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Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 78/78 CMD 27/29(Grapple)   d20+11=15 ;
Saturday January 13th, 2018 5:59:24 PM

Fort + 11 = 15 Save DC 20 or be deafened for 3 rounds.

Deafened by the noise, Nikolai can't hear what anyone is saying but can see what they are doing. His gut feeling about going north to investigate now becomes an obvious thing to do. He motions his friends to follow Sigvar.

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/20, HP 87/87  d20+11=13 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 8:25:23 PM

All of a sudden there comes a horrendous crash and things sound as if the Wold is tearing itself apart.

Pompous covers both his ears but it's to late. The intensity of the sound deafens the ranger. Pompous' mouth is open wide as he is mildly stunned, and a little bit scared by his inability to hear what the others are saying. He points to his ears indicating to the others that he is deaf.

deafened for 3 rounds

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 76/76 -- CMD 24  d20+8=15 ;
Sunday January 14th, 2018 9:12:10 PM

(Fort save = 15 = fail)

Anna suddenly becomes deafened by cacophony. She thinks to all the spell like abilities and forms she has open to her but unfortunately none of them seem suited to the task at hand so she goes over by Pru and puts her hands over her ears, hoping Pru gets the message.

Red Sky 
Monday January 15th, 2018 2:51:36 PM

Sigvar casts a spell and quickly start off towards the north. He watches the meteors move and suspects that the nearest one has hit the ground an couple hours to the north. They look somehow natural (as in not supernatural or magical) and heís not heard of anything like this related to the gods or any religion.

Trayvin pauses, ready to move as a team.

Shane directs the recruits with hand signals and sees that they, too, are covering their ears and have likely been affected by the boom. They appear to understand him and move towards the citadel. Shane turns back to the north.

Pru watches a cart go by and then holds onto a wall for dear life. She cannot hear and isnít sure what is going to happen next or what she should do.

Akir more calmly watches the meteors fly overhead and covers himself as he watches them pass. He is pretty sure at least one has crashed less than a dayís travel from the citadel, directly north.

Nikolai is also shocked by the sound, but he retains his wits and leadership. He sees Sigvar head off and he gestures for the rest of the fist to join him as he moves north as well.

Pompous covers his ears, but when he removes his hands, he still cannot hear. He looks around and tries to communicate with the others that he cannot hear. Anna moves to Pru and attempts to tell her that she is deaf.

Sigvar has started off to the north and Nikolai has indicated that others should follow. Some of the townspeople are sitting down on the ground crying. Recruits and other soldiers are quickly headed back to the citadel, forming up ranks and seeking safety in numbers. A few of the townspeople have also joined them, clearly scared by the meteors. Others have come together into the town square again, ready for an attack. It is still quiet around the town, especially after the boom, and especially for those who cannot hear. Nothing else appears to be moving, but there are still a few meteors flying high overhead.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 102/114 Character Sheet  d20+6=26 ;
Monday January 15th, 2018 4:19:06 PM

Sigvar pauses in the Square allowing his Fistmates, and the civilians to regain their hearing. When they have he addresses the civilians.
" Keep rebuilding. We will head toward the site where they crashed. Anything that comes from them will have to go through us to get here. Militia, guard them with your lives. Bandits have already tried to take advantage of these disasters, likely they will try again. We will either return after the threat is assessed and dealt with or we will use any knowledge gained there to help put an end to these disasters."
Diplomacy 26 to inspire them and help quell their fears

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 22 - Hp 108/90 (Ken E) 
Monday January 15th, 2018 6:17:55 PM

Akir moves quickly, putting himself in a position to mount up, if that is possible. Surely the citadel had a few horses remaining?

Even if the others weren't doing the same math he was, everyone knew where they needed to go, he was certain. He makes sure that the deafening noise caused no lasting damage to his allies, then gathers his pack to move out.

Trayvin AC 30/15 touch Hp 78/86(BrianZ) 
Monday January 15th, 2018 7:30:46 PM

The townspeople still had the Citadel for protection. Well it was better than nothing anyway. The rest of the Agents begin moving off to check the meteor crash site. Trayvin offers a prayer to the gods of the Wold and follows.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 78/78 CMD 27/29(Grapple)  
Monday January 15th, 2018 8:59:11 PM

At last able to hear, he catches Sigvar's speech to the townspeople. He is pleased to see leadership in each member of Nikolai's Fist. Once Sigvar finishes and the rest of the Fist is together, he leads the way, not that anyone really needs to lead at this point.

"Standard Fist procedures, keep your eyes peeled," he calls out. His voice still sounds a bit strange.

OOC: I didn't think of using any horses, but then again, why would there be any still hanging around and not busted out or not too skittyish to ride, I don't know. :)

Prudence Gundle 
Monday January 15th, 2018 10:06:41 PM

Still a little spooked, Pru joins her fist. She hopes they'll be able to deal with whatever fell out of the sky.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 76/76 -- CMD 24 
Monday January 15th, 2018 11:33:02 PM

Anna follows after Pru continuing to put her hands over her ears and looking at whatever Fist member she happens to be nearest hoping they get the message. The ringing in her ears was getting annoying.

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 1:11:40 AM

Michael figures the rest of his team ought to be heading towards where the meteors went down just as soon as they okay it with the boss. so he begins to round up horses and supplies for the trip. with everyone deafened it aught to be easy...not!

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/20, HP 87/87 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 6:33:29 AM

Pompous is still distraught over not being able to hear. He sees Anna and Pru heading out and follows them.

Deft 2 rounds.

Red Sky 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 2:36:01 PM

The agents work to coordinate in the confusion. Sigvar pauses on a mound of dirt to the north of the central square of the town. He addresses the citizens and those that can hear him calm down. The calm seems to spread quickly as the militia members take note. Nikolai nods in approval and heads up the agents to the north.

Akir checks for horses. He does find that there are still a few around, and some have returned after having run off either during the first earthquake or the meteor storm. The horses he finds are very skittish and may give him trouble, especially when he leads them to the north. They really donít want to go that direction. Michael helps with the horses, but he can tell it will be rough if they make the horses join them.

Trayvin offers up a prayer and heads off with the group. Pru and Anna join in as Anna tries to let others know about the ringing in her ears. Pompous gets the message and nods to Anna.

The group heads north and into the hills north of town. There are a few smaller trees and such in the direction of travel, but nothing anyone would call a forest. There are enough hills that you cannot see too far ahead, except when you are on the top of a hill.

As you move, you notice the air is a little hazy, limiting vision even more. There is a bit of dust in the air, more than normal for this area. You can see and hear more meteors flying overhead and hitting the ground far away.

Perception, DC 12: Highlight to display spoiler: {The further you move north, the more you see grasses burned to the ground.}.
Perception, DC 15: Highlight to display spoiler: {You notice a trail of dead birds on the ground, more as you continue northward}.
There are bits of red grass that donít look normal here.
Knowledge, Nature DC 10 or Knowledge, Local, DC 12: Highlight to display spoiler: {The red grasses are not normal to this area and appear quite new}.
Knowledge, Nature DC 15: Highlight to display spoiler: {The grasses are very abnormal and appear twisted and almost in pain!}

As you pass over another hill, you spot two dead deer bodies in the next valley. The fur on the animals looks burnt off and there is a lot of blood on the ground. There is a small wild dog nearby, still writhing in pain, frothing at the mouth. Its eyes are rolled back in its head as it writhes on the ground. The impact site must be just over the next hillÖ

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/20, HP 87/87  d20+8=27 ; d20+18=24 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 4:35:09 PM

Nature knowledge check 27
Perception 24 ( minus deft penalties)

The ranger yells out to the group " The red grasses are not normal to this area and appear quite new!!!"

He shakes his head from side to side, trying to get his hearing back..

" The grasses are very abnormal and appear twisted and almost in pain! "

He points out to the others something North on the road ....

" Dead birds! A trail of them! This is NOT good! "

Deft 1 round

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 22 - Hp 108/90 (Ken E) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 5:29:54 PM

Akir brings his animal to a stop, and calls for a hold.

"Dead animals abound. We should probably not take the horses any further, they might be susceptible to whatever these things were fleeing from, or the spores and dust perhaps."

With a hard slap on the rump, Akir sends his horse heading home. He considers the ridge, and withdraws a feather from his component pouch. He breathes over it, reciting a spell, and soon he is hovering a little off the ground. He gives a wary glance at the sky.

"When astral bodies are hurtled to the ground, it makes a man of reason unreasonably nervous."

Akir raises himself high enough up in the air to see over the hill and whatever lies beyond.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 102/114 Character Sheet  d20+14=30 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 5:50:43 PM

Guys, 3 rounds is all of 18 seconds. Sigvar took this into account when he " pauses in the Square allowing his Fistmates, and the civilians to regain their hearing. When they have he addresses the civilians."
You can hear.
No way we walked out here after chasing skittish horses Sigvar can't ride, thus limiting the group's movement to 20 unless you want him to meet you there tomorrow, all in less than 18 seconds.
The question is, how long DID this walk take? Sigvar has spells to track.

Perception 30
" Alot of this damage looks to be from heat or fire. Note the scorched animals and the burned grasses. We may want to take precautions vs fire before going much farther."
Sigvar pauses to await Akir's better view of the path ahead.

Trayvin AC 30/15 touch Hp 86/86(BrianZ) 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 7:10:51 PM

"That's a good idea Sigvar. I only have one resist energy prepared, who wants it?"

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/20, HP 87/87 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 7:48:27 PM

.... " HEY! I CAN HEAR!!! "

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24  d20+17=26 ; d20+3=22 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 9:40:20 PM

on the ride over Michael makes notes in his book. the past 48hrs have been so busy he hasn't had time. He notes the red grasses, the dead wildlife and even manages to make a few sketches of the things. after his notes he thinks about red grasses and looks through his book, noting the references past authors have made to such things. Not much,

Yeah I don't think that red grass is normal. the plants look twisted and sick from it. I wonder if the the same thing is affecting that dog?

He puts his book up and puts his game face on. this whole thing stinks of impending violence and Michael wants to be ready He looks down to find that his blades have filled his hands. he manuvers closer to Pru, that way he can be sure of getting the benefits of her magic when things go pear shaped.

Perception 26
Knowledge (nature) 22

OOC: We usually have a wagon with us when we travel by horse. this is to account for any folk who cannot ride and to also haul loot, prisoners, and any extra supplies we might need. I don't think it's too far out of the realm of possibility that we have a simular set up on this trip. I would also assume since the animals don't want to approach too closely that we would dismount and walk the last hundred or so yard in.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 78/78 CMD 27/29(Grapple)   d20+16=33 ; d20+5=16 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 10:11:19 PM

OOC: check your headers. Some of you guys still show damage. :)

Perception +16 = 33
Knowledge Nature +5 = 16

"There is a lot of burn damage here but where's the fire? Shouldn't there be a lot of smoke and trees on fire still? Very strange. And the coloring on these grasses, very unusual," Nikolai muses out loud.

"Keep your eyes and noses open for any signs of a forest fire."

Nikolai keeps heading towards the suspected impact sight, however he chooses to climb a hill so they can look down upon it.

"Let's head up this hill to get a better view of the surrounding area."

Prudence Gundle 
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 10:16:08 PM

Pru looks around uneasily. For the first few minutes after recovering her hearing, she'd made quiet "Aaaah Ooooh Eeeee" noises just to make sure she really could hear again.

And now, looking at this blasted landscape, she says, "I can cast Protection from Fire....let me see....eighteen times. Though I hope we won't need that many. I can do without one myself."

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 76/76 -- CMD 24  d20+10=17 ;
Tuesday January 16th, 2018 10:37:01 PM

(OOC: Maybe I was meta-dming but the write up said 3 rounds / 3 posts so I thought Anna was still deaf!?!)

(Perception: 17; Know[Nature] mod is +15 so I autopass Know[Nature] with those DCs)

Anna says, "I concur with both the observations of burned grass, dead birds, and new non-native grasses that are twisted and in pain."

Anna tries to talk to twisted grass using her Queen's Speech ability.

Anna then tries to talk to the wild dog writhing in pain asking, "Is there anything we can do to help you?"

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 5:31:36 AM

Eh...if there was a fire wouldn't we see smoke? there's a lot of dust in the air from the impact, but I don't think we got a wildfire to deal with. Save your protection from fire till it becomes obvious we need it.

Red Sky 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 2:53:10 PM

The group moves along. Members debate about fire and ash, but Michael spots the lack of smoke. There is still a good deal of ash in the air, so it is difficult to see much ahead. When Akir raises himself up, he really cannot see anything out of the ordinary. If anything, the dust appears to be thicker ahead and there might be something moving around in the shadows in the dust, but he really canít see that well. Nikolai steps up a hill to attempt to scout ahead as well.

Akir & Nikolai, perception DC 20: Highlight to display spoiler: {It does look like there might be a number of shadowy things moving in the dust in the next depression, but they arenít moving very fast if they are indeed things at all.}

Michael, Perception DC 10, everyone else DC 15: Highlight to display spoiler: {Indeed, the redness from the animals seems to be more of an irritation than firey. In the animals, much of the red is from blood. In addition, the dust and haze in the air have a tint of red to them, which makes everything look eerie and reddish, even skin of others in your group. The grasses also appear spoiled, not burnt at all.}

Michael prepares for battle as Anna heads over to the twisted grass. She tries to speak to the grass, but she only gets feelings of pain. This seems quite odd to her because even if the grass was in pain, she should be able to speak to it and get more from it than just feelings. She cannot tell if this is because her ability is not working right or because of something else entirely. When she heads towards the dog to speak to it, the dog stops writhing for a moment and one bloody eye turns to look at her. It tries to roll over, but instead just howls in pain. A moment later it stops moving entirely.

Yes, time has passed. It has likely taken an hour or three to get to where you are from the citadel. All hearing loss has passed. And yes, check headers, everyone should have healed before you headed out here.

I think for this trip, because of the skittishness of the horses, and the fact that you just turned some back, itís not that important if the horses and wagon went along with you. Since Akir just sent a horse home, weíll go with no horses and wagons. The horses would REALLY have not wanted to go, anyway.

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 22 - Hp 108/90 (Ken E)  d20+10=30 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 4:53:02 PM

Perception: 30 (Nat 20)

Not one to leave much up to chance, Akir calls out what he sees.

"Multiple forms spotted! I'm taking a closer look!"

He casts Shield from a scroll, chanting the words he reads off the vellum - and squinting as they burn up in turn. He rubs the ash from his fingers, then flies towards the creatures, or shadows, if that is what they are, as fast as he can so that he can give Nikolai a better report.

Fly: 6 minutes
Shield: 1 minute

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 102/114 Character Sheet  d20+14=20 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 5:11:47 PM

Perception 20
" Their bodies seem....raw. Like they scratched off all of their skin in irritation. No wonder they are all in pain."
Sigvar hears the call from Akir, about forms moving in the next depression. They might be more dying animals or they might be the cause of this ....What? Plague? scourge? What should they call it? It seems something bad has come from the meteors, something that is infecting or simply destroying the flesh of the creatures here.
The Paladin trusts in Gargul's faith to protect him. He raises his shield and follows Akir over the hilltop and into the next depression.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet 
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 5:20:53 PM

fixing my header

Trayvin AC 26/11 touch Hp 106/106(BrianZ)  d20+8=26 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 8:51:59 PM

Trayvin takes a look at the dog with Anna. He tries to identify what killed it. (heal check = 26)

"We have to stop this....whatever this is." Trayvin hopes that they can.

Prudence Gundle  d20=16 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 10:24:12 PM

"Oh," Pru says, looking at the dead deer and the suffering dog. "Oh, the poor things. Anna, do....do you think what happened to them could happen to us?"

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 78/78 CMD 27/29(Grapple)   d20+16=22 ;
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 11:58:33 PM

Perception +16 DC20 = 22

Nikolai agrees with Akir. From his vantage point, there appears to be some forms moving around in the dust just below their hill. He motions for the Fist to gather together and wait for a report from the Akir the Flying Scout.

"If indeed this dust is causing the irritation, we don't want to all go running into it. Akir will let us know of that danger. Let us give him a moment to scout that area out."

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 76/76 -- CMD 24  d20+15=21 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:15:13 AM

"Well the grass didn't really say anything but it conveyed it was in pain." Anna says to her Fist Mates.

She then tries to figure out if what is affecting the local flora and fauna is in anyway magical. (Know: Arcana 21)

She shares what she finds with the rest of the group.

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24  d20+17=20 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 12:40:40 AM

Hey something is irritating the animal's skin, turning it and the grass red. Does this haze in the air have a red tint to it or is it just my going paranoid..well more paranoid...could this be some sort of contagion?

Micheal checks his hands, rubs his face and sees if there is any red residue in the sweat of his brow.

perception 20.

Pompous AC 25 CMD 25/20, HP 87/87  d20+18=21 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 6:33:32 AM

Pompous nocks an arrow and readies with the others.

" I'm not liking this. It all feels 'unnatural'. The fauna and the flora are in distress. The very air.... I'm not liking this at all.... "

perception 21- keeping an eye out for signs of trouble

Red Sky 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 1:29:27 PM

Trayvin heads over to the dog. He examines it and can only tell at this point that it appears to have died from massive blood loss. There are gaps and missing fur in places as well that may have contributed to the blood loss, but it is unlike anything he has seen before.

Anna examines the plants. They are natural, but they are not. They appear to have been affected by something, but not something magical. Perhaps something from not of this Wold. To Anna this is very strange and extremely unnatural.

Michael checks his hands and sweat. Is that something ree on them? Everything is so tinged with red right now, he's not quite sure. There is no bleeding red in his sweat...yet...

Meanwhile, Akir peeks over the next hill and Sigvar heads to the top of the hill to scout ahead:

As the group slips over the last rise, they come upon a scene of apparent destruction and devastation. You have clearly found the site of the meteor strike. At the center of a low area in the hills, you see a large, deep, steaming red crater. You cannot see the bottom of it, but there is a red glow coming from the crater. There is more of the strange red grass around the edges of the crater. There are a few animals here on the ground, a deer and a small dog, bleeding out and writhing in pain. Off to the side of the crater is a strange sight: a number of animals that are not on the ground and dying. There is a group of very large boar here. Each boar is nearly seven feet tall and ten feet long. They are truly massive creatures. They have long, large tusks and bright red, bloody eyes. There are patches of fur missing from some of their sides and heads. The one nearest you is dripping large amounts of blood from its nose. The group appears to be rooting around and sniffing the air around them, unlike all the other animals youíve seen that are dead and dying in the area.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet  d20+14=23 ; d20+15=25 ; d20+8=15 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 7:02:41 PM

" Trayvin, if you have a wand of healing, maybe you might want to see what effect it has on one of the animals. It might be good to know how healing affects this, because we are already neck deep in the same stuff so....."
While making that observation, Sigvar studies the boars. He is no scholar in natural things, that is Anna's thing. He has never seen a boar this BIG before though. The glowing eyes and signs of trauma lead him to believe that these boars are not exactly as Gargul may have made the originally though. He thinks whatever came in the meteor has infected or possessed them. To that end he studies them with all of the resources at his disposal.
Use Detect evil.
Perception 23
Knowledge Religion 25
Knowledge Planes 15

Trayvin AC 26/11 touch Hp 106/106(BrianZ) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 8:48:56 PM

"That's a good idea Sigvar, but I think we may have a more pressing matter. Anna? What do you know about those?"

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 78/78 CMD 27/29(Grapple)   d8+1=3 ; d20+11=18 ;
Thursday January 18th, 2018 10:36:46 PM

Nikolai pulls out the group's wand of Cure Light Wounds.
"Keep an eye on them and blast them if they even twitch in our direction."

He approaches the nearest 'normal' animal in agony and uses one charge of the wand.

Cure Light Wounds D8+1 = 3 hp cured.

He waits a few seconds (1 round) to study the effects.

Heal Check + 11 = 18

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 22 - Hp 108/90 (Ken E) 
Thursday January 18th, 2018 11:57:42 PM

Akir isn't so sure they aren't wasting an advantage.

"Nikolai... those boars.. I do not think they should be allowed to leave here. This red .. fungus..seems invasive. I do not think it wise to allow them into the wild again where they might spread the affliction elsewhere.

I want to suggest they be put down."

He withdraws a potion of enlarge person, and drinks it.

Prudence Gundle 
Friday January 19th, 2018 12:16:13 AM

"Blast them if they come for us. Got it." Pru gets ready to lob a Fireball at the boars if they seem hostile.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/14/21 HP 76/76 -- CMD 24  d20+9=21 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 2:14:20 AM

"I don't know if we could suffer the same fate as these poor animals. Whatever this is is unnatural and somewhat beyond what I'm familiar with." Anna says to Pru.

Anna attempts to communicate with the Boar, "Is there anything we can do to help you?" She calls out to it and attempts to use wild empathy to communicate to them non-hostility

(Wild Empathy : 21)

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24  d20+22=28 ; d20+13=24 ; d6+1=7 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 3:59:42 AM

if the boars have not noticed the group yet. Michael takes a bit of time and finds a hidden place from which to launch his attack when they do notice us. Perhaps a tree along the primary approach path. if no such place exists he loads his hoopak up and gets ready to hit one when they start our way.

Hey Pru, how about some of that fast mover voodoo that you do so well. .

Stealth 28.
readied action throw staff sling stone To hit AC 24 for 7 points (but only if I cannot find a place to hide and only when they begin to move toward us. otherwise, I'm waiting for the surprise attack my cover will provide me.

Red Sky 
Friday January 19th, 2018 8:06:19 PM

Sigvar checks out the massive boars. He stares at them carefully to attempt to detect evil. He does not detect any evil. They do look angry. And very large. Trayvin takes a peek and asks Anna about the creatures. Nikolai moves over to a diseased deer on the ground and uses the wand of cure light wounds. It appears to mend some skin back together, but the creature still writhes in pain and is bleeding all over the ground. At this point, Nikolai wonders how much blood an animal like that might have in it.

Michael moves to the side, picking out a good place to set up an ambush. Pru prepares for a fireball launch. Anna walks up to the front and calls out to the boarsÖ

As soon as Anna calls out, all the boars stop and look in her direction. The group of them stand tall and sniff the air. A moment later, the herd moves as one and charges directly at the group!


Trayvin AC 28/13 touch Hp 106/106(BrianZ) 
Friday January 19th, 2018 9:01:35 PM

"Well, so much for friendly. Looks like we'll have to communicate the old fashioned way."

Trayvin adds some defense to his armor before the charge hits. This one might sting a bit.

Actions: cast shield of faith

Prudence Gundle  10d6=35 ;
Friday January 19th, 2018 10:16:01 PM

Pru sends her Fireball to where it will hit boars 3, 4, 5, and 8. They take 35 damage, Reflex save DC 20 for half.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 27 (T 12, FF 25) CMD 29 HP 114/114 Character Sheet  d20+13=31 ; d20+13=22 ; 2d6+12=23 ; 2d6+12=16 ; d20+13=17 ; 2d6+12=19 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 12:30:14 AM

Sigvar steps to S,T/29,30 and swings at boar 5 after Prudence casts her spell.
Sword hits AC 31 (confirms a critical to AC 22) for 23 damage (39 damage if it is a critical) The damage is adamantine and magical.
He will make an Attack of Opportunity if they come at him or try to run past him (10 foot reach) hitting AC 17 ( yeah really low) for 19 damage

Michael Wittman AC24, T19, FF18 (ucdodge) HP82/82 Me+14(9)13 for TW,F+6, R+14,W+7, CMB+12, CMD+24  d20+13=17 ; d20+13=32 ; d20+17=37 ; d4+2=6 ; d20+13=22 ; d4+2=4 ; d4+2=6 ; 5d6=20 ; 5d6=21 ; d20+8=16 ; d20+8=26 ; d4+2=6 ; d4+2=4 ; 5d6=11 ; 5d6=15 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 10:28:40 AM

Michael remains hidden as some of the team engage the boars. He would have rather the shape of battle form into a pincer movement, with the Damage dealers taking the boars on the flanks while the Meatshields stopped them cold and the spells slingers pulped them from behind cover. but full-on assault is good too. it just makes maneuvering a bit tricky. It's still early in the battle and nothing is near him so he studies the boars from his cover. trying to notice any quirks or signs.

Perception 37.

if one of the big porkers happen to either show a flank or wander near his hide he steps out and runs his blades up under its ribs, so much the better if he can do it by forming a flank with a teammate.

first attack: +13 attack bonus. TWF penalties negated by Artifact.
to hit AC (17 base +2 for surprise, +2 if flanking with another fist member. so 19 or 21 depending on the situation ) for 6 points base damage 20 points flank damage. 26 points total.

Short sword:
to hit AC 32 (Crit! 22? +2 flank +2 agent so 24 or 26) for 4 and 6 damage 21 points flank damage. 25 or if flank is confirmed 31 points of damage.

2nd attack +8 attack bonus. TWF penalties negated by artifact.
To hit AC 16( +2 for flank +2 for agents = 18 or 20) for 6 points. 11 points flank damage. 17 points total.

Short Sword:
To hit AC 26 (+2 for flank +2 for agents = 28 or 30) for 4 points. 15 points flank damage. 19 points total.

Akir Al'Kaban - AC 22 - Hp 108/90 (Ken E)  d20+15=33 ; 2d6+19=28 ; d4+1=4 ; d4+1=4 ; d4+1=5 ;
Saturday January 20th, 2018 3:03:41 PM

(Dear DM. Akir would be large, not huge. He's a human.)

IF / THEN post.

IF Boar 5 is alive, Akir heads towards towards it, still airborne, and swings his scythe in a circle, hitting mutated boar with it's killing edge. (Power attack hits AC 33 for 28 damage.)

IF Board 5 is destroyed, Akir will stay where he is and cast Magic Missile, using his empower rod, sending a small barrage of missiles at Boar 3 for 20 force damage.

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