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Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28/30; 77hp)  d20+2=4 ; d20+2=8 ; d20+26=38 ; d20+9=25 ;
Thursday March 15th, 2018 12:05:52 PM

So this is our travel plan?
Elephant with Freedom of Movement, Terser and Bralin and Aex and Leafy riding.
Tahni with Overland Flight
Zeoll with Belt of Str and Ring of Freedom of Movement, Jozhur riding.
Rill polymorphed as a sparrow. Has to choose to fail the Fort save but MUST make the Will save.

That is good for 140 minutes, say about 15 miles at a hustle, due to duration limit.

Are we picking a direction at random, or did we aim at some particular heading?

When the group gets to the clearing, Zeoll looks at and searches the remains of the sailing ship.

Perception 38
Profession Sailor 25

DM Kathy 
Thursday March 15th, 2018 1:49:55 PM

[I'm pretty sure that Rill still had some Air Walk left when the elephant came out.]

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC25/21/21 - CMD 22 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20  d20+28=46 ;
Thursday March 15th, 2018 5:09:16 PM

(Aex was flying in Eagle shape)

Aex eagle spots the 'clearing' and the ship. Strange though the thing is here in this vast grass ocean...
She makes a wide circle over the spot and checks the plains that surround this area for potential threats (perception 46)

"What's this wreckage doing out here?!? Is there a way to sail this ocean of grass? But... how? Sailing over this grass would of course make our travel a lot easier! Aex thinks... yet in Eagle shape she can't speak to her friends... so she just waits to see how things unfold.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T14 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 165/165)  d20=16 ;
Thursday March 15th, 2018 8:07:18 PM

By the time Bralin figures out how to not get bounced around by the elephant too badly, this leg of the journey is over.

The dwarf is at a loss to explain the boat, but with the timing being what it is.

"We should camp here. Recover spells while investigating the boat in detail," he opines.

Like Aex, he also keeps watch for unwelcome guests.
Perception 25.

(Brock) Jozhur AC23 / Touch 16 Flat 16--CMD 27--HP 111/111 --Shadow Companion 55/55hp  d20+22=32 ;
Thursday March 15th, 2018 8:40:35 PM

Jozhur scratches his head at the sight of a ship...here of all places. But then he remembers, "Didn't Tishe talk of 'sailing the sargrass'?"

He starts carefully searching the wreckage for any form of a clue, wary of the possibility of a trap.

Percpeption: 32 (37 vs traps)

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP total 183, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 34/34, channel 5/5)  d20+2=20 ; d20+17=29 ;
Thursday March 15th, 2018 8:57:49 PM

"Well they did say that the Sargrass was teleported here. Maybe there was ocean here before and the grass displaced it."

Terser will search around the ruins for any remnants of a ship's log, or something that may tell him more about how it got here.

Prof: Sailor - 20
Perception - 29

DM Kathy 
Friday March 16th, 2018 1:11:14 AM

This does seem to be a good place to rest, so you break your journey here. The abandoned, broken ship is a puzzle, all right, and many of you are keen to solve it.

Terser is unable to find a ship's log, or indeed, any papers of any kind. He does find some rope, evidently part of the rigging, now hopelessly entangled in the grass.

Bralin and Aexana keep an eye out for foes, but see none.

Zeoll and Jozhur notice something odd. Jozhur is moving a broken piece of the ship, to get a look at what might be underneath. He tosses it aside--and it seems almost to bounce back toward him, landing in the dirt at his feet.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d20+15=32 ; d20+12=20 ;
Friday March 16th, 2018 12:52:10 PM

(Not really sure if I was a sparrow or Air Walking. Since Air Walk lasts about as long at my Freedom of Movement will on the elephant, the sparrow thing will only be needed if we continue after the elephant no longer has Freedom of Movement .)

Rill will descend to look at the wreckage. He will cast Detect Poison and Detect Magic and scan the wreckage and surroundings. (If Detect Magic is a go, his Spellcraft is 32.)

He looks at the remains - is it indeed a boat, and does it have the same hallmarks as a boat that would travel on water, or could it be some vessel that is able to plow through the earth like it was water? He's looking for things designed to keep water out like gunnals and deck drains. Does it have a deep bow and keel, or is it more of a flat bottomed thing? (Profession Sailor 20.)

"Hmmm, now what would a boat be doing here? I've heard tales of elemental boats that could sail through the earth like it was water, but I see no trough behind it."

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28/30; 77hp) 
Friday March 16th, 2018 4:15:18 PM

"Wowsy," says Zeoll. "It's magic of some kind."

"We should sleep the night in this spot and at the dawn, use Make Whole spells and Mending to fix it!"

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136  d20+25=33 ; d20+17=24 ;
Friday March 16th, 2018 9:36:24 PM

Tahni can cast Mending as a cantrip so will cast as often as needed to get things repaired. She also has Break should they need bits in smaller pieces.

Perception: 33 + Arcane Sight + See Invis
Knowl Engineering: 24

Spells in effect: Arcane Sight ... Mage Armor ... Overland Flight ... See Invisibility

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T14 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 165/165) 
Saturday March 17th, 2018 10:16:02 AM

Bralin continues to guard against unwelcome guests while his comrades investigate the wreckage.

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC25/21/21 - CMD 22 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20  d20+14=29 ;
Sunday March 18th, 2018 7:24:43 PM

Aexeagle lands on the piece of wood as if it were a surfboard... if the wood somehow repels the grass it should probably 'float' over the grass... looks like Zeoll could be right and we should make a raft of it.

The bird observes the wood closely trying to grasp what kind of nature's play is going on here... that would be far cooler than just a 'simple' spell that makes this wood float on grass...

Know nature 29

DM Kathy 
Sunday March 18th, 2018 10:06:29 PM

Rill examines the wreckage with magical sight. His Detect Poison turns up nothing. And, if your DM understands the way these boats work, your Detect Magic also turns up nothing. You assess the wreckage, and you're pretty sure that you're looking at a flat-bottomed skiff of some kind. There is no indication that it has ever been anywhere near the water.

Zeoll suggests a Make Whole spell, and Tahni has it covered. She begins piecing the boat back together as Aexana looks on. As far as Aexana can tell, the wood is repelled by the grass, the way magnets can repel each other. Aexana also begins to be conscious of the fact that it has been afternoon for a darned long time. Sure, lazy summer days can stretch, but the sun has barely seemed to move!

Watching for trouble, Bralin has a strong feeling that he is being watched in return. Maybe it's just Zeoll's new friend, who has gone invisible again, but it doesn't feel like it. This feels new. Has that little hillock been over there the whole time?

Tahni fits the rest of the pieces back together, and it is definitely a boat of some kind. There is also a square sail, which Tahni can also mend, but there is no mast beyond a broken-off stump. Maybe losing the mast is what caused the skiff to crash in the first place.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136 
Monday March 19th, 2018 7:42:50 AM

Tahni is quite happy with her efforts. She may not know how to be a sailor but she sure can fix a boat.

"I've got a 10ft pole in my kit. Think that will make for a mast?" she looks at the sail closely trying to judge its size and weight.

She has no idea why a vessel is out here or why she is mending it, but it is good to have something to keep her mind occupied. She starts humming a little tune as she does.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d20+28=47 ;
Monday March 19th, 2018 1:29:08 PM

"Wow. Maybe we can get this thing moving. But how? I do not have the ability to create a mast. I have a Feather Token that can provide some wind for a bit, but we'd need that sail for that to help. Maybe we can pole our way through the grass?"

"Maybe the mast is somewhere around here. Hey Zeoll's, can your new friend fly around and look for it in the grass?"

Rill keeps a sharp eye out for trouble (Perception 47.) He will help with the rebuilding where he can.

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP total 183, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 34/34, channel 5/5) 
Monday March 19th, 2018 1:48:44 PM

"Do you have one of those feather tokens that make a tree or a boat as well? We could use those to make a mast. Otherwise, I don't think the pole would be strong enough to make an effective mast."

He looks through his bag, but doesn't find anything among the odds and ends that would be useful in this situation. Even his magic rubber mallet has long since lost its enchantment.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Monday March 19th, 2018 6:19:56 PM

"Good thinking Terser. I have both, but the boat has no mast as it moves magically."

Rill will pull out a Tree Feather Token and invoke it - hoping it will provide manageable material for a mast.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T14 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 165/165) 
Monday March 19th, 2018 6:33:32 PM

"Ware!" Bralin calls. The dwarf pulls out his axe, and indicates a suspicious looking hillock.

"We are not alone."

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC25/21/21 - CMD 22 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20  d20+20=40 ;
Monday March 19th, 2018 8:35:29 PM

As she's checking out the wood and it's reaction to the grass Aexana returns to her normal Gnome shape.

"Anyone noticed the sun hasn't moved all the time we were ploughing through this vast grass ocean?!? It's almost as if the Wold is standing still here... "

Then she hears Bralin's warning... a growing hillock?!?

"Ahh the calm before the storm then? Will Mother Wold now belch out fire and rid the Wold of it's infestations... us being collateral damage then...

Perception 40 - nat 20

Just as a precaution, Aex activates her Ring of Invisibility and vanishes from sight.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28/30; 77hp) 
Monday March 19th, 2018 9:23:14 PM

Zeoll sounds his horn of goodness to create a magic circle. He calls for his fey friend to come on over. I'm assuming the mage armors (duration 11 hours) are still up?

DM Kathy 
Monday March 19th, 2018 10:24:06 PM

The absence of a mast provides a nice little puzzle for you to solve. Tahni offers up her 10-foot pole, but Terser is afraid it isn't sturdy enough. At his suggestion, Rill pulls out a feather and throws it at the ground. Where it hits, a magnificent oak tree springs to life. Its top towers 60 feet above the clearing; it is 5 feet across at its base. Its branches and leaves spread out 20 feet from the trunk, providing a nice restful shade if your group still wants to rest. It also, of course, provides the makings of a 60-foot mast, if only you can figure out how to cut it up.

Meanwhile, Bralin calls a warning, something about a hillock. Which is ridiculous, because there is no hillock in the direction he is pointing.

Aexana points out that the sun hasn't moved--which is an exaggeration--it has moved, just not very much. Feeling anxious, she turns invisible.

Because most of you feel it now--the sensation of being watched. Around you, the grasses rustle. Of course, they've been rustling the entire time, but now you wonder. Are they, perhaps, rustling a bit more than normal? Is it just the wind? Little animals moving through? Something more?

Zeoll sounds his horn and calls Drini to him. A moment later, you feel the weight as she alights on your shoulder. Something goblin? she sends to you.

(Brock) Jozhur AC23 / Touch 16 Flat 16--CMD 27--HP 111/111 --Shadow Companion 55/55hp  d20+22=42 ; d20+27=38 ; d20+17=20 ; d6+3=9 ; 5d6=17 ; 2d6=9 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 12:06:56 AM

Jozhur is too busy investigating the ship to notice anything amiss until Bralin alerts everyone. He takes his cue from Aex and tries to blend into the shadows around the broken ship. Once out of sight, he readies his sword. If something obviously not friendly comes within reach, he will take a stab.

Perception: 42
Stealth: 38 (hide in plain sight, requires area of dim light)
Readied attack hits AC 20 (hopefully flat footed), 9 damage, 17 sneak damage, 9 more if evil

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136  d20+25=41 ; d20+11=22 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 8:11:52 AM

"Hmmm.... how to make a mast" Tahni ponders the problem for a moment but her attention is broken by the others. Something isn't right...

Tahni turns invisible and quietly, slowly ascends for a better look

Move action to use Hide Away ability to turn Invisible
Move action to stealthily ascend to 20ft
Perception: 41 + Arcane Sight + See Invis
Stealth: 22 + 20 Moving Invisible = 42

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d4=2 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 1:59:26 PM

Rill stands looking up at the tree.

"Yeah, I guess I didn't really think this one through. I was hoping more for a tall, slender pine tree. What the heck are we gonna do with a massive oak tree."

Like the others, his attention is drawn back to more intimidate matters. He'll

"Hillocks don't move, and Bralin doesn't miss much. There's also something moving in the grass. Let's see if we can see what that is. If it's hungry, this should flush them out."

Rill will cast Summon Monster IV to summon 3 horses. Each will be placed where there is rustling grass (all will be within 40' of Rill, but not together.)

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC25/21/21 - CMD 22 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20 
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 7:08:24 PM

Not sure what to think of the situation, Aex deems it's safer just to stay hidden (invisible) and behind the remains the boat...

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T14 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 165/165)  d20+9=11 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 8:38:04 PM

Bralin waits, nearly motionless with axe in hand.

He looks for the intruder, but the sudden appearance of several horses is distracting.

[Perception 11]

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28/30; 77hp)  d20+2=10 ; d20+26=27 ;
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 9:09:14 PM

Zeoll stands next to the mighty oak, hoping that it can be made into a mast. Meanwhile, he scans for enemies. Perception 27.

"Please look!" he says to Drini. "Any foes?"

DM Kathy 
Tuesday March 20th, 2018 10:53:30 PM

On hearing that there might be danger about, Jozhur hides. Tahni ascends to a better vantage point and turns invisible. Aexana remains hidden.

Zeoll asks Drini if there are any foes about. Not sunlight, she sends back. [Your DM reminds you that Drini is not native to this place any more than you guys are. :) ]

Bralin waits. Rill summons some horses, because apparently sacrificial lambs aren't on his spell list. The rustling doesn't seem to be coming from specific spots; it's kind of generalized.

Here is a map. The green and brown thing is the tree. You can move feely through the puffy green bit (those are overhead branches), but not the trunk. The brown rectangle is the boat.

Please place yourselves on the map. Rill, please place your poor, defenseless horses on the map. :)

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136  d20+25=37 ; d20+11=12 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 6:39:26 AM

Tahni does the same again trying to see what may have the others spooked.

Move action to use Hide Away ability to turn Invisible
Move action to stealthily ascend another 20ft to now 40ft
Perception: 37 + Arcane Sight + See Invis
Stealth: 12 + 20 Moving Invisible = 32

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136  d20+25=37 ; d20+11=12 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 6:39:26 AM

Tahni does the same again trying to see what may have the others spooked.

Move action to use Hide Away ability to turn Invisible
Move action to stealthily ascend another 20ft to now 40ft
Perception: 37 + Arcane Sight + See Invis
Stealth: 12 + 20 Moving Invisible = 32

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 12:12:52 PM

Now that the summoned horses have appeared, Rill watches to see if they are bothered or affected by whatever is moving the grass.

Assuming he has Air Walk still running, Rill will cast Antilife Shell and move into the grass where it is moving, being careful to make sure he does not force the shell against any living creatures in the process.

"I'm gonna see if the masts for this ship are in the grass, and if I can figure out what is making the grass move. I have created an [i]Antilife Shell around me, so you will not be able to approach me closer than 10'."

(Nothing will give a player pause like naming the map Sargrass Horror :) Nice touch.)

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T14 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 165/165) 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 6:50:07 PM

Bralin waits. Something is out there, and soon enough, his comrades will flush it out.

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC25/21/21 - CMD 22 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20  d20+20=24 ; d20+14=29 ; d20+5=12 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 7:28:47 PM

Invisible Aex climbs (climb 12) up on the boat, Leafy stands besides the boat.
From her elevated position Aex tries to discern what lurks in these grasses (perception 24) - Could these be animals that are circling around their prey? (know nature 29)

The Gnome can try to use a Detect animals spell but what animals to think of?!? What predators could lurk in this grass ocean? Well... we'll soon find out Aex thinks and so she does not waste a spell trying.

(Brock) Jozhur AC23 / Touch 16 Flat 16--CMD 27--HP 111/111 --Shadow Companion 55/55hp  d20+32=33 ; d20+22=38 ;
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 7:40:31 PM

Jozhur continues to watch and wait for something to happen. He lurks ready to stab anything aggressive that comes within reach.

Stealth (if another roll is needed): 33
Perception: 38

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP total 183, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 34/34, channel 5/5) 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 8:01:21 PM

Not really noticing the commotion, Terser turns his attention to turning the tree into an useful form. He starts cutting it down with his glaive. (Meant to post this yesterday but forgot to hit submit!)

DM Kathy 
Wednesday March 21st, 2018 10:57:16 PM

You make some further preparations, but for the most part, you watch and wait.

For a few moments, it seems as if nothing is going to happen. Then, one of the horses lets out a frightened whinny as its rear legs and hindquarters are seemingly sucked into the ground! The horse is struggling, and making the most awful noises, and it's difficult to tell for sure what is attacking it. Those of you with some elevation have the best view, and even you're not sure what you're looking at.

It looks as if the ground itself is attacking the horse, but if you look closely, you can see the outlines of a--something. Something made of loose soil, and grasses, and bones, somehow blending into a single entity. It's really, really big.

And the map. The creature is Colossal; it's those red squares.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 136/136  d20+17=36 ; d20+2=14 ;
Thursday March 22nd, 2018 4:56:18 AM

LOL! Love the horse icons :)

"Earth elemental perhaps? A really really big one?" Tahni tries to recall ever hearing or reading of something like this.

She wants to give whatever-it-is the benefit of the doubt though so calls out in terran to try and sway it Highlight to display spoiler: {"Hey! You down there! Those are our horses!"}

Tahni isn't quite she what she can do at this point, so flies a little higher and prepares to retaliate

"Guys, there's something very big down there"

Knowl Nature: 36
Diplomacy: 14

Move action to fly a little closer
Ready action to cast Baleful Polymorph should the thing surface. Fort Save DC25 or turn into a toad

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