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The Game

Welcome to Bonetown, township of pirates! There are many things you will want to know before visiting, so read on and learn. Perhaps it will help your visit to be ... uneventful.

In order to fit into a pirate town, of course, you will need to talk like a pirate.

Here you can find the latest posts in this game.


Here is the full past history of game posts.


The chronicles of the crew of the Lionfish, as written by Sam the Bard


These are the characters, past and present, that have featured in this game.

Current Characters

Jozhur Derile Human Rogue (Played by Brock Yoder)

Reggie "Two-Fist" Human ex-Monk/Cleric/Barbarian/Hand of Domi (Played by Ed Sobel)

Rillett Savenport Human Cleric/Soulseeker (Played by Mark Bradley)

Terser Dwarven Barbarian (Played by Warren Gayou)

Captain Zeoll Liontaur Sorcerer/Cleric/Cradled/Seer (Played by Cayzle)

Tishe' Weaver Human Sorcerer/Spellweaver (Played by SteveK)

Bralin Stoneminder Dwarf Fighter/Cleric/Stone Warden (Played by MikeK)

Past Characters

Clyde Fairwind Human Bard (Played by Riki Tanone)

Magana d’Protegido Minotaur Barbarian/Cleric (Played by Craig Wise)

Aexana Gnome Druid Greenmage (Played by Steven VdB)

Coerator Asterion Minotaur Monk (played by Mark Reid)

Alphonse (Al) Rakham Human Wizard (Played by Josh)

Baird Windcatcher Human Oracle (Played by Mike R.)

Dilantar Krenwae'afein Surface Drow Alchemist (Played by Joel (JK) Martinez)

Giada Dardanell Human Paladin (Played by Melinda)

Kane' (formerly "Keiki") Ma’kai Half-Elf BloodWitch (Played by Stephen Knotts)

Karas Spazi Human Rogue (Played by Philip)

Kiril Chantel Human Ranger/Sorcerer (Played by Jon Long)

Koz'um Dawl Dwarf Cleric (Played by Alex)

Rogar Stonefist Dwarf Monk (Played by Walter)

Rozan Rel Astra Human Rogue/Fighter (Played by Joe Kelough)

Sam Snapdragon McFisticuff Gnome Bard (Played by David Whitford)

Shemeska Surface Drow Sharpshooter/Ranger (Played by Tanner Neilson)

Spirysn’rar Kilarn Elf Wizard/Cleric (Played by Ian Mitchell)

Tinius Gnome Rogue (Played by Denis)

Yel’kno Half Elf Ranger (Played by Jon Long)

NPCs & Factions

The Lionfish heros meet many different factions and characters as they sail.

This page will list them - friend or foe: Bonetown_NPCs

Bonetown Haunts

The player characters in the Bonetown game are often referred to as "the Bonetown Crew", the "Black Lions", or "the Lionfishers."

The Bonetown Crew now own two specific items that are very important to the crew: the house they live in while they're in Bonetown, and the ship they sail upon the Middle Seas.

The Portside House

This wooden two-and-a-half story house, constructed quickly on a relatively small patch of property near Bonetown harbor, is very basic in looks and function. It was built by Brother Engev, a priest of Pantheon, aided by his scholarly scribe friend, Lansel, and Pantheon's few Bonetown parishioners. The Portside House is also the shoreside home of the Bonetown Crew, who met, aided, and befriended Engev and Lansel in their very first adventures. Engev and Lansel occupy small rooms on the first floor, which double as small shops for their clerical potions and scrivener's shops, respectively.

This link outlines the house in further detail: Bonetown House

The Lionfish

The Lionfish is a sailing ship; it measures about 75 ft long and 20 ft wide. However, The Lionfish is a fast vessel! She sails at 4 mph, and carries only 50 tons of cargo. You need a crew of 12 (three per watch) plus captain and first mate to run her all three watches of the day. If you do, you can make 96 miles per day, or 32 miles per watch.

This link outlines the ship and her crew in further detail: The Lionfish