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Welcome to Taur Isles!

Game Background

In an archipelago not many years removed from open warfare, the three taur races -- minotaur, liontaur, and centaur -- are figuring out how to set aside their ancient animosities. On Liontaur Isle a band of young adventurers has found the perfect place to set forth on the path to fame and fortune.


These are the characters, past and present, that have been featured in this game.

Current Roster

Table: Current Roster
Character Name Player Gender Race Class Notes
Falco Ambersire Ryan M M Halfling Conjuration Wizard Book-lover who uses magic in unusual ways.
Kiwina Steve M M Centaur Ranger Hails from a far western isle.
Finnian Zeke W M Half-Elf Sharpshooter/Druid Forest-dweller, bowyer.
Sable Trueheart Don P M Minotaur Ranger Dour bounty hunter seeking a criminal.
Gothruk Gore Logan B M Minotaur Monk Striking scar and big pole-arm.
Rolth Niheow Mark B M Liontaur Barbarian From the wilder part of Liontaur Island, tattooed.
Tsak Rezar Damien B M Half-Orc Ranger Raised by Dwarves.
Elyas Locke Ben A M Human Abjuration Wizard More than meets the eye.

A link to more extensive information on the current members of the Eight-Petaled Rose Party

Standard Marching Order


10'/5' corridor:


Finnian Left-3rd/Falco Right-4th


This gives us an extra 5 foot space up front for the medium-sized PC to step into if necessary to get off a shot or close spell (color spray!) with Gothruk right behind to use his reach and combat reflexes for AoOs if the enemy tries to step up to that square instead. Rolth and Kiwina have plenty of movement to cross the whole party in one move action if the need to get ahead of the front rank for some reason.


Gothruk -- 10' space -- Sable
Gothruk -- 5' -- Tsak -- Sable

Elyas -- Falco -- Finnian
Kiwina - 5' space - Rolth

Standard Nightly Watch

Past Characters

Table: Past Characters
Character Name Player Gender Race Class Notes
Allura Barrin’tor Clark A F Half-Elf Bard Drow heritage.
Lomocia Ninthi Koby C F Elf Bloodwitch Twice exiled, marked by Gargul.


  • Name--Race--Class/Role--Description
  • Amarantha--Dryad?--Unknown--Centaur Isle-dwelling cousin of Minotaur Isle's dryad Cassia, fond of mead and nectar
  • Arostle--Liontaur--Clan Leader--Heads the Coalborn clain on Liontaur Isle, which Gynm asked the Petals to warn ahead of the Black Storm
  • Baron--Liontaur--Father--Young father of 8 mixed race taurs born before the Black Storm hit Liontaur Isle
  • Artemis Blackwind--Liontaur--Master of Ceremonies--Presided over the opening ceremony of the Taurnament of Roses
  • Beckn--Human--Sailor--Serves as Bosun on the crew of the Merry Mermaid
  • Bucko--Half Elf--Sailor--Serves on the crew of the Merry Mermaid
  • Cassia--Dryad--Gatekeeper--Graceful riddling guardian of the dungeon garden beneath the Violet Keep during the Taurnament
  • Cecil--Centaur--Sailing Captain--Eccentric commander of the Herald, a vessel borne by water elementals and aided by Eberyon
  • Cera--Liontaur--Mother--Mother of 8 mixed race taurs born before the Black Storm hit Liontaur Isle
  • Clayfus--Liontaur--Warrior--An egotistical member of the Wrestling Wemics whom the Petals met in Chessford before the Taurnament of Roses
  • Cloxo--Centaur--Gamemaster--Designer of the Taurnament and second-rate "magician" who was kidnapped from Minotaur Isle while dismantling the Garden there
  • Clyde--Human--Mage--Loose-lipped Star Mage Guild recruiter at the Taurnament Opening Ceremony
  • Coyle--Half Elf--Mage--By the book Star Mage Guild recruiter at the Taurnament Opening Ceremony
  • Crusty--Dwarf--Sailing Captain--Captain of the Dahlia, ancient but swift, for the right price
  • Elarorn--Liontaur--Survivor--Taurnament quester that the Eight Petaled Rose saved from the Shipwreck Shoals
  • Eleena--Treant--Advisor--Cedar-like, open-minded treant lady on Liontaur Isle where the red crystal meteor struck
  • Selanlar Erhorn--Half Elf--Sailing Captain--Greedy commander of the overloaded Magbellam
  • Granny Esoway--Liontaur--Wise Woman--Eldery liontaur who sold us a clue at the Taurnament of Roses
  • Fergal--Treant--Unknown--Treant on Liontaur Isle who saw oddness in the dancing sands before the Storm
  • Beriothian Galanodel--Human--Druid--Hook City PC who helped destroy the huge water elemental that came with the Storm
  • Galene--Treant--Leader--Grumpy chief of the treants on Liontaur Isle who fought the floodslain
  • Gnym of Gnym aka Gynm--Minotaur--Poet--Judge of the Taurnament of Roses
  • Hollyhocks--Centaur--Druid--High Priest of Domi and Judge of the Taurnament of Roses
  • Jaynce--Centaur--Guide--Helpful guide to the Taurament garden at Scribner University
  • Luomi Juova--Liontaur--Shining Dragon--Dragon Consortium Judge of the Taurnament of Roses
  • Khab--Centuar--Chief Stallion--Stern but fair head of security at Scribner University who can grant passes to cross the isle
  • Librarian--Centaur--Librarian--Strong-willed keeper of the Scribner University library
  • Mahyawu--Manfri--Seer--Oracle in the Vales of Twilight who showed us the way to heal the Wold from the Bloodweed
  • Alex Marblehorn--Minotaur--Fighter--Wealthy adventurer competing in the Taurnament
  • Marie--Human--Witch--Doomsaying old woman on Liontaur Isle who foresaw the coming of the black storm
  • Markus--Centaur--Captain--Leader of the guards on the path to the Scribner University rose garden
  • Michael--Treant--Bushling--A young treant who witnessed unnatural events on the shore of Liontaur Isle around the time of the Storm
  • Wyaar Mudlynn--Human--Paladin--Hook City PC who helped destroy the huge water elemental that came with the Storm
  • Parsons--Human--Sailing Captain--Eccentric commander of the Merry Mermaid, with a history of good deeds
  • Phaeline--Liontaur--Waitress--A staffer at the Wanderers' Roost inn of Chessford who can dish it out as well as she can take it
  • Purple Duke--Minotaur--Noble--Wealthy, stout minotaur who rules the Violet Keep on Minotaur Isle, bestowing gifts on Taurnament questers
  • Ramsey--Brambletaur--Sailor--Plant-taur hybrid that the Petals saved from disease, a tatzlewurm, and his sick fellows in the Twilight Vale Sargrass
  • Rock--Minotaur--Warrior?--Rude leader of a minotaur group of competitors in the Taurnament, shooed away by Cassia
  • Sai--Liontaur--Dreamer--Dreamed of a shipwreck and its aftermath before the Black Storm hit Liontaur Isle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shilling--Centaur--Homeowners--Decent folks who rented their house to the ship-weary Petals upon their arrival near Scribner University
  • Sixaeus--Centaur--Guard--Dishonorable guard on the winding path to the Scribner University rose garden
  • Tovalt--Liontaur--Warrior?--Rudely impatient leader of his crew competing in the Taurnament of Roses
  • Wenhu--Manfri--Healer--Generously gave us remove disease vials in the Vales of Twilight, to aid us in our quest.
  • Willonia--Dryad--Rose Keeper--Awarded the Taurnament Rose at the center of the Shipwreck Shoals maze, twin of Cassia.
  • Wruwor--Liontaur--First Mate--Assists Captain Cecil on the Herald


This game is originates in the town of Chessford on Liontaur Island, which is the home base for the game. The group starts the campaign in the town, although play will often take them out onto the sea and to other islands. Click here for commonly known geographic facts about the Taur Isles.