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Humble's Ford

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Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle)  d20+19=29 ; d20+8=24 ; d6+8=13 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:22:27 AM

Mookie circles around to see if there are any other threats -- and where is Murphy?

Perception 29

If there are any zombies still alive, then Mookie lands within 25 feet of one. Then Bliss shoots!

He hits at +8 due to shooting into melee ... hits AC24 -- no, make that 25 with PBS -- to do 13 more damage.

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 22 (28), HP 77, CMD 26  d20+12=28 ; d20+12=24 ; d20+7=8 ; d20+7=22 ; d20+7=27 ; d20+7=23 ; d20+7=8 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:36:19 AM

"Uh, ok... Well, here goes..."

(Attack Rolls: 28, 24, 22, Nat 20, Crit Confirm 23).

All four stars fly through the air, striking out at the targets. (Damage 3 per hit, double for the crit. So 15 damage between the two targets.)


Mage Armor
(Luck Bonus from Alleah - this round only)

DM Shawn - The Farm 
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:06:12 PM

Shel unleashes another bit of magic and the zombie drops... but not before exploding.. sending blood and decayed flesh at everyone in the vicinity. ( dc 15 fort saves from Lance, Kezzem and Bliss)

Kezzem is able to slash the creature in front of him twice.

Sky rains down arrows again dropping the zombie.. and again it explodes. ( another dc 15 save for Bliss, Kezzem and Lance.)

Lance, Bliss and Pressi save their weapons as both zombies are dead and explodes.

Alleah also saves her ability if need be.

Murphy doesnt see any trees that resemble the big tree. He doesnt hear anything coming from the cave and would have to move closer to look in.

Exp will.come at the end of the scene.

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle)  d20+10=15 ; d20+10=25 ; d20+5=8 ; d20+5=10 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:41:16 PM

Bliss saves twice at +10: 15 and 25, no problem.

Mookie saves twice at +5: 8 and 10, fails twice.

Bliss shakes vigorously to get the bits off. "YUCK! YUCK!" he shouts. "UGH I THINK SOME GOT IN MY MOUTH!"

Mookie is silent and stands still and stunned. He mutters, "Undead. Why did it have to be undead?"

Shel Gerald--AC 18/16/14--CMD 17--HP 51/51 
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:01:15 PM

"Well, I know these are famous last words, but only two zombies doesn't seem that bad so far, does it? I feel for those poor people, but only two zombies isnt the horde I was expecting. Is it possible the farmer exaggerated a bit, or could he have been devious and wanted to lure us away for some reason?". Shel's wild theories had her head spun.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17  d20+23=24 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 1:22:45 AM

Though Murphy feels strongly drawn to fly into and see what may be in the cave, so he has something more substantial to tells his friends, he resists that temptation, launches off the branch into the air, and ascends quickly as he might above the treeline (65x4/2=130ft/round to climb above the trees, and 65x4=260ft/round) to fly once he levels out), and thence back to where he left his friends.

When he arrives, he lands, looks at the bits of flesh scattered about, and his friends' condition. He finds a bit of dirt, and writes with a claw on the ground:
Halfling-height cave the whiteshirts came from that direction. Do not know what is inside."
An arrow points the way. He adds the question:
"Want me to lead you there?"
[If we are out of combat, he writes the above. If not... Owl-Murphy will do so when he arrives.]

Perception: 24
Low-light vision
Longstrider: 8 hours 57.8 minutes
Mage armor: 58.0 minutes or so
Hide from undead: 7.8 minutes or so
Owl's wisdom: 8.4 minutes (+4 wisdom)

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 5:51:35 AM

With darkvision, Alleah can see exactly what Murphy scribbles. "He says there's a cave that way. I'm going inside the farmhouse to get some rest. If there are undead in the cave we'll have a better strategy against them during daylight."

Her frustration is evident.

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 8:32:14 AM

"Hey wait, Miss Alleah, please look at Mookie! That exploding zombie gunk hit him pretty hard!"

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 99/99, CMD 23; Rumpus - AC 24, HP 52/52, CMD 23  d20+12=14 ; d20+12=23 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 8:58:46 AM

SV Fort: 14. Ruh-oh.
SV Fort: 23. Made.

"Is anyone injured?" calls out Kezzem.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 89/99, CMD 23; Rumpus - AC 24, HP 52/52, CMD 23 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 8:59:51 AM

Header update


Lay on Hands 6/day (1 used)
Smite Evil 3/day

1st Level: Cure Light Wounds (x2), Lesser Restoration
2nd Level: Shield Other (x2)

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 22 (28), HP 77, CMD 26 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 11:19:39 AM

Pressi shook her head. "While I don't normally agree with Shel, I think that we should further explore the lying farmer thing and maybe the idea of setting this building on fire. At least that couch. Its very existence mocks me.

"Seriously, I am thinking maybe we have some chance of handling the cave now, unless you think monsters will hit the farm while we are gone. These things seem so far to be pushovers, and I would like to get a look into that cave."

Sky & Cudgle (Marty) HP: 61/61; Ac:22 & Cudgle) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 6:57:28 PM

If we wait until morning I think the daylight will help alot, but if a living being is making this happen every night then during the moon light maybe the only time we'll be able to catch him...

Not being able to see in the dark, and not having his trusted defender padding behind him, Sky shakes his head, letting a hand drop and scruff Cudgle on the head.

good boy he murmers.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:23:42 PM

As the conversation as to what to do goes on, Murphy scratches out, "Light? I go soon to cave, one minute leave. Who come with? Lance?"

DM Shawn - The Farm  d4=3 ; d4=1 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 11:59:47 PM

Murphy, Bliss, Lance and Kezzem are covered in gore and ichor. Bliss spits out some of the gore that landed in his mouth while Mookie laments on it having to be undead.

Shel comes up with a theory that the farmer was setting them up to leave, and possibly being up to something devious.

Murphy flies back to the group and relays the message on the ground. (Need fly checks). He scrapes the note on the ground with his talon.

Alleah is obviously frustrated, and say she is headed back to the farmhouse to relax and get her spells back.

Kezzem cleans the gore off as well, asking if anyone needs any healing.

Pressi insists she is not one to agree with Shel, but thinks there might be something to go with the lying farmer possibility. She is also for exploring the cave and seeing where the white shirt zombies came from.

Sky is torn, thinking it best to attack in the sunlight and being aided but also thinks they might have to do it at night since that is when the attacks happen. Not being able to see plays a part in dampening his wanting to go to the cave now.

So the party is together, but as far apart as usual. Murphy and Shel are for going to the cave while Alleah and Sky are for resting. The others are undecided at the moment. As if more was needed, a light mist starts up and begins soaking the woods, the farm and the house.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17  d20+11=30 ; d20+11=28 ; d20+23=38 ; d20+13=24 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 1:31:03 AM

Unslimed Murphy changes from a great horned owl back into halfling form. "Alleah, Sky, everyone, please, let us not get discouraged, or waste time. I have cast certain spells which can aid along the way." He pulls out a pair of sunrods from his haversack, and an everlasting torch. "We have light. Let's just get going. Feel free to agree or disagree or plot or plan along the way, but I can take you there. I would have gone into the cave to see what was there, but figured one or more of you might have ended up yelling at me for doing so. Well, yell at me now, if you wish, but I'm heading back, and think we all should do so. Be of good heart. There may be someone who needs a rescue, or a bad guy who needs taking down."

He offers a brisk shower or two of water (create water, 18 gallons each time, over an area roughly 10'x10') - "Hey, it's raining, anyhow!" to those who have bits of ichor splattered on them (Mookie, Bliss, Lance and Kezzem, I think) to help get off most of the big chunks, and a fair amount of the smaller bits.

He takes the sunrod, strikes it on the ground, makes friendly with Cudgel, who has traveled with them for many weeks before, and hands the now glowing rod to Sky. "If you want, you can tuck it so it is held by a couple of straps on the saddle bags, there. Now you can see, friend." He offers another sunrod to whom wishes it, and carries the everlasting torch himself for the moment. He holds his hand out to Pressi. "If you're ready, we can go now." If she takes his hand, he begins walking briskly (hustle, cover 50 feet/round) with her along the path he first overflew. If not, he says, "I'll start out, and wait briefly inside the woods for you and all. But I'm going to the cave, in case someone needs our help, or our hurt."

Just outside the woods, he casts know direction, getting a fix on true north, and lining up some trees ahead to help keep his reckoning. As they move along, he keeps on updating his reference points, occasionally recasting the spell to ensure they are on a proper heading back toward the cave.

Fly check DC15: 30 - For ascending out of the canopy of the woods.
Fly DC10: 28 - for flying over the treetops and back to the group.
Perception: 38
Survival (tracking): 24 - will only occasionally double check for tracks, relying more heavily on his fly through experience
Longstrider: 8 hours 56.3 minutes
Mage armor: 56.5 minutes
Hide from undead: 6.3 minutes
Owl's wisdom: 6.9 minutes (+4 wisdom)

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 5:23:58 AM

Alleah let's loose.

"Murphy, just stop. Stop. I know you're for going off half-cocked... as usual. But will you just listen to reason for once. Just once." The source of Alleah's frustration becomes clear "If your aunt were here, Murphy, would you leave her side as you repeatedly do us? I'm continually amazed that you won't show us the same respect. And for once, ONCE, will you listen to a plan other than your own!"

Alleah takes a breath. She is getting well and truly fed-up with Murphy's selfishness and unwillingness to work as part of a team. Right now it feels like "The Humble's Sword... and Murphy"

"Now, we promised the farmer we would come here and take care of his farm? Didn't we? We can't abandon it now. There is no telling if it will be further attacked, and from what direction. Further, he had all his possessions with him. There are none in the house. I have checked. He wouldn't go to so much effort to deceive us, and we have encountered undead. So he's telling the truth. Did anyone sense he was lying when we spoke with ihm?

Isn't there something in the WLA or Paladins code about acting with honor, keeping your word and so on? If we promised we would protect his house, then on our honor we must do so.

Now, he wouldn't run off from an undead cat or chicken. There is obviously something bigger here. Why run in to it in the middle of the night? Whatever is in the cave isn't going to run away. Even if it does, then job done!

So, we said we would do something, there is likely something bigger ahead, and we have the edge during the daylight. Why in the Wold should we go now save to serve your wanderlust?

If you truly want to keep a watch on it, I'll cast a Clairvoyance spell and we can monitor it from the house.

I feel very strongly about this. We should stay the night in the house"

Rant finished, Alleah makes her way to the house to pout. She's bent to Murphy's will time and time again. It's time he paid her the same respect.

Shel Gerald--AC 18/16/14--CMD 17--HP 51/51 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 7:12:08 AM

Shel prefers Aleah's plan to running off half cocked yet again. "Alleah is 100% right about what we told the farmer. I'm staying with her so we can preorder this place tonight. Tomorrow morning, we can go exposing caves if we want."

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle) 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:21:44 AM

Bliss has a funny feeling about this. He gathers what he can of the remains and gives them a decent burial. He tries to recall if he had ever met these guys before. How long were they undead?

OOC: It is gross to even think of, but did these guys, when they exploded, have a corrupt and rotted smell and (::shudder::) taste, or were they ... fresh?

"Were these guys definitely undead?" he asks.

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 22 (28), HP 77, CMD 26  d20+14=17 ; d20+5=10 ; d20+5=10 ; d20+14=25 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 3:54:30 PM

In response to Bliss' question, Pressi takes a step outside and another look at the undead as carefully as she can (Perception 17, Religion 10) but isn't sure she is equipped to determine time of death. "Looked pretty undead to me," she replied.

As Murphy and Alleah began to argue in the house, Pressi continued to stand in the drizzling rain. For a time she remains frozen, unsure of where to go. To hesitate for even a second against one of Murphy's plans signals how seriously she takes Alleah's words.

"I guess I don't actually believe that he was lying, but... something is definitely off here. Why do undead keep coming back here - or from here as the case may be? Why did we only get a couple of undead when the farmer implied we'd encounter a horde? How does any necromancer spend so much time in our land's foyer with the entire valley on high alert for necromancers and not get caught?

She catches her breath, staring at the chicken. "The farmer said he was targeting their livestock, and increasing its attacks. Only tried to knock down the door the last time... So Humbles Ford is this way, Angel Springs is that way, and... Murphy, where is the cave again? So if they were moving past the house...."

Pressi turns her perception towards the rain itself, trying to remember anything about undead and mist (Religion 10, Perception 25+2 for traps). Probably just getting paranoid, she told herself.

If she doesn't get anything off of the mist, she shakes it off, reminding Alleah that they can protect this house by securing the area around it. It becomes rather clear that she's gone towards Murphy's side, producing a tie.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 99/99, CMD 23; Rumpus - AC 24, HP 52/52, CMD 23  d8+5=11 ; d20+1=19 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 6:15:57 PM

Since nobody else wanted Kezzem to heal them, he'll use a CLW on himself.

Healing: 11.

"Well, they were certainly evil like undead. Gargul told me so. I'm not sure if this will work, but I think I might be able to track where they came from," offers Kezzem. He attempts to use Detect Evil to track their lingering auras to see if he can track undead.

Perception/Survival (for tracking auras): 19.

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle)  d20+19=33 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 6:56:16 PM

Bliss notices that Shel and Alleah want to stay the night to protect the farm. Murphy, Pressi, and maybe Kezzem -- sorry! SIR Kezzem -- seem to want to go out into the woods to track undead or explore a cave.

Sky is on the fence, and Lance ... wait, where's Lance? He was grappling a zombie. Did he get blowed up? Bliss starts running around calling for his friend. "Lance! LANCE! Where are you!?"

Perception 33, plus darkvision.

DM Shawn - The Farm 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 11:54:08 PM

Murphy begins by conjuring water and offering anyone a shower to clean the gore off. He also hands out some sun stones, and offering up a plan of attack on the cave. He tells Alleah to yell at him, since she would have if he entered the cave by himself. Finally before heading into the woods, he casts know direction.

And then it happens.... Alleah lets all the pent up frustration out on one target.. Murphy. She chastises him for always heading off, and leaving them. Chastises him for making it Humble's Sword and Murphy, She tells him he never listens to anyone elses plans and only does his. She offeres to cast claravoyance to keep and eye on the cave, before heading back up to the house.

Shel agrees with Alleah, and says they should examine the cave in the morning.

Bliss gives a proper burial to what remains of the undead. He didn't know either of them, and from their smell and .... taste. They were on the fresher side of undead.

Pressi checks the remains and lets Bliss know they were truly undead. She stands in the rain, letting the argument go on in front of her. She tries to recall anything about rain and the undead, but nothing is jogged. Finally she shares her piece and by the end it is obvious she is on Murphy's side, setting up a tie.

Kezzem heals himself before trying to figure out where the undead came from, and if their auras were traceable. Whatever auras were left have transpired with their return to death.

Bliss is unsure of which side to jump to, and instead checks on Lance. The usual joking Lothario is quiet. Perhaps the gore and ichor got to him.

So the debate is 2-2 with Kezzem, Bliss, Lance and Sky needed to drop votes. Though the group seems like it will be discussing this some more

Sky & Cudgle (Marty) HP: 61/61; Ac:22 & Cudgle) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 12:36:31 AM

I'm thinking that cave is the source of this mess. I think staying here will allow us to see the "horde" that may come. But attacking them in an open area vs a closed area is the real question. Do we fend off their attacks, or do we press the cave....

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79  d100=73 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 1:00:09 AM

Alleah sighs loudly and casts Augury

"Should we stay the night in the farmhouse?"

Leyline check: 73 = Pass

Shel Gerald--AC 18/16/14--CMD 17--HP 51/51 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:40:16 AM

"We need everyone to chime in here. Sitting in silence isn't going to or us any good at all. So tell us what you think, please."

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 11:08:20 AM

"I'm worried about Mookie. Stay the night," says Bliss.

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 22 (28), HP 77, CMD 26 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 2:52:54 PM

Pressi waited in vain for Murphy to respond but he remained quiet.

"I don't know, maybe if so many people feel so strongly about staying here, we should just stay here. I mean, I don't think we need to stay here or fear going to this cave at night, and I don't agree that it will necessarily be safer in the morning. But it doesn't appear that we need to rush out to the cave right this instant. And its possible that our undead are on the move given what we've heard so far.

"It's not my first choice to stay here, loyalties aside, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to put such stress on the team given how little we know about the relative advantages."

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17  d8=1 ; d8=7 ; d8=8 ; d8=1 ; d8=6 ; d8=5 ; d8=1 ; d8=3 ; d8=7 ; d8=1 ; d8=7 ; d8=2 ; d8=1 ; d8=6 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 4:16:55 PM

Murphy listens to Alleah, Shel, Bliss, Pressi, Sky. Lance does not speak up.
"So, you are displeased with me, Alleah? And I do not listen to reason? When your reason is reasonable, I'm happy to listen. If my Aunt Nilli were here, or Marigold, they would do just fine if I left their side from time to time. Some of my other aunts, perhaps not so much.

"I scout ahead. It's what I do. I gather information, bring it back to you, and we can together then have a better idea of what is ahead, and begin to figure out what to do about it. If my scouting makes you mad, and seems only a self-absorbed wanderlust, Alleah, then perhaps you will be mad at me on a regular basis. Or, you can see what benefits accrue, and appreciate it for how it helps us figure out what next to do. I don't scout in order to make you mad - your reaction is your choice.

"Explain to me again how going to the source of the undead is failure to keep what you say is our promise to the farmer. The only explicit promise I heard from anyone is that we would see what we could do, and Kezzem said we will return the undead to their graves. Thanks for burying what remains of their bodies, Kez.

"Those of you splattered by the remains: Might you catch a disease, or a curse, by being covered by their open flesh and blood? If so, ought we not deal with any remaining undead quickly, that we can return earlier for clerical help for you?

"A good general, my Uncle Orby told me once, does not give the enemy a chance to rest and regroup when instead he can press them, not affording them time to better prepare for their assault. Two undead are destroyed. Why not go to the source, and destroy any more, before they come all the way to the building? I can set up spikes or thorns that will tear up their bodies before they can travel that distance. If Shel needs to use fire against them, then tonight's misty rain will help protect the woods.

"Or, Alleah, is it that you have used up most of your complement of spells, and feel a need to replenish before continuing? Now, THAT might be a good reason to delay as you have suggested, if it be the case.

"Also, consider this: If we remain in the house, there is no guarantee we will rest here undisturbed. In fact, I think, if we remain here, rather than taking the battle to the undead enemy, the chances of the house being damaged are multiplied, not mitigated.

"Finally - what if there are innocents who need rescued? Or a necromancer who, if we fail to attack, will flee to work his woe elsewhere, after seeing that we have destroyed a few of his corrupted victims? That would not quite be 'job done,' 'Leah."

He looks around to see if any are wounded. If any are, he uses the wand of cure light wounds on them: 8, 9, 7, 6, 4, 8, 8, 3, 7 [Say if your character or familiar use any]

"I'm happy talk things over a bit more, if needed. I hope it's not that we afraid of the dark, now."

[Sorry gang - work schedule is killing me as I'm filling in for someone who just got let go, and I have a second job elsewhere. Was about to post twice earlier - got pulled off both times]
Note: Am taking 10 minutes off time - figure this conversation, so far, takes at least that
Longstrider: 8 hours 46.3 minutes
Mage armor: 46.5 minutes

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:34:06 PM

"When my reason is reasonable? Are you saying through all this time I've never made a reasonable suggestion? Wardd help me..." Alleah shakes her head once more as she continues to bang her head against the unreasonable brick wall that is Murphy "You're missing the point, Murphy. Time and time again we go with your suggestions. All I'm asking is that you do the same. Tell me one time that you have agreed to anything I have suggested? Tell me one time you have stayed with us when we have requested you to? It's not about right or wrong. Who knows what will happen with the choices we make. But let other makes choices rather than dragging us along for the ride and having to bail you out of trouble. Time and again your 'scouting' has caused trouble for the rest of us"

"Where were you in that last battle? Running off. Where were you in the battle with the ogres? Running off. Where were you in the battle with Uthvas? Running off. See a pattern here? And we that remain are placed at greater risk. Does anyone here disagree with me on this? The group is weakened because you keep going off on your own way. Twice now it has resulted in a death, including your own. Gargul himself cautioned you about going out on your own. Have you heeded his advice, or interpreted it how you blindly choose to. And we that brought you back, how are you repaying us? Reapying me? By STILL not giving me that opportunity to make one simple decision - rest or go off.

Just once, ONCE will you let someone else make a decision? That's all I'm saying"

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:10:20 PM

Bliss pauses in his own concerns, although he remains worried about Mookie and Lance.

"Mister Murphy, you're a scout, okay, I got that. But you gotta worry about getting killed again. That would not be good. And it is true that sometimes you gotta follow other people's plans. What harm from spending the night?"

"Besides, both you guys are not worried enough about Mookie, who got blasted by two zombies, or Mister Lance, who is flat-out missing!"

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17  d20+12=16 ; d20+12=14 ; d20+12=29 ; d20+7=10 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:08:09 PM

"You've made many reasonable suggestions in the past, Alleah. I've gone along with many. But not all. However, fine. Rest tonight. I will be on the roof, so as to react quickly if needed. And I will surround most of the farmhouse with spike stones (if the ground is rocky) (Reflex partial DC18 per 5' square) or spike growth (if it is largely surrounded by any sort of ground-covering vegetation) (Reflex partial DC17 per 5' square). Will leave a 5' wide passageway that I'll mark we can walk through safely. Either spell will last 9 hours. I can dispel if needed. You might not want your animals to walk around on their own outside once I cast it.

"Before I do that, though - it took me about 30 to 45 seconds to fly out there initially, and about 15 or 25 seconds or so to fly back. Should we have no one take another quick look before we shut up the house for the evening? Or someone to be near the edge of the wood to give early warning?

"Running off? Last battle, I moved away to gain cover and fight and help kill the enemy. I'm not a toe-to-toe fighter, Alleah - if I'd stayed where I first was, we would have been visiting Lord Gargul again. I cast spells, generally with good effect. Running off? With how easy it is to strike me, if I stand right in front of the enemy, they kill me quickly. If I find range, I take them out. I use what skills and tactics I can to help us defeat the bad guys. Don't accuse me of cowardice.

"I'll say this, too. I doubt this decision to be the wisest course, for the reasons I have given. That said, for everyone's sake, I should be pleased to be proven wrong."

He asks if anyone in particular would want to join him on the roof... "I've got canvas to help keep us somewhat dry, and ropes to help keep us secure, and to slide down if need be."

Murphy looks over different spots on the roof which look like good spots to sit, safely (survival 16, 14). He does not care much for the first two spots. One near the chimney, though, looks ideal (survival 29). He sets up camp there, checking the security of the spot, tying around the chimney, finding another spot or two for anchoring. He ties knots every two feet for the rope which can be tossed down for descents. Oh, initial climb 10... then he takes 10 (taking his time) for climb 17 to ensure he gets safely up. He drops the rope to help anyone who wants to join him.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:15:02 PM

[writing post as Bliss wrote his. quick reply]

"That's why I rinsed him off, Bliss, and used the wand. I am worried about him." To prove his point, he casts neutralize poison. "I don't know whether poison neutralization will help, Mookie, but I do not know what else to do. We need to find a cleric, I think. I will pray for you, too. Mook, you're gonna make it."

"Lance is not gone. He is just... not talking. Lance? You all right?"

Shel Gerald--AC 18/16/14--CMD 17--HP 51/51 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:28:08 PM

"Scouting is a good thing, but in Uthvas's home, purposely heading into another room, whether gaseous or not, was just plain old reckless. It's not scouting if you just find other monsters to come fight us while we are already fighting monsters. I don't know what that is, but it isn't scouting. And I think what Alleah's main point is, is it would be nice to be asked what course of action we want to pursue, rather than being told what you re doing and for us to hurry up and tag along. It's a give and take here."

DM Shawn - The Farm  d100=10 ;
Friday July 21st, 2017 1:18:12 AM

Sky boils it down to two philosophies. do they want to fight the undead in a closed spaced or in an open area.

Alleah, still fed up, dips into his magic again and casts an auguary on her question. The response she gets doesn't help much... weal and woe.

Shel tells everyone needs to chime in,and give their opinion.

Bliss says he is worried about Mookie and that he votes to stay the night.

Pressi isn't in the boat of staying on the farm, but she also doesn't want to put any wedges between the party.

Murphy finally replies, and in a calm tone exlains his train of thought in his decisions. Alleah doesn't like the answer and goes back on the offensive, telling him how his running off hurts the party. not to mention usually ends up in a death.

Murphy again replies and informs Alleah he will hang out at the farm, but compromises to wait on the roof. He'll keep guard up there. He does offer one last time for the group to scout. Somewhere in there, Murphy casts neutralize poison on Mookie and Lance.

Shel brings up the fight at Uthvas's home, and how it wasn't what she would call scouting.

The discussion still goes on... You can continue back and forth, and ok to post dialogue in multiple posts.. (But not actions). If the discussion ends, I need a watch order. Is murphy staying on the roof the entire time?

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 99/99, CMD 23; Rumpus - AC 24, HP 52/52, CMD 23 
Friday July 21st, 2017 1:05:36 PM

Kezzem buries the dead, and says prayers for their souls.

"So how long do we have to stay at the farm?" asks Kezzem. "I know we gave him our word and all, but I would just as soon resolve the issue at the source. After all, this might not be the only farm the undead are attacking."

Sky & Cudgle (Marty) HP: 61/61; Ac:22 & Cudgle) 
Friday July 21st, 2017 3:01:59 PM

Keep Cudgle in the house, I'll be on the roof with Murphy. I think that would be best if we're attacked...

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 22 (28), HP 77, CMD 26 
Friday July 21st, 2017 4:18:28 PM

Pressi could feel the air sucked out of the room. Bliss added further comments about Mookie's injuries. Kezzem finally raised his vote to go to the cave, making it a 3-3 tie (with Sky doing the Talmudic Shuffle and Lance clearly self-immolating from his own hormones. It's cannon now. Can't take it back.)

Well, not exactly a tie as Murphy began to back down, however begrudgingly. But Alleah and Shel were on a roll, re-litigating the fights of the past. Murphy was tired of having everything weigh on his shoulders. Alleah and Shel were tired of being bossed around (she bit off her opinion about that). Bliss felt neglected. Kezzem and Lance were ready for a fight. Sky seemed lost since he lost his last dog. And she....

Pressi tended to struggle for external stability as a wall against her own inner conflict. Maybe that's why she followed so readily or tried so hard to give orders. Maybe that's why she fought so hard against indecision or halflings acting up. Of course, there was no indication as to which course of action was the better - they didn't even know what they were up against or how it would react in either way. No wonder the fight was so strong.

She knew nothing would be resolved overnight.

"I think the decision is over. Alleah's counsel will be listened to, and we will stay the night. That probably means re-barricaded doors and windows, new wire traps and signals. Probably the usual watch list. Murphy, I will of course be joining you on your watch, though I may check downstairs from time to time. I'm still a front line fighter and probably should be near the door when they come. And I may review the house and area again to make sure we didn't miss anything."

Shel Gerald--AC 18/16/14--CMD 17--HP 51/51 
Friday July 21st, 2017 9:11:17 PM

Shel volunteers to take first or last watch, so that she can get appropriate rest so that her spells will be refreshed when they head out in the morning. "I'm staying inside. Unless we want to run watches from the outside if that's the case, I'll take my turn out there."

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79 
Friday July 21st, 2017 9:12:50 PM

"It's been a long night. Let's get some rest" Alleah says quietly.

It has been a frustrating evening, not the least is Wardd's apparent abandonment of Alleah. Three spells fail, and the other (Augury) doesn't even get an answer from him.

She will need to reflect on that tonight.

Bliss (AC20, HP81) and Mookie (AC26, 40hp) (Cayzle) 
Friday July 21st, 2017 11:27:46 PM

Bliss takes first watch. He and Mookie stay inside.

"Friends," he says, "We can't quarrel among ourselves. We have to be heroes! People are relying on us."

He thinks about the groupies the party seems to have attracted. And two of them are dead now. He says to Alleah, "Miss Alleah, we have to think about maybe taking those groupies under wing. Someone has to watch out for them."

DM Shawn - The Farm 
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 12:42:51 PM

Ooc: giving murphy a few hours. Need to see what he decides to do.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17 
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 11:20:58 PM

Murphy sighs. "We're no more than half an hour or so after the sun has set - not yet a long night, though wrangling may make it seem so. I agree it likely will turn out to be long - we will know by morning. Rest who can while you can, watch who can, pray who so choose."

He just nods his head to Shel, to let her know he was listening.

"Thanks, Sky," Murphy says to his offer to join him up top.

"If I sense creatures are coming against us, like as not I'll change to be like you, Alleah - a wind spirit. I may fly over them, and take other actions as seem appropriate.

"Bliss, you are right. People are relying upon us. We also have a responsibility, whether we asked for it or not, to those who seem to be exalting us. If any have ideas, as we have time, let's discuss that. It is sad that two were turned into weapons for use against us.

"All of you - I hold each of you in high regard. I respect you. Even... even I could say I love you. It is not my purpose or desire to raise any bitterness in your souls against me. Each of us has certain skills which are rare, and well-suited toward accomplishing extraordinary things. I do want to work together, for there to be a fair measure of reciprocity.

"Alleah - though you chose to change your form more or less permanently, without first consulting with the rest of the party, did any of us complain? I think your choice, though surprising, significantly augments aspects of your power as an adventurer. I am not the only one who does things without prior consultation. I do not disrespect your decision, nor is this a complaint. We may be more alike than you think, though. Rest well, wind sister.

"Now, Pressi, Sky and I will get up on the roof. From there I plan to lay out ground defenses.

"We can take turns on watch. I'll serve the first three hours. Sky - you want to take second, and Pressi third from the roof?

"For those remaining inside - go ahead and choose. Bliss has volunteered for first watch. Who's next? Kezzem? Lance? Alleah?"

He remains in the main part of the building for another moment or two, in case anyone else wishes to engage with him. Otherwise, he lets people know he is going outside for a few minutes to place some sunrods, which he lights, having them just far enough apart that any passing before them or between them have a chance of being seen. He shows where a safe walking path will be after he casts his spell. Then he climbs up to the roof, where he intends to remain for the evening, unless circumstances change.

After they settle in, he holds Pressi's hand, and puts his arm around Sky's shoulders. "If you want, you can tell us some of the stories of you and Meko, before you met us, Sky."

[To DM Shawn - Is the ground outside rocky, and/or covered with vegetation? Murphy needs to choose which of two spells to use - either Spike Stones or Spike Growth - to take down walking undead on their way to the farmhouse. He creates a staggered pattern. If we get a map, I'll lay them out.]

Longstrider: 8 hours 26.3 minutes
Mage armor: 26.5 minutes

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 1:49:30 AM

"Changing form without consultation? He's got to be joking. I've lost count of the forms he has taken"

"Please explain to me how changing into an air elemental is something the party wish to complain about? Anyone? As I remember it, it got me into a burning orphanage and saved a life. Oh, that's right. You were out front and missed it. I also saved two kids up a tree, but you probably missed that as well from the tree you were hiding behind. And that's just in the past few days. Putting myself in harms way to protect others instead of flying around and watching things unfold" Alleah shakes her head. It's probably just an inferiority complex on his part. Perhaps he feels threatened by her? "Wait, you're going to turn into a wind spirit? Did YOU ask, permission? I must have missed it. But you're right Murphy. Changing forms without permission isn't something someone should do. I'll turn back into a halfling since, you know, it affects everyone. But you go and change into an air spirit now. You have my permission. Although, since changing forms affects the whole party, do you need a vote or anything? Oh, and be sure and come back and ask us if you want to change into something else. I'm sure you wouldn't be a hypocrite at all"
Murphy will continue to live in his delusions and hypocrisy. Maybe once he gets back from Crazyville he'll learn how to play nicely with others.

True to her word, Alleah removes her Surrender Self spell and turns back into a halfling.

"Sorry Bliss. You were saying something about groupies?"

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 2:58:25 AM

Murphy listens to Alleah's continued rant, and transformation. He shakes his head, and goes to take care of the things he said he would.

DM Shawn - The Farm 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 3:38:46 PM

Kezzem helps Bliss bury the remains of the undead. He questions the group on exterminating the source.

Sky leaves Cudgel inside the house and heads up to the roof to watch with Murphy.

Pressi is a bit toen between the arguing camps but comes up with her own plan. She agrees Alleah will be listened to and that they'll stay the night. She will head up to the roof with Murphy, but will check in from time totime.

Shel volunteers for first or last watch, to provide the ability to get her spells. She wants to stay inside unless they're all going out.

Alleah plans on going to bed, mostly to reflect on her feeling of beinh abondoned.

Bliss tries to be the voice of reason. He also feels they are obligated to take the white shirts under their wing so to speak.

Murphy responds with his point of view on the decisions made, and the upcoming battle. He replies to Alleah about her choice to permanatly change her structure. And that is enough to set Alleah off again. She goes so far as to lose her appearence and go back to regualr halfling. She even calls him a hypocrite which leads Murphy to shake his head and head outside.

The first watch is underway, and everyone else is tryinh to get some sleep.

Murphy is the first to see it... a solo zombie. Noticeable in the moonlight due to its white shirt. The zombie ateps out of the woods ands looks around. It scans the building, the farm.. before turning and running into the woods.

Ooc: The ground is dirt, with vegetation.. i.e Grass.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood (Kim) AC 22 HP 76/76 CMD 17 
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 7:54:32 PM

"I wish she had not held back so much in her evaluation of me," Murphy says to Pressi. He says this in jest, but he carries great sorrow at so brutal a verbal assault. "I'm just sad, Pressi. Some things she said made sense, yet others were distortions and a twisting of truth. At least I know now what she thinks of me, and her measure of spite."

As the others drift off, and Murphy spots the apparently intelligent zombie, he nudges Pressi, and Sky. (Round 1) "A zombie scout, wearing a white shirt, just stepped to the edge of the fields, looked us over, then ran back off into the woods. I'm going to check out what is happening. I'll alert those below before I leave. The night is still young. I had hoped Alleah and I might have worked together as air elementals this evening."

As he speaks, the druid withdraws the hide from undead wand from his bandolier and hands it to Pressi. "Try this on me, would you?" He tells her the command word. (2) Whether it works or not, he gives her a kiss on the cheek. If it does not work he adds, "I'll give you a chance to try again in a moment." To both he says, "Stay above, or come below if you wish." (3) He wildshapes into a medium air elemental, then swoops in through the watching window below - where Bliss likely peers out. "Hi, Bliss!" he says in an airy voice. "It's me, Murphy. WAKE UP EVERYONE! A white-shirt zombie just showed up on the edge of the field, looked over the farm, then ran back to the woods. Make what preparations you all can here. I plan on going to check out what is happening, then will report back to you all. I'm not going to sit and do nothing. SHEL - can you use the mage armor wand I gave you upon me? (4) I am casting call lightning at the moment - though I hope not to have to use it immediately - no present plans to attack by myself - my hope is to observe unseen, and report back. I can cast call lightning storm later, if needed." He casts call lightning, a full-round casting, as he waits for the mage armor, hopefully, from Shel. (5) If she casts this upon him, he says, "My thought is to fly high, come in from the top of the trees just the far side of the cave, to about 20 or so feet above the ground, and fly back, observing who or what is in the woods, and come back this way. If they are all undead, and I have hide from undead, they'll not see me - and I have perfect flying in this form - I can avoid hitting trees, branches, and other things along the way. Then I'll be back out of the woods, and tell you what I've seen.

"Bliss, if you cast a message spell, I could communicate with you from a tiny ways within the woods, maybe, as well as across the field."

He listens to others' responses and suggestions, and reminds all of the paths they can take to avoid the thorny terrain if they wish to approach the woods... "Do you all want to try to go into the woods, or to await a scouting report here as you figure out what other preparations might be made?"

Alleah -- RobC -- AC 25/14/22 -- CMD 15 -- HP 79/79  d100=55 ; d20+7=15 ;
Monday July 24th, 2017 7:42:25 AM

Alleah decides to take this day with a fresh start and outlook. Wardd has seemingly abandoned her, and the last thing she wants is for anyone else to follow suit.

She is happily surprised by Murphy offering the party suggestions and alternatives. It really does seem like he is trying to change. "I owe it to him to do the same thing. It's a brand new day after all"

"Do zombies usually run away?" she asks as she rises from her rest "However we're going, Murphy, this spell might help you"

Alleah casts Cat's Grace on Murphy granting him a +4 Dex bonus for the next 7mins.

Leyline check: 55 = Pass
Knowl Religion: 15 - What sort of zombies typically run away from people?

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