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Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)10 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22 
Thursday June 15th, 2017 8:36:06 PM

Michael assists Trayvin in his attempt to identify the remaining items. then he realizes he has no skill in Spellcraft so he settles for cheering him on.

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81 
Thursday June 15th, 2017 9:04:20 PM

Pompous scratches his chin and asks...

"What in the name of the all mighties are 'sleep arrows' ?"

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 28 (T 13, FF 23) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet 
Thursday June 15th, 2017 9:33:35 PM

Sigvar shrugs.
" My guess is it would deliver the wizard spell that causes the target to fall asleep. You know, when you have to take someone alive, from a distance."

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple) 
Thursday June 15th, 2017 11:28:46 PM

"My guess is that it delivers the Sleep spell upon impact with a living thing that such a spell can affect. You know, like a Fire Arrow explodes in flames upon impact. Some such thing like that. We can look it up at the Citadel Library."

That was Nikolai's copper's worth on the subject.

Meanwhile, he takes out his map and marks the place as best he can Vampire Spawn cave. They may never be able to find it again but it looks cool on the map.

Prudence Gundle  d20+13=26 ; d20+13=22 ; d20+13=19 ; d20+13=27 ;
Friday June 16th, 2017 12:11:13 AM

Pru keeps identifying, hoping to catch the items that Trayvin may have missed.

[26, 22, 19, 27]

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- AC 27/14/24- HP 66/66 -- CMD 17 
Friday June 16th, 2017 1:35:11 AM

Anna says, "If you guys still can't identify something, I'll give it a whirl but I have to use material resources to cast so I'll wait."

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Friday June 16th, 2017 4:19:23 PM

After Trayvin finishes studying the items, he hands them back to Pru and Anna.

"So, how much farther is it to the wedding? We should probably get moving after this little detour slowed us down."

Onwards to the Wedding 
Friday June 16th, 2017 7:52:39 PM

Between the two of them, Pry and Trayvin finish identifying the magic items. 2 potions of shield of faith, one of stabilize, a ring of protection +1, and wands of mage armor, magic stone, and magic missile.

Nikolai notes to cave's location on the map, just in case, and then they are ready to resume their original journey. As long as they can regain their bearings that is. survival

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 28 (T 13, FF 23) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet 
Saturday June 17th, 2017 10:55:12 AM

" I would like those potions of light and stabilize. They are things I can not do and that could be useful."

Prudence Gundle 
Saturday June 17th, 2017 3:39:22 PM

"I would like that scroll of False Life," Pru says. "Though for a Fist mage, it almost seems like cheating."

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  d20+14=28 ;
Saturday June 17th, 2017 6:05:03 PM

"If no one else has the need for the Ring of Protection +1, I'll take it," Nikolai puts his bid in.

Consulting his map, Nikolai makes his guess as to which way to go.

Survival (Forest Favored Terrain) +14 = 28

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- AC 27/14/24- HP 66/66 -- CMD 17  d20+9=12 ;
Saturday June 17th, 2017 6:40:12 PM

Anna says, "I think I could probably convince any of those wands to work, with that being said making magic rocks is kind of obsolete when I can turn into creatures. I don't really need mage armor when I have my mithril plate. Magic missile isn't really useful for me either."

She then tries to help Nikolai get their bearings at the map. (Survival 12 vs 10 = success so Nikolai gets a +2 for 30 total)

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81  d20+9=23 ;
Saturday June 17th, 2017 9:26:47 PM

Survival 23 (or 27 if the area is considered to be a forest )

Pompous, bow at the ready,

" It's this way guys.... "

AC 31 T 24 F 24 CMD 31 35 vBull Rush or Trip; HP 71/ 71 "Tinker" (SteveK) 
Sunday June 18th, 2017 3:57:06 PM

Tinker falls in with the group.

Onwards to the Wedding 
Monday June 19th, 2017 2:49:50 PM

Bids are made for various items, and others are planned for sale.

Nikolai finds the way back to their trail, which is easily confirmed by Pompous, who had never lost his bearings at all.

Once the trail is resumed, it is a matter of another couple of quiet days of walking. please let me know if you plan to do anything on the trail - otherwise, I'll move this along.

The forest has been thinning as you travel, and eventually disappears altogether behind you. After breaking camp on the 3rd day of travel, it only takes a few hours more for the town to come into sight in the distance. As the Agents head towards the town, they come upon a closed carriage pulled by four horses moving along another road a little ways off, towards the town at roughly the same speed as they. Looking back on the other road, it appears to lead back towards some cliffs a short distance away. If you maintain your current speed, you should meet approximately where the roads join about mile outside of the first houses.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 28 (T 13, FF 23) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+10=22 ; d20+4=20 ; d20+4=20 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 4:43:51 PM

During the trip Sigvar speaks to Anna about producing chickens, feed and cages to contain them as gifts for Pru's sister and her husband to be. He figures that two good laying hens and a rooster should set the couple up fairly well and allow them to expand at their own pace. He asks if she can pull these from her bag when she is not in need of it's contents to keep them alive. He has gold ready to repay her whatever the cost might be.

( I come out to about 10 gold. 1 per chicken, 2 per cage, figuring them as tiny and a gold worth of feed to get us there) Your results may vary. Let me know what I owe 8).

Upon seeing the other carriage Sigvar quietly pulls and strings his bow, then lays it in the bed of the wagon with his quiver of arrows. He wants it ready, but not threatening. He tries to get a good look at the carriage. Is there any symbols or livery on it? If there is can he tell what the symbols are so he can describe them to some of the more knowledgeable in the group? Does the carriage appear to be military? Are they racing along or proceeding at a normal pace? Is the carriage in good repair and does it appear sound?
Perception 22
Profession Soldier 20
Knowledge Engineering 20

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Monday June 19th, 2017 7:17:26 PM

Trayvin looks forward to meeting Pru's sister and husband-to-be. He's glad that the town doesn't appear to be under attack. Maybe this will be a relaxed visit instead of an 'exciting' one.

AC 31 T 24 F 24 CMD 31 35 vBull Rush or Trip; HP 71/ 71 "Tinker" (SteveK) 
Monday June 19th, 2017 8:21:43 PM

Tinker enjoys his three days travel, camping, companionship, and culinary experiments. The dwarf uses his time to take a few nails and turn it into a puzzle. Maybe a good wedding present!

Prudence Gundle 
Monday June 19th, 2017 10:18:04 PM

Pru is what her mother used to call "all of a tizzy," anticipating the meeting with her family--or parts of it at least. She really is trying not to be a pest to the rest of her Fist, and probably not succeeding all that well.

She is curious, however, about the approaching coach. "Looks fancy," she says. "I wonder who it belongs to?"

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  d20+15=23 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 10:47:59 PM

Nikolai maintains the Fist protocols for traveling and camping, and when possible, cross training in the different Fist tactics.

Fortunately things go well the rest of the way. He does not suspect anything unusual from the carriage, however Fist protocol requires preparedness nonetheless.

"Fancy carriage. Pru, is the groom an important person? Does your family hold any important status the wedding would attract nobility?"

He looks for an escort and any identifiable emblems on the carriage when they are close enough.
Perception +15 = 23

"Stay on guard but be cordial," he says but knows its not necessary, when they get close enough to see the carriage clearly and any escorts, then moves forward to greet the driver.

"Hello Sir driver. You need not fear us. As you see by our uniforms we are members of the Mailed Fist, traveling to yonder town. I am Nikolai and these are my companions." He pauses for a response from the driver or any escort, if there is any.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- AC 27/14/24- HP 66/66 -- CMD 17 
Monday June 19th, 2017 10:56:08 PM

Anna pulls the gifts she decided on for Pru's sister from her bag of trick and offers to pull gifts from the bag for her friends in exchange for an equivalent amount of gold or an IOU if they are currently short.

Anna pulls from the bag master work artisan's tools for sewing (55 gp), a pound of gold thread (50 gp) and a variety of other colorful threads (OOC: Oh kindly DM what is the cost for the colorful threads?)

She refills her bag of tricks daily as needed and says to her friends, "Let me know if you need me to pull gifts for Pru's sister from the bag of tricks. I'll do equivalent exchange for gold or an IOU for when you get gold."

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)10 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22  d20+15=34 ;
Monday June 19th, 2017 11:14:53 PM

Michael guesses that cash is a good enough wedding present. perhaps a bit impersonal, but at the same time, he knows not these people so the gift is apt. He loosens his blades in their scabbards rides out to the side of the wagon as it approaches. should strife arrive, he wants to take the wagon under enfilade with a minimum of fuss or lost motion.

Perception 34

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81  d20+13=33 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 6:25:17 AM

Our legendary ranger actually has very little interest in the wedding. Events like this makes very boring entries in his chronicles.

Instead of making preparation, Pompous decides to keep watch over the other and ensure that everyone is safe (perception natural 20- 33).

Onwards to the Wedding 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 5:40:37 PM

The back of the wagon is getting quite full of gifts for the wedding. It's a good thing that there are so many attendees, else the sheer volume of gifts would look quite extravagant. Anna pulls as many threads as she likes, a bit fascinated by the colours she can imagine, and has more than a family seamstress could use in a year's time after spending a gold pieces worth of time extracting them from her bag.

Nikolai rides up and greets the driver. He responds pleasantly. "Well met, we are also bound to Twin Lakes."

Not having had contact with her family for some time before the note from her sister, Pru knows little of the town, the wedding, or even who the groom is. All she knows is what was in the note inviting her and her chosen compaions.

As Michael rides around the carriage, he notices that it is a bit odd compared to others that he has seen. Pompous notices this also, and despite his disinterest in the wedding, finds this bit interesting enough to mention.

Once pointed out, Sigvar gives it a look with his engineer's eye, but can't seem to place what exactly is different.

There are no distinguishing marks, but the carriage is very well constructed, and a trained eye can see that the crafting would not be cheap. They cannot see inside.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 28 (T 13, FF 23) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+4=12 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 7:39:34 PM

The oddness of the carriage vexes Sigvar. He looks closer, trying to figure out how the wagon is different from those he has seen before. However it still eludes him
Knowledge Engineering 12
To the driver he says, " That carriage, it's different from the ones I have seen before. It looks sturdy. How does it ride?"

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 9:07:14 PM

Trayvin isn't too concerned about the wagon, he's just glad it isn't spitting fireballs and crossbow bolts at the Agents.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  d20+5=9 ; d20+1=13 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 10:42:37 PM

Spells in effect: Mage Armor

Nikolai glances at the horses pulling the carriage (how many?) and tries to determine their quality (Knowledge Nature +5 = 9) and the quality of their harnesses and gear (Appraise +1 = 13) to see if they are of nobility or just a wealthy person, maybe local magistrate or judge or some such type of official.

"Twin Lakes is not a very big place. Are you passing through or sticking around a while," he asks, fishing for their reason for going there. He does not want to divulge a wedding to strangers. It's not polite to go about blabbing about a party when you are a semi-invited guest.

Prudence Gundle 
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 10:43:36 PM

"Anna if you could pull out a nice serving platter and bowl for me, I would greatly appreciate it," Pru says. "You know, the kind of thing you set out on the table when company comes. It looks like I'm not going to have time to shop."

Pru is curious about the carriage, but even more curious what awaits her in town. She shifts from foot to foot, clearly anxious to be off.

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)10 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22  d20+14=32 ;
Tuesday June 20th, 2017 11:13:18 PM

Michael speaks up, Ya'll headed to the wedding as well? totally missing Nikolai's tactful omission.

Perception 32

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- AC 27/14/24- HP 66/66 -- CMD 17  d20+9=24 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 5:21:34 AM

(OOC: chickens are 2 cp each, We can go w/ your cage and I'm going to say feed is 1 cp since a pound of wheat is 1cp so that is 4gp, 5cp)

Over the course of the trip, Anna also pulls 2 chickens, 2 cages, and 1 bag of feed for Sigvar. She also pulls a moonstone valued at 88.74 gp to add to the other things she is gifting them with as she doesn't know what to get the husband and a gem is a good as cash.

On another day after she refills the bag she also satisfies Pru's request. (let me know how much you want to spend; per art objects a decorated silver plate is 60 gp and an engraved silver bowl is 75 gp but IDK if you have a better idea of how much you want to spend)

When she sees the wagon she scopes it out (Perception: 24)

She also asks the horses pulling the cart how they are and where they came from.

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81  d20+13=15 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 6:39:23 AM

Pompous's perception gets a bit weaker as he gets distracted by the crowds and sights. He lets the other mill about and takes on the body guard role, keeping an eye on his team.

That carriage keeps bugging him. The "unknowing" of where it's from makes him very curious. In addition to keeping watch on the team, he keeps an eye on it, trying to see who or what comes in or out of it.

Onwards to the Wedding 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 5:03:16 PM

All that the horses have to say is that they came from a place towards the cliffs where they are well stabled, fed, and groomed. The life is not terribly exciting, but it is an easy one for this team.

The driver chats pleasantly. "Oh I don't bother myself with details much. I just point the team where the Master says to go and I gets him there. Rain or shine, night or day."

But when Michael mentions the wedding, a panel slides open on the side of the carriage. You cannot see much inside other than a candle providing some light and some papers that are quickly shuffled away and out of sight. Michael only Highlight to display spoiler: {Make a will save vs DC 24 }

An elderly gentleman calls out to Michael. “Oh the Verity wedding! Indeed, I am headed there as well, as I am part of the family on the other side. It is my grandson, Zoonor, that is being wed! Is this not a wonderful day?”

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 28 (T 13, FF 23) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+10=19 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 7:16:12 PM

Abandoning his attempt to figure out the engineering of the wagon, Sigvar attempts to decipher how many occupants it has from it's luggage. ( luggage should be strapped to the outside right?)
Perception 19
Upon hearing the old man inside speak to Michael, Sigvar rests easier. This man is part of the groom's family, thus he should be alright, right? With the question of who Pru's sister is marrying and the occupants of the carriage resolved, Sigvar turns his thoughts to a nice Inn for the evening and a hot bath to clean away the grime of the road.

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 8:38:32 PM

Trayvin tries to take an inconspicuous look at the baggage. If he can figure out what they are bringing as a gift, it will give him a better idea of what gift would be appreciated.

Prudence Gundle 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 10:13:49 PM

[OOC: I've deducted 100 gold for both pieces, so they'll be slightly less fancy.]

Pru listens to the woman in the carriage with a puzzled frown. The Verity wedding? she thinks. What an odd turn of phrase. "Verity's wedding" I would understand, or "the Gundle wedding," but....has Verity given up her family name? And who in the Wold is Zoonor? There was nobody in the village by that name.

Pru has a million questions, but it seems rude to just shove forward and start interrogating the old woman. So she merely says. "I am Verity's sister, Prudence."

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple) 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 10:26:06 PM

'Ah, grandson. we represent the bride's family. Two parts of each family arriving together is a good omen, I'd think. Care if we join you and enter Twin Lakes together? Your carriage is probably faster than our wagon so you take the lead. My associate Pru and I can scout out the road ahead to insure its safe. Part of our Mailed Fist training. Never let your guard down."

He motions the wagon to fall in behind the carriage and motions for Pru he and Sigvar to move ahead 50 yards to scout the path. Meanwhile he motions Trayvin to take one side of the carriage and Anna the other and Pompous, Tinker, and MIchael make sure no threats pop up from the rear.

Once he's sure he's out of hearing he comments to Pru, "Your sister may be marrying up, it seems, and smiles.

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)10 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22  d20+7=14 ;
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 10:44:20 PM

Michael eases along with the rest of the party.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- AC 27/14/24- HP 66/66 -- CMD 17 
Wednesday June 21st, 2017 11:34:05 PM

Anna grabs a a decent bowl and plate worth 100 gold for Pru along the way. She also pulls a stilled scroll of grease (CL 3) and a scroll of Detect Undead (CL 2) before refilling the bag again.

Anna says to Nikolai, "Remember how we encountered the vampire spawn but we never found the master vampire? I happen to have pulled a scroll of detect undead from my bag of tricks. I'm not super familiar with Master Vampires, do you have an idea of what they might look like so I can have a clue about when it might be a good idea to start seeing if there is an undead nearby?"

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81 
Thursday June 22nd, 2017 6:31:02 AM

Pompous stays back of the carriage, within bow shot (20 feet) and readies himself to defend the party (readied action),

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