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Dragon Consortium Organization

Race: Any. Alignment: Any Good Deity: Any Deed:

1- Heroic groups are invited to the Consortium as a group; there is no individual membership. When the "Dragon" group retires, PCs become NPC members. Occasionally, retired members may gather and join forces to deal with a threat.

2- An invited adventuring group must successfully complete a specific quest to join the Consortium.

Oath: There is no official oath; however, the Dragon Consortium has used several ceremonies to mark the occasion. These are not required, nor are a complete list.

1-A formal meal in the new castle. The new group invites all living Consortium members for a grand banquet of exotic food and company. Here the group announces their new 'dragon' name. The next day, the castle is usually opened for visiting by everyone in the land.

2--A Giggling Ghost celebration. An announcement for a gathering of heroes in the Giggling Ghost celebrates the group's joining of the Consortium. Hometown friends [NPCs] are often invited.

3--Knighting Ceremony. The ruler of the group's homeland usually officiates a knighting ceremony, and the group's name officially changes at this ceremony.

Fee: None Famous PC Members:

Valdor the Dragonstone [Gold and Platinum Dragons], half-elf fighter

Joe Hand [Gold and Platinum Dragons], human monk

Vé Mundr [Storm and Platinum Dragons], Human Hand of Domi

K'Nara Illutu [Emerald Dragons], human bladesinger

Ingrge Nightseer [Emerald Dragons], Wood Elven fighter/mage/Weapon Mage

Monthor [Gray Wyrms], dwarf fighter

Jass of Downs [Gray Wyrms], human Sorcerer Undead Bloodline


After the 4th Cataclysm, the Kingdom of New Elenna was reforming on the Triple-Plateau and was ruthlessly attacked by three invading forces. The first was the Empire of Aisildur and their unusual fighting teams known as quads. Having no standing army, New Elenna was doomed until adventuring groups stepped up to defend the nation. The leaders of these adventuring groups, formed the organization known as the Dragon Consortium. [Link TBD]

In the years since the founding of the Dragon Consortium, few adventuring groups have achieved the level of expertise, generosity, and sacrifice necessary to become a member. Past groups are at [Link TBD].


--Dragons are a FORCE for good in the Wold. Where there is evil, the "Dragon Groups" stop it. No matter the sacrifice. Children look up to them as their heroes, which is evident by the 1000s of collectible action figures out there.

--Dragons help those who can't help themselves: they give to those in need, but not just with gold. They help them learn to support themselves, rescue those unfairly held, and see that the old and handicapped are treated well.

--They also help advise, train and assist younger adventuring groups, guiding them to greater wisdom. They are always looking for and developing the adventuring groups that will serve the Wold through the Dragon Consortium in the next generation.

--Dragons are officially considered "knights-at-large" in every kingdom that respects decency. They should act as leaders in all communities. This can rarely mean standing up to kings and rulers. When a member of the Dragon Consortium accuses you of unfairness or evil deeds, you had better take heed.


Each group that joins the Dragon Consortium has or builds a castle which serves as their headquarters. This keeps them grounded in their homeland while they focus their efforts Wold-wide. It also serves as a central location for the locals to ask for help. The group uses the castle to organize giving help to those who need it. Dragon Consortium groups are targets. A castle has been determined to be necessary to both protect the "Dragon Group," as well as be a specific location for their enemies to attack, hopefully diverting such attacks from harming the people of their homeland.


The DC are usually above the politics of countries and religions; knights-at-large indeed! Fairness and decency is their scope, whether peasant or king.


1. Fame and Respect. The group and each hero in the group are famous throughout the Wold both in their time and for all time. Every politician, be it a mayor, a high priest, or to a queen, will recognize the heroes on sight and know their reputation.

2. Dragon Castle. This castle is designed and shared by the group, and includes private quarters, trusted castle staff and upkeep with no cost to any PC (does not affect wealth by level). The Consortium and various kingdoms donate enough to build a basic castle. The PCs must obtain the services of trusted staff in game [though the level of detail is up to the DMs and players.] Anything above and beyond, including magical defenses, additions to personal quarters, etc. must be paid by the Dragon adventuring group. The Consortium knows of several locations rich with treasure which the party may visit. These locations are very dangerous, but can supply the funds needed to upgrade their castle, give spending money to help the needy, and equip themselves to fight evil.

3. Communication Rings. Each hero gains a magic ring that provides the following powers when worn. The ring only functions for the specific hero and only with other heroes wearing their Communication Ring. Ring does not take a magic ring slot nor does it affect Wealth by Level.

- Telepathy. With any Dragon Consortium PC with no distance restrictions. Telepathy does not work across planar barriers. It may also receive communications from the Dragon Stones scattered throughout the kingdoms, when activated during an emergency.

- Status. Each hero gains 'Status' per the spell with each other DC in their adventuring group. (Ex: all Emerald Dragons)

4. Teleportation Room. Each Dragon Consortium Castle has a room that allows any Dragon Consortium member wearing the Communication Ring to teleport from this room as per the Greater Teleport spell.

5. Dragon Consortium Hall of Fame. Each hero's image and bio are placed in the Woldian DC Hall of Fame in perpetuity. This museum, located on the woldipedia and in the Dragon Quarter of Plateau City, has statues of the heroes, tour guides telling marvelous tales, souvenirs, etc; and enables other heroes and Woldian people to become inspired by the life and deeds of the heroic Dragon Consortium.


Veteran Group: DC groups are groups with veteran status and recruit from existing Woldians.

Group Cohesion: PCs that leave a Dragon group can join other active groups, but are removed from all DC benefits until retired or joins a new Dragon group.

The Shining Dragons: NPC Dragon Group

Mittani, Human Cleric/Hand of Domi from Alisidur

Luomi-Juova, Liontaur Barbarian, from Ice Vien

Dalinor Tor, Female Elf Wizard Evoker, Star-Mage Guild, from Plateau City

Danner Atony Brimbleshanks, Halfling Rogue/Ranger from the Culverwood

Ballatime Brooks, Gnome Bard, Woldian League of Adventurers, from Crescent Valley


The Shining Dragons were all members of different adventuring groups in the Wold who at one time or another became trapped in Koshe Marr, the Realm of Horror. One by one, companions were killed or fell from the light, and the heroes were left alone, or imprisoned, or abandoned. Mittani was the first to escape from some dungeon in that Dark Realm, the indomitable will of his patron keeping him going. Over the endless years in Koshe Marr, he met and befriended other like-minded heroes until they were able to escape Marteus’ pocket dimension at last! By maintaining what is right in the face of no hope, and a light in the bleakest despair the Shining Prisoners were invited to become a part of the Dragon Consortium and changed their name to the Shining Dragons.

While Ballatime is the spokesperson for the group, the heart of the Shining Dragons remains Mittani. They are known more for assisting common people and being defenders and survivors than taking the fight to the enemy. They are often seen individually and as a group just wandering the land and helping with repairing a fence or lifting spirits of the common folk. They are an example to all good-intentioned beings that resistance and preservation of the right WILL win in the end!

Appearance and Personality

Mittani is a serious human with dark hair and eyes in a weathered face. He is strongly armored in half-plate under flowing desert-nomad robes, a heavy metal shield, and a flail his weapon of choice. Images of Domi are prominent on his breast, shield, symbol around his neck. He also carries several other holy symbols in pockets so as to never to be without one again. He is the iron will, the rock upon which the Shining Dragons were built (both from resisting Koshe Marr and before as a cleric of Domi in the land of Alisidur during the HeartSeeding). His first thoughts and best wisdom is to defend, resist, endure.

Luomi-Juova appears as a well-muscled wemic with his feline half of white fur and black tiger stripes, and the human half pale and blonde hair in braids. He wears a mithril chain shirt and carries a bastard sword and hand axe. The rest of his clothing is most often a blue tunic with red and yellow piping at the hem, neck, and sleeves in an intricate knot pattern. Fast and mobile, in combat he often dashes through the foes to protect others or shore up a weak defense, shouting “Hakka Paale!” as his battle cry.

Dalinor Tor is short by elven standards, her long black hair and large green eyes striking on a very pale face. She always dresses in shades of brown and carries a Staff of the Arch-Magi and her Robe of Eyes watching everything. Quiet of speech, she never raises her voice or voices an opinion, only stating facts as she sees it for someone else to make a decision. (Think like a Vulcan from Star Trek.) She never uses contractions or nicknames.

Danner Atony Brimbleshanks, The Dabbler, is tall for a halfling, thin and athletic, always wearing a classic ‘Robin Hood’ look and his signature red scarf displayed somewhere on his person. He is a restless ball of energy and always has to be doing SOMETHING, anything! He has been the least affected by Koshe-Marr and is the morale of the team, always looking on the bright side and seeing the opportunity in every challenge.

Ballatime Brooks, or BeeBee, is a middle-aged gnome with a shock of orange hair that stands like a sheaf of wheat. He wears sturdy adventuring garb with lots and lots of pockets and always carries a Lyre of Building. His experiences in Koshe Marr have unhinged the brilliant mind somewhat (his way of coping with the horrors) and often ends a sentence or thought with a random piece of trivia.