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Hook City

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Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character 
Monday November 13th, 2017 2:44:04 PM

"Do you think there could have been another shift in the continents of the Wold and we were still standing where Hook City had been before?"
Zane keeps that over the link, then also relays to the rest of the DC members around the Wold a brief recap of what was encountered inside the Orb that they entered as well as the Time distortion the group encountered.
Zane gives the City Guard a nod to show his appreciation of him doing his duty and guarding the Orb to keep others out......"no sense worrying the regular people whom are maintaining or at least trying to maintain some sort of Normalcy. "
To the Guard, "Since the Orb is now gone, it might be a good idea for to go report in, both that it has vanished, and that we have returned. If we are needed, we can be reached at the Tower, we have a bit of investigating to do and the Tower is best equipped to do that. Please inform the Inspector when he comes back on duty, we will fill him in when he has the time."

Restlin (Carl) -- AC +16/+7/+13 CMD: +20 HP: 192/192 (Spells) Luck Points: 8/22 
Monday November 13th, 2017 3:07:57 PM

"Always struck me as odd, Marteus' teachings. Like, what if the disease won? Killed off all the noble races, but you've got one heck of a virus to show for it. Good job, buddy!"

Restlin punctuates this with a thumbs up. "Anyway, not a whole lot to go on just yet. I'm all for heading home. Probably a good idea to wash up after being...wherever that was. Good chance we may have some terrible illness about us now."

Wyaar ( Sheet) AC 35/19/30, CMD 40 (42 temp), HP 161/153, DR 5/Evil 
Monday November 13th, 2017 3:11:28 PM

"Another Migration? Possibly?" Wyaar joins in the theory with Zane and then one of the magic folks with their finger waggling ways, "Could someone take a quick trip to one of the coastal towns we have been to? See if the fog is there too or just here in Hook city?"

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23 
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:16:10 PM

Hmm, an alternate reality? That would explain why the rings didn't work.
Beri takes a sip of his coffee and ponders what he has just heard.
So, second Wold with an alternate timeline. And if we were temporarily teleported, do you think those people we've seen in the shadows could likewise have come from the other Wold? And Restlin has a point, lets get to the magical Hook City showers at the enterance and make sure no illness is coming with us... though if those shadows are from the other Wold it maybe too late.

Bosk AC: 33/16/29 CMD: 34 172 hp /172 (27+18 are temp) Spells  
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:36:12 PM

Bosk shakes his head as he speaks over the ring. [/B] From what I gathered from the other dragons, this seems to be a global event, although it is manifesting itself differently in different places. As for Marteaus, let us pray it was an alternate reality and what we experienced was transient. For in Marteaus eyes, even the gods may need testing and be found wanting. [/B]

Happenings and Such - [DM Hugh] 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:14:29 AM

Tink is happy to be back in their Hook and timeline and asks if there has been any further news or strange happenings.

Garret reaches out to touch the statue only to see it replaced by their normal Hook City and the guard. He pulls his hand back from the guard and asks Sesha what happened.

Sesha shakes her head surprised as to how much she remembered. She wonders if the orbs contain alternate histories and suspects they were limited by time and that the existence of world where Marteus won is disturbing. In response to Garret she knuckles him on the head and tells him the answer to that is to throw him in the next orb they come across while they wait outside for hours.

Zane wonders if there had been another shift in the continents over the link and suggests they keep that to themselves for now. He gives the guard a nod and suggests the man report that the orb is gone and they have returned. He asks the man to inform the Inspector and tells them they'll be in the Tower and will fill Auslander in at his leisure.

Restlin remarks that Marteus teachings were odd as if everyone is killed by a disease the all that is left is a strong disease. He suggests they head back and wash up.

Wyaar thinks another migration is a possibility and then asks if anyone wants to check on some of the coastal communities.

Beri postulates than an alternate reality would explain why the rings didn't work. He wonders if the shadow people are visitors from other realities and suggests they get to the showers but if Restlin's super bug theory is correct it may already be too late.

Bosk shakes his head and says that they are dealing with a global event based on what the other Dragon Groups have relayed but that different regions are being effected differently. He says that they better pray it was an alternate transient reality.

The guard looks at the dragons and says, "Right, well those who were awake all last night and tried to sleep during the day also experienced night terrors from what has been reported. As with what happened last night they wake gasping for air apparently. There's also been more and more sightings of the tall thin shadow people and another orb has appeared near the Star Mage's guild. We've erected another barrier around that orb too and we made sure no one has touched it."

"I'll do as you requested and report in that the orb is gone and you are back after I take down this barrier as it wouldn't do to have people running into it in this fog. That is unless you want me to escort you to the most recent orb." The man suggests, a hopeful tone in his voice, "I'm not sure if you want to do whatever you did to neutralize this one over there too?" He looks at you waiting to hear if you just want him to return to his station and report in while you return home as you originally suggested or if he is needed to provide you with an escort to the location of the new orb.

RobC - Katinka Hushfoot -- AC 33/23/25 -- CMD 26 -- HP 185+32 -- Spells -- Active Effects 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 6:03:42 AM

"We can't just leave these things lying around for others to bump into" Tink looks to the others "Let's go check out the next orb. Apparently we're able to get rid of them somehow"

"Can you lead us to the new orb, pleassse ... ?" she tries to draw out the guard's name

Should he provide his name Tink will shake his hand and fly alongside him towards the Star Mages Guild.

Restlin (Carl) -- AC +16/+7/+13 CMD: +20 HP: 192/192 (Spells) Luck Points: 8/22 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:58:42 AM

"Yea, let's go check out that new orb. Maybe it's an alternate reality where Wardd won out." Restlin fails to imagine what such a world would look like.

Garret Goodbarrel [AC:39/35/32; +4 vs AOO HP: 167/167 Ki:18/18 CMD: 45 SR: 27] 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:03:42 PM

Garret says, "Is the orb nearby?" He points up into the fog towards the top of the tower and continues, "We could take our shiny new ship and at the same time might be able to get a higher look at the Wold, the city, and see more about where the fog might be right now, maybe."

Sesha [AC 39 /16 To/38 Fl] | HP 178/178 | CMD 32] 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 3:14:09 PM

For nearly a full ten seconds, Sesha looks dumbfounded, pinching the bridge of her nose with her slender fingers.

"I just had a horrible vision of a whole realm full of less handsome Mage-Priests, each of you hurtling yourselves into danger, comparing vanity magic items, and constantly being tended to by the minor clerical abilities all your clones possess."

She picks her pace up and walks with Restlin to the orb.

Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 4:46:28 PM

"Hold up a moment, we might as well take this barricade with us, since we are headed to yet another orb sight."
Zane gathers it up, balances it over a shoulder and catches up with the rest and follows the guide to the next sight.
His casual display of strength while uncommon, is not unusual. As normal he's not showing off, just being as efficient as he can be, which pushes home just how strong the Monk actually is....

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:15:14 PM

Another sphere?
Beri looks off into the fog, barely able to make anything out.
Yes, we should definitely move the barrier first. We should also broadcast an alert to the people of Hook City to let them know of the orbs so that they can avoid them if nobody has done so in our absence.
Beri sips his only slightly cooled coffee and continues to look out into the fog, the warmth of it helping to clear his mind.
How long has the other orb been there? Has it been there long, or did it only appear after the previous orb vanished? The appearance of the two are clearly connected, but I'm curious what their relationship to each other is.

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:23:01 PM

Hmm, if this is like the mist we saw before, I wonder how it may effect our magic.
Beri casts detect magic (divination), light (evocation), and virtue (transmutation) to see if they have any effect.

Bosk AC: 33/16/29 CMD: 34 172 hp /172 (27+18 are temp) Spells  
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:28:38 PM

Over the ring Bosk asks the others, Does anyone else find it odd that the orb is located outside the Star Mage's, where the woman that have us the prophecy is from? Perhaps we should speak to her again.

Happenings and Such - [DM Hugh] 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 1:08:22 AM

DM Post incoming...I fell asleep again lol

Great Scott! Transporter Malfunction - [DM Hugh] 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:31:05 AM

Tink says they can't leave the new orb lying around for others to run into and asks the guard for his name and to lead them to the other orb.

Restlin agrees that they should go check out the orb and theorizes the next reality could be one where Warrd won out.

Garret asks if the orb is nearby and suggests taking Starblazer.

Sesha stands there dumbfounded for ten seconds and then remarks about what a Warrd run Wold would entail.

Zane says to hold up a moment and then starts gathering up the pieces of the barricade to take to the next orb.

Beri agrees that they should move and broadcast an alert to the people of Hook city. He then questions how long the other orb has been there and questions as to how two orbs may be related. He then casts some spells but they all function as expected.

Bosk asks if anyone else find the orb's new location is near the Star Mages Guild and he suggests contacting Agatha.

"My name is Rufio Banning." The guard says, offering his hand back to Tink and the two shake. Rufio leads the Iron Dragons to the second orb.

Along the way he says, "I don't know how long the second orb has been there. These things could be scattered throughout the city for all we know. The report of this other orb came in around the time that Auslander dispatched a runner to inform of the orb you entered so its been here since early this morning."

As you round the corner to the next orb you all see that a large group of people has gathered around it and another guardsmen is standing around looking ineffectual Rufio looks crestfallen at the size of the crowd and says, "Maybe I spoke too soon about no one being allowed to touch it. I guess the Star Mages decided to study the orb en masse."

The strange thing about this orb is that there is a chain radiating a short of shadowy energy sticking out of the top of orb and extending all the way to a platform built a little off the ground floor of the star mages guild. A strange contraption of gears and magic has been built upon the platform and it whirs and clicks as it produces steam. There is also a glass bowl containing a pool of shadowy energy similar to the shadow energy dancing along the chain.

Beri or Detect Magic + Spellcraft 19 or Tink or Arcane Sight Highlight to display spoiler: { You recognize a moderate abjuration aura emanating from the contraption and into the orb along the chain }

Beri or Detect Magic + Knowledge Arcana DC 24 or Tink or Arcane Sight Highlight to display spoiler: {One of the spell used in the construction of the device was Dimension Anchor}

Appraise DC 25 Highlight to display spoiler: {The chain appears to be made from either mithril or some very high grade alchemical silver. It is hard to tell for sure.}

The other guard seeing Rufio and the Iron Dragons perks up and says to the gathered crowd of Star Mages, "Oi, You lot are going to have to stand back for your own good. My reinforcements have arrived and the Iron Dragons are amongst them."

At the guard's proclamation the assembled crowd backs up and parts to give you space. That is except for one familiar woman wearing a grey robe and unfamiliar gnome wearing an exotic outfit consisting of black leather coveralls, a black cape, goggles and a beige head scarf.

Agatha turns from the orb a strange device in her hand and says, "How nice it is to see you see you again, Iron Dragons."

She points to the gnome and says, "Sprocket, Iron Dragons; Iron Dragons, Sprocket. Sprocket is an abjurer and gnome wunderkind who specializes in marvelous contraptions. He made the Cross Dimensional Communications Array." She says pointing to chain sticking out of the orb and the contraption on the platform. "We've been casting message and sending into the void but we haven't gotten any replies yet. I think the device needs further calibration."

Sprocket just nods and goes over to the platform and starts tinkering with the device.

Zane starts erecting his barrier around the orb while the rest of the Iron Dragons stand near it with Agatha just then Sprocket's device lets out a plume of steam and tendrils of shadow energy shoot down the chain and into the orb. The orb reacts by going from its perfectly spherical shape into a prickly form reminiscent of a hedgehog. The "quills" don't seem to be reacting favorably to whatever is going on and they shoot out and touch the Iron Dragons and Agatha.

The Wold shifts and unlike the transition to the last alternate Wold this one is a lot rougher. It's like you are moving along the chain and you feel yourselves spiraling along it in a shadowy corridor. The wall of the corridor collapses and Sesha and Restlin spiral off into the void.

When the transition completes itself you find that Sesha and Restlin are nowhere to be seen but Agatha and the rest of the Iron Dragons find themselves in what appears to be a version of Hook City except the sky is green and the crenallated architecture on the Roof of the Star Mage's guild looks a little different and oh yeah there is no fog or orb. There is the end of the chain pinioned to the ground with some cracks spreading around it and extending into the sky where it disappears.

Perception: 45 Highlight to display spoiler: {The air end of the chain seems to be coming from a slight tear in the sky. }

"That was amazing!" Agatha says looking around, "What was the other orb like? Did it have a green sky as well?"

(OOC: Sesha and Restlin will be guesting on the Lakeview board. They'll be reporting in on this board through status posts made over the dragon rings. Generally the rings wouldn't work over the barrier of the 2 different dimension but the Cross Dimensional Communication Array should facilitate the dragon rings.)

RobC - Katinka Hushfoot -- AC 33/23/25 -- CMD 26 -- HP 185+32 -- Spells -- Active Effects  d20+20=32 ; d20+22=26 ; d20+39=47 ; d20+22=38 ; d20+17=21 ; d20+39=41 ; d20+26=30 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 5:10:52 AM

Kudos on the lengthy DM post

"Ahh the Star Mages Guild. Looks like they're trying to harness the power of this thing" Tink shakes her head, grins, and glances towards Restlin. She knows his feelings on the guild and is kind of interested in his reaction.

"Looks like some sort of dimensional anchor spell on the chain. The chain is some sort of special material too. Mithral perhaps?"

Tink can barely finish the thought when the quills shoot out transporting them to this new dimension.

Before she can fully orient herself, Agatha has spoken.

Tink turns to face her, clearly unhappy. "If you mean it is amazing the Star Mages Guild hasn't killed anyone, then yes, amazing is the word. Where are Restlin and Sesha?"

All checks passed.

Knowl Arcana: 38
Knowl Planes: 21
Perception: 41
Sense Motive: 30. So help her, if Agatha isn't being completely honest...

Wyaar ( Sheet) AC 35/19/30, CMD 40 (42 temp), HP 161/153, DR 5/Evil 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:15:46 AM

"Seshsa, Restlin!?" Wyaar calls out through the rings after they return.

"This orb showed a far more.. in tact version of reality than the other one. Have you been made aware of any others?" the paladin asks of Agatha.

Restlin (Carl) -- AC +16/+7/+13 CMD: +20 HP: 192/192 (Spells) Luck Points: 4/22  d20+34=42 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:43:07 AM

Perception: 42

Ugh. Star Mages again. Two of them this time. This was getting old. Restlin's about to give this Agatha woman a piece of his mind when he goes spinning off into the void instead. Wherever he lands, he's sure he'll be cross.

Sesha [AC 39 /16 To/38 Fl] | HP 178/178 | CMD 32] 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:14:55 AM

Sesha voice suddenly calls out from the ring.

"We're alive, in case you were wondering. We seem to be transported to another city in our own plane. They might need some help, so we aren't hurrying back, unless the orb makes us."

Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character  d20+5=25 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:06:45 PM

Over the ring and out loud, "It's bad enough when we take chances, but when an idiot takes chances it usually hurts everyone else around him.
So, you both are ok, wherever it is you're at? Then ok, we will do what we can to figure this mess out without you here. "

Over just the ring,"The least you two could have done is take the Starmage with you, Thanks for leaving us a Handicap....."
Verbally, "I imagine we can always climb the chain back, but we should look around before we do that, maybe we are supposed to be seeing something here. We saw that possible future and the remains of the monument, wonder what we will discover here."
Zane turns and looms over Agatha, "Whatever we see and find out here, YOU!!! will not report, write down or infer in any way to anyone, until we Dragons have decided it is safe to do so. Understand my intentions?"
Over the ring, please help me impress her with this......
Intimidate 25 (Nat 20)

Garret Goodbarrel [AC:39/35/32; +4 vs AOO HP: 167/167 Ki:18/18 CMD: 45 SR: 27]  d20+29=36 ; d20-1=13 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 12:26:44 PM

Garret blinks his eyes and is amazed at the Star Mage. When Zane asks for help, he punches his fist into his open hand and says, "You understand him?" (Aid another on the intimidate: 13 should bump Zane's intimidate to 27).

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23  d20+31=39 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:34:59 PM

Beri sips his coffee and shrugs.
You do see the irony that they were the ones using caution and the scientific method, and we were the ones the intentionally blundered in like lunatics right? Not just that, but after the first member of our party vanished, we confirmed that we couldn't communicate with him telling us that the result was we'd be unconscious, dead, or gone from the face of the Wold. Well, our Wold at least.
Beri turns to Agatha and addresses her calmly.
Their concern is justified, though their aggression may be a bit misplaced. You remember the vision you shared with us no doubt. You asked us what the other orb was like... from what we saw, all I can tell you is that you may well have been playing in the fire that wakes the sleeper, the one who eats the flesh of the Wold. I genuinely respect the caution you applied, and the scientific approach that was used, but there is no amount of caution sufficient for the dangers we saw. I can only pray that the Wold of this orb is in no way similar.
Beri looks around for any signs that there is still life in this version of the Wold.

Bosk AC: 33/16/29 CMD: 34 172 hp /172 (27+18 are temp) Spells   d20+33=35 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:23:49 PM

Bosk frowns as he fights the urge to tell her that they saw the the AP, and from what they saw the Star Mages caused it... And not fully understanding what he saw, but not liking the machine he decides it as likely a cause as any. Machines that tear a hole in space and time are never good things to develop.

The cleric doesn't say anything. He just needs as Zane talks and grips his sword.

Intimidate = 35 (Not bad for rolling a 2 on intimidate)

Great Scott! Transporter Malfunction - [DM Hugh] 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:48:48 PM

DM Post Incoming

Universe 1, Universe A or the Mongooses, the Fighting Mongooses - [DM Hugh] 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 2:11:55 AM

Tink starts telling the others what she has observed around the star mages guild orb when the Wold turns and the Iron Dragons find themselves in the green sky alternate Wold sans Sesha and Restlin. In response to Agatha's exclamation of wonder she responds that it is amazing the Star Mages haven't killed anyone and inquires as to where Sesha and Restlin have gone.

Wyaar answers Agatha's question about the other orb and says that this Wold is much more intact than the vision provided by the other one and he inquires if the Seer is aware of any others.

Restlin was not happy to have to deal with the Star Mages again and was about to give Agatha a piece of his mind when the portal reached out and touched everyone. Wherever he landed he is at least cross.

Sesha's voice appears over the rings albeit slightly muffled sounding like it is coming from either underwater or a tunnel but assuring everyone that her and Restlin are ok but in a different city in their Wold and the people their need some help so they are in no hurry unless the orb makes them.

Zane states that it is bad enough when they take chances but when an idiot takes chances it usually hurts everyone around them. He then is relieved they are ok and says that they Dragons on their side of the orb will figure it out. He privately remarks that Sesha and Restlin could have taken Agatha with them indicating he thinks she will be a handicap and then suggests if worst came to worse they could always attempt to climb the chain back. He then pivots towards Agatha and really lays into her letting her know that she can't do anything or let anyone know anything of what transpired here unless the Iron Dragons let her know it is okay to do so. Privately over the rings he asks if anyone cares to back him up.

Garret gets the message and though while blinking amazement at the Star Mage the unkempt halfling punches his fist and asks if Agatha got the message.

Beri points out over the ring that the irony is the Star Mages were technically being cautious and that in the case of the first orb they blundered in without any form of communication so that they could have wound up in incapacitated or unconscious following Garret into the first orb and they had no way of figuring that out. He then points out that the concern his friends exhibited is justified but their aggression may be misplaced and he suggests the Wold they ended up in the first time might have been the one where her prophecy played out and that he appreciates the caution the Star Mages applied in using the scientific method but that he hopes this Wold isn't like the last one.

Bosk considers telling her that the star mages caused the desolation they saw in the alternate plane not liking the machine that gnome was playing around with nor understanding it he figures it it is likely a cause as any since machines that tear holes in space and time are never good things to develop but instead he just grasps his sword and glares at Agatha backing up the threats previously made by Zane and Garret.

Tink gets the feeling that while Agatha was telling the truth about the purpose of the device being a sort of communications array whose purpose is to facilitate communications across dimensions there's something else about the contraption that she was omitting.

Poor Agatha being the target of a concentrated intimidation by 2 taurs, one a dragon disciple and the other a grim avenger and a halfling is never fun. Had it been Zane or Garret alone she could have shrugged off the attempt but a Grim Avenger is a very intimidating thing and their combined might is just too much for the poor women to bear. Her eyes go wide and then start to tear up but she blinks them away and swallows her tears and says, "I only wanted to keep my bargain with Sesha...and help Janiterri and Serenbeth" she whimpers before regaining her composure

She clears her throat and then says, "I have a theory that there exists a plane that is the afterlife for the Gods like the Lands of Rest are the afterlife for the mortals. The Star Mages Guild is developing the Cross Dimensional Communication array for two purposes really. The first is commercial in nature as it could be beneficial to lease the technology to adventuring parties such as yourselves whose quests could conceivably take them to other dimensions. The second and greater purpose is its use as a communications tool for Star Mages Guild sponsored scientific expeditions to other dimensions. Obviously there are risks involved with dimension hopping so having a way to communicate with an expeditionary group would allow them to both communicate their findings to the guild in real time and ask and receive help in a timely manner should they need it. I intend to lead expeditions looking for the afterlife of the Gods and developing the Cross Dimensional Communications Array is an important step."

She takes a deep breathe, "Now then Sprocket and I were actually testing the device in the lab when news of both the orbs and how you disappeared when you touched one reached us. We ascertained the strong conjuration aura and theorized the orbs could be a type of crude gate and decided to field test the array. A crowd of Star Mages soon gathered to watch what we were doing and someone got the bright idea to observer the orb you had disappeared into while Sprocket and I were experimenting with ours. So we were told then when you simultaneously appeared and the other orb collapsed. Sprocket is truly a genius and he possesses the ability to modify his devices on the fly adding features not necessarily intended through quick work, insight, ingenuity and a little bit of elbow grease. We were concerned with you collapsing this orb before we could complete our field tests so we were wondering if it was possible to adapt the array and modulate the frequency of the arcane energy in order to elucidate its shadowy nature and perhaps create a stable portal to wherever it is we are now in order to ensure we'd have all the time we need to carry out our experiments. It would seem that Sprocket wasn't successful in his modification of the device and whatever he did actually made the orb more unstable not less so considering none of us intentionally touched the orb with a non dimension-ally anchored point of contact and the fact that Sesha and Restlin didn't fully complete the journey."

She then addresses Zane, Garret and Bosk in a small voice and says "Um I'm a little conflicted though in what you want me to do with regards to the information we learn here. I understand that you don't want me to share it and I would agree to wait on your word as you want me to but doing so may impede the bargain I have with Sesha to find out more on the subject of bringing back dead Gods so which of your priorities is more important?" She asks you

(Sense Motive DC 20 Highlight to display spoiler: {You get the impression that Agatha is now being completely honest with you and that the only thing she did hold back before she was intimidated into divulging it was the fact that her and Sprocket were trying to stabilize the orb. She is also genuinely conflicted between your original deal and what you are threatening her over now. She wants to comply with your strong armed approach but is concerned over the implications for her bargain with Sesha }

As far as Beri and Tink looking around you realize that you are indeed not alone. Whatever alternate Hook City you are in it is indeed a bustling city and there appears to be people around just essentially hiding. You spot some people hunched behind things in the distance or looking out from windows in the surrounding building.

However before you have a chance to attempt to interact with any of the people you notice you find yourselves coming face to face with a group of people who are familiar to you yet markedly different.

A small group of half-drow children peak out behind some boxes and seemingly recognizing some of you break out into a run, "Uncle Beri, Uncle Zane, Uncle Bosk, Aunt Tink, Uncle Garret, Uncle Wyaar why are you dressed that way and Uncle Beri where is Beary?" they ask dancing around you.

On the heals of the children is a familiar couple a sharply dressed man and young surface drow wearing a dress in place of her normal mithral armor. Shiny and the rest of their normal magical accoutrements are also no where to be seen and you find that...Sesha and Restlin features both look softer and slighly pudgier than you remembered.

"Children, please don't pester the Iron Adventurers I'm sure they have a good reason for their strange getup." Restlin calls out

Just then there is further commotion coming the sky and an air ship lands that looks like Starblazer but with an ornate Griffon head in place of the Dragon Head you are used to.

"Setting down good masters!" The air ship says and more familiar yet different faces disembark.

First down the ramp is Beri who looks like your Beri only instead of the Green and Brown vestments your Beri wears are vestments of a gold and amber hue. He also is trailed by a rather large bear.

Next down the ramp is Zane who looks like your Zane only edgier. Where your Zane has bronze coloration in his fur and horns this one's coloration is jet black like obsidian and there is something about this other Zane that is just unsettling.

He is followed by Bosk who looks markedly different from your Bosk. This Bosk is obviously not a Grim Avenger. His tattoos are missing and he while he does appear to be carrying two holy symbols they certainly aren't that of Gargul and Jancassis.

Know Religion 10 Highlight to display spoiler: { He is carrying the holy symbols of Flower and Alemi. What might this Bosk be? A Paragon Server? A Fixer Troubadour? Who knows? }

Coming down the ramp next is Garret like you've never seen him before. His appearance is impeccable. He is wearing a well tailored suit and his hair is slicked back and the only smell emanating from him is that of an expensive smelling cologne, "Time is money!" he shouts to the others, "What is keeping me from checking on my business ventures?" he asks

Sharp-Dressed Garret is followed down the ramp by Tink. The Tink of this world is tiny like yours is but she isn't carrying a holy symbol of Pantheon she bears tatoos that are similar to your Bosk's.

Know religion 10 Highlight to display spoiler: {Jancassis's symbol is the one she carries}

Last but most certainly not least is Wyaar whose bow, breastplate and blue livery of Ma'ab has been replaced with a much more mottled ensemble with lighter armor and in the place of his normal bow he carries twin blades. If you had to guess this Wyaar looks more like a twilight ranger or a rogue than a Paladin.

They are all disembarked and they look at you perplexed as to your appearance for you must look as alien to them as they do to you.

Their Sesha calls out, "Maybe you should come back to us, kids...I'm not quite sure if they are the uncles and aunts that you know."

Their Zane says, "I don't like this one bit. This could be some sort of trap similar to a mirror of opposition."

Their Bosk says, "If it is a mirror of opposition like effect why haven't they attacked? If we are a band of adventurers and their retired friends and children might these good folk be adventurers too? I mean there is that tear in the sky with the chain in the ground we were going to investigate and then we got here and here we are"

Their Tink asks, "Why is the crazy cat lady with them only much well dressed and carrying magical gear. Did she replace Restlin or Sesha as an Iron Adventurer wherever they come from?"
Sense Motive 15 Highlight to display spoiler: {it would seem that this world's Agatha is known as some sort of crazy cat lady}

It would appear that in this Wold there are versions of yourselves though they appear to be different than you in a myriad of ways.

RobC - Katinka Hushfoot -- AC 33/23/25 -- CMD 26 -- HP 185+32 -- Spells -- Active Effects 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 6:25:33 AM

Tink has an urge to high-five the anti-Tink. She nailed Agatha at first sight.

She nods in approval as she looks at her alter-self "I don't care what mom and dad said.. I look good with tatts"

She is a little concerned though. Sure this place is backwards land, but what she is concerned about is Restlin and Sesha. They have kids here. Does that mean they won't have kids in the real Hook City? "No, there are still some consistancies between the two"

Tink decides to talk with herself. "No, Agatha here is from the Star Mages Guild. Restlin and Sesha are still a part of the Dragon Consortium. Where we're from anyway." Tink subconsciously rubs her arm where the tattoo would/is/should/could be.

"Nice StarBlazer. Ours is a little different. Get it from the Oma?"

With the chit-chat done...

"Sooo... glowing orb, chain stuck in the ground, tear in the sky. You know, typical day for the Iron Dragons"

All checks auto-pass

Garret Goodbarrel [AC:39/35/32; +4 vs AOO HP: 167/167 Ki:18/18 CMD: 45 SR: 27] 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:22:32 AM

Garret pauses to consider the situation with their Agatha when the griffin starblazer appears and the group disembarks. He spots the clean-kept Garret and waits and watches the well-dressed fellow approach the group. Then he shrugs and pulls out a bacon biscuit from his belt pouch and walks over to the new Garret. "Bacon biscuit?" he says as he offers the biscuit to new Garret.

Restlin (Carl) -- AC +16/+7/+13 CMD: +20 HP: 192/192 (Spells) Luck Points: 4/22 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:25:41 AM

Restlin continues having words with some fledgling adventurers.

Sesha [AC 39 /16 To/38 Fl] | HP 178/178 | CMD 32] 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:40:12 PM

"Still here, just checking in. Some of these guys have a case of the wight gropes, so I'm taking care of that for 'em."

Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character  d20+8=14 ; d20+8=18 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:46:56 PM

Zane decides to let the others who are much more diplomatic than he do the talking, then he remembers the smoothe talker is missing, but some of the others are still a lot better at than himself.
Considering where they are, he just crosses his arms and keeps his hands well away from anything that might be considered a weapon.
Over the ring, "We seem the same, but opposites in some ways. At least they haven't out right attacked us so....."
Using the ring, Zane tries to send "Hello" to the opposite Zane.

Wyaar ( Sheet) AC 35/19/30, CMD 40 (42 temp), HP 161/153, DR 5/Evil  d20+22=23 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 2:11:38 PM

Because you can never be too careful Wyaar focuces on the other Wyaar and detect evil on his other-self.

Assuming it isn't an evil twin due to the lack of a goatee and hopefully lack of evil aura he addresses the others.

"We are not here to fight or oppose you.. but were transported here from another dimension it seems and likely will be disppearing any moment. Tell us.. here... what happens to Marteous? (or whatever his name is.)"

(Diplomacy: 23)

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:00:14 PM

Beri turns to the other druid, admiring his golden armor and his companion Beary.

*speaking druidic*
I see in this realm we found a fine companion. In the realm I came from, around the time I left the ways of the rogue and became a druid we had someone killing off all those we hold dear. I couldn't bring myself to bond with anything at the time, the constant pain of loss was too great.

The crazy cat lady and her friend are responsible for the chain. In are world she's actually a highly educated member of the star mages guild, though just as eccentric. Tell me, is your cat lady trustworthy? We are still trying to figure out what to make of Agatha here.

Looking at your Sesha and Restlin, it looks like the timeline of this realm may be a hair further along than our timeline. Any chance that a while back you had a run-in with some men dropping exploding coins around town? We managed to stop them the other day, but haven't had time to determine their motive with Wolds colliding and all. If you have a tip that could save some lives it would be much appreciated.

Switching to common he addresses the group before them.
I hate bring to be the one to ask, but why is everyone hiding? I hope seeing alternate versions of yourselves isn't the cause. Some sort of spell has recently covered our Hook City, so no doubt many of our citizens are similarly frightened... I hope that's not the cause as either.

Bosk AC: 33/16/29 CMD: 34 172 hp /172 (27+18 are temp) Spells  
Thursday November 16th, 2017 10:53:58 PM

As Agatha shares her concerns Bosk nods in understanding. We do not wish to interfere with your deal with Sesha, but I am sure you understand our concern. If there is something you need to do, explain it to us and we can work it out. As a member of the Star Mages I am sure you understand the importance of controlling information, even if your reasons are different. If there is a question, I can consult with Sesha. The cleric silently relays everything to the missing party members and updates them on Agatha's concerns.

As his doppleganger approaches Bosk wonders what drew the other version of him down such a path. Perhaps the acts that drove Bosk to seek his vengeance drove this version of himself to not to help others satisfy their deep need for retribution, but rather sought to take on their wounds personally or to dedicate his life to healing those things broken or injured.

(Over the rings if possible, if not then out of Agatha's hearing for the last part) We seem to have an unusual problem. It appears we are not not only in another dimension, but another time line all together. This one appears several years in our future, based on the number of little ones.

Bosk of this Wold, I am curious what events led you down your path and in what ways you follow your deities. I started the path of the Grim Avenger after our parent's murder...not sure that took place in your version of the Wold.

As far as this place, can you tell us about the appearance of this chain and the hole in the air? How did events look to you from this side?

The cleric then tells them about the fog and the events that took place on their side of the orb and gives them the corresponding date. He also tells them of what was in the other orb.

Universe 1, Universe A or the Mongooses, the Fighting Mongooses - [DM Hugh] 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 11:46:47 PM

DM Post Incoming

Universe 1, Universe A or the Mongooses, the Fighting Mongooses - [DM Hugh] 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:11:54 AM

Tink suppresses the urge to high-five her double seeing as she pegged Agatha. She approves of her alternate self's tattoos. She wonders if the fact that this reality's Sesha and Restlin have children means hers won't but she shakes her head at the fact that there are still consistencies. She answers her Tink's question letting her know that Restlin and Sesha are still with the party and then compliments the other group's Starblazer and asks if the other group acquired theirs in a similar fashion. She then points out that orbs, tears in the sky and a chain stuck in the ground is a typical day.

Garret pauses to consider the situation with Agatha before getting distracted by the arrival of the other group. He approaches the well dressed version of himself and offers him a bacon biscuit from his belt pouch.

Somewhere back in the home reality Restlin is having words with some fledging adventurers.

Sesha checks in over the dragon ring channel letting the others know they are still there and treating cases of the wight gropes.

Zane decides to let the others do the talking and does his best to keep his hands off his weapons. He tries to send a greeting directed at his double over the ring.

Wyaar uses detect evil on the other version of himself. He then tries to reassure the others that they don't want to fight or oppose anyone and asks about this reality's Marteus.

Beri addresses his doppelganger in Druidic and he explains why he forwent an animal companion, explaining a little about who Agatha is in their world and asking if their Agatha is trustworthy. He asks if their group had a run in with the coin droppers. He then switches to common and asks why everyone is hiding.

Bosk tells Agatha that they don't want to interfere with her deal with Sesha and then asks Agatha what she needs to do and they can figure out how to accommodate that and their concerns even offering to contact Sesha. The Horned Cleric is curious as to what let his alternate self down his life path. He too tries to send a message over the rings to and failing that keeps the conversation out of earshot of Agatha. He points out that this timeline appears a little more advanced than their own and asks this world's Bosk about his choices and what the chain and hole in the air looked like on this side.

Sharp-Dressed Garret grabs a hankerchief and receives the bacon biscuit from your Garret. He looks at it abjectly as if saying what am I supposed to do with this before settling on putting the handkerchief wrapped biscuit in his own belt pouch.

Black Dragon Disciple Brooding Zane does not answer your Zane's attempt to use the ring and you remember how they referred to the group as the Iron Adventurers not the Iron Dragons.

Wyaar detects no evil from the twilight ranger and the answer he gets his, "Marteus leads the Gods of Testing pantheon. What does he do in your world? He has some warped ideas about disease if you ask me."

The Beri with the Bear answers back in Druidic, "I don't know if this world's Agatha is trustworthy. She babbles incoherently and tosses cats at people. Judging by that behavior I don't think I'd trust it though."

Fixer Troubadour Bosk says to Grim Avenger Bosk, "I took pity on Vivian Taurbane. She was a twisted broken thing absent of any love. I decided to devote my life to fixing things and spreading love in order to prevent other people from experiencing someone like Vivian Taurbane."

As to why everyone is hiding Avenger-Tink says, "A Kunai attached to a chain fell from a hole in the sky and stuck itself in the ground, then whispers starting emanating from it. We weren't sure if it was some sort of undead attack so people were being careful."

She says "Starblazer? You mean Starchaser right? We got him from a monstrologer who was raising havok."

Wyaar says, "The Dragon Consortium disbanded ages ago. There was some sort of concord between the representatives of Janiterri, The representatives of Ffloy and the dragons. Apparently the representatives of Janiterri had determined some threat to the Wold that having the Dragon Consortium exist would actually exacerbate. At the end of the concord the Dragon Consortium was no more as part of a deal struck with Ffloy to help with the threat and everyone was sworn to secrecy."

Agatha says, "I need to report back to the Mage's Guild leadership the results of our testing in order to proceed with my interdimensional expeditions and try to find the realm of the dead Gods. If I'm sworn to secrecy about what happened here I can't report to the leadership the results of my Testing."

Sharp Dress Garret asks, "You said you would be leaving in a few minutes? Are you going to take your chain with you?"

Restlin (Carl) -- AC +16/+7/+13 CMD: +20 HP: 192/192 (Spells) Luck Points: 4/22 
Friday November 17th, 2017 9:40:51 AM

Checking in.

Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:17:54 PM

"We didn't expect to arrive like we did here. The Starmages in our dimension, for a lack of a better word, were conducting an experiment and chain is their addition. We encountered one other what we call Orbs, as the two we have seen, seem to be spherical. The last one one of our group entered and since we protect our own, we also entered. It was also a different dimension, one seemingly set far to the future, at least we hope it was the future. Because if it was a current time as our World, something far in the past was very different from ours. We were only there for a few minutes time in that dimension, but hours on our own. So.... We could be here minutes and return home hours after we left or we could be here hours and only moments passed in our home. Some of our party ended up somewhere else on top of all of this as well."
Over the rings, *I think we will need a dispel or greater dispel to get out of here.... Didn't I hear that Gnome say the chain had been Dimensionaly Anchored. It will probably hinder whatever normally collapses these orbs....*

Garret Goodbarrel [AC:39/35/32; +4 vs AOO HP: 167/167 Ki:18/18 CMD: 45 SR: 27] 
Friday November 17th, 2017 3:32:45 PM

Garret doesn't notice the interesting talking going on, as he is utterly and completely confused by well-dressed Garret. His eyes closely follow the bacon biscuit as it enters some type of material, then disappears into the belt pouch. He reaches out briefly, as if to save the biscuit, then tries to talk. He stutters a moment and then squeaks out, "You're not going to eat it? Aren't you hungry? At all?"

Wyaar ( Sheet) AC 35/19/30, CMD 40 (42 temp), HP 161/153, DR 5/Evil 
Friday November 17th, 2017 4:18:51 PM

"He is similar in our world... but we recently visited a place where it was no so.." Wyaar answers about Marteus and then shrugs about the chain. "I would think we would be taking it.."

RobC - Katinka Hushfoot -- AC 33/23/25 -- CMD 26 -- HP 185+32 -- Spells -- Active Effects 
Friday November 17th, 2017 5:23:29 PM

Tink scans over 'this' chain to see if it has the dimensional anchor on it.

"We probably should leave rather than linger here. There's no telling what our presence here would to this this place. There's also no telling what is happening in our land."

"My thinking, we all hold onto the chain and I'll try and dispel the anchor.

Tink places one hand on the chain. She has a lot of questions for the alter-Tink, but she can't keep the party here for hours while she asks them. Instead, she looks to her and goes with just the one question: "Who wronged you that you became an Avenger?"

She has some things to speak to Agatha about as well, but it's best not to makes a scene. For now.

Beriothian -- AC:34+4/18+4/32+4 HP: 306/290 CMD = 23 
Friday November 17th, 2017 9:22:19 PM

I think that would be adding an unnecessary element of risk to removing it. If it's used to communicate can't we just tell the brilliant engineer on the other end the concern and have him modify it to prevent any issues? Besides, I'm sure he'll be happy to have confirmation both that it works, and that our rings work.

Bosk AC: 33/16/29 CMD: 34 172 hp /172 (27+18 are temp) Spells  
Sunday November 19th, 2017 10:36:03 PM

Bosk nods as his alternate self talks. It sounds like you knew more about her much earlier than I did. I wonder how my path might have been different with such information.

To Agatha he makes it clear that they will reevaluate what can be shared with who and when after Sesha rejoins the group.

Over the ring he point out that it sounds like the DC disbanded after this very event on this time line, and wonders if they should pursue it further, or if that might put the group in more danger.

DM Tanner 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 11:03:11 PM


OtherGarret visibly recoils from Garret as he gets closer. "Good heavens! What is that odor!? Do they not have soap in your dimension? You smell like a demon tooted into a sack, lit it on fire, whispered a curse on it, and blew it into my face!" He holds the perfumed handkerchief firmly over his nose.

OtherRestlin and OtherSesha seem friendlier. Also handsy. Despite half-drow children swarming around their legs, they both have a hand resting rather low on the other's back. "Welcome! We should probably avoid physical contact out of an abundance of caution, but that is no reason to be poor hosts!"

OtherSesha nods. "Mmhmm!" She gives OtherRestlin a kiss on the cheek. "That was a wonderful thing to say, sweetie."

OtherRestlin returns the kiss. "You are my inspiration, honey bunches."

OtherSesha rests her head on OtherRestlin's shoulder. "Not as much as you are mine, my shnoogly woogly boogly bear."

OtherZane makes a face vomiting motion. "Hey! Watch the PDA! Just because some of us know that true love is a lie and all relationships are transactional and life has no meaning doesn't mean we want to watch you being all lovey and gross." He crosses his arms and gives his best edgelord impression.

OtherBeriothian answers in Druidic. "No, no exploding coins." He absent-mindedly rubs his bear's ears as he speaks. "But we have been dealing with a death cult who poisoned several wells in town. As for hiding," he gives the rest of the party a look, "We have good reason to be skittish. You could be an elaborate illusion, for all we know."

OtherBosk rubs his chin in thought. "I suppose it is worth a try. We can all lay a hand on the chain, and those who can cast the spell can attempt to dispel the enchantment on the chain. If not, we will need to consult with sages here in our dimension." He looks around. "We really do need it removed. It's bad enough to move firewood from one forest to another, let alone potentially letting creatures from another dimension cross into ours. Let us try to remove it."

RobC - Katinka Hushfoot -- AC 33/23/25 -- CMD 26 -- HP 185+32 -- Spells -- Active Effects 
Monday November 20th, 2017 5:24:19 AM

"shnoogly woogly boogly bear?" Tink grins a little "Dibbs on being the one to call our Restlin that"

Wyaar ( Sheet) AC 35/19/30, CMD 40 (42 temp), HP 161/153, DR 5/Evil 
Monday November 20th, 2017 8:58:02 AM

"It does seem quite fitting for our wizard as well." Wyaar comments to Tink witha grin before looking to the chain in question, "This.. removal is beyond me. Perhaps our arcane minds can figure it out with the aid of our Star Mage companion?"

Garret Goodbarrel [AC:39/35/32; +4 vs AOO HP: 167/167 Ki:18/18 CMD: 45 SR: 27] 
Monday November 20th, 2017 11:04:13 AM

Garret sniffs the air and says, "A what did a what? I don't smell anything. But wait, if you're not going to eat that biscuit, I will, you know..." He is still quite confused that a version of him could be that different.

When the suggestions are made to hold the chain, he agrees and jumps up to grab the chain.

Zane (JCC) AC 39(33), CMB 21, CMD 36, HP 240/240, Blindsense 60' Character 
Monday November 20th, 2017 1:34:13 PM

"I may not be a Great and Powerful Wizard, like some of you are, but even I can figure out that if we are going to remove the chain from this alternate Wold, those of us who are from the Wold whence it comes, should be holding it when those magics are cast to so remove it."
With that aid, he steers Garret to the chain and gets him to hold it by saying, "You know, a new biscuit shoppe opened only about three blocks from the tower last week, they have cheddar biscuits there too."
Over the ring, *we all should be holding the chain, I'd honestly hate to be on a Wold where even I think Zane is too brooding.....*

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