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RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+24=32 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 2:18:02 AM

Tahni smiles while looking over Ty's shoulder. She's curious if we was followed or brought anyone with him.

With noone else introducing themselves she takes some initiative "Tahni Wyrmrider. A pleasure"

She wasn't expecting such an old man. Could he really be a part of the House of Teeth? Tahni looks for any sign of a weapon by his side, and also checks to see whether his hands are in view. If he is a member of the House of Teeth, then his man could be a thief of the highest order.

When Terser orders a round for the table she keeps an eye on Ty. Does he try and conceal his appearance, is he trying to stay in the shadows, or is he not trying to hide this meeting with the party?

Perception: 32

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Sunday September 17th, 2017 5:39:14 PM

Reggie tried to figure out if this place was one of the places she was removed from the night before.

but once there she is pretty sure that it isn't.
in the place the group takes a seat, Reggie rather looks for room at the bar (or similar location) where she can see and hear the group. keeping an eye out for additional trouble.

she didn't like the idea of these knives were watching the group.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141) 
Sunday September 17th, 2017 7:17:30 PM

Bralin nods at Brunda, drinks his ale, and waits.

DM Kathy  d20=12 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 9:57:19 PM

Terser offers to buy Ty Brunda a drink, and the old man agrees, ordering a pint of bitter.

As Bralin quietly drinks his ale, Jozhur and Reggie check the place for signs of trouble--Jozhur from the table and Reggie from a spot at the bar. Neither of you see anything to cause alarm.

Tahni is studying your contact. You note that he wears a rapier at his side. He rests his hands on the table, and you can see old calluses on them, and a couple of scars. He does not seem to be attempting to hide himself, your group, or the meeting.

For Tahni, or anybody else paying attention. Heal check DC 15 Highlight to display spoiler: {Ty's calluses are consistent with having spent a great deal of time at sea.} Knowledge Local check DC 12 Highlight to display spoiler: {The House of Teeth are primarily smugglers.}. Knowledge Local check DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: {Most people go armed in the City Above, so the rapier isn't at all unusual.}

Zeoll tries to get a read on Brunda. You sense that he is equally comfortable getting straight to business or engaging in small talk, though he does have a slight preference for straight-to-business. You explain that you are looking for a weaponmaster named Tobias.

"And why come to the Teeth?" he asks, his voice calm and measured. "If it's information you're after, it's the Cloaks you want." Sense Motive DC 27 Highlight to display spoiler: {He recognizes the name Tobias.}

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28; HP71)  d20+2=4 ; d20+5=17 ; d20+2=4 ; d20+12=31 ; d20+2=14 ; d20+14=23 ; d20+2=18 ; d20+15=30 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 10:22:58 PM

Untrained Heal check 17
Know Local 31
Know Local 23
Sense Motive 30

Zeoll nods and gets right to business. "By my grrey mane and worrn face, we are not babes in this Wold, and we have access to magic and lorre. Ourr divinations told us to come to the House of Teeth, and the instinct of my gut tells me you have hearrd the name 'Tobias' beforre."

"Come now, let us not play games. The Teeth have the man we seek. We want to speak with him, and if he so prefers, we want to ensurre he is at his liberrty. That we arre herre talking tells you we prreferr negotiation to violence. Howeverr, we arre the herroes who slew the demigod Biloople. We have barrgained with Ga'al and lived to tell the tale, unhearrtseeded, We have masterred pirates and slaverrs who sought to oppose us. Ourr historry is not generrally a tale of peaceful negotiations."

Then Zeoll is quiet, letting his silence speak for him.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+11=31 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 12:06:12 AM

"There may be more to this, Zeoll" Tahni calmly responds still looking closely at Ty's hands.

She then raises her eyes to look him in the face "We could have discussed this and many other things at the House. Why have a note discreetly passed to us? Do the Teeth know you are speaking with us? Or perhaps there are things you wish to discuss privately?" She keeps her tone soft and comforting avoiding any sort of accusatory or hostile expression.

Heal check vs DC15: Take10. 16 = Pass
Knowl Local check vs DC12: Autopass
Knowl Local check vs DC10: Autopass
Sense Motive vs DC27: 31 = Pass

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141)  d20+9=13 ; d20+6=20 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 6:03:32 PM

Bralin is pleasantly surprised at the quality of the ale at this inn. Much better than expected.

The dwarf signals barkeep for another.

[Heal 13. Sense Motive 20. Not really paying attention, our dwarf.]

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 0/30, channel 0/5)  d20+8=24 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 6:04:51 PM

Heal vs DC 15: 24 = Pass

Seldom having to worry about healing with all the magic around, Terser is surprised that he noticed a little thing like calluses. He looks at his own hands and notes the differences from before he was a sailor and the main thing in his hands was a pick or his glaive. He quietly sips his ale and ponders moisturizing, letting the Captain's and Tahni's words do their work.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d20+26=38 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 6:22:10 PM

Rill silently observes the man. He also scans the room for any apparent threats, or if anyone is observing/listening to us. His eyes turn white as he uses his Probe Psyche ability.

Heal check vs DC15: Autopass
Sense Motive vs DC27: Autopass
Sense Motive (Probe Psyche) DC30: Autopass
Perception 38

Probe Psyche - After one minute of observation and/or conversation, a seeker can use this ability, with a Sense Motive check at DC 30, to know the creature's alignment and fully understand the creature's personality. This also gives the seeker insight into that particular creature, gaining a +2 Insight bonus to attacks, armor class, and spell DC against the creature.

DM Kathy 
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:25:58 PM

Zeoll decides to open negotiations by giving a few highlights of the group's history.

"Did you indeed?" Brunda asks, seeming impressed. Sense Motive 25 Highlight to display spoiler: {You've given him an idea.}

Tahni, however, has some issues to clear up.

"I did not invite a group of well-armed, clearly experienced strangers into our Tower and past many of our defenses because I didn't think it was a good idea," he replies mildly. "I didn't know what you wanted, and I didn't know what you might do once you got inside. Thus, I decided to meet you elsewhere. I suppose I could have dropped everything and trotted to the front door like a page-boy to speak to you, but I did have other matters to attend to at the time. So I sent a note. Some of the Teeth are aware that I am speaking to you, yes."

While Bralin orders another ale and Terser contemplates calluses, Rill drops into his trance. His eyes appear to frost over, and in a minute he knows about Ty Brunda. You know that he is Neutral in alignment, that the prosperity and well-being of his House is the most important thing to him, and that his role is mostly that of a broker and negotiator. You know that he generally deals fairly, and would be a very dangerous man to cross.

"However," Brunda says, "if all you want is to speak with Tobias, that can be arranged. Can you return here tomorrow, at this time?"

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28; HP71)  d20+2=20 ; d20+15=17 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:34:47 PM

Sense motive 17 alas.

"That would be fine, and thank you forr yourr help," says Zeoll.

He is worried about all manner of problems, from coercion to charm to sending someone else in disguise. But he figures the group will be able to see through such deceits

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+11=12 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:54:42 PM

"I meant no disrespect. I can see the wisdom now in meeting here." Tahni explains, just in case she has offended Ty "I'm guessing some of the other Houses would sooner stab us in the back than talk with us"

Sense Motive: 12. Ugh

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Monday September 18th, 2017 11:58:55 PM

Reggie simply keeps her eyes open and has another ale

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 0/30, channel 0/5) 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:01:15 PM

Terser doesn't suspect this man of anything beyond what he says. He thank him for the meeting, then goes to find a bottle of something to share with the crew tonight back on the 'Fish.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141)  d20+6=22 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:51:08 PM

"Tomorrow then," Bralin agrees, setting down an empty tankard perhaps a bit too hard.

The dwarf signals for another. Mighty tasty, these ales.

[Sense Motive 22]

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 7:20:47 PM

"Thank you Ty. I appreciate someone who is straightforward and gets to the point. We will plan to be here tomorrow. Incidentally, can you recommend a reputable inn here in Dirt City?"

After Ty leaves and we are out of earshot of others, Rill says, "Hmmm. Something we said gave Ty and new idea."

"So, he knows we want to speak with Tobias, and he probably knows that we will want to leave with Tobias if he wishes it. So tomorrow will probably be an ambush, or they simply will not show, or Tobias will be under some form of duress to say he is here of his own free will. Or perhaps he has made a new life here. We will need to be on our guard, and evaluate what this Tobias says carefuly.

"It may be wise to stay in another inn than the one recommended by Ty."

"By the way, does anyone know what Tobias looks like?"

Sense Motive vs DC 25: Autopass

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105  d20=20 ; d20+9=16 ; d20+17=34 ; d20+17=26 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:50:38 PM

Jozhur gets the feeling Zeoll gave Ty some sort of idea. "Wonder what he could be thinking." He continues to sip his ale and glance around the tavern. "You're right, best be on our guard."

DM Kathy 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 10:30:50 PM

A meeting tomorrow is acceptable to you, although many of you note that Brunda seems to have gotten an idea and wonder what you're in for now. He bids you a cordial farewell and departs.

[He does recommend a couple of inns, including the one where you stayed last night.]

The following day, you make whatever preparations you deem prudent, and return to the Shattered Tankard. Brunda is there, with a gray-haired human man who looks as if he could still handle himself in a fight. Zod (who is still with you despite being oddly quite) recognizes Tobias and the two of them have a joyful reunion.

After you are seated and everyone has a drink, Brunda says, "I've brought your man here, safe and well. You wanted to speak with him?"

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 11:15:35 PM

for the most part, Reggie starts feeling bored with this "cloak and dagger" stuff. instead of her usual, Reggie decides to hang out outside the tavern, near the door.

"for a supposed rough town, this place seemed rather tame" Reggie muttered to herself. yet with all of her carousing, she learned next to nothing about this place. there had to be some sort of underground fight club of some sort in this town. maybe she needed to just bonk some heads, but that idea soon passed as she was sure the rest of the group would not like that idea.

No Reggie remained relaxed outside the tavern enjoying a simple mug of rum.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+24=25 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:37:19 AM

Tahni stays on the non-alcoholic drinks tonight, keeping alert to her surroundings. If possible she positions herself such that she has a clear view to the door.

Once again she checks to see if anyone followed the pair in.

Perception: 25

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 0/30, channel 0/5)  d20+8=23 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 5:37:32 PM

Before the meeting, Terser asks Rill and Zeoll if they think it worth trying a dispel on Tobias and/or Ty when they meet them. He has a new spell to try, though never having used it, he isn't sure how effective or obvious it may be.

Terser lets Zod do the talking, since he's the one that knows Tobias. He does try to assess him to make sure he seems healthy.

heal 23

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:51:44 PM

Bralin returns the next day to the Tankard, witnesses Zod and Tobias reunite, and calls for an ale.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d20+13=31 ; d20+31=51 ; d20+31=38 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 7:59:40 PM

"Master Brunda, thank you for bringing the good Tobias here. I do not mean to disparage the House of Teeth, but I must ask the good Tobias here some quesitons. May we speak with him privately?"
(Sense Motive 51 against Ty)

If Ty Brunda will not allow a private meeting this this person, that will speak volumes. Regardless, Rill will ask the following questions.

Rill will cast Detect Magic to see if there are an enchantments or other magics on Tobias, or on Ty Brunda if he is still there (Spellcraft 31!)

"Greetings Tobias - Zod here speaks well of you. Records we have found suggest that you were sold into slavery elsewhere, and our divinations led us to you here. Are you here against your will? If not, how did you escape slavery? Are the Teeth exercising some form coercion or control over you, or over someone that you care about? Would you like to leave this place?"
(Sense Motive 38 against Tobias)

Finally, he will use Probe Psyche on the man, mostly to make sure this is actually Tobias and not someone in disguise.

Sense Motive (Probe Psyche) DC30: Autopass

Probe Psyche - After one minute of observation and/or conversation, a seeker can use this ability, with a Sense Motive check at DC 30, to know the creature's alignment and fully understand the creature's personality. This also gives the seeker insight into that particular creature, gaining a +2 Insight bonus to attacks, armor class, and spell DC against the creature.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28; HP71)  d20+2=15 ; d20+2=19 ; d20+28=39 ; d20+25=39 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:48:23 PM

With 24 hours to himself, Zeoll spends his time crafting.

Before the next meeting, Zeoll sounds his horn of good, and during the meeting, he'll try to sit next to Tobias, or stand close enough to put him in the radius. That should free him of mental control, at least while inside it.

Just before going into the next meeting, Zeoll casts an Extended Deeper Insight for a +10 on stays alert when the party has the chance to talk to Tobias.

And during the meeting, he is alert and tries to get a hunch on what is going on.

Perception 39

Sense Motive 39

DM Kathy  d20=3 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 10:31:51 PM

Reggie thinks there must be a secret fight club around here someplace. And perhaps there is--but it's a secret she has not uncovered yet. She and Bralin are content to drink and watch.

Tahni sticks to what the barkeep calls "lemonade." It's certainly sour, but whether there are any actual lemons in it is an open question. She keeps an eye on the door, but Brunda and Tobias are not followed and nobody appears to be showing any special interest.

When Tobias sits down, Terser can tell that he is quite healthy, well rested and well fed.

Zeoll moves close to Tobias, putting him inside the protection circle. You do not notice any difference in his behavior or attitude.

Rill asks for privacy. Brunda is reluctant at first, but eventually moves over to the bar so that Rill can ask his questions.

"Against my will?" he scratches his head. "Well, I suppose, yes. I mean, they bought me, then brought me here, and I didn't really have a say in the matter." Asked about coercion, he says, "it's complicated. They don't lock me in or anything, but there's a lot of people in the Tower and they all know I'm not supposed to leave without permission. And even assuming I did get out--where would I go? I've no coin, and Dirt City isn't a good place for an honest man to start afresh. So I stay where I am because honestly I'm better off." Asked if he would like to leave, he says, "Well, I dunno. I guess, if it could be arranged."

Both Rill and Zeoll can tell that Tobias is being truthful. Using Probe Psyche, Rill can tell that the man really is Tobias, that he is Lawful Neutral in alignment, and that he's actually kind of enjoying his work for the Teeth--although he doesn't enjoy being owned, and he's not a fan of Dirt City.

Brunda returns to the table. "All right, you've talked to him," he says. "And now, if there's nothing else, we'll be returning to the Tower."

Sense motive 18 Highlight to display spoiler: {He's expecting a counter-offer from you.}

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 11:22:58 PM

Reggie keeps an eye out for characters that may seem interesting. She is slowly feeling bored with this town and is hoping for something to happen to spice up her day.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+11=14 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 7:35:19 AM

Tahni grits her teeth. The man is obviously a slave, but she has no intention of paying for his release. She will not encourage those who would act as slave traders.

Before Brunda returns to the table she whispers to Zeoll. "I could charm him"

Sense Motive vs DC18: 14 = Fail

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23  d20+14=33 ; d20+31=32 d20+26=33
Thursday September 21st, 2017 5:03:43 PM

Rill activates Eagle's Splendor. Then he casts See Invisible.

To Tahni, Rill whispers, "I'd say charm him only if it looks like things are going downhill, but I think we're going to be there in a minute."

To the rest of his friends, "Anyone here have a weapon for the good Tobias if this goes poorly?"

On Ty Brunda's return, "Thank you Ty Brunda, you have been helpful. And honorable, so I will be straight forward with you."

"It appears that the good Tobias here is being held against his will. As our friend, we cannot allow this. While we appreciate that slavery may be acceptable to you, it is simply wrong to own another person and by paying you for him we would be complicit in this system. But perhaps there is another way? Perhaps the House of Teeth can instead offer to pay him what he is worth, making him an employee? He is clearly healthy, likes what he is doing, and provides your house an excellent service.

"Surely his services are worth paying for. While opposing us in this will cost us both, I imagine it will cost the House of Teeth more than paying the man enough to make him stay of his own free will. What say you, shall we settle this amicably?"

Diplomacy 33
Sense Motive 32
Perception 33

(MikeK)Bralin (AC32 / T17 / FF29)CMD 29 - HP 141/141)  d20+6=26 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 6:17:58 PM

[Sense Motive - 26 (nat 20)]

In response to Rill's question about weapons, Bralin casually reaches into his haversack, withdraws a warhammer, and places it on the table.
"I will want that back," he tells Tobias.

The dwarf evaluates the back and forth between Brunda and Rill, and nods in understanding.

"This is not about money," he declares to Brunda, revealing his discovery.
He sets down his mug and regards the man carefully. "You want us to do something for you."

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105  d20+27=40 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:19:56 PM

Jozhur sits and listens for a few moments, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Once things start to get more tense, he wanders away and disappears into the shadows nearby, somewhere behind Brunda(Stealth: 40).

From the shadows, Jozhur leans on his longbow and waits for the conversation to go south.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28; HP71) 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:48:57 PM

Zeoll quietly says to his friends that this is a grey area. The fellow is happy in his job. Honestly, he is Zod's mentor. He is happy to let Zod make the decision. The old liontaur looks at Zod to see what he says.

[OOC: I fully expect Zod to be silent, and that's OK. Look, this is not even our side quest. If the player it was designed for can't be here for it, and if Tobias is happy being a slave, then let it go. We got bigger fish to fry back home. Dirt City is too far from Bonetown anyway. Let's go.]

DM Kathy 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 11:07:32 PM

Reggie and Jozhur watch the conversation unfold--and watch for signs that the conversation is about to deteriorate.

Tahni offers to charm Brunda, and Zeoll is content to leave things up to his teammates. Bralin, at Rill's request, produces a weapon for Tobias.

Rill has a proposal for Brunda, who listens courteously. "Amicably," he echoes. "Yes. Yes, I think we can settle this amicably with no need for money to change hands." He clears his throat. "For reasons that I'm sure would not interest you, my House has become somewhat unpopular with the rank-and-file citizens of Dirt City. We've been devising a method for getting back in their good graces, and the good Tobias has been helping us with it."

"I have?" Tobias sounds surprised.

"You have, I assure you," Brunda says. He continues, "what we had planned was a spectacle in the Arena. We have managed to acquire some extraordinary beasts, and we had been hoping to pit our House's best fighters against them, for the entertainment of the masses. Once Tobias had them trained up a bit, of course.

"But now, I see we have a group of formidable adventurers in our midst. If your liontaur friend is to be believed, this fight should be naught but gentle exercise to you. So, that is my proposition. Fight this fight in the Arena, and in return, Master Tobias may stay on salary or leave, as he likes. In addition, you may keep whatever moneys or treasures result from your fight. What say you?"

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 5:59:01 AM

"To be clear, regardless of the outcome of the fight Tobias would be free?" Tahni wants to make sure all the terms are clear. Dealing with thieves is never a pleasant task and she's pretty sure the party are going to end up with the bad end of this deal however it plays out.

"And what sort of extraordinary beasts?"

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 0/30, channel 0/5) 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 8:28:04 AM

"And how does a group of outsiders killing some captive creatures make the city like you? I'm confused about your plan. Unless we're supposed to dress up in some bone armor to show who we fight for."

Terser isn't so sure that they want to be representing these people to city that doesn't like them. Oh well. Zeoll is right, this place is far away, and if things go poorly, they can avoid it in the future.

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 2:17:24 PM

Rill cares little for the House of Teeth and their problems, but this is a solution that will likely save the unnecessary deaths of a bunch of guards.

"OK. Fight to earn this man's freedom? I can see that. I presume we fight as a team? So what happens if we defeat but do not kill our opponents?"

"Bear in mind that if you pit us against creatures we have a moral opposition to fighting, such as a good creature or an intelligent neutral creature, we will likely let it go and come and extract both Tobias and our payment from the House of Teeth."

"Also, if you guys have a cleric in there, do you consider him to be your wisdom tooth?"

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 4:33:17 PM

Reggie perks up at the arena option. she approaches the table, "About damn time, Been looking for that sort of thing. of course fightin' monsters wasn't the original idea I had in mind, but still, an arena fight is an arena fight."

Adding to the others, "as far as moral obligations, well, the bar aint very high fer me."

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC28; HP71) 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:27:03 PM

Zeoll is glad to accept if his friends do. The old liontaur kind of relishes the idea.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 10:14:28 PM

Jozhur remains hidden, just in case things go sour. He almost starts laughing at Reggie's eagerness to step into an arena.

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