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RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+24=35 ;
Saturday January 13th, 2018 9:06:23 PM

With her spells for the day cast, Tahni feels a little more prepared for what may come than she did yesterday.

Granted she's not prepared to deal with an earthquake, but is anybody really?

She shares Terser's thoughts of an incoming tsunami so looks about for what might be the tallest or sturdiest place nearby.

Perception: 35

Spells in effect: Arcane Sight ... Mage Armor ... Overland Flight ... See Invisibility

DM Kathy 
Sunday January 14th, 2018 9:38:23 PM

Aexana is worried about aftershocks and the twin volcanoes. You glance in their direction, but they seem quiet. Anyway, you don't see any smoke, so that's a good sign.

Terser is also worried about a follow-on disaster; Rill and Bralin are worried enough to get geared up.

Tahni looks around for tall and/or sturdy structures. There is Portside House itself, taller than many buildings in town, although its wooden construction isn't as sturdy as, say, stone would be. The Nine Fingers is also two stories, and probably a bit more sturdy than Portside House. There are a few more buildings of note--but for the most part, Bonetown is low-lying, single-story buildings made of wood.

Zeoll and Jozhur look around, Jozhur going so far as to climb the building for a better view. Looking toward the water, Jozhur can see that the tide is the lowest he's ever seen it.

A few people come running up from the waterside, all excited. They call for everyone to come see this low tide! It's amazing! The lowest they've seen! You can see all manner of sea creatures! Come and look!

Knowledge: Nature DC 10 Highlight to display spoiler: {It's the wrong time of day for low tide.}
DC 18 Highlight to display spoiler: {This is probably the precursor to a tsunami.}
DC 25 Highlight to display spoiler: {Everybody in Bonetown has between three and six minutes to get to safety.}

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125 
Monday January 15th, 2018 5:06:38 AM

"This isn't good. This is the sort of thing that happens prior to a tsunami. Best guess is that we have between 3 and 6 minutes to get people to safety" Tahni looks quite alarmed "We should try and get people to The Nine Fingers. It's a solid building that might be able to act as shelter"

Bad day not to prepare a Wall of Stone spell.

Tahni casts a Silent Image "sign" in the sky above Bonetown "TSUNAMI! GET TO NINE FINGERS!"

Knowl Nature: 26 (Take 10)

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC21/17/17 - CMD 24 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20  d20+14=34 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 3:58:06 PM

"Oh sweat Mother Wold... how have we angered you so much that we deserve this punishment... ", Aexana gasps as she realizes her fear comes true... (knowledge nature 34 - nat 20)

Seeing Tahni's sign appearing in the air makes it suddenly all so more real than it already it... she can easily escape this by simply flying up into the air but what about all the others! Her friends... the villagers...

Aex knows spells to create a stone wall and spells to control water... but she can never counter an actual tsunami with these conjurations. This will require speed... to make it to higher ground.
She tries to discerns the quickest route for everyone to escape this threat.

She looks up again in the sky and frowns... Tahni's sign is silent... anyone indoors or not paying attention might miss it.

"Let's add some volume to that!"

Aex casts Ghost sound (CL11 so that equals 40 humans shouting) and suddenly Tahni's sign is accompanied by 40 humans shouting "WARNING... TSUNAMI ALERT... GET TO NINE FINGERS!!!"
As she realizes panic is never good she wants the shouting to be loud but sounding calm and under control... if that is at all possible.

(OOC - I have not updated my spell list since december 19th... I'll just copy paste that one so that I can not tweak my spell list to the actual occurrences)

POTION INVENTORY: see char sheet
SPELL LIST ( * = cast / A = AIR domain CL+4 DC+2 / ALL ELSE CL-2 / E = EVOCATION DC+1):
4 x Lvl 0: Flare (E), Light (E), Detect Magic, Know Direction
6 x Lvl 1: Create Water, Detect animals or plants, Produce Flame (E), Entangle, Faerie Fire (E), Cure Light Wounds + Obscuring Mist
6 x Lvl 2: Soften Earth and Stone, Flaming Sphere (E), Flaming Sphere (E), Gust of Wind (E+A), Gust of Wind (E+A), Animal Trance + Fog Cloud
6 x Lvl 3: Call Lightning (E+A), Water Breathing, Wind Wall (E+A), Daylight (E), Sleet Storm, Quench + Call Lightning (E+A)
5 x Lvl 4: Ball Lightning (E+A), Flame Strike (E), Control Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Ice Storm + Sleet Storm
4 x Lvl 5: Stoneskin, Control Winds, Call Lightning Storm (E+A), Wall of Fire (E) + Ice Storm (E)
3 x Lvl 6: Wall of Stone, Bear's Endurance Mass, Greater Dispel Magic + Control Winds (A)
2 x Lvl 7: Sunbeam (E), Heal + Control Weather
1/day: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak With Animals.
10/day: Storm Burst 1d6+6
1/day: Lightning Lord (13 bolts)
13/rounds: Wooden Fist +6 damage
13/rounds: Bramble Armor 1d6+6

(MikeK)Bralin (AC33 / T15 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 151/151) 
Monday January 15th, 2018 5:02:11 PM


The dwarf's mind races. Aexana and Tahni have done well, what more remains.

Turning to Rill, he inquires, "Can you teleport us to the docks or most populated areas? We can go into the homes there and rouse any still unaware."

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18  
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:04:44 PM

Reggie is not sure what to expect anymore, lately the world has been against her (or so it seems) hearing the warning, Reggie runs to grab her son to head for None-Fingers. she has no intention of being a hero right now for anyone except to Ty.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC29/31; 81hp)  d20+2=7 ; d20+14=32 ; d20+2=18 ; d20+28=37 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:49:03 PM

Zeoll realizes the nature of the coming disaster (Knowledge 32) and uses his time to urge people to flee to high ground. Probably the highest grounds are the slopes of the volcano just outside of town.

Diplomacy to urge people to safety: 37.


Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Monday January 15th, 2018 9:53:17 PM

Rill will use Dimension Door to transport Bralin (and any others) to the docks.

Once there, we'll spread the warning among the ships. We'll get as many as we can aboard the Lionfish. As the ship is loading, he'll tell Tula to unfurl the sails. After a minute or two, Rill will use a Feather Token - Fan to quickly move the Lionfish safely out to sea.

DM Kathy 
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:26:09 PM

At Portside House, Tahni and Aexana use their magic to warn the people of Bonetown and instruct them all to go to the Nine Fingers. Although well-meant, this might not be the best advice; there's no way the entire population of Bonetown can fit into a single tavern.

Reggie's primary concern is for her son; she scoops up Ky and hightails it for the Nine Fingers.

Zeoll revises the instruction a little, simply telling people to get to high ground. The ground does slope upward at the outskirts--the real question is whether people can get there in time.

Meanwhile, at Bralin's suggestion, Rill teleports them to the docks, where they begin urging people to board the Lionfish. Other ships, too, are beginning to urge people aboard, even as they pull up anchors and cast off from the dock. Unfortunately, because of all the other ships in the port, there simply isn't enough time to maneuver away and out to sea before the wave hits. You'll have to trust to Tula's seamanship to keep the Lionfish upright and in one piece.

So, that's where you are when the wave hits: Tahni and Aexana (and Terser I assume) climbing onto the roof of Portside house; Reggie with little Ky climbing onto the roof of the Nine Fingers; Zeoll (I assume) leading a group fleeing to high ground; Rill and Bralin aboard the Lionfish.

When it first arrives, the wave doesn't seem significantly taller than other waves you've seen, and for a moment--especially at the docks--you begin to feel that you might have made a lot of fuss over nothing. And then the wave comes crashing in--and it keeps coming. And coming, and coming. The wave perhaps didn't look very tall, but it was carrying a lot of water, and now the water rushes in through the streets and buildings of Bonetown.

At the docks, captains and crew struggle to keep their ships upright. Some succeed; some do not. The Lionfish stays afloat, but washes inland, crashing into building after building. So far, the ship is sturdier than the houses it hits, but how long can it withstand the punishment?

In town, buildings splinter into matchsticks, trees topple, and fleeing townsfolk disappear under tons of rushing water. Portside House shakes and creaks. One wall gives way, but the remaining walls and roof remain standing--for now. Water crashes through the windows of the Nine Fingers, trapping people who hadn't yet managed to make it up the stairs. The roof is crowded, but although the building shakes and people shriek in terror, the building seems to be holding up.

On the outskirts of town, people are still running. Some couldn't keep up, but there's no time to go back and check on them. The water hasn't reached here, but that doesn't mean it won't.

Everywhere, the noise is unbelievable: pounding water; cracking buildings; falling trees; the screams of the terrified, the trapped, and the dying. It sounds like the end of the Wold.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 (Current AC: 25, 29 vs. Opportunity attacks) / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105 ---------Shadow companion: 53/53 HP  d20+17=35 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:39:32 PM

Jozhur runs along with Reggie and Ky to the Nine Fingers. He knows Reggie can handle herself, but getting through a tsunami with a child in tow could be a challenge.

Once they are safe on the roof of the Nine FIngers, Jozhur draws out a bottle of air and heads down the stairs. He does his best to swim down and rescue anyone trapped below, using the magical bottle of air to help others breathe.

Swim: 35

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d4+1=5 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 7:31:01 AM

Tahni's image worked the way she wanted. If only she'd thought about maximum capacity.

There will be time to dwell on that later. There are people in immediate need of help.

Tahni casts Summon Monster V and calls for 5 Small Water Elementals to try and help some of the people struggling to stay afloat. They won't be able to help for long, but every bit might count (They will only be there for 5rnds)

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 29/30, channel 5/5) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:18:57 PM

Sorry about yesterday - I was in holiday mode.

Rather than zooming to the boat, Terser throws his elephant figure to the ground, calling the full size creature into being in an instant. He assists as many young and infirm as he is able on its back, then sends it charging uphill with the others, hoping its speed will get it out of range of the water and save its human cargo. Thanks to special training (run feat) he can keep pace with the charging elephant, carrying another couple of children on his shoulders.

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 29/30, channel 5/5)  d20+6=20 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:22:04 PM

Once he deems them far enough into the jungle to avoid the worst of the rising waters, he will slow a bit and get some people to climb a tree. He wishes there had been time to grab blankets or food, but it seems that is a concern for a few hours from now when the waters have truly receded.

knowledge nature: 20 - trying to judge how far the effects will go

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 4:30:25 PM

As the Lionfish is washed inland, Rill is alarmed to see the ship interacting with buildings. That's not how things are supposed to work. Given that we encouraged bystanders to board the Lionfish for their safety, he cannot let the ship go down - or further destroy buildings in town.

Rill will stand at the bow of the ship and cast Summon Monster VII, calling forth a Greater Water Elemental. A huge, translucent column of water rises rom the surrounding water, and two sparkling points of light regard the priest that summoned it.

With his Tongues ability, Rill is able to speak in a voice like a roaring river, "This ship cannot be in this place. You will gently move this vessel back into the harbor where it belongs. Use care to not shake anyone loose, or crush any in the water as you do so. Once that is done, do you best to move any other nearby ships out as well."

He then tells the crew to lower ropes to anyone floating nearby and bring them aboard as best they can, avoiding the great creature as they do so.

(The summoned elemental will last for 14 rounds.)

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC21/17/17 - CMD 24 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 5:35:20 PM

Aex too will help to get anyone caught by the water into safety. Changing into an octopus to drag them to land may sound interesting but people will most likely not understand and only panic even more...

Leafy too is on the roof and he will help anyone out of the water.

The cracking sound is worrying... Aexana hopes the building will hold.
Perhaps now a wall of stone could help indeed... Aex conjures up a wedge shaped wall (like the bow of a ship perhaps?) in front of the building hoping this will not stop the water, but at least take away some of the pressure on the building so it has a better chance to hold against the raging water.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC33 / T15 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 151/151) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:13:39 PM

Bralin watches in grim fascination as the sea envelopes the town.

Activating his winged boots, Bralin launches himself from the deck of The Lionfish. Skimming above the water, the dwarf grabs the first living soul he finds and carries him or her back to the vessel.

He can activate the boots three times for five minutes each, and he uses every one of those fifteen minutes to grab as many people as he can.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC29/31; 81hp) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:57:47 PM

Zeoll struggles with howsoever many people he has led to high ground. If those efforts fail and the waves reach too high, Zeoll will sling as many kids and wounded the spell will allow (prolly just one or two) and teleport to higher ground, then run back to help pull others from the floodwaters.

DM Kathy 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 10:31:59 PM

After the wave hits, you continue trying to save as many people as you can.

Jozhur grabs his Bottle of Air and goes down into the flooded common room of the Nine Fingers to rescue people. One by one, you grab flailing townsfolk and shove them partway up the stairs, where willing hands await to pull them the rest of the way. You keep going, even as you encounter more and more lifeless forms, pushing them up the stairs as well. Are they already dead? Revivable? You don't know; all you can do is find as many as you can, as quickly as you can.

On the roof of Portside House, Tahni summons a group of water elementals, who begin helping people get to pieces of floating wreckage. Then Aexana conjures a Wall of Stone to help protect the house from the waves, and the elementals start bringing people to it, instead. They climb atop the wall and cling for dear life. Leafy, meanwhile, is pulling people up onto the roof.

Terser, with his trusty elephant, and Zeoll have helped a large group of townsfolk up onto the lower slopes of the volcano. There appears to be no need to climb trees or Teleport; the waters don't seem to be coming this far. You are able to move back and pull a few more people to safety.

Rill has summoned a water elemental of his own, which he instructs to help guide the Lionfish back where it belongs. It is able to complete this task fairly easily, and begins doing the same for other ships--the problem now being there's nothing to tie them to, and no way to keep them from drifting a bit. Their crews do their best to keep them from banging into one another.

Bralin activates his winged boots, and moves to pluck people from the water. You rescue several people this way, bringing some back to the Lionfish, some to other ships, and some to Portside House, depending on what's closest.

But, even as you work to save more townsfolk, a new threat presents itself. Meteors begin streaking across the sky, in brilliant, sparkling colors, trailing bursts of flame behind them. Most are high enough that they simply cross the sky overhead, but a few of them seem to land in the water--including one that splashes not too far from the harbor. And--is it your imagination, or did a faint cloud of red mist puff up when the meteor hit the water? (Jozhur probably did not see any of this, but the rest of you saw at least some of it.)

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:14:06 PM

Aboard the Lionfish, Rill will thank the Water Elemental before it returns to its plane.

Then he looks up at the meteors streaking across the sky and the steam in the distance. At least there was seawater to put that one out. He looks around for ways to save more folks, or at least mitigate the destruction caused by the tsunami.

"Great. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Earthquakes. Volcanoes."

He makes a mental note to check for dogs and cats living together.

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 29/30, channel 5/5) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 4:54:38 PM

Terser recommends that the people up here stay put until the waters start receding. Until then, the Black Lions still have work to do. Hey old man, let's go check out that meteor that fell in town! He offers Zeoll a ride back down the mountain by elephant back. It'll certainly be easier for the tall creature to walk through the water than it would be for dwarven, or even 'taur sized, legs.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 6:02:56 PM

Tahni turns to look towards the nearby volcano. Are the meteors coming from it? Did the tsunami trigger something?

"There's never a boring day here I guess"

Before wanting to investigate anything she wants to make sure all the nearby people are relatively safe. Noone still stuck in the water, noone still calling for immediate help.

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC21/17/17 - CMD 24 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 6:35:40 PM

Aex fear they are trapped up on this roof... Where to go?!? She notices the reddish vapour but she can't.do much untill she understands it Better... For now she Just has to site and wait...

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18   d20+17=37 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 8:52:30 PM

Reggie took note of the fire in the sky. but instead she tries to comfort her son, and reassure him everything will be ok.

"I have to go help. you promise to stay here. don't be afraid to yell for me if you need me."

Reggie goes to see what she can do to help Jozhur with with any survivors.

{ooc: swim check if needed = 37}

(MikeK)Bralin (AC33 / T15 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 151/151) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 10:01:09 PM

As the last seconds of the winged boot's duration expires, Bralin lands back upon The Lionfish. He arrives just in time to witness the flight of the meteors overhead.

Exchanging a look with Rill, the dwarf wonders what new ill is upon them.

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 (Current AC: 25, 29 vs. Opportunity attacks) / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105 ---------Shadow companion: 53/53 HP  d20+17=20 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:02:00 PM

Jozhur continues his efforts to save people in the lower part of Nine Fingers, oblivious to anything else that may be going on.

Swim: 20

DM Kathy 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:17:06 PM

The water is beginning to recede. Near the outskirts, Terser helps Zeoll onto the elephant, and they begin wading back toward the harbor.

At the Nine Fingers, Jozhur has dived several times in a row now without coming into contact with any other bodies, alive or dead. The water is extremely murky, so there may still be bodies down there, but they're going to have to wait until the waters subside. Reggie was able to help a few people to safety, and now she's back on the roof with Ky. You see Terser and Zeoll heading back into town on an elephant.

At Portside House, Tahni and Aexana see nobody left to help. And, as the waters subside, the people perched atop Aexana's stone wall begin looking a bit more comfortable. People clinging to debris are reaching the relative safety of the wall, or the remaining trees, or some half-toppled buildings. Also, Tahni is quite sure the volcano had nothing to do with the meteors.

In the harbor, Bralin alights on the deck of the Lionfish while Rill mutters something about dogs and cats. People on the other ships are intrigued by the meteor that landed not too far away. "We should sail out and take a look," a few of them say.

However, that quickly morphs into "the Black Lions should sail out and take a look...."

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC29/31; 81hp) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:25:55 PM

Zeoll waves and helps rescue anybody still in danger.

He agrees that we should sail out to take a look.

"We arre the herroes of this town." he says.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20+24=27 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:07:32 AM

"I think we've helped everyone we can" Tahni gives her status update.

She makes her way to the ship and waits for it to move out.

Perception: 27

Spells in effect: Arcane Sight ... Mage Armor ... Overland Flight ... See Invisibility

Rill (MarkB) HP 111/111 - AC 25/15/23 CMD 23 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 11:58:23 AM

Rill is already on board the Lionfish with Bralin. Eventually, he can see his friends making their way to the ship.

"Meteor eh? The last time we dealt with a big rock, we were competing with a god for the thing. I hope this one's different."

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 29/30, channel 5/5) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 3:42:25 PM

Knowing that some valuable ores have been known to come from space rocks, Terser prepares some chains and his waterbreathing potion, so they can bring the meteor to the surface for examination and possible utilization.

(StevenVdB) Aexana Gnome (S) HP116/116 - AC21/17/17 - CMD 24 and LEAFY (L) - HP55/55 - AC23/21/20 - CMD 20 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 5:56:28 PM

When Zeoll says they are the heroes of the town Aexana takes a little step back not exactly feeling like a hero right now... Leafy stands beside her and gives her a nudge in the back and pushes the little greenmage back where she stood.

"Ok then... ", she says sheepishly,

(MikeK)Bralin (AC33 / T15 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 151/151) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:45:28 PM

Bralin never even considers whether they will go, his mind immediately moves to logistics.

"I have a Water Breathing spell prepared," he notes to Rill. "But moving about in my armor will be ... challenging. Have you Freedom of Movement prepared?"

Either way, the dwarf is as ready as he's going to be, and wordlessly awaits to sail.

Zeoll (Cayzle) (AC29/31; 81hp)  d20+2=5 ; d20+9=29 ; d20+2=17 ; d20+14=19 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 7:09:57 PM

On board the Lionfish, Zeoll dons his captain's hat and praises the crew for keeping their heads during the tsunami.

He helps with the ordering of the ship, making ready to cast off.

Profession Sailor 29

He tries to chart a course to the impact.

Know Geography 19

DM Kathy 
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:21:21 AM

As the waters continue to recede, the Black Lions gather on the Lionfish. Tula warns you that she hasn't had time to fully re-provision, so any trips need to be short ones. However, since the meteor went down in sight of Bonetown, you don't believe this trip will take you very far.

The dock is gone, along with much of the waterfront, so you don't so much "cast off" as "maneuver through the other ships and out of the harbor." There are a couple of near-mishaps, but at last you are sailing in the general direction of where you saw the meteor fall.

Of course, it's going to be difficult to find the exact spot where the meteor went down. It's not like it left a hole in the water or anything; you're probably going to have to use divination spells or something to....

Huh. Will you look at that. A mat of blood-red seaweed floats on the water in one specific spot. The seaweed is like nothing any of you have seen before.

Terser (Warren) [AC22/13/19 - CMD 30 - HP 172/172, DR 1/-] (25% no crit, rage 29/30, channel 5/5) 
Friday January 19th, 2018 10:44:44 AM

"Huh - well isn't that the darnedest thing?"

Terser lowers a boat hook over the side of the 'fish and prods the floating mass, hooking a piece to bring up for inspection if nothing crazy happens when he touches it.

(MikeK)Bralin (AC33 / T15 / FF29)CMD 30 - HP 151/151) 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:27:02 PM

Bralin gazes down upon the blood colored seaweed with a furrowed brow.

"Ware," he comments to Terser, as the other dwarf pokes at it.

Looking about for danger, and not seeing any, he turns to Zeoll and Rill, and waits for the spellcasters to magically check out the meteor.

RobC - Tahni Wyrmrider -- AC 20/13/17 -- CMD 19 -- HP 125/125  d20=7 ; d20+16=27 ; d20+24=29 ; d20+24=33 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:47:03 PM

"That's weird. That red seaweed. There, by the port. Starboard? " Tahni stops to think for a moment "No definitely port. Wait, is it?" Prof Sailor: 7 "Look, it's there, alright!" she gives up and just points.

She tries to determine if it is natural or not (Knowl Nature: 27) and looks over it to see if it has any sort of magical glow to it (Arcane Sight + Spellcraft 29 to ID any auras)

Tahni keeps her eyes open and waits to see what happens when Terser pokes it Perception: 33

Spells in effect: Arcane Sight ... Mage Armor ... Overland Flight ... See Invisibility

(Brock) Jozhur AC24 (Current AC: 25, 29 vs. Opportunity attacks) / Touch 17/Flat 17--CMD 27--HP105/105 ---------Shadow companion: 53/53 HP  d20+21=34 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 11:03:05 PM

"Yep, darndest thing." Jozhur has seen so many darndest things, this doesn't even register.

He scampers up to the crow's nest to keep an eye out.

Perception: 34

(Ed) Reggie | AC : 24 / Touch 20/ flat: 20 | HP: 130 / 130 | Rage used 0 /18  
Saturday January 20th, 2018 9:19:24 AM

Reggie decides it best to leave Ty in Bonetown. arranging for his care.

Reggie does her part, working the sails and rigging and make and temporary repairs as needed.

Once they fond this seaweed. Reggie looks to find a long pole to try and get a small sample.

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