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Taur Islands

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Matthew S. Co-DM Interrupted (10:30 am) (Co-DM Matt)   d20=13 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 7:47:47 PM

Rolth and Falco try to reason with the liontaurs and it seems to work for the moment as the complains stop. [b]Falco adds a demonstration to make sure everyone understands.

“Okay” the liontaur adds. “ I’m just saying its odd.. buy I guess you're right. She did lose everything.”

Falco and Kiwina notice the object out in the sea. The rain and darkness make any identification difficult. The wind picks up and other homes begin to disappear from their foundations. Kiwina and Tsak search for anything he could use to make things better. There is a pile of large rocks lying beside Kiwina, behind that is a stack of wood.
Elyas is a bit lost and finds a place to sit. Beside him a small hybrid taur plays. It struggles to hold up the already larger minotaur head upon it’s small liontaur body.
“I’m so sorry,” says the mother as she ushers the child closer to her.
Finnian finds some time to meditate.
Gothruk searches the caves. Gothruk only Highlight to display spoiler: {Several other liontaur follow, they look to be from the taurnament.
“Do you hear that,” says one of the liontaur with a shock of blond hair. “It sounded like a thud? Maybe it was just a tree.” As you listen, you can hear several thuds. The sound is unusual but it continues on for several seconds.
The wind whistles off the edge of the cave entrance. Thunder booms loudly.
Perception vs DC: 13 Highlight to display spoiler: {You hear several heavy thuds outside the cave entrance. }

Rolth Niheow (BatMark) (22/22 HP | AC: 14; Touch: 11; Flat: 12; CMD: 18) | Glaive +4 1d10+4 x3 | Paws (2) +2 1d4+1 x2| Status: None   d20+9=25 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:09:42 PM

Rolth perks up, grips his glaive, and moves towards the cave entrance. "What were those thuds?" He carefully peers out the entrance, making sure not to do so in a way that will let falling items hit him from above. If he sees no immediate threat, he will lift his gaze to look for the dark shape on the water mentioned by the others. (Perception = 25)

Kiwina (BatMark subbing for Steve)  d20+8=20 ; d20+6=12 ; d20+10=26 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 8:19:17 PM

Kiwina also hears the thuds and steps up beside Rolth to scan for the source of the sound. (Perception =20) If nothing presents itself, he will also scan for the dark shape on the water, looking to see whether it is a creature, an object, or still a mystery. Did the lightning have any effect on it? Is it in distress? (Knowledge nature = 12) Does it look safe to go out and take a closer look, or is the storm too strong and lightning too close? (Survival = 26)

Tsak (Subbing for Damien)  d20+6=9 ;
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:13:06 PM

Tsak tries to gauge how the wind is moving around the caverns and using the rocks he creates a windbreak to protect the firepit. He asks Falco if he can dry the wood, it would make it a lot easier to get the fire going.

Tsak fails the perception check (1D20+6=9)

Sable (Don) ( HP 20| AC: 15/17; Touch: 11; Flat: 13/15; CMD: 19) | Status: Upgraded  d20+6=17 ; d20+6=22 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 4:13:57 AM

Sable hearing the heavy noise outside the entrance (Perception 17), readies his weapon and stands next to Rolth and also takes a harder look outside (Perception 22).

Elyas (Ben A.) (21/21 HP | AC: 13; Touch:13; Flat: 10; CMD:15) | Light Crossbow +4( 1D8, 19-20) | Status:N  d20+3=23 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 6:44:53 AM

Elyas watches the little taur play, and tries waving hello to it. As the mother tries to apologize, Elyas holds up a hand.
This little one is no bother ma'am. Let him play. Is there anything you two need?

Elyas sits upright as he hears the strange thuds outside
Perception 23, natural 20.

that didn't sound like thunder! Do any of you see anything? he asks the petals starting to gather by the front of the cave.

Elyas joins them, preparing to cast his protective shell if anything weird approaches from the storm.

Falco Ambersier (Ryan M) AC 13 (T13/F11) 14/14 HP | 7/7 Acid Dart | Lt Crossbow +4 1d6 x2 | Status: None | Spellbook Party Loot Sheet  d20+2=3 ; d20+8=17 ; d20+8=23 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:19:10 AM

{Perception: 3 - be jealous}

Falco gives the cave a cursory glance but cannot really focus he racks his mind for any other natural phenomenon he has heard of or any historic events. As he thinks he approaches Elyas.

"Any thoughts on this storm? I am trying to recall anything I may have read that would put this in context." . {Know: Nature 17} {Know: History 23}

Gothruk Gore (Logan) AC 13 (T11/F10)17/17HP |Guisarme +4 2D6+4| Status: None  d20+6=16 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:34:32 AM

Gothruk listens harder trying to figure out where the thudding is coming from. Is it echoing through the tunnels to us? Is it caused by rock, wood, metal or other?
Perception: Listen = 16

Finnian (Zeke) (HP:11/11; AC: 16; Touch: 13; Flat: 13; CMD: 17) Status: Hurtin'  d20+9=29 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:56:03 PM

[perception Natural 20!]

If Finnian has his spells he will begin to move towards the sounds and try to determine where the sound came from. Keep his eyes on the horizon and look for what is going on further down the beach.

The Storm

Matthew S. Co-DM The Storm (11:00 am) (Co-DM Matt)  
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 7:21:13 PM

Rolth perked up and headed toward the cave entrance along with Kiwina, Sable, Elyas and Finnian.
The sky over the water is dark and from this distance anything in the water is also black.
The storm is blowing the wind across the entrance like daggers as the remaining trees outside strained to stand. Kiwina figured it would be safe to walk out into the storm. Just a little extra difficult to stand. (Acrobatics vs Dc 11 - if going outside the entrance)
Several of you do notice figures lying outside the cave entrance. All of them large and taur-like. Upon a closer study you notice they are taurs. Two centaur and a minotaur to be exact. Their clothes are torn and they are wet. They struggle to move, let alone stand up.
Tsak uses the rocks to create a windbreak and protect the firepit. He asked for help with starting a fire. An able-bodied young liontaur offers to help and the fire is lit and warm.
Elyas tries to assure the mother but she is still apprehensive. He asks to help.
Falco approached Tsak and asked for thoughts on any history. The mother of two replied, “I have never, in my history, seen a storm like this. This clan has been here for thousands of years.” To Elyas, “Some answers would be helpful,” she replied, knowing full well answers will be hard to come by.
Gothruk, further within the cave, listened and found some of the thuds seem to be coming from within one of the tunnels. It’s a soft thud followed by a crash. After a moment, there is a commotion and several sheep begin to wander toward the group. Their bahhing sounds distressed and pained, louder than a man speaks.

Kiwina (BatMark subbing for Steve)  d20+2=21 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:44:48 PM

Kiwina says, "The aumakua would not look favorably upon us if we do not even try to save these taurs, let us move to see what can be done." With that, he shields his face from the wind and moves toward the fallen taurs. (Acrobatics = 21, success) If they do not appear to pose a threat, physical or eldritch, he will try to ask them how they came to be here, and whether they would join us in the caves. If they agree, he will help one of the centaurs, using a loop of rope if necessary.

Rolth Niheow (BatMark) (22/22 HP | AC: 14; Touch: 11; Flat: 12; CMD: 18) | Glaive +4 1d10+4 x3 | Paws (2) +2 1d4+1 x2| Status: None  d20+4=18 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:51:27 PM

Rolth sees his comrade Kiwina move out into the rain, and is determined to join him. "Domi, grant me strength!" he mutters as he shoulders into the wind, moving toward the other centaur. (Acrobatics = 18, success) He follows Kiwina's lead, checking over the centaur before offering to help.

Tsak Rezar (Damien) AC15 (T13/F12) 19/19 HP| Falchion +4 2D4+3|Status: None 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:46:50 PM

Tsak decides not to go out in the storm, but tries to get a rope around those that do so that they can be pulled to safety if required. He moves to assist any taurs once inside the cave, helping them to a place by the fire and seeing what can be done for cuts or abrasions.

Sable (Don) ( HP 20| AC: 15/17; Touch: 11; Flat: 13/15; CMD: 19) | Status: Upgraded  d20+4=23 ; d20+4=24 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:04:50 AM

Sable thinks Tsak’s idea of using a rope is a good one - he prepares to haul in folks from the storm as needed (Strength check - 23). While waiting to haul in the Taurs, he will take a hard look at the sheep (Knowledge Nature - 24).

Falco Ambersier (Ryan M) AC 13 (T13/F11) 14/14 HP | 7/7 Acid Dart | Lt Crossbow +4 1d6 x2 | Status: None | Spellbook Party Loot Sheet 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 8:54:09 AM

Looking at the story Falco thinks he will be little use helping out there. At his weight he may just blow clear out to sea. Instead of helping with that he gathers the children in the near one of the walls.

"Children come here and I will tell you a tale." if the children move near him begins a tale of a group of travelers who also face a storm and find themselves on an island, their boat wrecked.

It begins:
"Sit right here and I will tell a tall, a tale of a fated trip.
It started right here on this very isle with a skipper who was true.
Sadly the weather started getting rough and their sturdy ship was tossed.
The crew was brave and they landed on an uncharted little isle."

He goes on as long as they will listen about the peoples zany adventures. Each idea more outlandish then the last until they are happily rescued by a passing ship.

Gothruk Gore (Logan) AC 13 (T11/F10)17/17HP |Guisarme +4 2D6+4| Status: None  d20-1=4 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:29:41 AM

Gothruk will do his best to not seem threatening towards the sheep. He'll walk steadily towards them guiding them into the cave, he's no master but he's seen farmers move livestock before and attempts to imitate. (isn't trained in handle animal)

Diplomacy if relevent 1D20-1=4

Elyas (Ben A.) (21/21 HP | AC: 13; Touch:13; Flat: 10; CMD:15) | Light Crossbow +4( 1D8, 19-20) | Status:N  d20+3=12 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:43:49 AM

Elyas squints out of the cave entrance, but for now feels like he would be more of a hindrance than a help in carrying the Taurs in from the storm. He doesn't want to be stuck out there himself needing to be rescued.

Instead, he casts Light on a fist-sized rock and tosses it out into the storm to help his companions see more clearly. (perception roll of 12 as he tries to see anything else lit up by his glowing rock)

Do you two see anything out there? He calls out to Kiwina and Rolth

Finnian (Zeke) (HP:11/11; AC: 16; Touch: 13; Flat: 13; CMD: 17) Status: Hurtin'  d20+7=14 ; d20+9=12 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 4:32:28 PM

[ooc So since I just had the opportunity to prepare my spells I am going to say that I had prepped CLW and left my other slot for level 1 spells open and can fill it with 15 min. meditation.]

Finnian follows the other two out into the rain leaving his bow unstrung in the cavern so as to nit dampen his string. Naturally acobatic Finnian leaps into the wind but he has to focus all his ability to not be blown away. [Acrobatics=14] The rain makes it hard to see but he does his best to keep alert as he moves as fast as he can to help the fallen Taurs. [Perception=12]

Co- Dm shawn -the storm drenches   d20=5 ; d20=9 ; d20=19 ; d20=9 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:26:27 PM

Kiwina moves out to check on the taurs laying in the ground. The win pushes at him making his steps lumber and move at a slower pace.

[Rolth [/b] follows his friend and also has to push against the storm. One thing both notice is sound is being drowned out. A yell might get lost in the winds like a grain of sand on the beach.

Tsak comes up with the idea of tying a rope on those that go out incase they need to be dragged in. Sable thinks its a good idea. (Ooc: if Rolth or Kiwina want it.. they can retro it in.)

The sheep came from deeper in the cave and look scared. A massive storm can do that to an animal.

Falco sits down and calls the children over and begins telling a story. First one child listens, then another... one by one about half the children trickle over to listen.

Gothruk moves closer to the sheep trying to heard them. A few bolt passed and start heading for the mouth. Some move back into the passage they came from. The bahhing doesnt stop.. they are still scared.

Elyas decidesn he would be more help in the cave and casts light on a rock and throws it into the storm. He calls out to see if any of them see anything.

Finnian moves up to to the beach with the others. His eyes strain against the rain and wnd.

The trio venturing onto the beach are aboit halfway to the taurs. The wind and rain is like a wall.. it slows everything to a standstill.

The taurs can be seen to be soaked... their cloaks are saturated.

Rolth Niheow (BatMark) (22/22 HP | AC: 14; Touch: 11; Flat: 12; CMD: 18) | Glaive +4 1d10+4 x3 | Paws (2) +2 1d4+1 x2| Status: None  d20+4=13 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:45:45 PM

Rolth gratefully accepted the offer of a lifeline from Sable. With this added security, he pushes on toward the fallen taurs. (Acrobatics = 13, success!)

Kiwina (BatMark subbing for Steve)  d20+2=8 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:49:34 PM

Kiwina also accepts the assistance via rope from Tsak and presses on toward the Taurs on the sand. However, the wind proves too much, and he stumbles to his knees before he can reach his goal. (Acrobatics = 8, fail)

Sable (Don) ( HP 20| AC: 15/17; Touch: 11; Flat: 13/15; CMD: 19) | Status: Upgraded  d20+3=13 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 2:01:03 AM

Sable maintains his position with the rope and tries to keep the sheep inside the cave as well (Handle Animal - 13)

Tsak Rezar (Damien) AC15 (T13/F12) 19/19 HP| Falchion +4 2D4+3|Status: None 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 6:16:40 AM

Tsak does not yet attempt to retrieve Kiwina as he may still recover and reach a fallen taur. In fact keeping the rope firm so that Kiwina does not fall further, he realises that he will need help if he is to return his giant friend to the cave. Straining to have his voice heard over the wind, Falco's preposterous imitation of a screwy first-mate and the bleating of rogue sheep he yells to Gothruk and Elyas for assistance.

Gothruk Gore (Logan) AC 13 (T11/F10)17/17HP |Guisarme +4 2D6+4| Status: None  d20-1=11 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:14:38 AM

With the storm going on outside and deeper into the caves surrounded by panicked and loud sheep, Gothruk dosn't hear Tsak's calls for aid.

He keeps trying to calm the sheep that are still around him.

(OOC - I don't know what to do! Can someone not trained in handle animal calm an animal at all?
Logically so but I don't know how that converts mechanics wise. The closest thing I can think of is Diplomacy so I'm going to keep rolling that.)

Diplomacy 1D20-1=11

Falco Ambersier (Ryan M) AC 13 (T13/F11) 14/14 HP | 7/7 Acid Dart | Lt Crossbow +4 1d6 x2 | Status: None | Spellbook Party Loot Sheet 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:40:03 AM

Falco watches his partners as they go about dealing with things outside. Only going out there if I have to I think. Not a place for someone who ways as little as me.

Seeing the kids gather, instead of finishing his story he adds some in the middle. A tale about a meteor that landed on the island. Any who got close to it aged very quickly only to have their age revert with distance. After some zany misadventures by the 1st mate Billigan they manage to tie the rock to a log and set it adrift.

Elyas (Ben A.) (21/21 HP | AC: 13; Touch:13; Flat: 10; CMD:15) | Light Crossbow +4( 1D8, 19-20) | Status:N  d20+1=19 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:31:16 AM

Elyas moves over to help Tsak with the rope, trying to keep Kiwina steady. He puts what little weight he has into anchoring the rope.

Assist Task, Str roll = 19

Matthew S. Co-DM The Storm (12:00 pm) (Co-DM Matt)   d20=2 ; d20=2 ; d20=3 ; d20+4=11 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:40:03 PM

Rolth heads toward the fallen taurs with Sable’s line tied to him.
Kiwina takes the rope from Tsak but the wind forces him to stumble.
Sable manages the rope and steps into the sheep causing them to turn back into the cave.
Tsak doesn’t yet attempt to retrieve Kiwina figuring he may still reach one of the fallen taurs. He shouts for help from the others.
Gothruk is unable to hear Tsak’s call for aid. He tries to calm the sheep by talking to them. The animals are terrified and indifferent to Gothruk so the attempt doesn’t result in much of anything. The sheep, though begin to settle after a moment.
Falco watches his partners outside. He decides to comfort the many children with a tale.
Elyas moves to help Tsak hold the rope.
Gothruk notices large patches of fur pulled from the sheep, leaving them bald in several areas. Deep within the cave is another crash and a growl. The sounds of hooves approaching.

Outside in the wind and rain Rolth manages to reach the first taur. Rolth only: Highlight to display spoiler: { A centaur stands uneasy in front of you. It’s right arm is broken and swings freely. It’s knees are bowed. The human-like figure standing in front of you slumps forward staring with a pair of fearful eyes. The shock from the sight causes the need of a ‘Will Save DC 13’ to avoid being shaken for 1d6 rounds.}
Kiwina falls before reaching the second taur. Kiwina only Highlight to display spoiler: { The Minotaur stands several feet from him. Through the rain you can make out the human-like figure with the enlarged torso and head. You can also make out that the taur is dragging his right foot. The taur notices you and suddenly summons a spectral echo of the rushing waters. The rush of water carries the minotaur toward the cave entrance. Kiwina Acrobatics vs DC 20 due to flood. To avoid being carried into the cave entrance.}
A rush of water bursts into the cave entrance. A broken minotaur is carried into the cave. He searches for Kiwina but notices Tsak standing near and bull rushes CMB 11 vs. Tsak CMD
Note: This bull rush attempt doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Finnian (Zeke) (HP:11/11; AC: 16; Touch: 13; Flat: 13; CMD: 17) Status: Hurtin'  d20+7=11 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:58:25 PM

Finnian is slower than the others but continues to run [Acrobatics 11]

Sorry insane day, but I'll post tomorrow on this too

Kiwina (BatMark subbing for Steve)  d20+2=13 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 9:05:41 PM

Kiwina goggles at the surprising spectral wave that bears the limping minotaur past him and into the cave. He tries to regain his footing in the eldritch tide, but despite his efforts is washed into the cave entrance. (Acrobatics = 13)

Rolth Niheow (BatMark) (22/22 HP | AC: 14; Touch: 11; Flat: 12; CMD: 18) | Glaive +4 1d10+4 x3 | Paws (2) +2 1d4+1 x2| Status: None  d20+2=6 ; d20+1=7 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:09:14 PM

Rolth looks into the haunted eyes of the broken centaur, and is shaken. (Will save = 6, fail) He nevertheless tries to put a brave face on it and encourage the taur to grasp forearms with his good arm, and head back to the safety of the cave. His sickly smile may not be very convincing. (Diplomacy = 7)

(DM-OOC: Changed your heading for you :)

Falco Ambersier (Ryan M) AC 13 (T13/F11) 14/14 HP | 7/7 Acid Dart | Lt Crossbow +4 1d6 x2 | Status: None | Spellbook Party Loot Sheet 
Friday November 17th, 2017 7:12:25 AM

"Well children I need to check on my teammates but if this last too long I will tell more stories."

Falco turns in time to see the rush of water the mouth of the cave. He moves forward to see what the commotion is about.

Gothruk Gore (Logan) AC 13 (T11/F10)17/17HP |Guisarme +4 2D6+4| Status: None  d20+6=18 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 9:42:07 AM

Gothruk will draw his Guisarme holding it lightly in his hands while he tries to identify the growling or what's making the hoof noises.

Perception 1D20+6=18

Elyas (Ben A.) (21/21 HP | AC: 13; Touch:13; Flat: 10; CMD:15) | Light Crossbow +4( 1D8, 19-20) | Status:N  d20+8=14 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 9:58:14 AM

Elyas is startled to see the minotaur coming in on a wave of water and going after Tsak.

His first instinct is to attack this newcomer, but he quickly decides not to be the one to escalate this into a full-on bloody fight.

Instead, Elyas hangs on to the rope and backs into the cave as others start drawing weapons. He casts his protective ward (OOC, +1 deflection AC to all allies in 10 feet for 3 rounds, use 1 of 6 for the day)

He also tries to identify what spell the Minotaur used, hoping to get an idea of what kind of caster they're dealing with here. Spellcraft check = 14

Tsak Rezar (Damien) AC15 (T13/F12) 19/19 HP| Falchion +4 2D4+3|Status: None  d20+2=3 ; d20+5=22 ; 2d4+3=8 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 10:08:49 PM

(CMD=18, sense motive=3, attack = 22, damage = 8)
Tsak has no chance of avoiding the taur. He is able to keep his balance as he slides for a bit along the worn cave floor, dissipating the energy of the attack. Having no understanding of this unknown taur's motives and feeling like he was targeted, he reacts by going into battle mode - with a roar he swings his sword at his opponent.

Finnian (Zeke) (HP:11/11; AC: 16; Touch: 13; Flat: 13; CMD: 17) Status: Hurtin' 
Friday November 17th, 2017 11:05:09 PM

"what was I thinking coming out in this weather? I guess if the others can come out here then I should be able to too" Finnian thinks to himself as he continues to struggle through the storm.

Matthew S. Co-DM The Storm(Combat) (12:30 pm) (Co-DM Matt)   d20=8 ; d20+1=11 ; d20=9 ; d20+4=20 ; d8+3=10 ; d20=13 ; d20+2=10 ; d20=11 ; d20=12 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 11:44:40 PM

(OOC: correction. You are near the cave entrance.. It’s a bit rocky and at a higher elevation than the beach.
-- The entrance to the cave is 30 foot wide and 20 foot height.
-- Gothruk is 50 foot from the front entrance. The cave height, at the back of the cave, is the same but the length of the entrance in front of Gothruk is 10 foot. A second entrance is to your left. )
Finnian struggles out in the rain. He is ten-foot near from the centaur and the shaken Rolth.
Kiwina[b] tries to stand but is washed up and carried into the cave entrance, leaving him prone and 20 foot from the drenched minotaur.
is shaken up.. (OOC: Roll 1d6 for # of rounds shaken. Take off one for this round)
Rolth stretches forward to help the centaur but the eyes of this creature have no soul. It heartlessly attempts a water filled slam upon the shaken liontaur but it misses. The slam, plus the wind and rain also causes the centaur to fall forward to his knees prompting an AOO.
Falco turns to see the commotion. He sees the large minotaur near Tsak.
Elyas is startled by the arrival of the minotaur. He casts a protective ward on his allies and studies the Flood spell the minotaur cast but unfortunately the minotaur cast the spell 30 feet away and in the wind and rain.
The minotaur looks to Tsak. The minotaur takes the significant blow but says nothing. It barely reacts at all. It then charges to Gore with a pair of seaweed laden horns (Ac: 20 for 10 hp)

Gothruk draws his weapon as a wet centaur enters from the tunnel. This creature is broken beyond reason. Its head partially caved in. It holds the monstrosity of a face canted to the left. It's equine body thin and malnourished. A sudden flood of water carries the centaur into Gothruk (bull rush CMB: 10 vs. Gothruk CMD).
(Acrobatics vs 12 Gothruk to stay on your feet)
(This bull rush attempt doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.)
The water sweeps up several of the sheep and a few of the villagers. The rush of water stops near [b]Falco
, delivering several of the children, sheep and older villagers.

A liontaur follows the centaur… but it waits and does not attack. Sense Motive vs DC 11 Highlight to display spoiler: {} The liontaur seems to be a bit confused but very angry. The anger is so strong[/spoiler[

Floodslain Minotaur(attacking Tsak): AC: 19 HP remaining: 3
Floodslain Centaur(attacking Rolth): AC: 19 HP remaining: 11
Floodslain Centaur(attacking Gothruk): AC: 19 HP remaining: 11
Floodslain Liontaur(waiting): AC: 20 HP remaining: 11

Sable (Don) ( HP 20| AC: 15/17; Touch: 11; Flat: 13/15; CMD: 19) | Status: Upgraded  d20+4=12 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 4:29:31 AM

Sable in one move, draws his greatsword and attacks the nearest Floodslain Centaur - and misses (12).

Rolth Niheow (BatMark) (22/22 HP | AC: 14; Touch: 11; Flat: 12; CMD: 18) | Glaive +4 1d10+4 x3 | Paws (2) +2 1d4+1 x2| Status: Shaken  d6=3 ; d20+2=17 ; d4+3=6 ; d20+2=17 ; d20=9 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 7:34:29 AM

(OOC: d6 =3, Rolth is shaken for three rounds, including this one)

Rolth sympathy for the broken taur turns to disgust, as he realizes that this is just a soulless husk rather than a fellow taur worthy of his concern. As the thing flounders to its knees in front of him, he takes a quick but shaky swat with his paw. (AoO: 17 to hit = miss, unless the floodslain centaur has an AC penalty for being on its knees; in the latter case, damage = 6)

With that, Rolth withdraws from this loathsome creature, moving back towards the cave entrance. (Withdraw action to double move back, avoiding an AoO; acrobatics = 17, success!) From there, he tries make sense of the chaos in the cave, but is too overwhelmed to take it all in. (Sense motive = 9, fail thanks to being shaken)

"Liontaurs and minotaurs and sheep, oh my!"

Finnian (Zeke) (HP:18/18; AC: 16; Touch: 13; Flat: 13; CMD: 17) Status: None  d20+7=23 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 9:20:59 AM

[Acrobatics=23] Seeing Rolth swing at the creature and then book it back past him towards the cave Finnian decides that trying to fight this thing out in the open with no bow is a bad idea. He turns and runs towards the cave but turns back and gestures to the ground raising his arms up. The plants in the area begin to grow and entangle the Taur.

[ooc: I forgot that I do always have entangle prepared, as it is my domain spell. If there are no plants in The area forget this, I'll just double move to the cave. But if I can cast it. There is now a circle with a 40 foot radius centered on the Taur that is difficult terrain andthe Taur must pass a DC 13 REF save or gain the entangled condition]

Gothruk Gore (Logan) AC 13 (T11/F10)17/17HP |Guisarme +4 2D6+4| Status: None  d20+6=18 ; d20+4=20 ; d8+4=5 ; d20+4=10 ; d20+6=10 ; 2d6+4=7 ; d20+6=24 ; 2d6+4=15 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 10:53:32 AM

Gothruk stands steady against the corpse as well as the rush of water. (Resists bullrush CMD=18)(Resists wave Acrobatics 1D20+6=18)

He lashes out against the centaur assaulting him with a Flurry of blows: To Hit = 20. Damage = 5 Second attack to hit = 10. Miss

(Am I correct in thinking that it attempted a bull rush as well as a standard attack?)

If they provoke attacks of opportunity Gothruk lashes out with his Guisarme, to hit = 10. Damage = 7 (Just incase)
2nd attack due to combat Reflexes if another Provokes, to hit = 24 Damage = 15.

[link href=httpsdocs.google.comdocumentd1ayB4wG13WH4zWl-IGZFl_Qj8MFTXQix-pbkh662LyfIedit]Gothruk Gore[link] (Logan) AC 13 (T12F10) 11/17HP Guisarme +4 2D6+4 Status: Wet & Surrounded by sheep 
Saturday November 18th, 2017 11:03:20 AM

(Fixing link to player sheet at well as correcting HP)

Tsak Rezar (Damien) AC15 (T13/F12) 9/19 HP| Falchion +4 2D4+3|Status: None  d20+5=22 ; 2d4+3=7 ;
Saturday November 18th, 2017 9:15:03 PM

(Attack=22, Dmg=7)
This thing! This thing is no longer a minotaur, but it still packs a wallop.
Tsak stabs the point of his falchion thru it's throat, finishing it's miserable existence

He turns to keep a wary eye on the broken liontaur, his guard up.
Tsak gathers his strength, moves a little closer and waits for an opportunity to strike.

Elyas (Ben A.) (21/21 HP | AC: 13; Touch:13; Flat: 10; CMD:15) | Light Crossbow +4( 1D8, 19-20) | Status:N  d20+4=5 ;
Sunday November 19th, 2017 8:14:27 PM

Elyas draws his crossbow, but doesn't have time to load and fire it, so instead fires off a quick burst of acid at the creature attacking Gothruk, but his aim is very far off the mark

Natural 1 on the attack with acid splash

Falco Ambersier (Ryan M) AC 13 (T13/F11) 14/14 HP | 7/7 Acid Dart | Lt Crossbow +4 1d6 x2 | Status: None | Spellbook Party Loot Sheet  d20+8=21 ; d20+8=14 ;
Monday November 20th, 2017 7:06:14 AM

"What exactly is going on. Why attack us when we are all in danger?"

He moves closer to the attackers trying to figure out what is motivating this attack. As they controlled?

{Know Arcane: 21} {Know Nature: 14}

Kiwina (Steve M) (28/28 HP | AC:14; Touch:11; Flat:12; CMD:16) | Status: None 
Monday November 20th, 2017 7:28:13 AM

Kiwina regains his feet after his watery ride and draws weapons (shortspear and shortsword), looking to see who mosr needs aid.

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