going, more likely demon cats pouncing from trees." He shudders at the thought.

After another joyful evening with his family, in which he shares most of the Shields' recent exploits, he returns and rejoins his other family. He visits and chats with them for awhile, but not too late before turning in for the evening. He falls asleep thanking Domi for his fellow Shields and the good work they are able to do.

Perception 17
[ooc]John's memory is not nearly as good as Micah's would have been. If anything is incorrect or omitted, it's my doing not his and I apologize.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Monday September 18th, 2017 7:23:37 AM

Stohp gets back, drops off the stuff for Briadoc, and proceeds to carve as she originally planned. (checks made several posts ago).

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21  d20+5=12 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:09:37 AM

Stock heads up to the roof for the first time to enjoy the view. In truth, it is a bit closer to the ceiling of the fence level than he would prefer but there's still good airflow and a view of sorts.

He then sets up the dummy that Micah got in the middle of the fighting circle and begins sparring. It starts slow - in truth he feels silly about laying into it. As time passes, his speed picks up and his hits ring out. Just as he starts to feel his rage building, he stops and walks over to the railing along the edge. He sits there, gets his carving gear out and tries to finish his project. He is able to add some detailing to the carving but not quite finish it. He can tell he's close but there is something missing...

No Knowledge Local for the spoiler
Craft Carpentry 12...still 1 more needed

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Monday September 18th, 2017 11:52:53 AM

Dorbin continues to mill about and plays with a feather and Emily. When conversation allows, he is sure to let slip that he has access to THE great library of the Sage's guild on the float, just so everyone knows.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d100+7=75 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 2:20:42 PM

Sid and Elly spend the day together running the shop and he spends time working the floor between making arrows saying things like, "Yes I am with the Silver Shields, but this is a private business with my partner Elly," or "You're quite welcome we're here to serve," and "That'll be 75 gold and 5 silver... Why yes we can provide you with change." It seems to be a pleasant and full day.

"I need too check in with the Shields to make sure everything is alright. If I get delayed I'll send word along," he tells Elly giving her a kiss on his way out.


Business Roll(100+ 7 ranks(Profession( Merchant))): 75

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Monday September 18th, 2017 6:21:18 PM

Immediately catching onto Dorbins pride in his position Zander doesn't hesitate to offer his congratulations, "That seems like quite the honor Dorbin. I bet it wasn't easy putting yourself out like that. I'm proud of you. We'll have to have a celebratory dinner tonight. And I'm sure having access to those libraries will be a great boon for all of us." His congratulations complimented by a hearty clap on the back, Zander beams at the reserved young lad, glad to see him gaining confidence in himself.
(OOC) I am travelling this week, so I apologize of my posts get short at times. I will let someone know if I need a sub. And if someonr wanted to total up the treasure and divvy out some gold I wouls greatly appreciate it. If anyone needs editing privileges let me know.

DM Robert - "That seems like quite the honor Dorbin." 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:22:54 PM

Bartomus returns from his sojourn feeling pleased. He waits in anticipation for the artist to do the work on his upcoming tattoo. (I'm assuming you relate at this point what you learned from your researching.

Micah waxes eloquently about the history of the Silver Shields. His visit to his parents is refreshing.

Briadoc greets Stohp with some enthusiasm. He starts sorting the pots and moving things around while mumbling to himself. Perception 15 Highlight to display spoiler: { Cooped up in here, what do they expect just to sit back and blow smoke rings, I've got work to do, important work, so many variables, ....}
Stohp returns to her carving.

Dorbin is rightly pleased with himself. Knowledge is the key to many things, and he now has a way to access it.

Zanderallen is pleased that Dorbin is finding a place for himself. Zanderallen makes sure to point out to the others Dorbin's new badge and title during the evening meal.

Sid spends the day with Elley working in the shop. DM privilege, I'm going to assume you spent the night with her as well and return to your headquarters in the morning to check in with your amigos.

Night passes, eventually, and filled with the dreams of the just and pure of heart. Morning dawns. The group rises at their usual unhurried pace, but all do rise within a reasonable time frame of each other.

You great each other over a cup of coffee and morning toast, or cereal and milk, your preference. You discuss your plans for the day.

DM Statement....
This next adventure may take a couple of weeks. However it will only encompass 1 day of character time. Because of that, all spell casters must declare in their next post the spells they have prepared for a "typical day" around the float. You get no hints of what is to come. Likewise what you are "typically" wearing around town...full plate? I guess that wouldn't be out of character but, it must be stated, how are you dressed armed, combed, buffed, brushed, etc.

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20 Sasha HP:21/21 AC:19 
Monday September 18th, 2017 9:34:18 PM

Lavinia enjoys her history lesson, which surprises her given that she usually finds history incredibly dull. But she didn't know a lot about the Float and it was nice to learn more about her new home.

Lavinia very rarely dresses casually, having hated dresses ever since she was a child, and her armour now is like a second skin. She does not tend to leave without it. Her shortswords likewise tend to stay about her person, though she usually forgoes her bow when she is out and about. As for spells she tends to have Longstrider so she can get around the city more, and Speak with Animals so she can chat with Sasha.

Vinnie also tends to look a bit scruffy a lot of the time, having rarely come to cities before now and not really caring what people think of her anyway. She has a Panther for Wold's sake.

If she gets a chance she'd like to ask Dorbin about this fancy library, as she was hoping to find some information about some old god called Mittri, a name she's only ever heard in passing.

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/12/23 CMD:17  d20+4=15 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:29:04 PM

Micah starts the day praying in the dawn sunlight coming through the windows of the upper room. "Perhaps today I can look into setting up a shrine in here," he says to himself, silently thinking of what he would want to furnish it with.

When he joins the others he makes a point to congratulate Dorbin on his new honor.

Noticing Briadoc's murmuring and a bit concerned about what he may be up to, he decides to learn more about his intentions. "I am glad to see you are not letting the chance in settings detract from your endeavors," he says encouragingly. "What are your next steps and is there anything I can do to help?"

Before he heads out for the day, Micah stops in consideration. He speaks to the others, "As much as I would like to think it is safe around here, past events would indicate otherwise. I am equipping for the worst before I leave for the day." He then heads back up to don his armor and equip his gear. His WLA badge and his Domi amulet are clearly visible.

Perception 15
Spells are current on the character sheet as follows
0: Create Water; Mending; Light; Detect Magic
1: open slot; Protection from Evil; Bless; Command; Enlarge Person (domain)
2: open slot;Hold Person; Silence; Bull Strength (domain)
3: open slot; Magic Circle against Evil; Magic Vestment (domain)

Wearing full plate is roleplaying an 18 Wisdom is my excuse.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 7:57:32 AM

Stohp gets up and does her morning preparations. These last few weeks of being with the Shields has taught her that anything can happen, so she always tries to be prepared. Her leather armor, while sturdy, is thin enough to be concealed under her usual clothing. She keeps the sap near at hand as well, tucked into a pocket. The set up is a little warm, but it's worth it to look nice while remaining prepared in case some villain thinks to attack while she is seemingly unprepared.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:34:55 AM

Bartomus returned and shared with those about the information he learned regarding one of the opponents of the Crimison Shields, the Anvil Hearts. He explained that that this group had a history of going into the Woods and creating nasty extracts from the plants there.

After listening to the others, he returned to his room and work bench. He started sketching out the carved panel that he was hoping to find time to carve, once he got the composition just right. When the hour got late, he left his sketches and found the comfort of his bed.

Morning came and after getting himself cleaned up and dressed, he wandered to the overlook of the lake from one of the side passages and began his morning contemplations. The glave was set against the wall, and he sat down on the floor, his height allowing him to watch the sun light illuminate the sky and the lake. After a while, his mind raced through the various words and movements associated with his spells and he smiled. It was going to be a good day on the Float, and maybe at his carving bench. He headed back to the Shields' headquarters.

Spell list
4, 3, 2, 1

Create Water
Read Magic

Magic Stones
Produce Flame
Faerie Fire (domain)

Bull's Strength
Flaming Sphere

Cure Moderate Wounds
Glibness (Domain)

Wearing thick linen shirt, leather kilt, torque. Carrying glave, sling and dagger in loops/sheath on belt

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 11:17:30 AM

Stock wakes early, as per the norm and gets down to business. His backpack is packed and ready to go at a moment's notice but he leaves it, his breastplate and his weapons in his room as he wanders about the HQ, greeting the others as they arise. He's not sure what it is but there seems to be something in the air today...almost a vibration or a sense of foreboding. Ignoring it, he looks down and finds Dorbin's cat looking at him. "Gah, where did you come from...?"

Cat's got me on edge...

Stock is not wearing anyting fancy, just a gray shirt (did it used to be white?) and rough leather pants that have seen better days.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14]  d20+9=27 ; d20+12=15 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 1:01:58 PM

Dorbin beams with pride when others congratulate him. He says, "Indeed, it is quite an honor, and not one that is granted lightly. I am quite surprised that I was able to be selected so quickly, though I was there all day...and I can't tell you what happened there, that's secret."

When Lavinia mentioned the old god's name, Dorbin searches his memory (knowledge, history: 27; knowledge, arcana: 15). He says that he is sure that he can find some information in the great library if they have time later.

When Emily surprises Stock, Dorbin calls her to him. He says very sternly, "Now you need to stop doing that. You aren't allowed to try and scare the others." He tries to avoid smiling as he tries to scold his cat.

Dress: usual fancy robes kept clean.

Regular spells prepared:
0: Open/Close, Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand
1: Grease, Summon Monster I, Color Spray, Sleep, Unseen Servant
2: Acid Arrow, Hypnotic Pattern, Summon Monster II
3: Summon Monster III, Sleet Storm

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 3:56:08 PM

Sid shows up at HQ wearing his normal clothes and leather armor. He has Branwen with him, a quiver of 20 arrows. daggers hidden all about him, and his sling and bullets in a pouch on his belt. He has his Handy Haversack with him and his Rapier is as HQ in his room. While everyone is getting ready he tries out the new range with Branwen and fully puts it through her paces.

An hour later when people are getting up, he comes down and has tea and biscuits as a snack while people have breakfast. He laughs as Emily scares Stock, " I didn't know dwarves didn't like cats. I thought it was just trees and giants."

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 6:35:42 PM

Zanderallen starts his day off like any other. After enjoying breakfast and the company of his companions he goes back to his room to prepare for the day. As is becoming his custom he vests himself in his plate mail, willing it to look like his regular outfit, breeches, shirt, and plain brown tunic emblazoned with a hammer and anvil. Strapping his sword to his side, sheild on his back, and sap on his belt Zander feels ready to face the day.
Spells Prepared: Lesser Restoration, Protection from Evil

The Summoning

DM Robert - It Begins 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:49:58 PM

The day passes uneventfully. The group seems content and yet somewhat on edge, there's a certain something in the air. Certainly Briadoc seems preoccupied turning what was supposed to be the chapel into a nursery. Micah and Zanderallen seem a little put off by this. Briadoc only shrugs and says, "If you're keeping me here I gots things to do. I could do them somewhere else, say Plateau City or somewhere else far off from here if you prefer. It's only a few pots." (well seems like there are 20 pots of various sizes). When asked about what he's growing he replies with "Oh this and that, some orchids, some herbs, this and that." One wonders where he got the seeds....did anyone ever search him?

A little after 5 Sid returns again with Elly to find out where the group is going to have dinner. As the group is discussing it, there comes a knocking, knocking at the warehouse door.

You fling open the door and to what do your wondering eyes appear...Rodrigo Diaz! He is panting and sweat drops from his face, his black hair is damp with perspiration. Perception 15 Highlight to display spoiler: { you can see a few people in the street behind him looking your way, as if they saw him running through the streets and are wondering what's up}

Rodrigo is dressed in a plain set of leather armor and has his sword. He manages to rasp out. "needed, here." He hands a piece of paper to ..... first person to post
The note says...
Highlight to display spoiler: {"Micah, Shields, Urgently need your help. Please come to Rosebud Publishing, Merchant level, near Trade Street." it is signed, Lukas Smith, Sargent of the Guard.}

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+10=19 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:25:03 PM

Sid takes the note and ushers him in, "Rod! Come in, come in!" Sid ushers him to a chair as Elly shuts the door, "Something to drink for the man! What's wrong?" Sid reads the note and then reads it out loud for everyone to hear, and hands the note to Micah.


Perception: 19

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/12/23 CMD:17  d20+4=6 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:30:51 PM

After realizing who it is, the first thing he notices is Rodrigo is without his regular enchanted armor. Those thoughts are immediately dispelled when he reads the signature on the proffered note. His pulse races and he can feel the adrenaline build, but to avoid acting rashly he closes his eyes and offers a brief prayer to Domi, before responding.

"We must be off to the merchant level and ready for battle! Time is of the essence but let us not go ill prepared," he states with forced calm.

"Rodrigo, come in. While you get some water, tell us what this is about," he inquires while waving the note and ushering the mercenary to a nearby chair. He then passes the note to the nearest Shield and explains, "For those of you who do not know. The sergeant whose signature is on this note is my brother."

After handing Rodrigo a cup, he grabs his shield from where it was resting near the door and makes ready to leave.

Perception 6

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20 Sasha HP:21/21 AC:19 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 10:55:49 PM

Lavinia had been propping her feet up on Sasha and reading a book when the man, Rodrigo she heard others say, arrived at the HQ. Seeing that everyone seems to know this guy she sits up and watches in curiosity. Hopefully someone will tell her who this guy is.

And what's this about Micah's brother? She has no idea but she's going to help whatever. She checks her shortswords are in place and motions for Sasha to follow. The panther, sensing the tension, is immediately on her feet and ready for action

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 19/14/16; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:51:08 AM

Stock launches himself to his feet when Rodrigo enters. The unease he felt earlier is finally clear.

...wasn't the cat then...

He feels the sense of urgency and rushes to his room on the third floor. He hastily dons his armor, grabs his heavy flail and pack and is back and ready to go. When he gets back down to the main floor, he has parts of his shirt sticking out around his breastplate and some straps loose still but he is at least protected. He is smiling grimly, white teeth contrasting with his tanned skin.
"Micah - I don't think we've ever talked about your brother being in the guard...and I mean no disrespect but my experience with them is pretty...mixed. They usually mean well but can be rather rigid. I assume we can trust your brother in whatever he asks of us?"

Hastily donned breastplate takes 1 minute but forces me to take an additional -1 penalty AC and Armor check penalty...Statline is updated.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 11:46:44 AM

Emily jumps when the door slams open and the hair on her back rises. She relaxes when there is not an immediate attack. Dorbin looks from Sid to Micah and says, "Well let's go, then!"

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19  d20+4=17 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 2:09:23 PM

Suddenly changing from peaceful talk to hurried action, Zander jumps up at the appearance of Rodrigo. With his thoughts turning to action he loses control od his glammered armor suddenly switching from plain clothes to gleaming full plate in an instant. Seeing the people staring outside he has more immediate concerns as he chases after Stock. "Micah yell up if seconds matter. If a minute or two won't hurt I'm going to help Stock get properly equipped." Zander assists Stock in donning his armor, the extent based on news from Micah. Coming back down with Stock, Zander is ready to go.
Perception 17
If no yell from Micah, Zander can aid Stock in fully donning his armor in 2 minutes (ignoring all protests from Stock)
If Micah yells them he assists in hastily donning.

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+7=20 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 3:40:26 PM

Bartomus had made sketches of the project he had in mind and then gave some thought on how to incorporate that into a small storage chest. He was not cabinet maker, but he felt that he could ask for additional help from others in the Shields or craftsmen he knew about the Float. He sketched out a small multi-drawer filled cabinet, more akin to a spice cabinet, and took the sketch with him down to the main floor.

He came down and realized that the conversation was about dinner and where to eat. He hadn't thought about it, but he hadn't eaten most of the afternoon, and he was hungry. As he was about to recommend a night at the Ghost, there was a loud pounding at the front door that Sid answered. A haggered man was let in and it was obvious that he had been running, further accentuated by the gaggle of folks out in the roadway looking at the Shield's headquarters.

When he heard the call to arms by Micah, Bartomus simply turned about and walked back up to his room. He grabbed his glave, the sling bullet pouch and fastened it to the broad black leather belt that he was already wearing. He grabbed the grubby linen shirt with one hand as he took off the clean, intact one with his other hand. "No need to ruin another one of these, need to find something a bit more protective," he said to no one but himself.

He picked up his dagger, turned back towards the stairs and walked down to join the others. He sheathed the dagger and fasteed it to the same belt. "So, another mission, amongst the Merchants this time. Money, commerce, and the need for weapons, something is up."
Perception - 20

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:10:29 PM

"Elly love, I'm sorry, but it looks like dinner is going to have to wait," Sid adds.

DM Robert - "...I mean no disrespect but my experience with them is pretty...mixed." 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 8:27:20 PM

Rodrigo takes the water and drinks deeply. "Much obliged. Well Sergent Lukas has got himself into a bit of a pickle, not of his own making of course. It seems that one of the owners of Rosebud Publishing has committed suicide." Rodrigo rises from the chair that was thrust upon him. "What probably is not spoken about too much, unless you are of rank in the guard, is that nobles on the float, do not commit suicide. Ever. Bad publicity. So what is going to happen is that they, and by that I mean the upper crust that run things, is that a murder was committed. It's Lukas's bad luck to have had it happen on his watch, that means he takes responsibility for having let a murderer slip through his fingers....or if he's unscrupulous, of picking someone to blame the murder on. Either way his career could hang in the balance."

Rodrigo moves toward the door. "We'd best get going. I can explain more on the way if you have questions."

Knowledge local 15 #1 Highlight to display spoiler: {He's right, you have never heard of any noble of the float committing suicides.....several have been murdered over the years.}

Knowledge Local 15 # 2 Highlight to display spoiler: { anytime nobility is involved in a crime the guard often try to find others to lead the investigation, that makes for an easy scrap-goat in case something goes wrong.}

Knowledge local 20 Highlight to display spoiler: {Rosebud Publishing prints a variety of books fiction, history, esoteric magic stuff, etc. Basically whatever the publisher think will sell. They distribute to the float but throughout the Wold. They also publish a weekly broadsheet (newspaper) of events and news of the Float.}

DM stuff - this module will run slightly different than what you are used to. Because it is a murder mystery I am not going to pre post knowledge rolls with the spoiler caption. Rather, if there's something you are interested in post what you are trying to find out and the appropriate roll. This could be either Knowledge based rolls, Perception checks (here's a clue, a magnifying glass gives a +2 to perception checks), Sense motive, etc. You are the detectives. The question is what sort of detective will you be remembered as...Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, or Inspector Clouseau.

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:20:52 PM

Stohp, checking in on Braidoc, looks about at the potted seedlings and glowers in suspicion. "I didn't buy you seeds. What are you planting? So help me if you are continuing your experiments you will wish Crimson got you."

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8  d20+4=8 ; d20+4=17 ; d20+4=13 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 10:25:40 PM

Bartomus listened as the man talked and remembered something. "Micah, I realize the Sergeant is your brother, but the few investigations done by folks like us, from the history I remember reading, ended up with the ones blamed for things."

He shrugged and looked at Micah. "I am not saying we don't do something, I am saying that we realize that us helping your brother will notch up the risks of what we are doing."

"Rodrigo, you said the person committed suicide, why did you all believe that? How did they die?" Bartomus asked
Knowledge Local/Float, 8, 17, and 13 - reveal 2nd

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:49:00 AM

"Gah Zanderallen...not like that. I can do it. I really can." He doesn't actually slap away Zanderallen's hand as the Paladin helps to sort out his armor but he does look almost embarassed that he needs help. When he hears Rodrigo's story, he says, "He's already dead then? Maybe I don't need this after all. I don't see a problem helping here but, I must say I don't think any of us is particularly suited to investigating a murder..."

He waits a moment, looking around at the way the HQ was finished for them and then says, "At any rate, of course we'll help how we can...What do you know about the stiff or his business anyway?"

Statline is updated again with Z's help with Stock's armor.
No Knowledge Local...wishing I had more than Knowledge Nature right about now.

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14]  d20+9=16 ; d20+14=30 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 11:43:15 AM

Dorbin remains in silent contemplation as he hears the news and realizes the group is likely going to be in trouble. If they show up, they might get the murder pinned on them if they can't find another way to prove the suicide or find another murderer.

Trying out knowledge, history (16) and linguistics (30) to see if Dorbin knows any more about this publishing company. Who owns it, how long it has been around, their overall reputation.

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+12=13 ; d20+12=22 ; d20+12=14 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 1:10:19 PM

Sid says some quiets things to Elly, kisses her hitches up his haversack. "Well then what are we waiting for!" He follows the procession out when they are ready.


((All I need is a 3, right this should be easy))

Knoweledge(Local): Nat 1

Knoweledge(Local): 22

Knoweledge(Local): 14

((Sighs, yep, there we are.))

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/12/23 CMD:17  d20+5=10 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 1:29:28 PM

When Micah hears Rodrigo's explanation, he relaxes, but only slightly.

"Lukas did say urgent, but it appears a little time for fully preparing may be prudent. And by preparing, I mean equipping fully expecting battle. Stohp, Zander, how many times do you recall being ambushed in the streets since we started the Shields?"

"Stock, the unreliable nature of the guard is one of the reasons my brother joined them in hopes he could bring more honor to the role. I hear the concerns that we could be the scapegoats. In fact, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that this is a move by Crimson, to accomplish exactly that or to lure us out of the Fence where we might be more vulnerable. Hence the arms and armor.

"I realize now that I was a bit hasty in my call to arms, as this is a personal matter to me. Your response is truly touching."

He pauses a moment, then shouts in his loudest voice, "Briadoc! Come down here!"

When Briadoc arrives, Micah nods in his direction, " I apologize for being so abrupt, but we have a bit of a crisis here. Do you know anything about any goings on regarding the Rosebud publishing company? Also, I have noticed you have been fairly industrious since your arrival. Would you perchance have and special concoctions or herbs that would be of use in solving a murder mystery?"

knowledge history or nobility to ascertain more about past non-suicides

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 3:52:03 PM

"You think this is bad, you should come help Micah and me put on our armor sometime. Makes you feel like a king having someone dress you." Coming back downstairs to hear what's going on he feels a little let down. "Well doesn't sound like they're in need of immediate head bashing, but never hurts to be prepared. I think I need more hands to count street ambushes with."

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:47:18 PM

Stohp follows Briadoc out, still glowering. She is slightly diverted by MIcah's question and decides to wait for Briadoc's answer before sharing her discovery.

DM Robert - "Well doesn't sound like they're in need of immediate head bashing, but never hurts to be prepared.."  d20+10=20 ; d20+5=6 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 9:13:26 PM

Briadoc looks stunned by the accusations. He tells Stohp "Yes I have seeds, a variety of orchids, some herbs, and some roses. If you must know I'm endeavoring to cross breed and create a new variety of orchid, I think I'll try for black. Yes a Black Orchid, and I will have created, I shall become famous while cooped up in this brownstone. I think I need some beer." When Micah address him he is stunned. "I have not murdered anyone. I'm a simply botanist, a hungry one, do you have some beer and perhaps a sausage? Herbs do not kill people. Orchids do not kill people, well okay if you had a really bad allergy then an orchid could kill you, but it would require someone to prepare the stamen or perhaps the flowers themselves..." His head cocks upward, clearly he is trying to think about how this could be done.

Rodrigo smiles at the little guy. "New recruit?" He asks. "Well I'm not for sure on the whose and the what's. I was in the Rosebud book shop looking for some reading material." He looks around daring anyone to say anything. "What's wrong with reading a good book at night?"
He then continues. "As I was saying, there were some shouts of murder and such, the guard came running through. I followed a bit but could not really get up to third floor. Still I was hanging around the stairs with some of those reporters, they weren't being let in either. When Joseph came out and said Hey Lieu, I mean Rodrigo, could you take this note to the Silver Shields down on the Fence level. Joseph is a corporal in the guard, I known him back a ways. So anyway, since I owed you I beat feet down here as quick as I could."

Rodrigo gets another drink of water and continues. "Let's see Rosebud Publishing prints a variety of books fiction, history, esoteric magic stuff, etc. Basically whatever the publisher think will sell. They distribute to the float but throughout the Wold. They also publish a weekly broadsheet (newspaper) of events and news of the Float."

Dorbin nods when Rodrigo speaks about the publishing house. He remembers hearing about them. Print quite the eclectic list.

He pauses again thinking. "Can't say I'm familiar with nobility enough to really know who the owners of Rosebud Publishing are."

Bartomus and Sid both advise that the group be cautious. Dealing with murder and the guard can turn sideways quickly.

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20 Sasha HP:21/21 AC:19 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 9:43:13 PM

(I don't think Vinnie would have any local knowledge so I'm not even gonna roll for that)
"A murder mystery then? Cor you lot never said we dealt with that kid of stuff. Sasha and I may not know much about fancy pants noble types but we're pretty good trackers if I do say so myself. Take us to the crime scene and Sasha and I will sho what we can do."

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 11:56:46 PM

"Bookstore? Third floor?" Bartomus said trying to piece together what they were walking into. "Micah, suspect we don't all want to go rushing into the building if there are reporters and such about. Might give those reporters way too much to write about."

Stock (JonM) HP: 56/56 AC: 20/14/17; CMB: 8; CMD: 21 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:26:00 AM

"Let's go people. There may already be a body but we should probably try to get there before another one hits the floor." Stock leads the procession out of the warehouse.

After a short way, he turns to Rodrigo and says, "I'm sorry Rod, did you mention how the supposed suicide happened?"

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 11:52:09 AM

Dorbin nods to Bart and says, "Indeed, we should figure out how we want to play this. We should either show up with our shields, announcing to the wold that we're on the job; or we should sneak in and not let anyone else know we're there..."

Micah (John) HP: 46/46 AC: 23/12/23 CMD:17 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 1:15:06 PM

"Good suggestion, Bart," agrees Micah. "Let us work on a plan as we head that way. Everyone ready to move out?' he asks as he starts to do so himself.

"I think, as a member of clergy I, could easily justify approaching and entering, unless my relationship to the sergeant is revealed, that might not attract too much attention. Lavinia, your skills might be good to have on the crime scene, but Sasha would have to hang back. Perhaps you could go masquerade as my assistant," Micah proposes as they travel.

"Dorbin," he inquires, "do you have the spell message prepared? If so it would be handy to cast on me and whoever else joins me. So we can keep the main group informed and call you in should the need arise."

Sid (Andrew) HP: 34/34; AC: 17/15/13; CMB: 2; CMD: 16)  d20+4=24 ; d20+10=23 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 2:08:54 PM

Sid looks at Rod closely before they go, not caring anything about nobility in general. He wants to trust him, but as they are going into a scene that will be confused and frustrated with possible bureaucracy, he decides to get in the mood of observant wallflower.


Sense Motive: Nat 20
Perception: 23

Zanderallen (Zachary H) HP: 48/48 AC: 25 T: 13 FF: 24 CMD: 19  d20+5=14 ;
Friday September 22nd, 2017 3:19:36 PM

Coming down and hearing who is dead, Zander thinks back to his lessons while they march out the door. Book learning was never his strong suit but he remembers some of the noble families.
Know:Nobility 14

Dorbin (JeffO) [AC:13/13/10 HP:35/35 CMD:14] 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 4:12:53 PM

Dorbin replies to Micah, "Sorry, but I do not have that one ready today."

Lavinia (Carissa) HP:45/45 AC:20/16/15 CMB:5 CMD:20 Sasha HP:21/21 AC:19 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 6:53:59 PM

Lavinia frowns a bit but agrees. "Much as I love Sasha I know she can frighten people a bit. Still my sense of smell isn't nearly as good as hers so for the best tracking we'll need something from the crime scene, or we'll need to sneak her in somehow."

Stohp (Mitch) HP: 38/38hp AC: 19/13/15 CMB: +8 CMD: 18 +2 vs grapple, disarm 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 8:08:12 PM

Stohp glares down at the tiny herbalist for a moment longer before taking a deep breath and trying to calm down. "... I'm sorry I yelled at you. I saw Crimson's plant people slaughter nearly everyone in the Trash, so I'm a bit edgy when it comes to strange plants."

Regardless of what he's growing it won't sprout in a day. She'll just have to make sure to keep an eye on him. Perhaps she can get Bart or some other herbalist to check in on him, ensure he is not furthering his mad experiments.

Once she's made her peace with him she heads out to see what the commotion is. "What's up guys?"

DM Robert - "What's up guys?" 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:29:19 PM

"Sorry I don't know any of the particulars. Like I said I really didn't go up there. I can tell you most of the workers were gone. I guess they had Friday afternoon off." Rodrigo answers Stock.

The band gets ready to set out. Sid eyes Rodrigo but gets only the sense that Rodrigo has told you what he knows.

Bartomus worries about reporters on scene.

Micah tries to consider useful spells, unfortunately Dorbin does not have the spell requested.

Lavinia is sure Sasha can smell out the murderer.

Zanderallen ponders nobility, alas he realizes he doesn't have much to go on.

Stohp apologies to Briadoc and hurries to catch up with everyone.

Rosebud publishing Actually just looking at the merchant level it will be located between Trade Street and Road to the Top....so change the note to read that, not Wall Street...

Rosebud Publishing is a large square building 300 feet on a side. There are other buildings/business on the east and west facing. The back leads into another street. The building seems massive, you would think 4 stories tall maybe. There is one set of double doors on the front of the building, to the left are two windows peering inside you see what looks like a book shop. In fact it is (A1 is the book store you can look in the windows and see a young man looking back out at you.)

Bartomus(Rod) HP: 34/34 AC: 13 (11+2); Perc+7;Heal+8 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 10:13:20 PM

"Well, now, do you want us to just walk about to see what we have around this place, Micah?"Bartomus asked as the came to Rosebud Publishing and held back a bit from the main building and group. He waited for Strohp as she came into sight, "Well, there you are, I was thinking we might check one of the new shops this way."

He jestered to the area past the shop corner on the east of the building.

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