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Kim McCoy

The Wold is a favorite site for a group of DnD-playing fans from around the world. Even Canada.

I, Kim McCoy, joined up early in 1999 with a little spy / detective / psion by the name of Bill Troublefinder.

And this is my first post on our new Wiki.

Carl White

Welcome aboard my friend!



StevenVdB making my first entry on the Woldipedia! At first glance things look awesome! But euhm... in these discussions do we just enter one entry after the other or should it be something like a message board? I first joined the Wold somewhere in the beginning of this year taking over the character Airin Moondancer Turnbell from my wife Inge who played here for about two years untill she got promoted at work. Now I also run my own character Ayreon in the Bloodpack.

Kim - Commenting on comments

Steven - if you press the plus sign (+) found on a tab between 'edit' and 'history', it will create a message header for you. -Kim


Hi everybody!


Hi folks!

All content is now added, apart from the DM pages and the history section.

Now all we need is for a link to everyone's character sheet and we're good to go!

Glossary of Terms?

Should we start up a glossary of terms?

Things like

NPC-non-player character CC-Catacombs GG--Giggling Ghost LnB--Loot 'n Booty Inn

Or is that assumed?


Carl White

Good idea Jerry. A D&D 'AND a Woldian glossary, with links to both the SRD and other Woldipedia pages. Now that's something everyone could join in with! I've set the page up on the left hand tab; please feel free to join me in populating it!

Also, don't forget, any word contained on the Woldipedia can ve searched for using the seach field. Try hunting for something obscure, like Shafbaffum.

One other thing Jerry: the next bee in my bonnet is to get the Woldian history section populated, and you are victim number one for that project. You have ben warned!

Oh, and welcome to the Woldipedia, Jerry! I've mailed you your login details so you can post "named", and access all areas.

well well well

Here I am with nothing to do for the next five minutes and figured I would pay a visit to see what is up. Hello all. Gosh Kim, Jerry has it really been 10 years now........ Oy I am getting OLD!!!