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Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81  d20+13=33 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 4:16:39 PM

Pompous stands close to Siggy and the others and keeps watch for any sign of trouble.

Perception check 33, natural 20.

Onwards to the Wedding 
Monday July 17th, 2017 4:38:45 PM

ooc - my bad, I thought you were ganging up on the same one. Unless there are major objections, can we go on as it was so we don't have to re-do a couple of rounds of combat?

Pru's quick reactions save her from quite a bruising, and she is undaunted, going right back to her pursuit. Perceiving this, the bat tries a different tactic. spellcraft DC18 Highlight to display spoiler: {invisibility sphere} A few muffled grunts and both the bat and Verity disappear from Pru's view.

Nikolai, Anna, and Michael keep up their assault, and a stake is brought quickly to put down the vampire for good.

Trayvin further calms the crowd with a soothing wave of healing energy. As soon as he does, both the hunter and Zoonor open their eyes, and only Sigvar's firm grip keep them from going back to fighting when they see each other.

Somehow, Sigvar's irritation comes through, and the men both settle down a bit. The woman is quite relieved at her partner's resuscitation, and manages to calm him further, convincing him that Zoonor can't possibly be a vampire since he was knocked out so easily. And besides, there was a much more convincing vampire suspect that fled with the bride!

The man starts trying to answer their questions. "We've been tracking that bastard for years! I'm sure he's got half of this town under his spell. We were trying to find his lair. It must be around here somewhere!"

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Monday July 17th, 2017 6:22:34 PM

Trayvin rolls his eyes. "So you don't know where the lair is?" Hopefully someone was able to follow the beast then. Trayvin looks back to the hunter. "I've just channeled energy on a number of people from this town, and it healed Zoonor as well. Maybe there aren't as many vampires here as you seem to think there are. Hmmmm." Trayvin has a thought, remembering some things he learned about vampires during his priestly training. Nobody fell asleep during that class. He casts detect magic on Zoonor and begins to concentrate on him, looking for auras.

Actions: cast detect magic on Zoonor

Active Effects: Touch of Glory duration: 1 hour

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+10=13 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 8:24:31 PM

" Probably more than half, so stay on your toes and talk about going after him in private. Are you all going to behave if I let you go? I have one more idea for finding his lair. Pompous and Trayvin stay here and keep an eye on these guys, hunters and Zooner both. I'm going to go find the carriage driver."
Sigvar releases the men and heads back into town. That driver is probably under the vampire's control, meaning he will probably not speak freely. They will have to break the vampire's control. But being the vampire's loyal servant, he is probably taking that carriage home to the vampire, meaning he knows where he lives. That's the Ace we need. Sigvar searches first for the carriage, and then the driver. If the driver is a spawn, then things might get dicey. Sigvar hopes for the best.
Perception 13

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple) 
Monday July 17th, 2017 8:55:04 PM

Nikolai guesses that between the distance and the ruckus, the vampire hunters couldn't here him. But with Dyno-Anna here to keep the undead down, he runs back to the crowd, snatches a wooden stake from a vampire hunter, and runs back. With it's head severed and a wooden stake through the heart, THAT one won't bother anyone again. Now to find a coffin and consecrate it and but it in consecrated ground to make double sure... Consecrate it with Garguls' blessing, of course!

OOC: That should take up a few rounds.

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)11 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22  d20+17=24 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:02:13 PM

with the spawn dead, Michael heads back over to the crowd, he listens to the discussion and hangs back. looking for any suspicious individuals in the crowd. If the vampire has an agent in the town, Michale wants to find him.

Perception 24

AC 31 T 24 F 24 CMD 31 35 vBull Rush or Trip; HP 71/ 71 "Tinker" (SteveK) 
Monday July 17th, 2017 9:03:31 PM

Tinker takes off after Sigvar, the big orc looks like he has a plan, and he may need some help.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet 
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:01:46 PM

I'm a Minotaur.
He's an Orc

Prudence Gundle [AC 20; HP 67/67] [Elemental Body]  d20+13=17 ;
Monday July 17th, 2017 10:09:28 PM

Pru isn't sure what the horrible bat thing did with her sister [Spellcraft 17, darn it!], and she's afraid they may have teleported. She can think of nothing else to do there, so she turns and heads back to her Fist. [Fly speed 100, if it's relevant.]

Anna Morphling[Deinonychus] (Hugh C) -- AC 20/15/16 vs evil 19/14/15 non evil- HP 66/66 -- CMD 19 vs evil 18 nonevil  d20+12=14 ; d20+12=13 ; d20+12=19 ; d20+7=26 ; d20+7=17 ; d20+12=19 ; d20+12=21 ; d20+12=30 ; d20+7=27 ; d20+7=8 ; d20+7=23 ; d20+12=26 ; d20+12=22 ; d20+12=16 ; d20+7=18 ; d20+7=23 ; d8+4=7 ; d8+4=8 ; d8+4=8 ; d8+4=5 ; d8+4=8 ; d6+4=5 ; d6+4=6 ; d6+4=9 ; d6+2=7 ; d6+2=6 ; d6+2=3 ; d6+2=7 ; d6+2=5 ; d6+2=8 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 3:07:23 AM

Anna-Deinonychus keeps shredding the spawn while she waits for Nikolai to return with the stake (OOC: took a few rounds of attacks)

rd 1
(14 vs AC; 7 damage)
(13 vs AC; miss)
(19 v AC; 5 damage)
(26 vs AC; 7 damage)
(17 vs AC; 6 damage)

rd 2
(19 vs AC; 8 damage)
(21 vs AC; 8 damage)
(30 vs AC; 6 damage)
(27 vs AC; 8 to confirm no crit; 3 damage)
(23 vs AC; 7 damage)

rd 3
(26 vs AC; 5 damage)
(22 vs AC; 8 damage)
(16 vs AC; 9 damage)
(18 vs AC; 5 damage)
(23 vs AC; 8 damage)

Active Effects:
barkskin SLA: +3 nat armor - 60 min [593/600 rounds]
protection from evil: +2 deflection vs evil, +2 to saves vs evil, immunity to evil mental control, can't be touched by evil summoned creatures - 1 min [4/10 rounds]
Beast Shape 1 - form of deinonychus - 6 min [55/60 rounds]
60 foot base speed,
low light vision,
2 talons +12 (1d8+4), bite +12(1d6+4), 2 foreclaws+7(1d6+2)
+2 size bonus to Strength,
+2 natural armor bonus

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 4:55:29 PM

Following Siggy's directions, Pompous keep watch over the hunters and Zooner....
The ranger takes out his sword and ignites it's flame power.

" Alright folks, every keep calm... Siggy! You get 10 minutes and then we're coming after ye! "

Onwards to the Wedding 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 5:31:30 PM

Trayvin scans the groom, but finds no magic on him. Oddly enough, when he scans the hunters, he finds no magic on them either. It seems that despite appearances, they were woefully unprepared to face a real threat. He also knows that his channeling would not have affected vampires in the crowd in any way, since he was focusing on healing the crowd rather than harming the undead.

Sigvar is able to find the carriage without too much trouble, but there is no sign of the driver anywhere. It seems that a couple of the servants from the ceremony have also disappeared in the confusion. Perhaps they also strategically retreated once magic started being thrown about.

After taking care of the one spawn in the graveyard, the Agents are gathered together again, with some uninformed hunters, a pissed off groom, and several distraught Gundles.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+4=21 ; d20+10=26 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 7:39:26 PM

Sigvar again uses his limited engineering skill to look over the wagon before returning to the group. Now that they know what the old man is, he suspects that the 'difference' he has been looking for is a hidden compartment that contains a coffin. If that is the case he ties it shut, and bring it with him to the meeting.
Knowledge Engineering 21
Perception 26
When he reunites with the others he says, " No driver, nor any of his other servants. Does anyone know where he lives or where he may have taken Verity? Also, since we now know it is a full on Vampire we are facing, what kind of precautions are we able to take. I know the spawn nearly took over my mind when we fought. The master I assume will be harder to resist than the minions. If I am controlled, I fear I might do a great deal of damage to you all, and my honor will not allow that. Also, is there any way to shield this conversation from magical eavesdropping? He was here for at least a day, I suspect he may have the ability to scry this place."

Anna Morphling[Deinonychus] (Hugh C) -- AC 20/15/16 vs evil 19/14/15 non evil- HP 66/66 -- CMD 19 vs evil 18 nonevil 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 9:57:43 PM

Anna-Deinonychus moves back to where the others are gathered using a couple of rounds and says to them, "Well Siggy and the bride and groom got the fruits of my bag of tricks so I can't pull any weapons, potions or scrolls until tomorrow. I just used my only scroll of protection from evil on myself as I thought we were doing battle with the vampires now, not at his lair if we can find it. I don't suppose we have anyway to get a magic circle against evil going? We could then have an area of effect protection against the mind control."

Active Effects:
barkskin SLA: +3 nat armor - 60 min [591/600 rounds]
protection from evil: +2 deflection vs evil, +2 to saves vs evil, immunity to evil mental control, can't be touched by evil summoned creatures - 1 min [2/10 rounds]
Beast Shape 1 - form of deinonychus - 6 min [53/60 rounds]
60 foot base speed,
low light vision,
2 talons +12 (1d8+4), bite +12(1d6+4), 2 foreclaws+7(1d6+2)
+2 size bonus to Strength,
+2 natural armor bonus

Prudence Gundle [AC 20; HP 67/67] [Elemental Body] 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:13:03 PM

Pru turns back into a girl to give her report to her Fist-mates. "I lost them," she says sorrowfully. "I followed them for as long as I could, but the vampire cast some kind of spell and they disappeared. And I don't know what spell, because I'm just not smart enough for this." Tears glitter in her eyes. "How will we ever find them?"

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:18:05 PM

"So....he got away from Pru, no one else was able to follow him, and the 'hunters' don't seem to know where the lair actually is. That leaves us with Zoonor. I have detected magic on him, looking for a charm or enchantment aura, but there is nothing. I also healed them, and many of the crowd that I could reach. It wouldn't have hurt any vampires but I didn't see anyone wince at the sensation of healing energy either, so I think we may be only dealing with one vampire and a few servants."

"I can memorize a circle of protection from evil, or maybe even more than one, but not until I rest. But I'm concerned we don't have that much time. We need to find out where he has taken her."

Active Effects: Touch of Glory duration: 1 hour

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  d20+13=14 ;
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:21:17 PM

Pru returns and Nikolai eyes her, more worriedly than admonishingly, for disappearing like that.

"None of he servants left, you say? Well, we can study the wells of the carriage and try to follow the tracks back to whence they came. We know we can start where we met him. We can also try to convince the horses to return to their barn. With both those tactics we have a good chance of finding the vampire's lair. Or at least one of them. Pompous, you and I can work that end, Anna can work the horses end, er..., sorry, that didn't come out right. Anna can talk to the horses and work that end of the puzzle. Pru, you see to your family, Trayvin, make sure no one remains injured. Michael and Sigvar, get as much information from the two vampire hunters you can, in a nice way. Get their full story, like when did they first start tracking this vampire and stuff like that. We've got a lot of work ahead of us.

Trayvin, maybe tonight you can pray for some spells to guides a bit or give us some hint or insight in case we loose the tracks at some crossroads or the like."

There's not much time to work since the wedding was taking place in the evening, so he immediately takes off to investigate the coach and study the wheels, measuring their width, looking for marks that might leave some track (chipped edge or such).

Perception +13 (study the carriage wheels) = 14 great! glad we got another ranger

Once that is done, he makes sure the team gets the rest they need for the next day.

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple) 
Tuesday July 18th, 2017 10:25:11 PM

ooc: "None of the servants left, You say?" didn't come out right. Better phrased, "None of the servants stayed behind, you say?"

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 4:11:19 PM

" Channeling healing energy through him might not hurt him if he was undead, but it surely wouldn't heal him, and it did, so Zoonor is human, great."
"Also, This et name you have taken to calling me, I understand you mean it affectionately, as a sign of inclusion, but please stop. I am named after the Patriarch of my clan. A taur that carved a home out of a windswept rock in the Taur isles that was constantly beset by the undead sailoors from ships that sank off it's shores. To bear his name is a great honor, please don't alter it."

At this point Sigvar turns to the Undead Hunters and says, " Let us start with your names, and where you are from. You say you have been tracking the old man (Do we know his name?) for years, yet you came with no magic weapons to fight him. If he is truly a full Vampire, he would have eaten you alive, heck I am not certain any of us will live through this. Tell me your story. How you have tracked him, why, what you know, even what you suspect. We need a solid lead to get Verity back in one, living piece. We defeated a pack of vampire spawn the night before we arrived here. We tracked them to the burrow they hid from the daylight in and sent their howling spirits to Gargul's throne the next morning. Among their things was a breastplate with an ancient heraldry on it I didn't recognize. We kept it as a remembrance of the battle. Do you think they were related to this Vampire? If so could he be at their residence if it is local?"
Siigvar can think of no other questions for the Hunters, so he turns to Zoonor." Do you truly love Verity and want to see her returned, unharmed or was the old man controlling you in order to lure in Verity to be his bride as he said before flying away with her? Do you know where he has taken her? Do you know where he lives when he was not here?"
A thought has been growing in the back of Sigvar's mind. He has pushed it away a few times, but it keeps returning, like a sore tooth. The old man seemed VERY interested in the Agents, but not in Verity or the wedding until today when he took her. Is she just the bait to lure the Agents into a trap he has laid for them. He must know that they will pursue him, Prudence would go alone if the rest of the agents refused, and they would not refuse her a reconciliation with her family. Is he waiting just to ambush them and make them his minions, living or undead?

Onwards to the Wedding 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 8:23:12 PM

Sigvar inspects the wagon with an eye towards a hidden compartment, but doesn't find a coffin. Instead, there are minor differences in its construction that allow the inhabitant to look out into the daylight without exposing himself to it. There are no seams that would allow any light in, and there are redundant panels to keep it that way in case of wear.

Pru is rather upset that she lost track of them, but determined to rescue her sister. Anna and Trayvin make plans on how best to fight a vampire, since lack of preparation almost proved to be their downfall before.

Nikolai plans on how best to track the vamps to their lair. [i]survival DC15 Highlight to display spoiler: {It is obvious from the direction the bat flew off and the spawn fled that they weren't headed back out of town towards where they initially met them.}

Sigvar tries to interview the hunters and Zoonor, but there is just not much information to be had. The hunters don't have much of a story, other than following rumours of a vampire. They seem to be prepared for the popular idea of a vampire, rather than the real thing, and only through sheer luck have they avoided a direct encounter.

Zoonor is less cooperative. He still seems huffy about his day being ruined and the focus being taken off of his special day. For someone ostensibly related to the vampire, he knows surprisingly little of his estate or other personal information. One voice pipes up from the crowd though. A surprisingly perceptive child of all things.

"I saw a couple people running off towards the cliff trails. I don't know why they would be going this late though. There's nothing up there, and I'm worried that they could catch their death of cold, or fall off the cliffs in the darkness."

Pompous AC 26 CMD 24/19, HP 81/81  d20+18=30 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:03:06 PM

" Greaaaat! That's all we need.. runaways....."
Pompous sheaths his blade and strings his bow.

" Sounds like a job foooor.... The Mighty Power Rangers!!!!"

Pompous waits for a plan from the others but he plans on tracking down the missing people and finding out what they are doing.

Track- 30, 32 if in forests

AC 31 T 24 F 24 CMD 31 35 vBull Rush or Trip; HP 71/ 71 "Tinker" (SteveK) 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:10:02 PM

ooc: sorry Sig, working too much and too tired.

Tinker follows Sig back to the group...the puzzle gets deeper and deeper.

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)11 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:10:59 PM

Michael continues to keep watch

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:24:04 PM

"I can swap out some spells if we wait, but there is nothing that will guarantee victory. If we wait, it may increase our chances of success, but the longer we wait the worse it will probably be for verity."

"We seem to have a lead, tenuous as it may be, and a decision needs to be made."

Active Effects: Touch of Glory duration: 1 hour

Anna Morphling[Pony] (Hugh C) -- 19/14/15 HP 66/66 -- CMD 18   d20+7=26 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 9:42:26 PM

Anna asks, "Where are the horses stabled? I'll move to go talk to them. Since time is of the essence I'll just run as a dinosaur and turn into a pony when I get close if the spell hasn't worn off by then."

(OOC: how much time has elapsed getting to the horses? I took a minute and 6 seconds off of all my effects)

As she gets close to the place where the horses are stabled Anna takes a round to turn herself into a pony if the effects haven't worn off.

She then asks the horses from whence they originally came. (wild empathy: 26)

Active Effects:
barkskin SLA: +3 nat armor - 60 min [581/600 rounds]
Beast Shape 1 - form of pony - 6 min [43/60 rounds]
40 foot base speed,
low light vision,
2 hooves +7(1d3+2),
+ 4 CMD vs trip
+2 size bonus to Strength,
+2 natural armor bonus

Prudence Gundle [AC 20; HP 67/67] [Elemental Body] 
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 10:10:50 PM

At Nikolai's suggestion, Pru moves to her family. "Are you all right?" she asks them. "I'm sorry I couldn't keep up with that vampire and Verity. Do you know anything about him? Any idea where he might have gone?"

When the child pipes up, Pru asks, "what cliff trails? What direction were they headed?"

[OOC: Are the cliff trails in the same direction Pru was tracking the vampire?]

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple)  d20+12=15 ;
Wednesday July 19th, 2017 10:45:00 PM

Survival +12 DC15 = 15
(The die roller is toying with me)

With new fresher information, waiting until daylight to follow coach tracks seems wasting time. Instead, the fresh tracks of the fleeing couple could be more helpful.

"Anna, never mind the horses. What Pru told us about the direction the vampire was fleeing in, going by way of road would either takes us no where near where we want or just take us in a very long circuitous route. On the other hand, by morning, we could use an eagle to help look for those two fleeing into the hills."

He turns to the young lad and says "You are a very perceptive lad. Can you take us to the spot where you saw them? Have you been on this cliff trail you believe they have taken?"

What they find at this place will determine their next course of action.

Onwards to the Wedding 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:15:28 PM

Pompous picks up a trail that seems like it matches their quarry and is ready to lead the charge. Trayvin is willing to prepare, but worried that it will cause too much delay. Tinker and Michael are ever vigilant. Anna goes to speak to the horses, but they say nothing the Agents didn't know. They came from over the hills where they were stabled somewhere warm, driven by the man on the carriage, commanded by the old man inside.

(not going by rounds at this point - you have time to talk to the horses quickly, but your shift will wear off soon)

Pru can get little from her family. They know little of Zoonor's family, other than that he threw a lot of money around, and rich folk had to be good folk. Everyone knows that. Her mother begins to say that none of this would have happened should they not have come, but her father gives his wife a stern look. He at least knows that this was going to happen regardless, and they're fortunate to have their strong and powerful daughter here to correct the situation. The cliffs are indeed in the same direction that the vampire was flying, and also the same direction that the tracks from the servants are headed. No one knows of anything up there though.

The child is too frightened to lead them to the trails, and his parents wouldn't let him go anyway. It is easy enough to point them out, as there's nothing else in that direction. One dirt path leads to the cliffs, and the villagers tell them that a few paths lead up into the cliffs, but they are dangerous, and no sensible person goes up that way.

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+4=16 ; d20+10=28 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 8:36:19 PM

" Luckily we are not sensible."
Sigvar returns to their room and gathers the rest of his gear.
Once they are on their way, and away from the villagers and Prudence's family, Sigvar mentions the thoughts he has been having.
" This might be wrong, but the old man showed no interest in Verity during the party last night. If he was so focused on taking her from Zoonor, why no interest last night? What I did notice interested him was us. He wanted stories of our exploits, tales of foes we had defeated, anything that he could now use against us. I think that all of this, even taking Verity is a ruse. I think he wants a cadre of minions like us. He may try to buy our allegiance, or dominate us, or drain our souls and make us his undead servants. But I feel quite sure this is a trap."
Aid another Survival 16 so +2 to whomever is tracking the runners.
Perception 28 keeping an eye peeled for danger

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:46:56 PM

"Well then the next step is to spring the trap. Let's get our gear and get moving. Do we have sufficient rope and climbing gear for the cliff?"

Active Effects: Touch of Glory duration: 1 hour

Shane P Michael Wittman AC22, T18, FF16 (ucdodge) HP70/70 Me+12(8)11 for TW, R+12, CMB+11, CMD+22  d20+9=11 ; d20+15=21 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 9:58:17 PM

Michael looks at Pru's Mother. Ma'am, do you know what evil is? I can tell you. It has to do with fear and resentment most times. Vampires fear the living and resent us for our life. Their fear is so strong it is hate. You fear your daughter, you might be a good person, but if you allow your fear to overwhelm your love for your blood, then one day Domi will turn his eyes from you. Your daughter has done naught but good for this world. she is respected and loved by thousands. Many of the recruits at the Citadel look to her as a role-model. And here you have the temerity to say that this woman, who has not seen nor heard from her family for over a decade, this woman who tries her best to smile when all the other soldiers get letters from home and then cries when she thinks no one can hear her. that she is somehow responsible for this mess when you were the one was about to marry your daughter off to a monster because he had a bit of gold. You need to think about that. And while you do we are going to go rescue your daughter and destroy the evil that has claimed your town.

Michael then goes over and begins to try to find the trail towards the vampires hide out. he's so pissed off he can't concentrate though...

Survival 11.
Perception 21

AC 31 T 24 F 24 CMD 31 35 vBull Rush or Trip; HP 71/ 71 "Tinker" (SteveK)  d20+2=17 ; d20+14=26 ;
Thursday July 20th, 2017 10:03:14 PM

Tinker attempts to find the trail, He's not that good of a tracker though...but some times even a blind hog will find a nut.

survival. 17

perception. 26

Nikolai (JonathanT) AC 22 Tch 21 Ffted 19 HP 60/60 CMD 28/30(Grapple) 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 11:34:39 PM

Nikolai doesn't think the old man had any special interest in them until they showed up.
"Could be, Sigvar, but it is probably more likely that he didn't want to draw attention to himself so he feigned a disinterest in the bride. His interest in us was more likely in terms of what our capabilities were and if we'd be able to foil his kidnaping. However, who knows? But that he's trying to lure us, maybe. Taunting us, yes."

Nikolai makes arrangements for their horses in care of the inn they were staying at. "Cliffs are no place for these animals."

With his gear retrieved he is ready to go. "Let's get a start while the trail is somewhat warm. We sleep in the open, just long enough to get our spells back. We tackle the cliffs in daylight. Tinker, Michael, Anna, can you get enough fresh food supplies for a few days from the innkeeper? Thanks."

When that is done, they are ready to go, Pompous taking the lead.

Prudence Gundle [AC 20; HP 67/67] [Elemental Body] 
Thursday July 20th, 2017 11:42:38 PM

Pru is anxious to get moving. "Must we wait until daylight?" she asks wistfully. "There's no telling what he'll do to Verity." Eventually, however, the more sensible members of the party can persuade her that cavorting on cliffs in pitch darkness probably isn't going to help anybody.

She is overwhelmed by Michael's stalwart defense of her. "Thank you, Michael," she whispers. True, he had some of his facts wrong--it had been nowhere near a decade--but it was good to know her Fist-mates had her back.

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 27/14/24 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17  
Friday July 21st, 2017 12:14:12 AM

After speaking to the horses and getting nothing Anna runs up to her room and gathers the rest of her weapons and gear she didn't bring to the wedding.

She then joins the rest of the agents in their journey to the cliff. (OOC: deducted remaining time from the barkskin SLA)

Active Effects:
barkskin SLA: +3 nat armor - 60 min [538/600 rounds]

Trayvin AC 22/13 touch Hp 70/70(BrianZ) 
Friday July 21st, 2017 10:10:12 PM

Trayvin retrieves the rest of his gear and prepares to go. "How much daylight do we have left?"

Prudence Gundle [AC 20; HP 67/67]  
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 12:39:17 PM

[Updating header]

Onwards to the Wedding 
Saturday July 22nd, 2017 6:56:26 PM

There is no daylight left, and the Agents are leary of mounting the cliffs in the darkness. There are anger issues that get in the way of tracking, but cooler heads prevail and a trail is found.

There will be a short break for recovering spells, but everyone is eager to move onto the important task of finding Verity and removing the Vampire's curse from this town.

The Agents camp at the base of the cliffs, looking up into the darkness. Oddly enough, the cliffs seem less dangerous than the villagers had implied. The trails are fairly obvious, if a bit overgrown from disuse. In fact, the lack of traffic makes it even easier to pick up the trail of the recent users. All the Agents have to do is decide their plan of attack.

Michael Highlight to display spoiler: { if possible, during the night, try to steal and hide the other agents' silver weapons.}

Sigvar Ironhorn (David F) AC 24 (T 13, FF 21) CMD 28 HP 89/89 Character Sheet  d20+10=19 ;
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 7:05:17 PM

Sleeping less than a mile from their warm and defensible room seems foolish, but Sigvar holds his tongue. Prudence has lost her sister, and they are probably marching to their deaths. He takes his normal first watch and when he retires for the night is loathe to remove his armor, given their situation However sleeping in it will fatigue him, and he will need every edge in the morning. He sets his armor near at hand and keeps his blades and shield ready in case they are awakened in the night.
Perception on watch 19

Anna Morphling (Hugh C) -- 24/11/24 HP 66/66 -- CMD 17   d20+9=15 ;
Sunday July 23rd, 2017 10:19:34 PM

Anna also removes her armor for the night as she does not possess the endurance feat. Before it is her turn on watch she activates her darkvision SLA so she can see better in the darkness than she can see without it.

(Perception: 15)

She makes it a point to refill bag of tricks when the others pray or renew their spells in the morning.
Active Effects:
Darkvision - 60 ft = 6 hours [600/600 rounds]

(OOC: without armor Anna's AC becomes 14/14/11)

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