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Catacombs Policy (December 2012)

[Staff addendum added by DM Jim C updated by James D. Restocking fee increased from 10% to 50% by PTB Dec 2012.]

  1. Only core items (from the Pathfinder Core Rules) or Wold original items are freely allowed for purchase or exchange. This includes any Scroll, Potion or Wand, any combination of abilities on a weapon or suit of armor, rings and rods, and the Staves options listed on the chart in the Pathfinder Core rules. Rarely, the PTB grant permission to buy items from the APG in the Catacombs.
    1. Woldian seals, fate items, and technology-inappropriate items from the Pathfinder Core may not be bought or sold. Other items may also be placed on this no-trade list by the Campaign DM.
  2. Pricing for standard items are listed as the Market Price in said book.
  3. For all standard items in the Pathfinder Core, the exchange rate is as follows:
    1. Items sold in the Catacombs will receive 50% of their total value.
    2. Any change due to the customer will be given in either gold or gems, whichever the customer prefers.
  4. Specialty order items should include the words RED TICKET in the Post Name field.
    1. All specialty order items are pending DM approval. Specialty order items consist of the following options:
      1. Staves not listed in the Pathfinder Core Rules (example: Staff of Acid that lets you cast Acid Splash and Acid Arrow). [Staffs can be purchased as red ticket items. For staffs that include spells from the same school, the cost is exactly that described by the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rules. For staffs with spells that are linked by theme but that are from different schools, the cost is as per the Pathfinder Core Rules plus 10 percent.]
      2. You may create versions of existing slotted Wondrous items that do not take up the slot. Such items cost 2x the normal cost for the item. You may determine the exact physical nature of the item. For example, say you wished the powers of a Periapt of Health, but you already had an amulet occupying your Neck slot. You could request a Slotless Periapt of Health for 15,000gp (2x the normal cost). Because you can physically wear an amulet and a periapt at the same time, you can simply note the item as slotless. On the other hand, say you want a Boots of Striding and Springing, but already have a pair of magical boots. You might decide to request a slotless Boots of Striding and Springing for 11,000gp, and describe them as socks. Approved Slotless items should be noted on your character sheet as follows: Periapt of Heath (Slotless) or Boots of Striding and Springing (Slotless, actually socks)
      3. Combo items (ones that combine the powers of two or more lessers items) are NOT allowed
    2. Restrictions
      1. All specialty order items must be original (ie. it can't be an item that is found in another book.
      2. If a completely unique item is desired (ie, it does not fit a category above) the customer will be referred to the Black Genie Center to research the item.
      3. The very first time that a particular specialty item or BGC-approved item is purchased, there is usually a 10 percent surcharge for lab and library use (see 5c below).
      4. Poisons can not be purchased from the Catacombs. Materials for Crafting poison can not be purchased. All poisons are to be dealt with within the game and the game's DM must handle all poison related situations. Catacombs can not purchase poison from customers. Poison is not banned within the Wold. [Addendum date July, 2012; James Dietz]
  5. PCs Making Items
    1. The PC's DM approves the manufacture of the item(s) and confirms that the PC has the required feats, spells, and skills (or has a friend who is willing to help meet the requirements).
    2. Base cost is THREE QUARTERS market price -- This is a Wold House Rule.
    3. For items that require it (first time purchases of red ticket items and BGC-approved original spells and items), lab and research fees are 10% of full market price -- but may be waived if the PC's DM says the PC has access to a lab/library.
    4. Time and gold costs must be logged as spent by the PC's DM.
      1. Time and gold costs are exactly as detailed in the Pathfinder Core Rules for core items and specialty (Red Ticket) items.
      2. For Wold-unique items from the Oshirr House, time spent is per the Pathfinder Core Rules.
  6. Identification of items in the Catacombs will be performed by a 1st level mage casting Identify and making an assumed Spellcraft check of 26. The cost of identification is 10gp.
  7. Purchase of Items from the Oshirr House
    1. If a character researches a specialty item in the BGC and then purchases it for themselves (for example, Renik’s Shades of Smooth Talking) before another character buys a copy, then the originator of said item is entitled to 10% of the profits from further purchases by any Woldian character, even if it's just the materials to craft said item. (So, if Renik purchases his glasses, and then Ashira comes in and buys a pair or the materials to craft one, Renik will be credited 10 percent of the market price of the item or materials) (Renik himself gets a 10% discount after the first time he buys his own item.)
    2. The Catacombs Staffer who handles the transaction for the Oshirr House item will send a voucher for the 10% commission via email. The notice will be sent to the originator, the originating PC’s game DM and CC’d to the Catacombs Manager and the CDM.
    3. A researcher gains this 10% commission regardless of whether the researcher has the item creation feat needed to make the item themselves.
  8. Selling spellbooks at the Catacombs that were acquired in an adventure. (Official Ruling from Rules Board: Tuesday April 17th, 2012 1:26:22 PM)
    1. The DM (of the PC who wishes to sell the spellbook) will inform the Catacombs of the value of this spellbook.
    2. The point of contact for the DM in this case is the staffer who handles that transaction
    3. The 50% restocking fee applies to selling spellbooks to the Catacombs. As a result, the item may be sold for 50% of its value.
    4. For this ruling ONLY, the DM's value will override possible alternative methods of calculating the spellbooks value, including scroll costs or inscription costs

Here is some advice for DMs when the players are far from a Catacombs Branch and still want to go shopping.

Gracor (Nellie) retired and passed the job as General Manager to Wysp (Jay) who then later retired and passed the job onto Patches (DM Jim C). Patches retired and passed the job onto Kren the krendeshar (DM Ken) who left the Catacombs to act as Sheriff and passed management on to Dhampir the Vampire (DM James D).