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Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) Huge Air Elemental HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire  d20+9=27 ; d20+25=45 ; d20+12=26 ;
Saturday January 13th, 2018 6:35:58 PM

Murphy does not stop working as crystalline meteors streak across the sky, and impact upon the Wold. He is not deafened (Fort save 27/20) by the explosive concussion of the meteorite strike. He had dumped as many as possible of the fire elementals to the west into the river (as detailed in last post).

He sucks up an additional quantity of river water, and showers the smouldering burrows on the east side of town, then returns to the Dancing Pig. Dropping his whirlwind form to return to a huge air elemental, he casts create water enough times until it appears the lava cools enough to stop burning through the tavern.

As he works, he comments aloud in halfling that the falling spheres look to be made of crystal. Also, as he flits about, he tries to calm any townspeople who see this air elemental, telling them, "It's okay - I'm just Murphy. I won't hurt you. But all of you, keep praying, and help each other as you are able."

"I should think a very, very long lance might be needed for that task, Kezzem. Oh, speaking of lances..."

"Say, Lance," Murphy asks, drawing near him to whisper, "Just in case a volcano is about to land on us, what do you think about the idea of flying yourself well outside the radius of the surrounding stone wall, and watching to see what happens? If you do that, there will be at least one survivor and witness to what has just happened if the worst comes to pass here. And, if not, you can come back in a bit and tell us what's going on outside the walls. It's up to you, though." [Giving Lance a chance to break off until Tanner can return.]

The druid thanks the water elementals and dismisses them.

Murphy takes a moment to see if he might attempt a weather forecast for the next 72 hours [Survival 26 vs DC 15 for one day prediction, plus 24 hours additional for each 5 points over 15].

He offers to Hobie that he can use his - Hobie's - wand to help effect additional healing.

"Bliss. Be not afraid. Though the Wold shake, I must believe there is hope. And you are part of that hope."

He follows that thought with, "I so do hope we can persuade the mountain to land in the Red Hills, though."

Fort save: 27 vs 20 (no deafness)
Perception: 45 (nat 20)
Survival: 26 vs DC 15

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) Huge Air Elemental HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Sunday January 14th, 2018 1:45:24 AM

"Y'know, Pressi - we're going to want to go to retrieve some of the broken-up crystal from those big balls that just fell. It's going to be key to helping us and our people out in the future," Murphy projects to his beloved.

"And, once the doom of the Wold is resolved, you and I need to spend some quality time together - assuming we survive..."

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:32:57 AM

I'm addition to the detect spells from earlier, Pressi 2.0 unleashes her powers of observation.

Bliss / CatBliss (AC26, HP74of96) (Cayzle)  d20+14=29 ; d20+20=26 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:53:55 AM

Bliss is trying to master his fears when IT HITS!!!!!

Bliss changes into a cat and hides under a rock!

Fort save 29 not deafened.

Perception check 26

Bliss hears Murphy saying that we should have hope. Cat-Bliss yowls in cat-terror.

Translation if you can understand animals or just want a chuckle: Highlight to display spoiler: {THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!}

DM Carl - Humble's Finest Hour 
Monday January 15th, 2018 2:41:50 PM

Kezzem takes a moment to help up the survivors, briefly wondering how his stabbing abilities can be used against the meteors. If anyone can figure that out, it's Kezzem.

Hobie checks on his beloved mount, using her to bring the most greviously wounded to healing. He checks on Roscoe. He finds his cousin with several deep purple bruises across his face. His left eyebrow is all but missing, and he has a "sooty" smell about him. He looks rough, but he's on two feet barking orders when Hobie finds him. A look of worry disappears when he sees Hobie's in one piece. "Hobie! You're alive!" He looks his cousin over before continuing, "and in better shape than I am, for sure. I'll need healing, but not before these men are stable and comfortable." He loads an unconcious guard onto Pippa. "Find me later, get Hobart here to the clergy first."

Murphy tends to the fires still burning. He tends to the Dancing Pig, dropping enough water to harden the lava into glass. The steam cloud that erupts is...impressive to say the least. When the lava's finally cooled enough to stop burning down the Pig and the steam cloud floats off into the atmosphere, it's easy to see the place has suffered severe damage, but at least it's localized to a small area of the Pig.

He tends to the townsfolk as best he's able. Most of them were safe below ground, and the wounded guards are already tended to. He's able to confirm that who guards perished during the combat.

The weather is clear for now, and under most circumstances would stay that way for the next few days. However, whatever caused that explosion probably shot a lot of ash and debris into the atmosphere. Without knowing where it originated from, it's hard to say what local effect that will have.

He takes a moment to share a few words with his beloved. It would be nice to take it easy, but it's pretty safe to assume things will be hectic for the forseeable future.

Pressi looks around.

Bliss is having none of this nonsense and finds a rock to hide under. When the sky crashes down on the rest of Humble's Ford, they'll wish they'd hid too.

Meteors continue streaking across the sky, bound for some other land far from Humble's Ford. The rest of the citizenry is now pouring from the tunnel, most stopping to watch the light-show overhead before those still underground manage to push them out of the way. Halflings return home, eager to check on their dwellings. Most barrows were untouched, and those that were are mostly intact. Eldon and Cora TossCobble can be seen holding each other over the wreckage of their barrow. It appears the magma elemental chose their home to erupt through. She cries softly into his shoulder as he strokes her hair. Words are shared, but none are close enough to hear.

Smoke is rising from the Red Hills where the closest meteor struck. Pressi feels simultaneously drawn to and repeled from the site. Bliss would feel it too if he wasn't freaking out.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Monday January 15th, 2018 5:06:01 PM

Murphy drops out of air elemental mode, and becomes again simply the halfling. "Pressi, can you join me for a few minutes? The TossCobbles need us." If she will, he goes with her and they approach Eldon and Cora TossCobble. He communicates telepathically with Pressi what he is going to do before he does it. He adjusts according to what she does or suggests, as well.

But in general, it goes roughly like this: He just stands quietly near them for a time. When it seems a time to speak, he says, softly, "I am so sorry. So very sorry, Cora, and Eldon." If they accept it, he takes them both with Pressi in a big embrace. After a bit, he takes a half step back. "I will see what I can recover. And you have a place in the burrow that you gave to us. Tell us what you would have us do, and we will respond. Any of your things I can dig out, I will. I can re-form your burrow, either as it was, or I can make it even larger, or - or anything you want me to do. And George, our foreman, I will enlist his help, and that of his skilled workers. You are not without a home. Your home is with us, until we can fix this one. Or, if you simply want to move back permanently into your old burrow by the river, we can move out, if you wish. I added a little to it, and hope that will be to your liking, if you choose that. Hazel and his wife Alouryn live there, as does another hobbit, Quotiln, who helps care for the place you gave us." He adds that another option would be to simply add some more rooms on the river burrow for them to use. He reminds them that just about a week ago they were given some land outside of town to build on for Humble's Sword.

"Pressi - can you round up a few neighbors to join us in maybe 20 minutes or so, to help Eldon and Cora with the sorting of this, as I bring things out?"

He awaits their response. Then, unless they insist he not do so (I hope they do not) while he still has his protection from fire up - in case there is resident heat from the magma elemental which passed up and through the destroyed burrow, he changes to a huge earth elemental, and begins to carefully earthglide, and bit by bit, picks up dishes - some broken, some perhaps intact, clothing, tools... whatever he can find. He places things in a few different piles along the ground according to what they are. The druid ensures he brings out everything that was within the confines of their dwelling.

Eldon, a skilled carpenter, likely has suggestions, which he will try to follow. He could do a rough dig out and formation of a rebuilt burrow here, or maybe in another spot around town, as desired. If he does the digging, he lets George and Eldon know that his skills are somewhat limited to the general digging for a rebuilt or replacement burrow, but that they will need to handle the detailing and finishing work. "If you'd like, once the general outline is done, I can add a roof and bottom of stone, as I did in the tunnels."

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 105/109, CMD 24, Resist fire 20; Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:19:32 PM

"Hey, thst's smoke ot too far from here," says Kezzem. "Maybe we should check it out."

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:33:43 PM

Hobie drops Hobart off at the clergy, leaving him in their capable hands for healing, and then returns to his party members.

"Kezzem is right, it looks like one of the meteors crashed close by, I think we should go give it a looksy. Make sure theres not any other crazy elementals bursting out of it and coming to attack us."

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 12:52:17 PM

Pressi goes ahead and rounds up the neighbors.

If time she also tries a divination to ask what happened at the red mountains.

DM Carl - Humble's Finest Hour  d100=20 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:57:06 PM

Murphy gives comfort to the TossCobbles. Eldon holds a hand up at Murphy's mention of them retaking their old burrow. "I'll not have it, Murphy, though we surely appreciate the offer. He turns to look at the remains. "It was a building. It and the stuff in it aren't what's most important." He squeezes Cora's shoulder and smiles. "I've got faith in the folks of Humble's Ford to make sure we're not sleeping under the stars until we can rebuild."

He's right, of course. The TossCobbles will have no shortage of offers for temporary shelter, or aid in rebuilding.

Murphy does use his heat protection to sort around the rubble. There's not much need for it, but his earthglide comes in handy. While gliding, Murphy bumps into something solid buried in the mud. Hauling it out, he finds a sturdy chest, still tightly sealed, containing what look to be old quilts. Cora's eyes light up at the sight before she elbows her husband playfully. "I told you gee-ma's quilts needed a sturdier chest." She looks through them, delighted to find that they're all in perfect condition. "They'll need a new chest to go in, of course," she adds, grinning at Eldon.

Hobie and Kezzem decide a trip to the red hills is in order to see just what it was that crashed into them.

Pressi attempts to divine what they'll face in the hills. No words follow, only the image of a single blood-shot eye. Then another. Then another, and another until she is surrounded. The eyes dart quickly about, unable to keep their gaze on anything for more then a moment. Then, they're gone...

Efforts to clean up Humble's Ford have already begun. There's a great deal of work, but nothing the citizens of Humble's Ford can't handle...

Bliss / CatBliss (AC26, HP74of96) (Cayzle) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:59:22 PM

As the fear effect lessens, Bliss emerges, a little more than somewhat abashed.

He reports that he saw falling stars in the shape of crystals.

He is in favor of checking out the nearest fallen one.

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 3:29:21 PM

"Pressi, what did you see in the hills? Should we go right this minute to see whats up?"

Bliss / CatBliss (AC26, HP74of96) (Cayzle) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 4:56:16 PM

"We should go! Right now!" says Bliss in halfling form.

He casts a Still Silent Ghost Sound spell (using a 2nd level slot) to create this sound coming from anyone who has not yet spoken up:


Bliss looks around. "Sounds like we got ourselves some CHICKENS!"

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21 (22), HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21 (22), HP 61, CMD 23; Followers 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 4:58:52 PM

Pressi shakes her head, clearing it from the valley of eyeballs, and responds to Hobie about what she has observed.

"I don't really have a good idea of what to do next, but I suppose the red hills meteor remains one of the better ideas out there." She calls over Harper, who comes galloping over. "Assuming everything is back in order here and further protection or construction isn't needed...."

She stops, finding herself staring at Murphy before moving on, and as bliss starts clucking at her. "You know what, I don't think I gave Bliss enough healing slaps yet. Sorry, some of us are checking for pinkeye first."


acive effects

Extended Resist Fire (46 mins each for Pressi, Harper) - Ritual of Sharing
Ritual of Warding - +1 to AC for the day
Flying Broom - number of hours, limited to one hand

Spells Used

L1: 2/6+1
L2: 4+1
L3: 4+1
L4: 2+1/3+1
L1 Tattoo: 1/3
Focused Curse: 1/1

Bliss / CatBliss (AC26, HP74of96) (Cayzle) 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 5:19:17 PM



Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 6:24:57 PM

What terrific people they are. He heads away from the TossCobbles after the old quilts are found. As he regroups with the team, he says, "They sponsored us when we first formed Humble's Sword. We rescued Eldon from some goblins. Good folk, always."

As he picks up the thread of the conversation, huge earth elemental Murphy comments, "Well, a feisty feline informed us that the sky is falling. I concur that portions have been doing so, but am confident the whole thing is not about to collapse in on us.

"Bliss, it's nighttime. I've been working all day. There are two more things I need to do before we leave. First, knock a hole in the downstream wall, and then in the upstream wall of the river. Second, take about fifteen minutes, after changing back into halfling form, get a few things together. So, maybe an hour all together. Some of us have cast numerous spells, and used up numerous abilities for the day. I need a good rest before facing the next big thing.

"Nonetheless, if everyone else feels raring to go as we go deeper into night, I'm game. So long as we can take a couple of ponies and a cart, and I can sleep on the way there."

DM Carl - Humble's Finest Hour 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 10:19:40 PM

The Swords reach the general consensus that it's best to check out that meteor sooner rather than later. Still, it's rather late in the day & the townsfolk are still on edge. Maybe one night's rest couldn't hurt?

OOC: Trust your DM on this one.

The morning comes bright and early to Humble's Sword. Red smoke can still be seen from the meteor strike in the Red Hills. Is the red from the hills, or the meteor? One way to find out...

The initial hours of the journey towards the Hills pass without incident. It's tiring walking up all these hills; somehow they all seem to be uphill. The party reaches a low point in the hills when a panicked shriek breaks the silence. It seems to be coming from just over the next hill...

Perception DC 25 Highlight to display spoiler: {You think you hear growling as well...yea, that's definitely growling.}


If there's anything you wanted to do in town before you left, go ahead & post it. It's your last chance.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24, HP 109/109, CMD 24, shield other (Pressi); Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:30:53 PM

Perception: auto-fail.

"Someone's in trouble!" says Kezzem. "Onwards Rumpus!"

Kezzem casts shield other on Pressi as Rumpus charges towards the scream.


Lay on Hands 7/day
Smite Evil 4/day

1st Level: Cure Light Wounds x2, Lesser Restoration
2nd Level: Resist Energy, Shield Other (cast)
3rd Level: Cure Moderate Wounds

Bliss / CatBliss (AC26, HP74of96) (Cayzle)  d20+10=26 ; d20=3 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 9:45:24 AM

That day, Bliss uses his spontaneous cures on himself and on any other wounded friends. [OOC: Assuming that everybody is cured up after a night of rest.]

The next morning, Bliss draws his Woldsblood and asks his full coven participate in his Rituals.

Drawing Woldsblood ... DC14 Concentration check ... 26, no problem.

Basic Ritual: Grimalkin: DC20, total handle animal mod is +17 base +3 pals = cannot fail. No roll needed.

Intermediate Ritual: Sharing Fire Resistance, total spellcraft mod is base +22 +2 pot + 2 followers + 2 Pressi and Harper = +28, so fails the DC30 check on a nat 1. Rolls a 3 = success!

Bliss then casts Threefold Aspect, per AM SOP. And Barkskin when we are leaving. Bliss travels with the group in cat form.

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible  d20+15=33 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:22:11 PM

Hobie wakes up early and spends some time studying his spellbook. When he's good and ready, he grabs his bag, saddles up Pippa, and prepares to head out into the hills with his party.

Perception 33
Hobie hears the shriek and the growling, and springs immediately into action, kicking Pippa and riding toward the voice while pulling out his bow.

Spells Prepared
Bonded Object Free Spell

0 Level
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Message

1st Level
Shield, True Strike, Obscuring Mist, Grease, Feather Fall

2nd Level
Resist Energy Fire, Invisibility, Invisibility, Cat's Grace

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21, HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23; Followers  d20+12=13 ; d20+14=32 ; d20+9=15 ; d20+19=23 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 10:03:24 PM


Another day, another moment of ritual where she has to slowly move around the drop of... uh oh.

As a drop of woldian blood begins to escape Pressi's distracted and mechanical performance (Nat 1), Pressi's rogue reflexes begin to kick in, snatching the drop of blood easily. "That would have been an unfortunate way to start the day."

A little shaken, she finishes the intermediate ritual with Bliss and then performs her own ritual of warding (DC 20 vs d20+4 base+1 familiar + 4 followers = d20+9). But it isn't her night, so she fails on the particular ritual.

(Honestly, she doesn't even make the perception check.)

She is self aware enough, however, to be long gone from the rush in to check it out phase. Reaching out, she fires a round of clairvoyance (remote viewing - domain ability) right over the next hill where the screaming is coming from. She also takes the time to cast message.

DM Carl - Miss Marne's Menagerie  
Thursday January 18th, 2018 10:18:04 PM

The party rushes to the top of the hill, only to find utter chaos...and blood, lots of blood.

Before you is a row of wagons and cages. Even knocked over and damaged as they are, their colorful exteriors seem to indicate you've found a circus of sorts. Indeed, the last wagon to remain upright has the words "Miss Marne's Magnificent Menagerie" in big, colorful letters.

It takes you second to realize this, as the first thing that grabs your attention is the remains of Miss Marne's Magnificent Menagerie. The cages that likely once held the beasts have been knocked over and mangled. Some of the larger cages have seemingly been torn in half. The horses and oxen that pulled the caravan are all mangled or flattened.

Then, there's the matter of the menagerie itself. Several beasts run rampant in the depression before you. A lion and tiger share a horse carcass, greedily tearing into what's left of the beast. They're the only normal sized animals of the bunch. In the valley are the biggest boar, elephant, and crocodile you've ever seen.

Knowledge, Nature DC 18 Highlight to display spoiler: {A titanboar, an oliphant, and a kasprosuchus}

Two dire wolves leap at the last remaining wagon, where two terrified halflings sit gripping whatever they can get their hands around. It's only a matter of time before the wolves topple the wagon.

As the players crest the hill hurriedly with their mounts, all the animals save the wolves turn to look and immediately charge forward. There is zero hesitation.

Perception DC 15 Highlight to display spoiler: {It's hard to tell from here, but their eyes appear to be red.}


We're officially in combat rounds. Here is your map. Red squares are mad animals. Yellow are wagons and cages. The brown on the border represent the crests of the hills surrounding the area. Everyone plunk yourselves down where you'd like, but keep yourselves far to the right-most edge of the map.

Edit: Pressi posted while I was posting. Your remote viewing reveals the above, and you're likely off the map if you didn't join the rest of the party in their ascent.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire  d20+25=41 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 11:56:24 PM

The evening before they left, still a huge earth elemental, Murphy spent time unblocking the downstream flow of the river, then the upstream side in the Ford. Afterwards, he heads to the river burrow, organizes a few things, prays, and sleeps, hard.

He prays in the morning, changes up several spells, and travels along.

He hears a shriek, and growling. "Something or other is growling." He casts longstrider, asks Pressi what she sees, then likely heads off in a slant so that the whole team does not appear over the hill in the same spot.
Perception: 41
(Sorry, regular job, plus two others at the moment - hardly a moment to think - or post)

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:06:30 AM

[I posted the above without seeing Carl's post)

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible  d20+9=23 ; d20+14=31 ; d6+15=21 ; d6=1 ; d6+15=18 ; d6=4 ; d20+14=28 ; d6+15=16 ; d6=5 ; d20+9=18 ; d6+15=21 ; d6=2 ; d20+21=40 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:47:19 PM

Knowledge Nature 23, Hobie recognizes these creatures. Except for one, he knows them more from his studies than from any real world experience.

"CROCODILE!!!!!!" Hobie shouts as he reaches for his first arrows. Anyone can see in his face that he is NOT fond of these creatures, and he wants it dead as quickly as possible.

Hobie sets his deadly aim on the Huge crocodile, and lets loose four arrows at the beast, hopeful to bring it down before it can reach him or his allies.

1st Attack (Many shot)
Attack: 31
Damage: 21 Piercing, 1 Cold, 18 Piercing, 4 Cold

2nd Attack (Rapid Shot)
Attack: 28
Damage: 16 Piercing, 5 Cold

3rd Attack (Iterative)
Attack: 18
Damage: 21 Piercing, 2 Cold

ooc: I'm new to magic user characters, can I do a spellcraft check to see if they are under some sort of spell? Is that how it works? If it's a free action, then my spellcraft check is 40
Spells Prepared
Bonded Object Free Spell

0 Level
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Message

1st Level
Shield, True Strike, Obscuring Mist, Grease, Feather Fall

2nd Level
Resist Energy Fire, Invisibility, Invisibility, Cat's Grace

DM Edit: I'd allow a knowledge, arcana roll to see if you can think of a spell that would cause this. A spellcraft check would require a detect magic spell to be in effect.

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible  d20+12=29 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 4:25:51 PM

That makes sense. Knowledge Arcana 29

DM Edit: You can't think of any one spell that would have these effects.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Friday January 19th, 2018 11:41:03 PM

Really sorry - still at work for a few more hours. Will post after midnight. Crazy busy

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire  d20+15=24 ; d20+25=31 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:56:50 AM

Murphy crested the hill (BJ47), and spotted the various creatures, identifying a few of them as a titanboar, an oliphant, and a kasprosuchus [kn. nat. 24]. Huh, red eyes [perception 31].

Having been dealing with rock and mud lately, he casts [link href="http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/coreRulebook/spells/transmuteRockToMud.html#transmute-rock-to-mud"]transmute rock to mud] to slow the oliphant and titanboar (a rectangle bounded by AQ29 in the upper left corner and AZ36 in the lower right). The mud is 10' deep. If the animals have legs that will extend 10' below the surface, they can move 5' per round.

With that scream that first alerted them to the situation, there must be some people nearby - over by the dire wolves, as he figures it. Murphy wild shapes into an air elemental.

Murphy Leafwin Pipewood Druid 10a (Kim) HP 80/80 Resist fire, Prot fr Fire 
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:57:28 AM

huge air elemental, to be clear

Hobie Browncloak (Nick T) HP 82/82 AC 21 CMD 27 Hero Points 3-- Currently Invisible 
Saturday January 20th, 2018 10:27:49 AM

ooc: That is a super cool spell.

Kezzem (BrianW) - AC 24 (or AC 28), HP 109/109, CMD 24, shield other (Pressi); Rumpus - AC 26, HP 62/62, CMD 24  d20+1=15 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 1:38:23 PM

Perception: 15

"Lions and tigers, oh my," says Kezzem as he dismounts Rumpus and moves to intercept the animals. "Go help Hobbie, boy!"

Kezzem sends Rumpus to GUARD Hobbie.

"I have to ask, kitty-cats, where are the bears?"

OOC: Not sure how to add Kezzem to the map, DM. Please have him up close by the large cats with Rumpus adjacent to Hobbie (if Rumpus can be between Hobbie and the nearest threat, that would be great).

If Kezzem has any actions left after dismounting, commanding rumpus, and readying his daggers (Quick Draw), he takes a defensive stance (total defense, +4 AC).

Pressi (Melvin)-AC 21, HP 83, CMD 20; Harper-AC 21, HP 61, CMD 23; Followers  d20+8=10 ; d20+4=17 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:26:59 PM

Pressi makes her way up the mountain, seeing a number of creatures she can't identify, though she can see the red eyes clear as day (no fail).

As her teammates focus on the closer creatures, Pressi scrambles to find a way to reach the wolves, ultimately choosing the spell scare on what she presumes to be a normal weaker animal. (Will DC 16, 8 rounds for creatures of less than 6 HD.)

Pressi's leapord Harper moves forward to engage the lion and tiger, her tail waving wildly. (Intimidate 17)


resist fire (shared spell)
protected by other (Kezzem)
failed AC ritual (-1 to saves against spells)

resources used

clairvoyance (1/8)
L2: 1

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