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The Local Game

The campaign originated in 1985 and was authored by Jerry Phelps for his local D&D game in Wichita Falls, Texas. That game is still going strong and the local group gathers weekly to play and socialize.

The First Move Online

The Wold campaign setting went online in 1996. Our first location was located on free AOL pages and was very primitive. We adapted a little "guestbook" program, changing it into message boards. Later, we graduated to java-programmed message boards, thanks to one of our players who is a computer programmer.

Here is a reminiscence by JK Franklin of the launch of the online Wold.

Those early sites and boards still exist, both on the public Web and archived by the Wayback Machine. Here are some very early Woldian links:


Here's the original home page for WoldianGames.com, featuring the magical castle graphic, back in 2001.

In July 2002, we had a real world gathering of our members for face to face gaming, held at David & Kim Hott's house in Keller, Texas. The Year of Ascension crossover event was played face to face at the event. Here's a group photo of the attendees:


Group photo from the WoldCon gathering in 2002. Here are, on the stairs (left bottom to left top, right top to right bottom): Matthew Hott (David's son), David Hott, Stephen Fleming, Steve Hott, Jerry Phelps, Kim McCoy, Scott Marley, Wade Alexander, Ted Jacobs (?), Ceil LaPlante. An AOL chat version of the adventure was run for those who could not attend. Maybe that transcript will be found some day.

In 2005, a Woldian, Lynn Beck, was killed in a car accident. Lynn's Cafe, our debate board, was named in her honor. Here is an old archived page with more info.

Also in 2005, we had another face to face event in Texas for the Dark Fae Rising crossover. Here is an archived page for the event, but all the photo links are broken. For those who could not attend the event, we ran a module on the Wold's message boards. Three groups ran through the same Dark Fae Rising module. Check out those games here, here, and here.

And in 2005 there was a Woldian gathering in Washington State. Here's another partial archive page.