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Humble's Ford

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Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 79/81 AC 24 CMD 24 Hero Points 2  
Monday November 13th, 2017 9:13:08 PM

"Great, I wish you had known all of this a week ago. I just bought a flame enchantment for Prowler. It's gonna be worthless in this next fight."

Hobie would love a few of those potions Bliss is making and would happily pay the cost for them.

Lance Foxwell (Tanner) HP 97 -- AC 18/18/15 -- F+8 R+9 W+11 -- CMD 16 -- Fly +16 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 12:11:44 AM

Lance takes a tour of the forest one last time before returning to town, keeping an eye out for any dead limbs in need of pruning. He contemplates writing an autobiography.

Tree Husbandry with Lightning: A Memoir

He arrives in time for Pressi to teach them all about demons, fiery demons, and fiery chaotic demons. it is fascinating. Lance makes certain to ask which types of demon are resistant to immune to electricity. Those are pesky little things.

Lance visits the local butcher, and inquires into the price of gift baskets. Perhaps a tasteful charcuterie selection..

ooc: The closest thing I could find on d20pfsrd was Halfling Trail Rations. It includes, sweetened dried fruit, aged sausage, hard sharp cheese, honey cakes, and a mixture of roasted grains, nuts, and molasses.

DM Ken: Dude, that sounds amazing. I want some!

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 9:54:46 AM

"So, I take it that you're grateful for the offer, but that we should let Mookie rest in peace." Murphy scratches CatBliss's ears, and lays to rest the notion of bringing Mookie back. The druid soon after finds a private place, and sheds a few more tears for the wisecracking raven - and closes his moment of mourning with laughter as he recalls some of the clever bon mots delivered by the bird, and sighs as he recalls how the bird mentored the naive, sweet halfling, his friend, Bliss.

Murphy passes on to the Sword, officials, et al, what additional information he was able to gather, and arranges for it to be sent as well to Hovel.

Murphy goes to the Crescent River which flows along the edge of town. He summons a few water elementals, and tells them in their own tongue: "Vé-Eldfjöll is a mountain, a volcano, from the south, and is a living power which is trying to move here. He is drying the land. He will bring ash, and fire, and lightning. Tell the other elementals of Vé-Eldfjöll's evil plans. Consult those among you who are wise. Our land needs water, for crops, for life. Tell me if there is something we can do for you. I will summon you again tomorrow, and we will talk. Tell me then if there is something you can do for us - to oppose Vé-Eldfjöll, to not let the land go dry. Water is life. We are grateful to you. Let us work together." The next day, he summons the elementals again, to learn what, if anything, their kind has discussed.

He does likewise with earth elementals. He emphasizes the power and strength of the earth, and how precious it is to the halflings of the valley. He tells of Vé-Eldfjöll's encroachment. "What things can we do for you? And, please, return to your people, and discuss with those who are wise among you. Are there things you can do to oppose Vé-Eldfjöll? If you know of Burfell, another thinking mountain, you know that he loves earth, and elementals of earth. Burfell opposes Vé-Eldfjöll. Will you join us in opposing this wicked power? I shall ask you to return this time tomorrow. I will again call for you. Please, at that time, let me know if we can work together, and in what ways.

"And before you go: One thing I know - my people need shelter from attacks from above from allies of Vé-Eldfjöll. Can we work together to make tunnels and areas beneath the earth to which my people, the halflings, can flee for safety?" Murphy tells of some areas beneath the nearby woods behind the Mayor's burrow which could be a good area of safety for deep tunnels, trying to avoid the roots of trees, and with sloping descents that his people may get in and out.

He summons air elementals, and communicates in like manner. He ponders whether or not to summon fire elementals. He decides to do so, wild shaping into one before the summons. He asks that those nearby will help, rather than harm the halflings. Again, concluding with, "How may we help you? How might you help us?" And asking to meet the following day.

As he meets with the elementals, Murphy alerts Pressi, and lets her listen in to his communications with them, so she may know, too. Later, he tells the whole party - or as many members of the Sword as he is able to find.

Murphy spends hours going through town, asking people to bring all the vessels the might, and he fills them with water. He waters gardens. He also asks his Uncle Orby, who has a decanter of endless water (he has had it for years), to use it to help the crops - which his uncle is likely already doing.

In discussing things with his friends, he considers what additional items might be useful in the coming conflict, puts together a few lists. [Do not have time to show right now, will try to get to later today, if possible.]

He offers to help dig additional tunnels, escape tunnels, as it were, beneath people's burrows, letting them know he might do so by wild shaping into a large earth elemental. He will help up to five people today with that.

First seeking permission from the Mayor, he prepares many long ditches and periodic pools for water in different places in the woods. Should there be fires there, perhaps water elementals can be summoned to help extinguish flames, that the woods be preserved. He spends hours filling them with life-giving liquid. He talks to the trees, warning them of Vé-Eldfjöll's plans, and that they may come under attack, and that their roots should take on as much water as the can bear to help defend through moisture in their bodies.
OOC: Batman Lance. I like it. And, I am so going to stock up on Halfling Trail Rations - should be able to buy from Pirnook at the General Store
[gotta run]

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 10:27:36 AM

Kezzem spends his time learning what he can about demons, and how to smite them.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle) 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:27:23 AM

Bliss hands out a potion of fire resistance (70 minutes, FR20) to Murphy, Lance, Kezzem, and Hobie. He gives two to Pressi ("For Harper") and keeps one for himself. He thanks anyone who wants to help defer the cost, but Bliss insists. "It's a present!" he says.

[OOC: Wold House Crafting Rules require the crafter to incur and track all costs. Sheet updated.]

OOC to DM: Unless Pressi objects, Bliss will be sharing an extended Fire Resistance spell instead of his usual Shield of Faith for his Intermediate Ritual. Let me know when I should make the rolls for Bliss's witch spell prep and ritual enaction?]

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 21, HP 83, CMD 20; flying; Harper - AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:00:11 PM

(OOC: To answer Lance's question and others, here are some of the things to watch out for.)

Outsider Domain: good HP and BAB, usually low fort, good other saves, good bluff, sense motive and stealth, darkvision, usually wears some armor and fights with melee or natural weapons

demon subdomain (since this is what Pressi tagged, it's what she focuses on): immune to electricity and poison, resist 10 other elements, expect summons, natural weapons and creature specific defenses (like acid skin). I noticed that some have particular immunities, i.e. to cold iron.

fire type: generally immune fire and weak cold, in addition to other protections. May face elementals (immune to sneak/crits, certain effects) or incorporeal beings (limits to melee attacks, can bypass some AC with theirs).

entropic subtype: big thing is that they do chaotic damage and might have DR/lawful


The bottom line is that this module is going to throw a lot of different types at us. Scouting, discretion and versatility are going to be key. If your spell list is mostly electric and fire attacks, or SoS on humanoids, it's time to stock up on weapons and scrolls. Above all, make sure that you have a couple of moves no matter what DR, immunity or creature type they throw at us. (Really, we should have learned that after the constructs.) Even if it's just a halfling sling or an entangle spell.

Bliss - the resist fire is a great idea (particularly since it sounds like some lava environments coming our way) but don't discount shield. Pressi will probably return the favor with greater magic weapon - are Catbliss' attacks considered natural?

DM Ken 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 1:29:53 PM

Bliss uses Pressi's information and makes a batch of potions to help out his teamsters in the face of the looming conflict with Vé-Eldfjöll's minions. He changes his shared Shield of Faith spell to a Fire Resistance spell instead.

(Bliss, roll the ritual for today please)

For a short while, Hobie laments the fact that he JUST purchased a flaming enchantment for his bow, until he shares the story with Roscoe.

"Ya know, there's a Venturer in the town right now. Not an adventurer, mind you, but one of the traveling merchant priests of F'floy who call themselves, well, Venturers. I was going to ask one of you to go kindly ask him to stop his hollering about us holding him captive here, but maybe he can help you switch out that enchantment?"

Roscoe stands and peeks out of his small home, and cringes when another lightning flash lights up the otherwise dark afternoon. Just as soon as his nerves seem to settle, a phantasm of a 4 legged creature with a long probiscus nose walks through his hovel, and the poor deputy shouts with fright.

"Strange times, kiddo. Strange times."


Kezzem learns a number of things about demons. He learns that almost all of them are immune to electricity and poison, and all of them are both evil and chaotic, which is a important distinction from their lawful enemies, the devils. He learns most of them can summon other demons, and that they tend to have spell like and special abilities.

He researches one demon he has seen in particular, several times, the Babau Demon, which is noted for it's protective slime that can destroy weapons. It might not hurt to have a backup or two just in case this guy ever shows up.

As he muses through his studies, he is approached by a younger hobbit, who looks like a child about to confess a crime to a parent.

"Mr. Paladin sir, can I talk to you? I think I did something bad."


Lance considers memoirs and books on husbandry, and is very much aware thanks to Pressi that every known demon is immune to electricity. While this might limit his option vs the demons, he has seen many other types of phantasms, and is positive that his attacks can make them go negative, and that thought makes him pretty charged.

He also packs some incredibly tasty sounding gift baskets.


Murphy decides to try and list the aid of the elementals living in and around Humbles Ford.

First he visits the water elementals, who seem somewhat apathetic about the whole thing. When he returns to speak to their elder, it says.

"Nothing lasts forever Druid. You need water for crops, we need no such thing. This river will flow here until it cannot, then it will branch to another place. Water flows along the channels given, it fills the lakes where the recesses lie. Be fluid, and adapt. If we fight and die, then we are no more."

It thinks for a moment.

"However. You once treated a small elemental with much care. You concern for our summoned kin fills us with compassion. Dig us a new lake, stock it with water-born life, and promise not to allow your kind to fish or hunt there. Do this, and I can promise that your settlement will have a pool of water from which to draw clean vitae from throughout your trial."


The earth elementals are much more gruff.

"We know of Burfell. We know of Vé-Eldfjöll. They hold sway in their lands, but not with us. If a mountain comes, then come it will. The change of earth is inconsequential. The removal of mortals is a benefit. His approach does not concern us."

It is silent for a long time, then adds.

"You are a respectable druid, and while many summon us to do their bidding as if we were servants, you treat us as allies, which is a solid foundation for friendship. If you can promise to dig us a cave, and stock it with minerals and gemstone, of all kinds, we can in exchange help create tunnels to hide your kin."


The air elementals seem amused by Murphy's earnest request, and tease him with gusts of wind while he speaks. Smaller elementals whoosh around him as he talks. Their elder waves them away, and replies.

"The concerns of those on the ground are not shared with us. We can move on, as does the wind, wherever we please. However, Humbles Ford and Crescent Valley carry clean, sweeping currents, and the halflings are amusing to watch. We could be persuaded to help you. Vow to build me a tower, tall and strong and gleaming white. Vow that none but the air may live there. It need not be fancy, but it must be tall. Do this, and we will gladly bring pain and misery to the lumbering earth-bound minions of Vé-Eldfjöll."


Murphy then summons the fire elementals, who hiss and crackle at him. Their fires pop and change hues. He makes his plea, and the elder elemental roars with vigor.

"Mortal druid, you have lived in harmony with the earth for much of your life. In this, you are wise. You assume the intentions of Vé-Eldfjöll are evil. In this, you are foolish. Is the frightened stampede that tramples the rodent evil, as it flees from the lion? Remember that your tiny spark of life is no more than that to the ageless, and even less to a Power. "

The fire dies down and the elders voice carries again.

"My offer to you is this. Convert at least fifty of your people to the worship of Vé-Eldfjöll. Build him a shrine, and light it with fires that burn forever. Do this, and the Fires native to Crescent Valley will step aside, and observe the battle rather than partake.

Vé-Eldfjöll is a power, and powers seek souls to worship them. His emissaries come for you soon, I am certain. The landscape will change, but those who follow the flame will have their weakness seared away. Those who do not survive will be fuel for the flame that burns on strong for many of your generations."

It pauses, then adds.

"If you do not, then do not expect peace between the lion and the herd, when the volcano arrives. In reward for your reverence of nature, I will also give you this knowledge. I would not rely on summoning the flame, when the battles begin."


Each of the Elemental Elders dismissed Murphy, and bid him to return the next day with the answer to their requests. Each Elder gives the druid the same meeting place, a small cliff that overlooks many of the farms in Humbles Ford.

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 79/81 AC 24 CMD 24 Hero Points 2  
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 2:09:07 PM

"Really Roscoe? Do you think he could? I'll go talk to him at once!"

Hobie will ride Pippa over to where this traveling merchant is being held "hostage."

"Good sir, I hear you are quite unhappy these days, that you feel as though you are being held hostage. I'm terribly sorry about the present circumstances. We at Humble's Ford did not conjure up these phantasms as they are being called, but the Sword is trying their best to figure out what's going on with them, and to get rid of them as quickly as possible. We have a few leads, as they all seem to be fire creatures, and we are soon to embark on a journey to defeat what we think is causing it.

In the meantime, we'd be glad to help you feel as comfortable as possible, is there anything specific that you are needing that I could possibly obtain for you?

Also, I'll be honest with you, as a merchant, there is a lot of money to be made here right now. The people are going crazy over the phantasms, and you could sell your wares as souvenirs. The local shopkeep, Mr. Pirnook, isn't used to competition and has been hiking his prices up, you could probably make some nice coin by undercutting his prices, making your time spent in Humble's Ford worth your while. "

After talking for a bit, and letting the merchant know that Hobie has heard his complaints, Hobie will ask him "Sir, speaking of our quest to eliminate the cause of these fire creature phantasms, I have a small request. At the end of our last adventure, I spent my share having my trusty bow enchanted with Flame. It hasn't even seen one battle yet, and it appears I was hasty with that decision, as we're about to run headlong to fight a volcano. Would it be within your abilities to switch that flame enchantment out for a Frost enchantment? "

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 21, HP 83, CMD 20; flying; Harper - AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23  d20+9=19 ; d20+8=12 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 3:04:12 PM

(OOC: Wow, I am so behind on everything. Let me finish up.)


"I completely understand the concern of the Justicars," Pressi spoke to the aide that visited them, a dwarf villager from Plateau City named Dolgrin Agite. A rather frail figure for a dwarf, she had fought with him for some time in regards to her attitude and... pathway towards the Justicar calling.

Granted, she knew that she wasn't going to be an average Justicar. An arcane based roguelike who already had to change religions under their objections, she wasn't going to get far under the less jokey Pantheon divines that populated Justicar leadership. But for her time as a Monk, they might never have given her the time of day at all.

"Instead of giving you more worries, let me give you an opportunity as my fourth member. That way, you can pipe up if I stray from Justicar norms, and I can ignore you."

(I will take and stat Chicory, giving Joy to Bliss. I will have my followers stats later - just thought I was giving personalities and traits.)

Rest of the Prior Week

Outside of research, Pressi did not find herself with much to do. Dinners with Murphy and his family on occasion, but he was busy with the building. Natural resting took a lot of her time, but there wasn't much to do and the team had mostly gone their separate ways.

She made one more last minute trip to the catacombs, in an attempt to get a cold iron weapon under the wire. (She couldn't use a cold iron weapon under the fey domain.) But if she couldn't, she couldn't.


"I just wanted to clarify that I completely understood why you did what you did," she tells him when he comes back. "Heck, I am hardly above using fear myself, as long as you are smart about it.

"But here's the thing. If you think you are going to take the label of Batman from this acrobat detective creature of the night, you'd better be ready to take it."

Three Leads

Knowing that Murphy is following the second lead (by asking the elementals to the rocky soil), she proceeds to track down the others, starting with the merchant that claims to be trapped.

She starts with basic diplomatic overtures, trying to get an idea of who he is and why he would make such a claim (Diplo 19+2 from WLA). She also chooses to humor him, looking for any holding magic (Detect Magic, Know Arcana 12). She also looks at her symbol to see if he lies about anything (Sense Motive d20+19).

While there, Hobie joins her to listen in and ask if he has any supplies, and she chooses to ask about how much holy water he has.

She also makes her way towards the young halfling, now talking to Kezzem. (If he leaves beforehand, she just asks Kezzem to fill her in.)

Finally, she makes her way to Murphy, to ask him what he has learned.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle)  d20+10=28 ;
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 8:49:39 PM

Bloodwitch rolls for the day:

To prepare spells ...
Concentrate Check (1d20+7CL+3int) vs DC14 ... rolled a 28, no problem.

Ritual of the Grimalkin DC20 Handle Animal check ... Bliss has a +17 base, +1 cauldron +4 followers +2 Harper and Pressi +4 Pressi's followers = no chance of failure.

Ritual of Sharing DC30 Spellcraft check ... Bliss has a +22 base, +1 cauldron +4 followers +2 Harper and Pressi +4 Pressi's followers = no chance of failure.

Shared Extended Resist Fire at CL7 gives Fire Resist 20 for 46 noncontinuous minutes each for Pressi, Harper, and Bliss.

"Easy Peasy," says Bliss.

If Pressi wants to do her own Basic Ritual -- ritual of warding is especially nice -- Bliss and his cauldron and followers will help, of course, even though Bliss cannot benefit from more than one Basic Ritual per day.

Bliss casts his Threefold Aspect spell as usual and sets it to the youngest form.

Lance Foxwell (Tanner) HP 97 -- AC 18/18/15 -- F+8 R+9 W+11 -- CMD 16 -- Fly +16 
Tuesday November 14th, 2017 11:33:54 PM

Lance looks quizzically at Pressi. "What's a Batman?"

Later, at the butcher, Lance orders 100 charcuterie gift baskets for the community (per Halfling Rations). He plops down 25 gold pieces, and an extra 10 gold pieces for gift cards attached to each one. [b]"Please have them read; "Our apologies if you were singed. Lance was not really unhinged. Next time we say 'flee', pack up and get thee! Or your safety may be infringed."

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:39:04 AM

As mentioned, while talking with the various elementals, Murphy was also engaged in a full-on telepathic bond with Pressi, letting her know all he was experiencing and hearing during the meetings.

He considers the offers and boundaries of each elemental type, he finds three of them acceptible, and can conceive of how he might keep the requested pledges. He discusses this with Pressi, and with any other party members who wish to participate, and asks for a meeting with the local authorities (he's keeping them busy). The gist of it is this: He will agree to the request of Water. He wants to ensure that none will fish or hunt there, and asks for a law to be established to that effect. Halflings may swim, there, perhaps, but not to fish.

He asks if he may build a lake either on Humble Field (the Grange Battlefield), or to the west of that (just off the map on the lower half). He would have a canal between the Crescent River and the lake. Or, do the local authorities have a better site to propose? Additional alternatives include a spot to the south side of the river, or off the far right of the map, north of the river a little ways. Once it is determined where the lake will go, then he will tell Water that he agrees. "Due to lack of time, the lake will at the start be somewhat shallow, and not large. Later, I can work to deepen it and broaden it somewhat for your pleasure, and in accordance with your wishes."

For Earth, he agrees to build a cave, and to fill it as they request. He thinks it better that none, save himself and Pressi (for he can hide nothing from her) will know the location of the cave - but he intends to have it not too far off from Humble's Sword Acres. It will take him time to stock it. He mentions a general site, and asks the elementals if that will be suitable for what they have in mind.

For Air, he agrees to raise a tall white spire. "I cannot promise, though, that no birds will land there, or attempt to build their nests. You air elementals will have to enforce your desire where avians are concerned. I was thinking toward the top there could be some channels for you to dance through, some that might evoke beautiful sounds depending upon the direction and strength of the winds."

Fire, though, is another matter. Discussing with those in authority - including the religious authorities - Murphy expresses his concerns to them. "It sounds like they offer some powers to those who choose to serve Vé-Eldfjöll, yet threaten - even promise - to harm many others. And, I cannot compel others to worship - especially one such as this. The mountain wishes to alter our lands, our way of life. I must tell Fire that I cannot compel others to serve Vé-Eldfjöll. A shrine? Fires that burn forever? I must know more about Vé-Eldfjöll before I can agree to raise a shrine. Should enough halflings decide to bow the knee to him, they could be placed in charge of providing fuel for an everlasting flame.

He tells his friends, "I think to say something like this:"
I have no desire to oppose fire - for I have benefitted from its warmth my whole life. Yet, should flames come to harm my people, and our lands, that I cannot ignore. Should your kind not attack, we will remain at peace with you. Should your kind attempt to consume or harm mine, then shall I oppose your efforts.

Fire is a great power. It energizes. It helps us in so many ways. Without it, how should we live so well as we do? However, unchecked - when it threatens to consume our children, then it must be bounded. So far as we can, let us be at worst neutral toward each other. If we can cooperate, and it not harm my people, then let us do so.
"Would that properly answer them? Those words may simply, uh, inflame them against me, against us. But I will not promise to promote Vé-Eldfjöll. Unless I find out he is a jolly old fellow, quite worthy of adoration."

He listens for counsel in answering Fire - and will accept comments and wisdom regarding the other elements.

Murphy warmly thanks Bliss for the vial.

In the midst of all this activity, Murphy casts goodberry. His mother has berries of a few types in her garden.

Before going to meet with the elementals, he casts resist energy (fire), protection from energy (fire), and has quench memorized.
[Thank you, DM Ken, for such a good and challenging response to Murphy's elemental diplomatic efforts. Really made me think how to respond, in many ways.]

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:42:20 AM

"Oh, one more thing. Vé-Eldfjöll seeks to move, it seems, out of fear of the Doom of the Wold. What, or who, is the Doom of the Wold?" Murphy queries.

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; flying; Harper - AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23  d20+12=22 ; d20+15=21 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:18:10 AM


(Sorry, forgot to make my rolls)

Wold Blood Roll = 1d20+8 CL +4 vs DC 14 = 22, easy pass.

Pressi, reminded by Bliss, returns the favor.

Bliss asks for the Ritual of Warding, which is 20 vs Base 4 + 11 followers (d20+15). She just barely passes (Bliss, Harper and Pressi get +1 to AC, saving throws.)

She's a tad iffy on trying Spiritual Healing (need 13 to pass), so she performs the shield of faith sharing spell. (Base 21+11=no chance of fail.) After considering a number of buffs, she simply casts shield of faith.

... And then she remembers that the coven (Pressi, Bliss and Harper) can only benefit from one of each type at a time. So she asks Bliss which to use. (She suggests to Bliss that he forego the cat thing since they might need to be doing things besides fighting. For the intermediate, she might also cast Rose temp control.)

Pressi (Melvin) - AC 21 (22?), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper - AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:20:34 AM

Adding header

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21(22?), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:22:11 AM

Lets Try this

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:24:00 AM

Oh right, the beginning

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle) 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 10:45:44 AM

Bliss suggests the Cat ritual for Bliss and the Warding for Pressi and Harper. The rolls are OK with that.

Bliss suggests Sharing Ritual of Fire Resist for Bliss, Pressi, and Harper, but if Pressi prefers, it can be Shield of Faith for all three instead, and they can rely on potions and spells for Fire Resistance. Bliss lets Pressi decide.

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 11:40:32 AM

Pressi picks the Fire Resist, holding back on Shield of Faith.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 2:07:38 PM

Kezzem turns detect evil on the kid. Assuming he's not evil, "Well, the important thing is that you feel bad about it and aren't likely to do it again. I can see that your aura is still clean. Do you want to talk about it?"

He sees Pressi approaching out the corner of his eye, and motions for her to hang back for now. Maybe the kid wants some privacy, particularly if this "bad thing" involves girl.

Later, Kezzem meets back up with the others. "Hey guys, I was reading about this bamboo demon guy, and he has like acid skin that can damage your weapons, so you may want to pickup some backup weapons to use on this guy. Also, cold iron weapons work best against demons, so I'm going to try and find some cold iron daggers for myself."

OOC: Can Kezzem find any cold iron daggers in town, or does he need to take a trip to the catacombs.

DM Ken: You can purchase them from the Venturer who happens to be here during a sandbox module while you might happen to need some special supplies!

DM Ken 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 4:38:17 PM

Pressi and Hobie engage the merchant, Rando M'name, who is furiously pacing about outside of Pirnooks, a scroll clutched in his hands. He looks up at them, and once Hobie informs the human that they are folks that can actually do things, he starts paying attention.

"Hostage is a strong word perhaps, but I'm stuck here! Have you lot tried traveling out of Crescent Valley? The ash storms get so bad you can't see, the winds and the crags - which I certainly didn't notice when I traveled here - serve to keep you stuck in the same 100 mile ring!"

The man seems to want to be irate, but Hobie's words found the perfect hook, and the man relaxes a little.

"I suppose there is money here, as long as there's adventurers." He looks directly at Pressi. "How much holy water did you want? I've got a whole crate of the stuff. It's not actually holy water, but more like god sweat. I picked it up from a tribe of Vegepygmies near the Tree of Parting. They swear the tree is the manifestation of the Culverwood, and I traded them ten boxes of socks knitted from Ogre back hair, which is -also- considered sacred by the barbarians I got it from."

He takes a deep breath.

"But the god sweat works! I swear by it! I tested some on a dhampir that's always at the catacombs, and he swears as to it's effectiveness!"

He pushes aside a few gift baskets from his absurdly messy pull cart, and chuckles as he does. "Or your safety may be infringed. Ha!"

He points to a box.

"Lots of holy water there. How much do you want? Totally unrelated, but I typically make about 200 gold a day. I've made 50 so far, and have invested about 50 into these holy waters. So like, I'm just saying, if you buy at least 150 golds worth, I might be convinced to take the rest of the day off, which would leave me time to move your friends enchantment over from Fire to Frost, in exchange for his promise to owe me a favor and to end these annoying ash storms!"


Kezzem detects no evil in the boy, but senses a reluctance to come clean. After a moment or two of hesitation, the kid says to Kezzem, "Follow me please. It's easier to show you!"

The kid leads Kezzem a fair bit away, towards the largest cemetery in Humbles Ford. He points to an old stone mausoleum, with the shattered remains of a heavy stone slab where the sealed entrance should be. A peal of thunder and the crack of lightning flashes in the sky.

"I was playing "Bravery' with with some other kids. We took turns throwing our rocks through the blue ghosts here in the graveyard. When it was my turn, I threw it super hard. It went right through the ghosts head, like it always does."

The child shivers. "But then it turned and looked at us."

"That was scary. It didn't say nothin, just watched. We all started to run away, and we suddenly heard it scream, and it charged right at me! It hit the stone there when I ducked,and we all kept running. It might still be in there."

Almost in tears, the boy looks at Kezzem.

"I'm sorry my rock made the monster real! What if it comes back and hurts someone else? Please kill it!"


Pressi and Bliss work on their rituals for a bit, before going their seperate ways. Pressi accompanies Hobie, while Bliss does what cats do, after handing out the fire resistance potions.


Murphy considers the requests of the elementals, and goes back to meet them on the precipice. When he arrives, all four elders are present.

He gives his answers, and the elementals reply with silence. Finally, Air speaks.

"Druid, you approached us one after the other. If not for the tradition of our kind to treat with humans in this spot, where a druid from the past once honored a deal with us, we would not have known you sought to treat with us all."

The air around him whistles as he moves closer.

"We have long had a pact here, that no mortal can hold the allegiance of more than one elder. Please choose one alliance to forge, and it will be honored. We have each given you our terms, and promised the the type of aid to be given in return."

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24  d20+16=18 ; d20+9=18 ; d20+1=20 ;
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 5:55:58 PM

Kezzem waves Pressi over. "He Press, go round up the others while I check this out."

"Now, kid, you did a stupid thing, not a bad thing. A bad thing would be if you were trying to hurt someone or some animal, like throwing rocks at a pony. That would be a bad thing because you were trying to hurt it. Since you didn't think the rocks would hit anything, it wasn't really a bad thing, see?

I am not sure the monster is real. It only looked at you and howled, it doesn't sound like it could touch anything and didn't hurt anyone, just gave you kiddos a fright. It may not even have been reacting to you, but something else that you couldn't see. In any case, I don't think the rock would have done it. I mean, it's just a piece of stone, right?"

As Kezzem turns to leave, he looks back. "Btw, kid, what's your name?"

Kezzem while investigate the monster, attempting to remain hidden (forgetting it's not as good at this as he used to be). He activates his detect evil radar to see if he can ping any monsters in the cemetery.


Diplomacy (to calm the kid, give advise, etc).: 18.
Stealth: 18.
Perception: 20.

DM Ken: To confirm the post, the monster did destroy a giant stone slab, which means it interacted with the world around it.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle) 
Wednesday November 15th, 2017 9:32:56 PM

Bliss changes into a halfling in order to declare, "If these monsters are getting more real, we have to tell people to hide and get under cover!"

Lance Foxwell (Tanner) HP 97 -- AC 18/18/15 -- F+8 R+9 W+11 -- CMD 16 -- Fly +16 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 12:21:54 AM

ooc: Wednesday post! I let time get away.

Lance holds his hands up defensively. "Someone else may want to tell people to run and get cover. Someone trained in fuzzy-wuzzies and hugs and lollipops. Not this guy."

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 2:01:38 AM

Murphy feels humbled by the assembled power, and wonders at who was the druid who earlier made a pact with the elementals. "As this is your tradition, then I shall honor it. Each of you has my gratitude for having made a generous offer." He looks around at them all, then down at the ground for a moment. He raises his eyes to Air. "Would this cliff be a suitable spot for building a white tower? It may take some time to find materials, and to build it strong and tall, but I give you my word to do so, as you keep your word to aid us in our coming trials."

As before, he telepathically includes Pressi in this convocation, that she may mentally see, hear and understand the import of what goes on.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 8:48:10 AM

OOC: Sorry, misread your post as saying "I hit the stone" (thinking the boy slipped and fell as he ran) not "It his the stone"

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 79/81 AC 24 CMD 24 Hero Points 2   d20+2=19 ;
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:14:09 PM

"Good Master M'name, we will certainly be willing to spend 150 gold on Holy Water, and perhaps other equipment. I'll take three vials of Holy Water myself. I heard some of our group talk of needing Cold Iron Weapons, would you happen to have two quiversful of Cold Iron arrows, and maybe 5 or so Cold Iron daggers? Oh, and um, let's throw in that jar of honey to make it an even hundred. And if you are so kind as to exchange my enchantment, I can promise we will do our very best to end the ash storms, and help you with anything else you might need. I'll even play a song for you on my new lute as a thank you!"

Perform (Lute) check=19

Hobie smiles wide as he plays his lute, feeling confident in his practice. After the song and the exchange with the merchant, he leaves, promising to come back first thing in the morning to retrieve his bow.

Hobie heads back to where the group was gathered previously, and offers up some of the Cold Iron weapons he just bought. He keeps the holy water, honey, one dagger and 20 arrows for himself, and suggests that the rest of the group take the rest if they don't currently have Cold Iron weapons. Anything the group doesn't need he'll just put in his handy haversack for later.
4 CI Daggers
20 CI Arrows

3 vials of Holy Water= 75gp
5 CI Daggers= 20 gp
40 CI arrows = 4gp
1/2 pound of honey =1gp
Total=100gp (ooc: I'm assuming Pressi is also buying some things, but if not, I'll add two vials of Holy Water to get us to the 150.)

ooc: I'm assuming the Kezzem cemetery thing is happening at the same time as Hobie's visit to the merchant so he would have no way of knowing about it, but if Kezzem or anyone else lets Hobie know about whats going on, he will eagerly go help.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:28:30 PM

Since Pressi is not there as per thr emails, Kezzem will instead ask the kid to find Pressi or Murph and have them gather the others for backup.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle) 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:33:41 PM

Now that he realizes that these monsters may come real and actually hurt people, Bliss gets more serious. He goes through the town with his friends, trying to convince people to be ready to hide at a moment's notice. Somewhere small and underground, maybe.

Um, until recently, there were a bunch of dwarves training the local militia to repel goblins and giants. It seems to Bliss like it would be good to get the militia on alert. For example, get militia members to stand around town with bells or horns, and sound the alarm the moment the "ghost" monsters stop being so insubstantial.

Do the "ghost" monsters always stay in the same place, or do they wander around? Bliss wants to get a census going of how many there are, and to track them all. He will use his followers and dwarf pals from the militia to help if he can. [The dwarves like Bliss ever since he tried to win a drinking contest with them. Tried!]

If the monsters do stay still, maybe we can build a scaffolding around a few of them, with nets and holy water above, so that if they get substantial, the nets and holy water will drop on them. Does anybody have any ranks in trap-making?

Every day, Bliss casts his Plant Growth spell, either the Enrichment version to help counter the drying out that has hurt plants in the area, or, if there are any ghost monsters that tend to stay away from buildings and roads, then the Overgrowth version so that if/when they become material, they may be stuck in the overgrowth, giving time to sound alarms and take cover.

DM Ken: I missed, not ignored, the militia part. My apologies. The dwarves will be on notice, and don't mind setting up a phantasm alarm, so to speak.

Mark off a casting of plant growth for today, but since we have slowed down the pace a tad, were going to go with just one casting active at the moment.

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 4:45:17 PM

Pressi nods at Hobie's purchases, and puts in a purchase for whatever is left of the holy water. (Let's say another three vials.)

She also asks if he has a cold iron spiked chain. Otherwise, she will take a cold iron rapier. She does not dare to hope for masterwork.


As this is going on, Pressi is being clued in to the dealings between Murphy and the Elementals. While she is somewhat drawn towards the fire's proposition, she agrees with him to reject it. "A lion is not evil because it is incapable of controlling its hunger or understanding its actions. If Ve-el is similarly unequipped, then he is unworthy of our time, evil or not."

She does press against his choice for the air, preferring the tunnel options. Of course, she had been telling leadership to build such tunnels since she arrived three levels ago, when the threat was giants, so she didn't expect them to start picking up shovels with her. Eventually, however, she respects his decision.

(Baby is now up, so I will have to post the rest of this tonight.)

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Thursday November 16th, 2017 5:42:16 PM

Following any response from / interaction with the gathered elementals (to which he'll respond as appropriate), Murphy returns to town, lets the powers that be know about the upcoming aid from the realm of air, then says he must get to work on digging a place of safety, deeper within the earth than the burrows typically afford. He asks for help in carrying out earth as he excavates, and will need many hands.

He asks the proprietor of the Dancing Pig if he can, while shaped as a large earth elemental, dig down from underneath that establishment to provide safe shelter for the populace should hot stones start raining from the skies. If they say no, he goes to the Belly Buster, and asks the same question.

He likewise asks the Primulas if he can dig a tunnel at or near their place. He begins at the first inn that allows it, or at Sling and Arrow if neither says yes, and digs down in a diagonal pathway, with enough room for a dwarf to pass through. When he gets to 40' beneath the surface, he levels it out, and begins to focus on setting up many interconnected chambers 10' to 15' wide, and 15' to 20' long, for people to rest in. He then digs a tunnel onward toward the next building, so that the entry places are linked underground. These passages he makes about seven feet wide, with occasional alcoves. He does as much over an eight to ten hour period as he is able. He charges those who are able to place timbers and supports along the way to help prevent cave ins. The tops of the chambers he curves to help in that wise, as well. Every so often, he digs a pit, about 5'x5'x5', to hold water, and also, away from these spots, with some narrow holes with soft earth nearby, for people to take care of their necessities.

His father, good at working with wood, he engages in helping to ensure the passages are well supported - and any dwarves who may be about, asks for their help, too.

Also, as his form as an earth elemental may seem frightful to some, he does what he can to allay their concerns. "It's just me, Murphy - using earth magic to change my form, to help us all out. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."

If someone gets word to him about Kezzem's request, Murphy explains that he has no great abilities versus ghosts, and must focus on places of safety for the community. "After my dig, today, if still needed, then may I help."

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers  d20+8=25 ;
Friday November 17th, 2017 10:01:12 AM

(My apologies if you were waiting for me to finish.)

In response to Murphy's affirmation, Pressi responds that they need to build the tower, get what tunnels they can, and find sources of clean water.

Pressi asks Hobie and Murphy to find Bliss and maybe Lance. The spellcasters have cantrips like "Create Water" and "Purify Water" that won't last forever but it can be bottled or placed in reservoirs for a time, particularly once things start getting harder. (Bliss and Pressi also have Rose Temp Control, which they can use to create cool zones when things get tougher.)

For the tower, there is a discussion as to whether to start from scratch or to use the broken tower. Plans also have to be made about whether and how to keep birds away. Pressi begins to think of things like scarecrows - or perhaps advanced versions like permanent ghost sound - but settles on an array of spikes at the top of the tower, making it difficult for anything to nest.

For the tunnels, Pressi sends a message to the Dancing Pig, calling on her contacts for help in agreeing with the situation (Diplomacy 25) but isn't really the type for helping to dig. (Harper does her best, but she's just one animal.) She also opens what was completed of the old and new guild halls for refugees.

Before stopping off at Murphy, she does make her way towards Lance and Bliss. This should open her up to being found by the boy.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Friday November 17th, 2017 1:50:07 PM

Murphy telepathically communicates to Pressi that they cannot use the giant tower for the air elementals. That tower, despite the recent sabotage, needs to be repaired and returned to its purpose.

If needed to help Kezzem, he will take a break from tunneling - the work he has started should keep folks busy for a while, and he figures - so long as he survives - he can return, perhaps, within the half hour. At least, that's the theory.

DM Ken 
Friday November 17th, 2017 2:12:05 PM

Kezzem detects for evil, and finds none. He is hidden for now, and though the mausoleum is small, he sees or hears nothing coming from within. It seems awfully dark inside though, even accounting for the black clouds hanging over all of Humbles Ford.


Pressi and Hobie win over the Venturer, around the same time he finishes up Hobies enchantment swap and packaging your purchases, including the cold iron weapons, (including the mw quality cold iron spiked chain), a kid comes round to alert both Pressi and Hobie that Kezzem, who is about 5 minutes away, might be in some trouble.


Murphy finishes his elementals bargain, choosing to side with air in this endeavor. Earth rumbles away with no comment, and water seems willing to go with the flow. Fire roars to life, then smolders a bit before parting with a warning.

"Your choice endangers you all, but fits a mortals logic. Only those who know they will die one day anyways are so willing to bring it's timetable closer."

With a flare of heat, he is gone. Murphy (in theory) recieves a mental alert from Pressi regarding Kezzem, and his DM assumes he will go to his aid.

DM Ken: This leaves Murphy no time to progress on the tunnels however. Of course, if he wishes to ignore the situation, as hinted that he might in your post, feel free to go ahead and make a start that would be equal to no more than an hours work.

The full week leading up to now was the time to make big sweeping changes to the environment =D


Bliss, actively asking some questions, with a bored Lance in tow, finds that the descriptions of different phantasms are in the hundreds. They don't seem to have any particular pattern, and it's all rather chaotic.

A young kid comes running by, and lets them both know that Kezzem might need their help, and he dashes off towards Pirooks right after.


Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Friday November 17th, 2017 3:32:04 PM

Pressi frowns. "Looks like building is going to have to wait."

She signals Hobie to follow, and updates Murphy on the situation as she goes.


As she listens to Kezzem, she looks through the area around. "What about the rock itself? Was there anything unusual about it?" (She takes some time to look through about the area for it.)

She takes some time to detect magic on it.


ritual of +1 to AC, saves
shared spell: fire resist

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 81/81 AC 24 CMD 24 Hero Points 2  
Friday November 17th, 2017 3:51:29 PM

Hobie will quickly follow Pressi to Kezzem, echoing her questions. He defers to the magic users to look around for the source of what happened, and steels himself for battle if something should come.

ooc (just to clarify, you said that the merchant finished the enchantment swap before we left? I was thinking Hobie would need to get through til the morning sans bow, but I'm more than happy to have it with me)

DM Ken: Feel free to take it with. Apparently I failed to impress upon the group anything at all about there being a sense of danger or a particular theme among your upcoming enemies. We can just hand waive how fast he got it done.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC20, HP80) (Cayzle) 
Friday November 17th, 2017 5:28:45 PM

Bliss has a gut sense that this is the calm before the storm. He thinks that it would be better if the monsters materialized at night, when people were home and away from danger. He spends his time warning people to get under cover and hide.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 2:40:14 PM

"Looks clear for now," says Kezzem. "Whatever happened seems to have been temporary. I don't think there was anything special about the rock, but feel free to take a look. My magic daggers didn't have that kind of effect earlier, and they are magic!"

Lance Foxwell (Tanner) HP 97 -- AC 18/18/15 -- F+8 R+9 W+11 -- CMD 16 -- Fly +16 
Sunday November 19th, 2017 8:35:59 PM


Lance follows with the party to go and investigate what is vexing Kezzem.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10 (Kim) HP 80/80 
Monday November 20th, 2017 12:35:54 AM

Yesterday, after first speaking with the elemental, Murphy spend the balance of the day in the woods behind the Mayor's burrow, digging ditches to fill with water against the possibility of coming fires - and to provide some measure of shelter and safety for people of the village. Today, he met with the elemental elders, learned that he could enter into a covenant only with one of the four, and chose air - though he would have liked to also have joined with water and earth.

Now, after leaving the elemental convocation, Murphy has hastened to the center of town, quickly briefed a few officials on the nature of the offerings and warnings from the elements, and was about to start digging. He heard that Kezzem is in need of help. So, while adjacent the Dancing Pig, he goes to the back, warns people to stay some distance from him, and summons a small earth elemental.

In the Terran tongue, in a deeper voice than he speaks in common or halfling, Murphy says to the elemental this: "My people are in danger. Please, tell me if there is any cavern, cave, or tunnel beneath this place of dwellings of halflings. If there is something twenty feet deep or deeper down, where there is open space beneath the cover of earth, tell me where, and how deep, and how far from this point. We need a place to hide my people from coming fire in the sky."

He listens carefully to what the elemental reports, asks for clarification where needed, that, should there be an open space under the town, he might know of it. If there is such not too far from where they now stand, Murphy then asks the elemental to dig a narrow hole (~2 feet diameter) toward the cavern, tunnel, or whatever it may be, that he, Murphy, might later use the beginning of the tunnel to dig further when he is able. If the underground opening is too far from here, he asks the elemental to hustle with him to a place perhaps 60 feet away, to help triangulate the direction, and to clarify the approximate depth, and rough size of the open area.

If it is nearby... For the communication, perhaps 2-5 rounds may be needed. For the digging, the elemental then has 5-8 rounds to begin to dig a passageway. After that is done, and the earth elemental has fulfilled his summons, Murphy then ensures there is a covering for the opening to the narrow tunnel - if such was started, so that no one fall in. He asks that the area be covered, roped off, and all be forbidden to try to use, or mess with, the covered opening. "This may be a passage to survival, but will need more work. If someone careless of their child, or dog, allows it to be uncovered, it could be a passage to harm. Please protect it until I can return."

He then hastens to help Kezzem and his friends, communicating telepathically with Pressi as he approaches, that she know what he's been up to, and to gather what she knows about the situation he is approaching.

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