Spell: Spirit Brew

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Conjuration (Creation)
Level: Witch 7
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting Time: 2 hours
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect: one flask of spirit brew
Duration: 24hrs or until used
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This is one of three shadow spells that can only be cast in the Realm of Shadow. The spell is itself dangerous to cast, and the witch must also survive the dangers of the Realm. There, he casts the spell, creating a magical brew that powers the spirit. The arcane focus of the spell is the witch's cauldron. The witch must collect a drop of Woldsblood as the material component, and in so doing must make a Will save vs. DC 20. Failure means the spell is lost, the witch is dazed for 1d4 minutes, and he takes 1d6 Wisdom damage. The spirit brew has one of two effects, chosen when imbibed:

  • Restore Spirit: Acts like a Greater Restoration Spell. The witch does not need 5000gp in material components.
  • Fill Spirit: Bestows 1d6 temporary hit points per caster level. The added hit points last for 24hrs or until used, and stack with other sources of temporary hit points.

The Spirit Brew itself will last for 24hrs or until imbibed. A Bloodwitch can only have one Spirit Brew prepared - or in effect - at any one time.