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AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)  
Thursday June 15th, 2017 8:57:15 PM

Tishe' waits until the butler moves down the hall. "We could just move to the Master's Wing and open the door, how's that pick?"

Rill (MarkB) HP 103/103 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 22  d20+31=36 ;
Thursday June 15th, 2017 10:47:55 PM

When this Sunaar shows up, Rill tries to see if the man is going to be a problem.

Sense Motive =36

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 26--HP90/99 
Thursday June 15th, 2017 11:54:05 PM

As the butler leads them on, Jozhur tries to keep an eye out for what may be Master Aerdhuryn's wing.

DM Kathy 
Friday June 16th, 2017 12:21:01 AM

Zeoll suggests a last-minute alteration to the plans: rather than fetching Sunaar to talk with you, the butler will take you to speak with Sunaar.

He leads, and you follow. You make your way down graceful, well-decorated halls with more tapestries and the occasional statue. At one point, you're pretty sure you hear a fountain somewhere, but you never see it. Terser keeps an eye out for valuables, but there's not much in the hallways. Oh, the tapestries would fetch some coin, no question, but they probably weigh 50 pounds apiece and aren't exactly portable. The little tables and credenzas you pass might have some interesting goodies in their drawers, but they might not.

The butler opens a door at the end of a hallway and leads you down a flight of stairs. The stairs, unlike the hallways you've been moving through, are simple and utilitarian. At the bottom of the stairs is a small antechamber with a single door, made of wood bound in iron. It looks very sturdy. The butler rings a bell set next to the door, and waits.

You all wait with him. You wait for some time, but the butler does not ring the bell again. At last the door is opened, and you see a dark elf man wearing a leather apron over his shirt and breeches. "Yes?" he says.

"Master Sunaar," the butler says. "These good folk came to call on Master Aerdhuryn about--about some business of his," he finishes, clearly backing away from mentioning children in cages.

The dark elf looks at you. "Well?" he says. "State your business; I've a lot to do today."

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC20/22; HP67)  d20+35=55 ;
Friday June 16th, 2017 3:11:34 PM

Zeoll figures second time's the charm, too! "Sunaarr," he says, with a deeply serious tone, "We arre authorrized rrepresentatives of the Empirre of Aisildurr. We know everrything that Aerrdhurryn is up to, and the moment of rrevelation is now at hand. But things can still go easy forr you, my frriend, if you only cooperrate."

That's a Bluff check of 55 to make that load of malarky stick! Nat 20! Woo hoo!

The old liontaur continues, even more compellingly, "I firrmly suggest that you answerr all ourr questions honestly and lead us to see anything we want to investigate on this estate."

That, of course, is a Suggestion spell that Zeoll is casting on the dark elf. The Will DC, again, is 25, but Zeoll hopes that his bluff and offer of leniency will make this a reasonable suggestion, with a bonus to the DC.

Zod |&| Kunda (Damarr) HP99||70; AC26||28; T21||17; FF24||21; CMD36||30 
Friday June 16th, 2017 3:37:22 PM

Zod continues to be impressed by Zeoll's ability to nonviolently diffuse a situation. If the young taur didn't know better, he'd start to think the Empire of Aisildur actually did send them.

He waits to see the results of the four-legged Captain's bluff.

Rill (MarkB) HP 103/103 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 22  d20+31=46 ; d20+31=38 ;
Friday June 16th, 2017 7:51:10 PM

Rill continues to watch this Master Sunarr. Hearing the man speak, he tries to gauge his reactions - is he suspicious? Is he hiding something? Is he trying to decisive us? (Sense Motive = 46) He also looks at the man with his Deathwatch ability to make sure he is not undead.

Then, as the dark elf continues to speak, Rill will observe the man for 1 min. to use his Probe Psyche ability. This causes Rill's eyes to turn completely white in the process. (Sense Motive 38 - success!)

Probe Psyche - After one minute of observation and/or conversation, a seeker can use this ability, with a Sense Motive check at DC 30, to know the creature's alignment and fully understand the creature's personality. This also gives the seeker insight into that particular creature, gaining a +2 Insight bonus to attacks, armor class, and spell DC against the creature.

Terser (Warren G) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 27 - HP 156/156, DR 1/-] -2 NL (25% chance no crit, uncanny dodge, rage used 1/28, channel 0/5) 
Friday June 16th, 2017 7:58:01 PM

Terser almost blurts out that he didn't know the were here for the empire. Quickly enough though, he recognizes his captain's ploy and nods quietly behind him, as if confirming his story.

Maybe it's just the presence of the dark elf that fazed him. He hasn't seen one of his race in, well, ever.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141) 
Friday June 16th, 2017 8:46:13 PM

Representatives of the Empire..very good.

Bralin rises to his full height, and tries to look official.

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 23 / Touch 22/ flat: 19 | HP: 120 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Friday June 16th, 2017 8:46:46 PM

meanwhile back on the Lionfish.....

Reggie paced the deck nervously, debating what to do. he son is probably nearby, but she may also cause problems if she was there.

of course if anyone is to rescue him, it should be me, she mutters to herself.

"damn, they need me, hell Ty needs me. and may the gods have mercy on anyone that has hurt him cause I sure won't" Reggie says as she leaves and heads off to find the rest of the group. she had a pretty good idea where to go and travelling alone and with purpose she hopes to make much better time than the rest of the group did.

{ooc: I prefer to just pick up where Reggie was left at, It makes for better story in my mind.}

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 26--HP90/99  d20+20=37 ; d20+17=28 ;
Saturday June 17th, 2017 10:19:16 PM

Jozhur almost chimes in to pour a little more honey on Zeoll's words, but decides it would be completely unnecessary. "Exaggerations" come out of the the silver tongued taur's mouth even smoother than his own.

Realizing the man may attack if he resists Zeoll's charm, Jozhur watches the man and their surroundingsclosely. If he draws a weapon or casts a spell, Jozhur will step in front of Zeoll and draw his weapon.

Perception: 37
Sense motive: 28

Readied move action: Draw weapon while moving in front of Zeoll.

AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)  
Sunday June 18th, 2017 3:53:55 PM

Tishe' doesn't know much about the Empire of Alisidur, but what she knows isn't good. She's kind of miffed that anyone would associate her with that theocracy, even in deception.

Sor she keeps her mouth shut.

DM Kathy  d20+7=24 ;
Sunday June 18th, 2017 10:06:18 PM

Zeoll begins with a bluff, telling Sunaar that you are here in behalf of the Empire. Sunaar looks puzzled rather than alarmed, but he does seem to believe you. You follow up with another Suggestion effect, and that also seems to work, although Sunaar still doesn't look cowed.

Rill can tell that the man is not undead. He seems more annoyed than anything else, though you can tell he intends to cooperate. He's a little concerned about something, but it's hard to say what, exactly. It hasn't yet been a full minute, so your Probe Psyche has no results yet.

"Well," Sunaar replies. "I will, of course, cooperate with the Empire, but I'm really not sure what all the fuss is about. What can I help you with?"

Meanwhile, Reggie has decided she is tired of waiting. She leaves the Lionfish, over Tula's protests, and begins the steep climb up to the manor house.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC20/22; HP67) 
Sunday June 18th, 2017 10:34:38 PM

"This is excellent," says Zeoll, beaming. "Well, then, please take us dirrectly to Masterr Aerrdhurryn's wing. That will advance ourr investigation nicely."

Zeoll turns and looks to his comrades. Then he speaks to both the butler and Sunaar. "As we go, please do listen to my associates and rrespond to theirr questions with clarrity and in detail."

If Sanaar tries to send the butler away, Zeoll will interrupt and demand that the servant remain. After all, Zeoll will say, as an innocent, he will stand in witness.

[OOC: Friends, please ask Sunaar any questions you want, whether subtle or blunt!]

Rill (MarkB) HP 103/103 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 22 
Monday June 19th, 2017 12:33:53 AM

Rill's eyes are now as white as his robes. He looks as Sunaar as we go, "Tell me, how does Master Aerdhuryn's work go with the children? This matter has come to the attention of, well, certain interests in the Empire. Our concerns for now are limited to Master Aerdhuryn, and our report will reflect your cooperation.

"In addition to our general inquiry, our divinations suggest there is a particular child that may have been picked up by mistake. His mother is distraught, and a bit dangerous as well. We will need to see to the child's safety."

(Once one minute has passed, Rill hopes to gain the information his Probe Psyche will provide.)

Terser (Warren G) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 27 - HP 156/156, DR 1/-] -2 NL (25% chance no crit, uncanny dodge, rage used 1/28, channel 0/5) 
Monday June 19th, 2017 3:04:18 PM

Terser backs up Rill's question.

"As well as the safety of any other children that may have mistakenly been picked up."

Zod |&| Kunda (Damarr) HP99||70; AC26||28; T21||17; FF24||21; CMD36||30  d20+19=36 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 4:04:55 PM

Sunaar is also the first dark elf Zod's ever seen. When he opens the door, Zod starts forward, thinking it's the man they've been looking for, only to stop when the butler says the elf's name.

"Where is Master Adderhan?" Zod asks, moving to peer through the doorway. Perception 36.

AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)   d20+15=30 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 7:29:24 PM

Tishe' , not wanting her foreign accent give her away, (and not certain she can speak without screaming at these... these... piggies!). Keeps quiet and her eyes open.

Perception. 30

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141) 
Monday June 19th, 2017 8:38:57 PM

Whatever is happening to Rill's pupils is the most interesting thing Bralin has seen in a while.

The dwarf waits to see the results of the various magiks in play.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 26--HP90/99  d20+20=34 ; d20+17=35 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 9:52:07 PM

Jozhur continues to watch and wait, carefully observing Sunaar and the butler.

Perception: 34
Sense motive: 35

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 23 / Touch 22/ flat: 19 | HP: 120 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Monday June 19th, 2017 10:16:50 PM

Reggie trudges along making the best time she can. determined to find what she is looking for and a chance to take a little vengeance.

Though the real ones she wants to pound are probably not here,

DM Kathy 
Monday June 19th, 2017 10:33:00 PM

Zeoll asks to be taken to Master Aerdhuryn's wing, which seems to puzzle Sunaar a bit. "Well," he says. "You've arrived at his wing."

"This door leads into the wing," the butler adds.

Sunaar steps back and allows you to enter Jonos Aerdhuryn's domain. You find yourselves in a fairly utilitarian hallway, notably lacking the tapestries and statues and fripperies you saw in the main part of the house.

Zeoll also asks that the butler stay, as a witness. "There are six of you," Sunaar says, puzzled. "What do you need another witness for? Besides, the household staff aren't allowed down here."

The butler himself looks very uncomfortable at the prospect of entering the wing with you. "If you please," he says, "I'd like to return to my duties."

Zod asks where Master Aerdhuryn is. "He is away on business," Sunaar replies. "He is meeting with several of his contacts, and seeking to acquire some materials for the research."

Rill asks specifically about the children. "Well, it's early days yet," Sunaar replies. "They're mostly just eating and growing. The real work will begin in a few years." When Rill and Terser hint that one of the children may be there by mistake, Sunaar shakes his head. "We've got papers for all of them," he says. "I'll show you."

As Sunaar leads you down the hall, Rill's Probe Psyche kicks in. You can tell that Sunaar is Neutral Evil in alignment, and that he prides himself on being a good assistant to Aerdhuryn, and indispensable to his work. You can also tell that Sunaar thinks that Dark Elves are superior to other races.

Meanwhile, Reggie at last reaches the top of the cliff, and heads down the road toward the manor house. The main road leads straight to the front door, via a sweeping drive. Other, lesser roads branch off toward the wings--one heading north, and one south.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 26--HP90/99 
Monday June 19th, 2017 11:11:21 PM

Jozhur eyebrows raise slightly at Sunaar's words, research? What awful things could be happening here? He stands waiting, looking to Rill for some direction now that his creepy eye trick seems to be done.

AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)   d20+15=34 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 6:56:18 AM

Tishe' looks about the utilitarian hall with interest, and decides it is time for a little unobtrusive magic. Thankfully, the spellweaver is skilled enough to perform such! She casts See Invisibility on herself, but doesn't use spell components, nor movements, nor words!

And Tishe' continues to look about.

Cast See Invisible (eschew materials, still spell, silent spell) using 4th level spell slot

Perception 34

Lvl.... 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5
Slot....* 8. 8. 8. 6. 4
Used. * 0. 0. 1. 1. 0

Zod |&| Kunda (Damarr) HP99||70; AC26||28; T21||17; FF24||21; CMD36||30  d20+9=27 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 2:56:22 PM

Zod intuits that the Aisildurian Empire, while likely more orderly than the near-lawless Bonetown, has very different views on the morality of trafficking the Noble Races.

He suspects their ruse of being Officials from the Empire will not last long if they seek to interfere with these dark elves' evil plans.

"Please furnish your papers, and take us to the children." Zod says as he moves into the hall, wanting to be done with this business as quickly as possible.

Sense Motive 27

Rill (MarkB) HP 103/103 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 22 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 4:07:07 PM

"Master Sunaar, I sense that you are a good and loyal servant to your Master Aerdhuryn, surely indispensable to his work. And the strength and capabilities of the dark elves is well known in the Empire. Search your papers, and tell us if you have a child names Ky.

"Also, Tell is what you know of what is to be done with these children, what they are being groomed for. And be complete, for we will know if you leave anything out."

(OOC: Hoping to delay until Reggie can join us.)

Terser (Warren G) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 27 - HP 156/156, DR 1/-] -2 NL (25% chance no crit, uncanny dodge, rage used 1/28, channel 0/5) 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 5:53:41 PM

Terser nods to the butler, willing to see him go about his business for his own safety.

"Perhaps in the course of your duties, you could see that some refreshments are sent up? It was a long, thirsty trek to get up here, after all."

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC20/22; HP67) 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 8:54:18 PM

Zeoll asks the butler to stay with us unless there is an emergency or some duty to which he must attend. If so, please have him return to us as soon as possible.

Zeoll reinforces his friends' requests to see the naster's office, his records, and asks where the children are held.

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 23 / Touch 22/ flat: 19 | HP: 120 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18  d20+16=32 ; d20+10=25 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 9:30:02 PM

{ooc: no need to delay, I can adapt to whatever the situation becomes. especially if it involves punching things}.

Reggie moves with purpose closer to the house, looking for signs as to which wing to take, not really liking the front door.

{ooc: perception = 32, Survival (tracking) if needed = 25}

any wing that has obvious activity, Reggie heads in that direction, avoiding the main entrance.

DM Kathy 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 11:05:41 PM

Tishe' casts See Invisibility, but sees nothing she didn't see before.

Rill tries a little flattery, which Sunaar seems to respond to. He and Zod ask to see the children.

Terser asks the butler to return to his duties, but Zeoll asks him to stay. Since it is Zeoll's orders he is following, he tags along with the group, clearly unhappy about it.

Sunaar leads the way down the hall, past a couple of closed doors. He reaches am alcove which seems to be a guard post of sorts; two dwarf guards are standing there, watching the hall. Across from the guard post is a door, which Sunaar unlocks and opens, waving you inside.

The room is quite large, and also quite loud. Several half-orc toddlers are in the room, apparently being minded by a very harassed-looking human girl of about 7. All of the children are dressed in motley cast-offs, but they seem reasonably well-fed. The girl has a purpling bruise on her cheek; the toddlers look unharmed. One toddler is sitting on a rug near the middle of the room, crying. No, bellowing. Kid's got some lungs on him. Most of the others seem to be playing, and all of their toys are toy weapons of some kind. One little half-orc bangs a wooden sword enthusiastically on the ground, yelling in delight. Two others are bashing little tin shields together. Another toddler is just running, his little bare feet slap-slap-slapping on the stone floor. The human girl is trying to change the diaper of yet another toddler, and it does not seem to be going well. She says something to the child, which you cannot hear over the cacophony.

"SILENCE!" Sunaar yells, and the playing toddlers stop what they are doing to stare at him. The bellowing one goes right on bellowing, but the noise level has ebbed considerably. "Here are the papers," he continues, stepping over to a cupboard near the door. He pulls out a thick sheaf of papers. "As you can see, they're all in order, and I think you'll find that--what is it, girl?" he asks sharply. You turn, and see the human girl has approached, leading one of the toddlers by the hand. It's probably the one she'd been changing, but it's hard to see for sure.

"Um, Master Sunaar, sir," the girl says. "This one's mark is 'bout wore clear off."

Sunaar sighs. "Very well," he says, and takes the toddler by the hand. "Go see to him," he adds, gesturing to the crying toddler. The girl hurries in that direction, and soon the crying stops. "They're a bit young for slave tattoos," he explains, "so we mark them with ink. But it wears off."

Rill takes the opportunity to ask what's being done with them.

"They're to be an army, of course," Sunaar replies. "An army of half-orcs, large and strong, trained from birth to be formidable fighters. We're just getting started." He reaches back into the cupboard and pulls out a little of ink.

Reggie decides the front door is not for her, so she considers the wings. Only one of them has smoke coming from its chimneys, so she heads in that direction. The road winds around to the "end" of the wing, the south wall. There's a short flight of stairs here, leading down, with a door at the bottom.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 26--HP90/99  d20+28=45 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 12:16:44 AM

Jozhur has seen enough to convince him. He looks to Rill and Zeoll, thumbing his dagger on his belt. He is clearly ready to end Sunaar. Anything else we need to ask him, or are we done with this most helpful gentleman?"

Bluff to pass hidden message: 45

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141) 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 11:23:45 AM

"Formidable indeed," Bralin growls.

The dwarf says nothing more for a minute, then two.

In a calmer voice, he continues, fishing.

"Yet, there are not nearly enough here to comprise an army. At best, you can purchase, raise, and train on this property...fifty? mayhap seventy? The cost seems high."

Zod |&| Kunda (Damarr) HP99||70; AC26||28; T21||17; FF24||21; CMD36||30 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 1:33:39 PM

Zod wonders how many half-orc toddlers he could carry. He looks down at Kunda by his side, wondering if the snake, increased back to her normal Large size, could maybe carry a few. Perhaps if she were enlarged further... they might have to tie the children on, which would probably restrict the snake's movement...

The minotaur shakes his head. "A strong house guard, sure, but what need does Airdihen have for an army anyway?"

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC20/22; HP67)  d20+15=18 ; d20+25=38 ; d20+25=27 ; d20+12=31 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 3:16:06 PM

Zeoll uses his Bluff check to respond to Jozhur and everybody, but his message has to be simple [OOC rolled an 18 ugh], "WAIT PLEASE"

The old liontaur waits for Bralin and others to ask questions. He looks over the documentation, trying to match up what he sees here with the records he saw on that Slave Market Island. He especially wants to confirm Reggie's child's path.

He also spends time with the kids, especially the older ones. He tries to determine whether they are being treated well, if they are happy, if they would prefer another home.

Perception 38 (ignore double punch on the die roller please. Accident.)
Sense Motive 31

Terser (Warren G) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 27 - HP 156/156, DR 1/-] -2 NL (25% chance no crit, uncanny dodge, rage used 1/28, channel 0/5) 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 5:15:23 PM

"Seems an awfully big commitment for an army. Seems to me that you could buy an army of mercenaries for the same price and have them ready today. And Half-Orcs will grow up to be formidable regardless of where they're raised. Now I'm no fancy businessman, but I don't see the return on your investment."

Rill (MarkB) HP 103/103 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 22 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 6:27:52 PM

As Rill's eyes return to their normal color, he continues his praise of Sunarr. HE also moves to the door, ready to close it a the first sign of battle.

"You seem to be running an efficient operation Master Sunarr. Perhaps it's because we humans are not as long lived as the dark elves, but this is a rather long-term effort when you could hire an army now. Sufficiently paid or otherwise motivated, they would be strong and just as loyal. Why spend this level of effort? And what army do you use now, or do you only need such troops in the future, and for what purpose?

"Also, which child is named Ky. As I said, his mother is distraught, well connected, and really not one to be trifled with. It is imperative that we find the child."

AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)  
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 7:43:20 PM

Tishe' is fiercely angry, her eyes flashing, and it is all she can do to not do anything while the others fish for information. "This bites grass", she says under her breath.

Even that is too much for the impetuous sorceress, and she moves to assist the girl with the bawling toddler. A White spell of Prestidigitation allows Tishe' to begin making little balls of soft light, or sparkles, or any of a number of distractions. "Hush, now, little Piggy, we are here to help. "

See Invisible (119 /120 minutes)

Lvl.... 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5
Slot....* 8. 8. 8. 6. 4
Used. * 0. 0. 1. 1. 0

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 23 / Touch 22/ flat: 19 | HP: 120 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18  d20+5=11 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 10:01:06 PM

Seeing the door as a way in, Reggie approaches it in true barbarian fashion. striding down the stairs she does whatever is necessary to open the door..

{ooc: strength check if needed with rage and strength surge = 17}

DM Kathy 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 10:33:53 PM

Jozhur is ready to throw down, and tries to send his crew a subtle signal to that effect.

Bralin seems dubious about the size of an army that could be raised in a single house, even a large one. "Master Aerdhuryn has many plans," Sunaar replies. "The soldiers are but a small part of his design. And yes, there is some expense, but the soldiers will be absolutely loyal to him. That is important."

Zod wonders what the army will be used for. Sunaar smirks. "Races with shorter lives sometimes cannot appreciate all that can be done over the course of a longer lifespan," he says, unbearably smug. "The soldiers are only part of the plan."

Zeoll begins looking over the paperwork. It's rough going. The papers were prepared by different sellers, and the information is not in the same place on each one. Also, only some of the half-orc toddlers appear to have names. Is the "half-orc babe of about 6 months" purchased a year ago the same half-orc now sucking his fingers and staring raptly at Kunda? How would you even tell? Your group probably has the Divination chops to sort this out eventually, but right now, standing in this room, it's almost impossible to match paperwork to flesh-and-blood kids.

Zeoll also tries to talk to the kids, and since the oldest of the half-orcs is about 2, this doesn't go well. He yells "Kitty!" enthusiastically when you start talking to him, but the most cogent thing he says in response to your questions is "I got sord." He leads you over to grab a wooden sword lying on the floor and show it to you. You can talk to the human caretaker, the girl of about seven. In response to your questions, she eyes Sunaar timidly and replies that she is very happy, they are very well treated, and she does not want to go anywhere else, than you very much.

Terser also remarks on the expense, but Sunaar shrugs. "Loyalty is not to be discounted," he replies. "And soldiers trained from a very young age will have an advantage over those who are not."

Rill asks specifically which child is Ky. Sunaar frowns. "We can find him for you of course," he says. "But we do have a valid bill of sale for him. I have to ask: how did he come to be sold in a slave market, if he has a mother looking for him?"

Tishe' creates an illusion to comfort the crying child--who had actually stopped crying, but is fascinated by the light show. "Ghee ghaa!" he cries in delight, and tries to grab one of them.

Reggie tries the door and finds it locked. You attempt to break it down, but it is a sturdy door, and is going to need a bit more effort. Or possibly the business end of an axe.

AC 23/ 23/ 21. CMD 15 HP 91 /91 Tishe' (SteveK)  
Thursday June 22nd, 2017 4:46:55 PM

Tishe' keeps her minor magic going but that last comment by Sunaar is more than she can stand. "That's OK, you can only have a bill of sale for things and this girl and kids are obviously people so they are now free and will be leaving this place with us. After we burn it down around your ears. "

Her eyes flash angrily at Zeoll. "Enough with this subterfuge. We have more than enough to condemn this entire House. If I have to listen to these platitudes another second, I'm going to vomit. Or send him into another plane."

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