Spell: Tishe's Weave Elements

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Level: Sor/Wiz 6, Druid 6, Ranger 4
Components: V, S, F, M
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Personal
Target: 1 Garment plus 1 Garment per 3 Ranks in Craft Cloth or Craft Clothing
Duration: 1 Hour plus 1 Hour per 3 Ranks in Craft Cloth or Craft Clothing
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You weave clothing out of the very elements (cloak, shirt, surcoat, etc) temporarily creating firey surcoat, earthen tunics, or the like. The focus is a masterwork weaving tool, such as a loom or a shuttle. The material component is 1 cubic foot of fire, earth, air, or water per garment to be woven. Craft skill ranks do not stack.

Being magical, the garment takes a body slot while worn (body, chest, or shoulders depending on the type of garment). The caster can only make one type of garment per spell (all robes, all cloaks, etc)

Wearing a garment of the elements provides the wearer some abilities of an elemental of the same element, depending on the skill of the weaver/spellcaster. The caster must make a skill check to determine the powers imbued in each garment. The better the garment is made, the more elemental benefits are bestowed. A caster may not take 10 on a skill check for this spell.

No garment can be made with more than one element, and if more than one garment created by this spell are worn, none function.

The caster makes a weaving skill check to determine if the garment has one, two, or three magical abilities (see below). Effects stack. The powers conveyed must be in the order listed below.

Skill check 14 or less = spell fails
Skill check 15-29 = 1 Power
Skill check 30-44 = 2 Powers
Skill check 45 or more = 3 Powers

Air: 1) Blur (20% miss chance); 2) Fly 60ft (Good); 3) Air Mastery (while in air all opponents get -1 to hit/ damage)

Water: 1) Waterbreathing; 2) Freedom of Movement; 3) Swim 120 ft

Fire: 1) Resist Fire/20; 2) Fire Blindsight 40 feet (can see through fire effects normally. Effects such as Wall of Fire or laval do not block line of sight); 3) Fire Walking (immune to normal fire effects to include lava, but not spell damage)

Earth: 1) Barkskin +3; 2) Tremorsense 40 ft; 3) Earth Glide 20 ft