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Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)   d20+15=35 ;
Sunday September 17th, 2017 10:47:02 PM

Nikolai watches as the others take the initiative to initiate the conversation.
Perception +15 (looking for the man's general demeanor towards the Fist members)= 35

OOC: using old stats, I'll finish updating PC sheet once we get our loot share and purchases.

He whispers sideways to Akir, [I]"Yes. It allows me to watch more carefully and assess our 'opponent' before he knows who's the titled 'leader'.'[/b]

Noticing Lord Klirt's demeanor, that is, setting up court wherever he is, he realizes this is going to be very, very formal.

Nikolai approaches Lord Klirt and bows courtly, as best he can remember since he's not done this in a very long time, and presents the lord with a document. "This is our contract needing your signature. It includes the Terms of Service and the guarantee that what we find in the old keep is ours to keep as a Finder's Fee. If you agree to the terms, you've got yourself one of the best Fists in the Mailed Fist at your service, Sir," and he finishes with a salute. Bowing to the man to often might not be a good idea. Better to look more military like.

New Faces, New Challenges 
Monday September 18th, 2017 4:34:41 PM

Sigvar takes one step in and is already tired. He scans the group and there is no presence of evil. Plenty of haughtiness and greed though. Trayvin notes similar things. There is nothing hidden about this man. He either isn't clever enough to hide his avarice or doesn't care enough to try.

Michael is no nonsense, making sure sure Lord Klirt knows who they are and that while they are working for him, they are by no means servants, and will complete the job as they see fit. Nikolai nods his approval at the method and follows it up with some official documents. Pru is there as always to make sure the stick is at least sugar coated.

Akir just observes. He will have to get used to how a special unit functions.

Meanwhile, Anna is outside with the horses. She sees no signs of mistreatment. In fact, Lord Klirt probably cares more for his horses than his human staff, as a less than perfectly healthy horse would lower his standing among his peers.

Lord Klirt assesses Michael, who gets the feeling that he would be beneath his notice if he were there alone. However, since it is clear that this is who has been assigned to help him, he deigns to answer their questions.

"Oh, I got this keep as a birthday present. It's needs a lot of work of course, but I'm sure it will be the place to go for the best parties once it's renovated. Of course the dragon will need to be dealt with first. Now of course, I wasn't there, but one of my Guardsmen was driving a wagon of supplies to the keep and saw it from afar. A dragon swooped in and ate several live workers, and scared the others into fleeing. Following the dragon was a small flying figure who shot fire from his or her hands! Can you imagine?! Shooting fire! At my keep! I assume they're still ensconced there. It's only been a week.

The guard had to be let go for not rushing in to slay the vile beasts of course. As for whatever you find there, the keep was rotting away before I took over. You're welcome to whatever baubles you may find. We'll be needing new tapestries and fixtures anyway."


Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet  d20+4=10 ; d20+6=17 ; d20+6=19 ; d20+14=33 ; d20+15=16 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 5:37:02 PM

Sigvar can think of several follow up questions to the starter ones, but for now just observes. The man isn't evil, and isn't stupid. He knows that alot of his reputation is just that, reputation and he has to act a certain way to maintain that. So long as they don't challenge him then they will get the things they need, like information and whatever help he can provide.
The thing is, alot of this sounds jarringly familiar to the Minotaur. That lady, the one that shot green sickening fire from her hands was an undead returned to take vengeance on the Fist. She had a dragon that was supposedly helping her, a green dragon. The dragon knew trouble when it saw it and skedaddled rather than press a fight it was losing vs the Agents. It then also declined flying over and strafing the Citadel at her command. In those regards the dragon was apparently smart enough to know tactics and when to quit. She was defeated, but was she? She dissipated when she took too much damage, but did that free her soul and return her to the foot of Gargul's throne to be judged? Sigvar thought it might not. It could be her spirit survived and sought a new host, leading to the problem they now faced. With some protections and knowledge of the Fist it had already faced, the dragon, and the undead lady could be drawing them into a trap.
While the others keep questioning Lord Klirt, Sigvar steps to the bar, orders a couple of mugs of ale and heads over to the bodygaurd. The guy was probably already on edge because the last guard had been fired for not charging to his death. With job expectations like that, who wouldn't be on edge. Sigvar offers him one of the mugs and tries to talk shop with him.
Profession soldier 10
Sense Motive 17
Diplomacy 19
Perception 33
" Some job expectations, eh? You don't charge blindly into a situation that you can't handle and you get fired for it? At least the guy is still alive. You know where he is? Did he talk to you about what happened? I want some more details, so I can get a better read on what we are walking into, so anything you know might help. What color was the fire that this wizard was shooting from his hands? Did the other guard say what color the dragon was or what type for breath it used to frighten the other workers from the keep?"
Sigvar also ponders what kind of undead that lady might have been with his new Gargul granted knowledge.
Knowledge Religion 16

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:03:11 PM

" He was fired for not facing the fire... how punny is that?"

Pompous, wearing his new gear, occasionally winks at the buxom fan waver...

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:03:11 PM

" He was fired for not facing the fire... how punny is that?"

Pompous, wearing his new gear, occasionally winks at the buxom fan waver...

Trayvin AC 27/12 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:35:11 PM

Trayvin tries a different tactic.

"Well, I can certainly understand why you had to let that employee go. I assure you we will not be so easily frightened away. It would be useful for us to question the guard, so we can determine just how scared he was. That should help us prepare for facing this duo."

Shane P Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Monday September 18th, 2017 8:39:03 PM

You fired..him? interesting. any idea what color the dragon was? Oh yes the guard you fired knew that. Why exactly did you stop by here to talk to us? do you have any salient useful facts at all you can impart to us? a key to the keep perhaps so we don't have to bust down the doors to get in? a map to the place or a guide to get us there?

If this turkey has no more information when Michael can he extracts himself from the situation and goes to the Fist Armory.

Hey Chief, I'm not getting any satisfaction at the Catacombs. they want to sell me 50 Dragon bane holy arrows and all I need is 4. What can you do for me?

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Monday September 18th, 2017 9:09:38 PM

Akir raises an eyebrow at Nikolai.

"Tactful bunch."

His arms crossed, he figures at this point there's not a whole lot else they can get from the man, other than maybe the name and location of the fired guard and the color of the dragon. If they pushed him too hard, they might not even get that.

Still, Akir knew he had a tendency to rub people the wrong way. He also knew, from discussion long ago, that some of his philosophies lined up different from Nikolais. He could understand the firing of the guard, in a way.

Not one for crowds, Akir slips outside, and notices Anna.

"They say that animals are probably better company than humans because they don't think they're better than anyone else. They do what they do, and allow the same. What's your opinion?"

Prudence Gundle   d20+16=35 ;
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:11:14 PM

Pru winces a little at her Fist-mates' bluntness. Well, we're soldiers, not diplomats, she thinks.

Still, she can attempt to soften the rough edges a little. Her friends have already asked the pertinent questions, so she concentrates on soothing any potentially ruffled feathers.

"That sounds really scary," she says. "It's no wonder you're upset. But we're very good at what we do, you know, so if you give us all the information you can, I'm sure you'll be throwing those parties in no time."

[Diplomacy 35]

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17 
Monday September 18th, 2017 10:15:18 PM

Anna says to Akir, "Well I figure you can learn something about somebody by how they treat the animals in their care and employ. I happen to have been blessed by my lady, Queen Ma'ab with the ability to empathize and communicate with animals. Among our company the ability to talk with plants and animals is a unique ability that I possess but I believe Nikolai and Pompous can also empathisze with them. With that being said I am not without my abilities that I can use on humanoids but my abilities towards humanoids are better used for subterfuge and dissembling. I can disguise myself as anyone including their voice however I will wait to hear what the others have to report before I essentially lie to our employer."

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 12:47:44 AM

Nikolai puts away the singed contract and pulls out a map and unrolls it then approaches Lord Klirt.
"Here's a map of the area. Show us the location of the keep and the location of your home. And while you're at it, where we can find this guard. Oh, and excuse our bluntness. We've encountered a dragon a month or so ago and are curious if it is the same one," he smiles as he holds the map in front of the lord.

New Faces, New Challenges 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 4:44:02 PM

It seems that the blend of blunt fighter types softened by Pru's charm does the trick. However, Lord Klirt doesn't seem to have that much useful knowledge. "Oh I'm sure the guard may know more. He's probably sulking in some bar or other in Wedding City over the unfairness of it all. As if a lowly guardsman could really understand the complexities of how their better employ people. I can say that he didn't mention the dragon breathing anything at the time, and I'm sure if the fire from the wizard was strange, he would have mentioned that too."

He marks a location on the map that appears to be about 2 days travel almost directly south of the Citadel.

The fan girl blushes a bit at Pompous, but doesn't stray from her duties. He'll have to stop by again once the Lord has vacated.

Meanwhile, Akir escapes the confines of the inn to chat with Anna about the company of animals.

Michael, having stormed out of the inn and back into the Citadel courtyard, strikes up a conversation with the Blacksmith on duty. "Sorry, Mikey. Palance did pass down a thought about some weapons useful against dragons when that one decided to buzz the Citadel, but we've been backed up on orders since then. If you want me to fast track some arrows, I could get to work on them in a few days. Sorry I can't help you now. But let me know if you want to trade in that rapier for a set of nunchaku or something."

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E)  d20+10=13 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 5:37:41 PM

Akir grins, his thin mustache and beard framing his bright white teeth.

"Anna Morph, you have the potential to be positively terrifying. It's not your nature, but the matter of fact way you state what you can do. I look forward to seeing your work."

He produces an apple from his bag and feeds it to one of the horses before giving the mount a heavy pat on the neck. He whistles to himself, hands in his pockets, and he makes a quick round about the tavern, looking for anything or anyone out of place.

If something seems not right, he will stop in his pacings and observe. If everything seems okay, he will complete the lap, and lean against wall near the entrance and observe those coming in and out.

Perception: 13

Shane P Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 8:40:15 PM

Well crud, Thanks for the honest answer Cheif, We got a Dragon infestation problem, We were hoping to get our archer some Dragon bane Holy arrows. Our new..uh...battle wizard? thinks he can make them even more effective. Have you met Akir yet? Akir Al'Kaban. he really seems to know his stuff. Is there anybody else you know of who could get us the arrows? I think this is kind of a rush job. We got a foppish noble wants his keep cleared in time for him to throw a party.

Michael sighs. his time in the catacombs was really really frustrating. He thinks he probably could have been a little more tactful with the Lord Klirt. but then again. In the mood he was in if, the fop would have talked down to him he might have had to open a vein in his leg. He catches himself. Tinker would be ashamed he was contemplating such thoughts....Man I miss you brother, you made me a better person

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:13:26 PM

" Thank you."
Sigvar exits the Inn. He really didn't know what kind of undead the woman was or if she might be able to possess another host. That was frustrating. He waits outside to see if the others want to pursue questioning the guard or if they feel ready to go after the dragon and wizard. Seeing Akir, Sigvar reaches into his pack and approaches the Wizard.
" Do you know how to make people fly Akir? Prudence suggested I get a scroll so I could keep up with the dragon, but I like being self reliant so I bought a potion, but I got a scroll too, in case we had time to prepare. Maybe it would be better if you learned the scroll and put it in your spellbook. That way you could make more than one of us fly, and get the melee folks up near this thing. I felt left out in the vampire fight since the old man hugged the ceiling the entire fight. I only got to hit him once, although I made short work of his minions."
Sigvar offers Akir the scroll.

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 9:22:12 PM

Our hero notice's the fan girl's blush. He smiles to her a promise and then turns back towards the bar. Better to not get her in to much trouble with her lord.

Trayvin AC 27/12 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 10:15:02 PM

"Don't worry Michael. If we can't the arrows you need from the Citadel, another solution will present itself. We always find a way. Maybe one of us could add an enchantment for you during the fight."

Prudence Gundle  
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 10:21:34 PM

"Thank you very much--er, Your Lordship," Pru says, hoping she got that right. "The Mailed Fist is on the case."

She joins her Fist-mates out in the courtyard. "I'd say we have as much information as we're going to get here," she says. "Are we ready to go dragon-hunting?"

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17  d20+10=19 ; d20+31=50 ; d20+10=26 ;
Tuesday September 19th, 2017 11:59:26 PM

Anna grins back at Akir and says, "I also look forward to see what someone who has been trained in the Eagle style of blending martial and magical arts can do. I met a gnome once who was trying to do something similar but I think he was part sorcerer and part monk or was it just a dream? I seem to remember something about Yule, curious."

When she hears the news from Michael she says, "I don't suppose adding 4 more of those types of arrows using my gold could get us a rush job...hang on I got an idea to use my Morphling powers to help here but maybe Nikolai should sign off on this as I'm kind of unclear as to its legality."

She goes to Nikolai and whispers, "Permission to turn into Commander Palance and then order the Smith to sell us the arrows that Pompous needs as a rush job?"

If Nikolai assents she gets near to the smith's shop and looks for some place she can discretely alter her appearance.

She then activates her Alter Self Morphamancy with her perfect disguise ability to assume to form of Commander Palance (Disguise: 50; with the +10 bonus from using the SLA) and enters Smitty's forge.

She clears her throat and says, "I understand there is some confusion as to the provisioning of Nikolai's Fist? Please see to it they can get everything they need on priority."

If the smith assents she says, "As you were." then turns curtly and walks out of the shop. She looks for another place she can go to end her disguise, taking care to observe if anyone is following her (Perception: 26) She resolves not to end the disguise if she is being followed and tries to lose any potential tail.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 12:00:40 AM

Nikolai thanks the lord for his directions. "We've got a little business to wrap up here at the Citadel first but that should only take the rest of the day. We should be heading out tomorrow morning if our Commander is satisfied with these documents. Thanks for your help and we'll keep in touch."

Nikolai bows then leaves. Outside he hears someone mention flying to keep up with the dragon.
"Not a good idea unless we all can do the same. I don't want anyone flying off alone. The dragon has that wizard companion to help so don't do some rash heroics that split us up."

Nikolai felt sheepish saying that but they've done that before so at least they have the official orders to stay together.

"Lord Klirt said the guard that survived may be in Wedding City. Do we risk that trip to possibly not find him or find out he knows nothing much or head straight for the keep? I'm open to suggestions."

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 12:24:10 AM

Akir waves to Sigvar, then listens as he asks.

"No, I do not have that spell in my spellbook, though I could scribe it from your scroll. I am worried about the spells I will have at my disposal against the creature. Helping the rest of you reach it would be a better use of spell power than tossing fireballs or lightning bolts."

He shakes the scroll at Sigvar.

"You do not mind?"

When Pru asks if they are ready to leave for dragon hunting, he asks a question of his own.

"Could we figure out what color the dragon is? Did he know, or are we going to have to go in blind?"

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 4:39:32 AM

" I do not mind. Having us more prepared means you all do not need visit my lord to ask favors. He is a busy god."
" As for the guard I say risk that he knows nothing and look for him. Akir is not like Prudence. He need to prepare his spells in advance. If he prepares lightning and it is immune or resistant, then he is reduced to his swordsmanship, throwing years of study to the side to bash his foe like a savage. Plus, I would like to know what kind of spells to pray for to protect us and be as effective as possible. I say look for the guardsman."

Sigvar certainly has changed. A few days ago, he would not have mentioned the distinction between how sorcerers and Wizards prepare their spells, nor spoken so harshly against his treasured melee skills.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 6:38:22 AM

Nikolai frowns at Anna's suggestion. "Not a good idea, specially right here at the Citadel. We'll do it by the Book and I'll talk to the Blacksmith and get it done legally. If need be we can have Commander Palance sign off on a rush job. I don't want to have to deal with a Court Martial upon our triumphant return."

That being said, Nikolai heads off to the smithy and asks the blacksmith what are the orders that fall before some Dragon Slaying Arrows. He then takes that list to Commander Palance and asks her permission to authorized the blacksmith to expedite the arrows past those orders on the list.

New Faces, New Challenges 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 5:30:37 PM

Palance looks over Nikolai's request, but regretfully shakes her head. "Sorry, we can't just put your orders before everyone else's. If we let someone's wealth determine what jobs get priority, we start to lose the honour of the Fist all over again. I'm afraid you'll just have to manage without this time."

It doesn't seem like there's much more to learn here. Nikolai weighs the merits of a trip to Wedding City, but going there and back will add near 10 days to their travel time, for only a chance of finding the right guard and hoping he remembers things clearly after a week in his cups. Though their arrow order may well be ready by the time they get back. But who knows what mischief a dragon and a wizard can get up to in almost 2 weeks?

With all the new strategy though, they are more prepared than they have been for many fights, and have always come out on top before. They certainly beat the snot out of the last dragon that thought to challenge them.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 8:22:19 PM

As they walk, Sigvar wants to know more about their foe.
" Who can tell me what to expect from a dragon? I mean, I know the basics. Big, scaly, hard to penetrate scales, some kind of elemental breath weapon, lots of melee attacks, but what else? There has to be more to them."

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 8:31:31 PM

Akir points out what he knows.

"They also have fear auras, as well as different special powers based on their colors. Some can burrow through the ground, others can slow you with their breath. It just depends."

He scratches his chin.

"As far as your spells are concerned, anything that helps those who fail to stand firm in it's presence is useful. Spells that resist energy damage don't require us to designate what kind of energy before hand, so they work as well."

He shrugs.

"I'll try to handle as many of those incidentals as I can. I'll prepare scrolls against fear, energy, and prepare fly spells. I may not be able to hurt it much directly, but I can enable others to do their job all that much better. Short of illusions and enchantments, I'm flexible."

Trayvin AC 27/12 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:35:26 PM

"You have it mostly covered Sigvar. Just one more thing. They are smart. Really smart. They aren't dumb brutes with some fire breath. They expect to win any fight and will use tactics to do so. With a wizard's help, they will be a challenge."

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 9:58:15 PM

To our hero, trust doesn't come easily. All of this information about the foes they will soon be facing all seems to "convenient" .

The Ranger leans on his bow, as he tends to do when thinking and says out loud, to no one in particular...

" Doesn't this all sound to easy to everyone? 'Hey heroes, one dragon and one wizard now go get ready!'
What are the chances that this is all just a deception? "

Prudence Gundle   d20+10=14 ;
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 10:17:12 PM

Pru listens to the information about dragons, but has nothing to add. [Knowledge: Arcana 14]

Akir says, "Spells that resist energy damage don't require us to designate what kind of energy before hand."

"Mine do," Pru sighs. "I can only protect people against fire. I guess that's because I'm only a sorcerer."

"I can link us together telepathically, though," she adds. "That might be good for strategy and stuff."

Pompous suggests that it might all be a deception. Pru grins. "Yes, maybe it's just a goblin with a bag of rotten fruit. I hope so!"

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  
Wednesday September 20th, 2017 10:33:29 PM

"We'll manage, Sir, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask." He salutes and leaves. Rejoining his friends he tells them what the commander said.

"Sorry, friends, we'll just have to do with what we've got. But that's ok, we'll come up with some novel idea that never occurred to them."

Nikolai anxiously awaits the results of the Catacomb transactions. The cash could help in this endeavor against the dragon and it's wizard partner.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17  d20+15=18 ;
Thursday September 21st, 2017 12:04:33 AM

(Know[Arcana]: 18)

Anna also has nothing to add considering she was distracted by the whole ordeal with the order of arrows.

"What makes more sense Allosaurus versus Dragon, Behemoth Hippopotamus versus Dragon or Stegosaurus verus Dragon. I can finally take the forms of Huge Animals and I would have to say those are probably my best options. Come to think of it can Dragons be tripped?" She asks her fistmates.

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 2:13:11 AM

Akir laughs at the absurd, but also sincere sentence Anna put together.

"I think the Hippo is your best choice, Anna. Maybe your larger size would make the dragon weaker to a grapple! And besides, if we cast fly on you first, the sight of a behemoth hippopotamus flying through the sky after a dragon would fill a million dinner conversations with wonder."

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 4:39:56 AM

" OK, I can handle most of those possibilities."
Sigvar stops and gathers his friends. He begins to explain his time in the chapel, showing them the note he found upon awakening
"Like I mentioned before, Gargul has transformed me. After the Vampire, where I sat in a magic circle and was unable to reach the enemy for almost the whole fight and feared that my weak mind would be our undoing I prayed to him to make me the Minotaur my mother envisioned to help save my clan. As he is fond of eyes, and of followers that know he will have their backs when they are devout, I gave him one of my own."
Sigvar raises the eye-patch to reveal an empty socket. The wound is healed, but it does not appear that the eye was removed gracefully or with any kind of precision.
" In return, he forged me into a weapon that can fight well against most foes and decimates evil, dragons, demons and mostly, undead. Through my trust in him, fear no longer affects me, nor does my mind lend itself to being controlled by outside forces. Several times a day when I will it, Gargul's wrath will descend on an evil foe I choose and make me the instrument of their destruction. My strikes will be more accurate and my blade will do more damage to them. My armor will also deflect their attacks better. I can also call upon a spirit to inhabit my blade and grace it with some magical properties."
"Gone are my fighting with two weapon skills and my ability to down multiple opponents when they move within my reach. My skill with a shield is now the same as any Fist trained warrior. He made me smarter and more compassionate, but it cost me the nimbleness I once had. He granted me spells that enhance my combat abilities and the power to tell evil in people and places. Our new employer may be a self centered fop, but his intent is not evil. So on that, I doubt HE is sending us into a trap, though the fact we knew nothing of the only other caster we have faced that had a dragon for help remains, and she may well be the wizard, and laying a trap for us."
" His protection against fear extends to those close to me, but as I intend to be in melee with the dragon if it chooses to fight, that may be of limited use to some of you who fight best at range. So I can protect myself against the fear, the breath, defeat the thick scales, at present fly enough to be a threat and his power in me allows me to heal damage to myself through positive energy."
" That is where I stand in readiness, how fare the rest of you?"

In the Interim

Whose Keep Is It? 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 5:24:17 PM

Some more planning occurs and there are discussions between the Agents about abilities new, old, and modified. They have a map and a tentative sort of plan. All that's left to do is pack up and head out. The "foppish noble" would prefer that to be as soon as possible, but the Agents know how best to operate and make that decision themselves. Once they leave, it will be a 2 day journey by horseback to get there.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:09:30 PM

And if 'some' of us don't ride?

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 8:26:23 PM

" It may be worth while taking a wagon along... for gear and loot and stuff,,, and maybe for those that don't like to ride horses... "

Shane P Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 9:12:58 PM

Michael goes with that, he goes down to the stables and begins getting the horses together, requisitions a wagon and two horses for it. for himself he gets a mule, puts his pack saddle on it and sets his padded perch up on it. he loads the wagon with rations and water for the journey as well as a few things like rope and tools. door spikes and sandbags. once everything is ready he reprorts to Nikolai informing him that transportation has been procured.

Trayvin AC 27/12 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:16:47 PM

"We should complete preparations before we leave. I think some of us have some money to spend, now would probably be a good time to upgrade equipment for the trial to come."

"Sigvar, you have made a sacrifice, but gained much as well. I hope it serves you and the Fist well. Having studied about the church of Gargul, I may be able to help guide you a bit, but the path you now walk is different from my own."

Prudence Gundle  
Thursday September 21st, 2017 10:57:06 PM

Pru helps Michael pick out and prepare the horses for travel.

"I already went to the Catacombs," she says. "I think I'm ready to go."

Indeed, Pru has seemed even more charming than usual since her trip to the Catacombs. [OOC: Upgraded her Headband of Alluring Charisma. Pru's charisma is now 24.]

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Thursday September 21st, 2017 11:11:53 PM

"Akir, would you mind coming to the sparring ring with me? Gargul will guide my hand, but that will take getting used to. I'd rather relearn how to fight with one of us than with a dragon. Besides, of all the Agents, you and your combat techniques are least known to me, I'd like to see how you fight."
Sigvar grins at the last part. He can tell the human is as strong, maybe stronger than he is. That mixxed with magic would indeed be something to see.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 23 Tch 22 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  
Friday September 22nd, 2017 12:54:05 AM

Nikolai doesn't worry about when the lord would prefer they leave. They'll leave when they are ready. Taking on a dragon isn't an easy thing, not to mention one allied with a spell caster.

When he returns to his room to prepare for the trip, he finds a small stash of coins, the proceeds from the sell of their loot. He gathers them together with the rest of his small treasure and starts thinking on how to spend it.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 2:39:51 AM

Anna says, "Anyone have 2000 gold they are willing to contribute to the purchase of a greater slaying arrow keyed to dragons? I know we can't purchase holy dragon bane arrows singly from the Fist Smithy or the Catacombs but we definitely could purchase a greater dragon slaying arrow."

"That would certainly help things with the dragon, right Pompous?" Anna asks the ranger

To Sigvar she says, "I can't turn into a dragon yet, but as previously stated I can turn into an Allosaurus. I understand wanting to get an understanding of our new fist mate's abilities and he is a wizard after all and we will be fighting a wizard at the keep too, but in addition to sparing with Akir would you like to spar with a Huge dinosaur? It is kind of similar to a dragon, just without the wings, flying ability, breath weapon and fear effect."

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 3:45:16 AM

Akir is more than happy to oblige the minotaur. Akirs combat routine is far from simple, but after a few stand offs, it begins to make sense.

He typically leads with magic missiles, enfeebling rays, or augmentations, depending on distance and enemy tactics. He transitions into mid range with a suitable augmentation spell, or scorching ray for slower foes, and the closes into melee range while enlarged. He's careful to watch the minotaurs limits on stamina, and isn't afraid to call for a yield when things start getting hairy.


Sweat drenched, Akir peels off his heavy robes and armor and sits for a moment, breathing heavily.

"Thanks for that. It's been a good wait since a proper swing of the scythe."

When the spar is over, Akir makes a few purchases, and spends a good bit of time adding new spells into his spellbook. He is under the assumption they are leaving in the morning, once everyone is prepared. He will need that long, at the minimum, to get people ready with flight spells.

(Not quite sure how that would go, since it would come down to spells and such. Sigvar would probably hit Akirs AC of 23 almost every round, even power attacking, for an average of 24 damage per round, assuming horns hit. Akir in turn is going to hit every other attack while power attacking, but will be weapon casting. He will hit for about 24 weapon damage with his scythe, but also get a free vampiric touch for an average of 10 damage, and also will heal 10 damage.

It depends on how quick you closed and if you had an answer to Akirs levitates, Ray of Enfeeblements, and Vampiric Touches.)

(With take 10's, Akir has no trouble scribing the spell into his book, or with the crafting of a few scrolls that should greatly help their chances of survival.)

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/2, HP 87/87 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 6:17:11 AM

OOC> If I was accurate with the treasure split

Silently the ranger pulls out a bag of coin and hands Anna 2000 gp...

" Here you go but this taps me out. Someone else will need to buy the mean and ale during the trip"

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 12:27:29 PM

( Once the first energy damage landed, Sigvar would ward against it, stopping 20 points per hit, probably blunting most scorching rays. Magic Missiles and Enfeeblement he would not be able to deal with other than to Lay on Hands, curing 4d6 (one level shy of 5d6 right now) per touch and removing fatigue, disease and curses. With divine favor and bless weapon, he would hit more and harder, but he has no response for someone getting away from him by flying or levitating, going to nee to be able to fly at some point, on his own.)
Sigvar will lean heavily against a post when a halt is called. He had feared it would be hard to add the paladin's magical powers to what he already knew of swordplay, but it seems it comes naturally. Only when he concentrates too much of using his own eye does he falter in his swings. When he allows Gargul to show him where his opponent is and where he is weak his strikes are true.
" True Strike, I will want that for my first swing against the dragon. Are you able to impart Heroism with your magic Akir? Any bonuses we can gain to hit would help."

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 19 - Hp 90/90 (Ken E) 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 3:27:25 PM

"True Strike is a spell known to me. Heroism is an enchantment, and though I could learn it, I tend to eschew both it and illusions. The magical languages and symbols for both goes straight past my mind into the ether. I am not much help with either of those schools."

Whose Keep Is It? 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 7:30:29 PM

It seems the Agents see the best use of their time to be shopping and sparring, the better to be ready for the upcoming encounter. Those magic missiles can really sting!

Michael procures some horses and a wagon from Q, and some supplies to see them through a few days. It's nothing like mama posie's cooking, but it will have to do.

They are ready to ride out come morning. (Please finish up your shopping and we'll progress on Monday)

Shane P Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 8:25:43 PM

Michael watches the two big men spar, and makes notes about it in his field manual. he then heads over to the library, since we aren't leaving for a day or so.

he goes up to the Head librarian and asks him What do you know about the Sages guild? Are you associated with them in any way?

Trayvin AC 27/12 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Friday September 22nd, 2017 9:32:38 PM

The others seem busy with training and seeing to their equipment. Trayvin does the same and stops in at the Catacombs.

Prudence Gundle  
Saturday September 23rd, 2017 11:34:43 AM

Pru listens with some puzzlement to Akir's talk of schools. It's the kind of thing William used to mention from time to time as well. She tentatively decides it's the kind of thing wizards care about. To her, a spell was a spell. And most of them were completely inaccessible outside a scroll, no matter what "school" they were.

"I can cast just about anything from a scroll," she offers tentatively. "Well, except Divine magic."

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